Transmigrated Enhancement Specialists
52 Enhancement and Rushing Ou
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Transmigrated Enhancement Specialists
Author :TheAdventurer
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52 Enhancement and Rushing Ou

Jiang Tian ordered each and everyone of the disciples apart from those in the middle of a Recovery Objective to come over and hand their armors, weapons and items to him. The disciples were confused at first but when they remembered his promise and his backing, they all complied as Jiang Tian carried everything inside a solitary hall.

Tallying the items, Jiang Tian classified it according to their usage and soon, the light of Enhancement shone within the room. Under the help of the Enhancement and Creation System and with sufficient Chaos Elemental Stones as sacrifices that were provided by the disciples themselves.

After several hours of continuous enhancement, Jiang Tian crossed his arms together and stared at the shining weapons, armors and items that filled his line of sight.

"Hmmm, just what can I do to make everything real. Since the System's Enhancement doesn't leave any traces of heat or the smell of iron being moulded and casted, they would definitely feel suspicious..." Holding his chin in deep thoughts, Jiang Tian eventually decided his next course of actions.

Taking an anvil and a hammer, he ignited flame with his Spiritual Energy and pretended to hammer on some Artifacts. Several minutes later, the smell of iron and the heatwave of flame enveloped the room enough that even with Jiang Tian's reinforced physique, he still felt uncomfortable and sticky.

"This heat should be enough, if I increased the temperature, I'm afraid the Artifacts in this room would melt..." Jiang Tian lightly chuckled and arranged his clothes. He was about to walk outside the room when he stopped his foosteps and fell into contemplation once again.

"I doubt that each and everyone of them submitted to me earlier... I don't think that they're that stupid to believe someone that just came into their Team, if so. Just what can I do to make them believe on how sincere I am in helping them?" Jiang Tian thought in his mind, it would be unnatural if his fellow disciples blindly trusted his actions and words.

Countless streams of information flooded his mind, with knitted eyebrows Jiang Tian dived deep into his sea of memories and when he emerged out of his trance, a smile could be seen on his face as he decisively slapped his chest.


Blood exploded from his mouth like an arrow flying from its bowstrings. With Jiang Tian's physique, there's no way that disciples on the Outer Disciples level could injure him to the extent that he would cough out blood but in this case, since Jiang Tian slapped his own chest, it was easy.

Enduring the sharp pain like it was nothing. Jiang Tian smiled and rubbed some blood on his lips and made sure that his expression looked pale enough and his back drenched cold with sweat.

Disarraying his robes, Jiang Tian walked outside of the room where almost all of the Outer Disciples from the Enhancement and Recovery Team stood by.

"Oh, he's out guys!" A disciple pointed out and each and everyone of them turned their heads to look at Jiang Tian's figure. Witnessing his "bedraggled" and "injured' appearance, the disciples frowned for a moment as Xia Lei stood up and supported him from behind.

"Are you okay, Junior Brother? Someone fetch a glass of water and a wet cloth!" Xia Lei shouted at the nearby disciples when he saw Jiang Tian's pale expression. Giving him a glass of water, Jiang Tian squeezed these words amidst his disappearing consciousness.

"I-I-I managed to complete everyone's Enhancement with the help of the Grand Elder and Xia Hanyi's earlier guidance, I managed to Enhance my fellow disciples' Artifacts... It's just... It's just that I feel sleepy... Senior Brother, let me sleep..." Jiang Tian's voice sounded weak like an infant's. His breathing shallow and his figure intermittently trembled.

The blood that dripped down his lips and drenched his robes awakened the maternal instincts of the female disciples who rushed at his side and made him sit on their laps. Some of the girls even wiped his body clean with cold cloth and Jiang Tian felt like he was back at his position at the apex of existence.

A smile couldn't help but spread on his lips as he enjoyed the pampering of the touched and visibly worried female disciples. Xia Lei clenched his fists, witnessing his Junior Brother sacrifice his well-being for their sake made him feel incomparably touched.

The fellow disciples around them felt the same. No matter what happens, they will never disappoint Jiang Tian!

Entering the room, their eyes widened in shock when they saw the resplendent sheens of the weapons, armors and items that they possessed. Taking them away, the excited disciples hurriedly used and tested its effects.

"What the hell? I can slash deeper into this tree trunk than before! Previously, even with the Enhancements, I could only scratch its surface but now I can even stab my sword inside it like cutting through tofu!" A disciple exclaimed and another voice of excitement rang out at the distance where a running disciple could be seen.

"What in the actual heavens, I just casually infused Spiritual Energy into my feet for added suspension when landing, but the Flipflops that I have are actually Enhanced too?!"

"My underwear is enhanced too!"

"What the hell, did Junior Brother actually just Enhanced every item that we have in less than half a day? Unbelievable..."

Voices of disbelief and pure astonishment reverberated throughout the entire Enhancement and Recovery Camp. After a period of shock, their voices turned into gratefulness, they couldn't thank Jiang Tian enough for what he did.

It has to be known that not every disciples had enough money to take the risk of having their weapons enhanced. After all, Enhancement could fail and when that happens, not only they wasted materials, they also turned their weapons into scraps.

Staring at Jiang Tian's direction, the disciples tightly clenched their fists. The Enhancement that he did to their weapons warranted payment that they couldn't possibly cough out. So they were at loss about how they could repay his kindness.

Xia Lei noticed the gazes of his fellow disciples. Jiang Tian stared at the former with expectations as Xia Lei stood up and announced with a slightly trembling voice.

"H-H-How about each and everyone of us contribute some Spirit Stones for the sake of Junior Brother? He even sacrificed his own body for us so we should at least contribute whatever we could to him..."

Enhancement was a work that required complete concentration and total body workout. One could imagine the strain that it placed on one's body. Sweeping his gaze at his fellow disciples. Xia Lei continued.

"I'll personally contribute Ten Spirit Stones..." Xia Lei fetched some Spirit Stones from his pouch and placed it on a table. Witnessing their Senior Brother's contributions.

The other disciples were persuaded and Jiang Tian couldn't help but smile seeing the mountain of Spirit Stones that numbered at least several thousands according to his predictions.

"I'll contribute twenty, I made a good harvest earlier so I can contribute more..."

"I'll contribute fifty..."

"Ten for me..."

Praising Xia Lei in his mind, he pretended to sleep once again and relaxed on the thighs of his fellow female disciples that fawned over him. Sometimes even feeding him with grapes to which he gladly ate. Just as Jiang Tian was in the middle of his contemplation, a panic-stricken voice struck everyone like lightning.

"Requesting reinforcement at Recovery Point A! Xia Lingxin's squad has been ambushed by thirty disciples of the Silent Monastery! Location has been infused within the jadeslip, all able bodied disciples should rush to the vicinity as soon as possible! The more, the better!"

The voice came from everyone's Outer Disciples Token and it rang directly before their eyes. Xia Lei, Jiang Tian and everyone around them wore blank faces on their faces before anger coated their expressions.

Jiang Tian stood straight from the thighs of the female disciples and stood at the forefront. His expression stoic and the wind that blew through his robes made him look dashing and valiant. Attracting the gazes of everyone as Jiang Tian declared.

"Now is the time that we show those bastards from the Inner Disciples' Region and the Silent Monastery that we are not that easy to step on! Follow me, let us march to the enemy lines and rescue our brothers!" Jiang Tian unsheathed his short dagger, lifted it towards the skies and like a general, dashed towards the direction marked by his Token.
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