Transmigrated Enhancement Specialists
51 Influence Establishmen
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Transmigrated Enhancement Specialists
Author :TheAdventurer
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51 Influence Establishmen

Jiang Tian and Xia Lei summoned their fellow Outer Disciples and after about half an hour of waiting, all of them arrived and obediently sat down on chairs like children in school. Staring at Jiang Tian in curiosity, they knew that he didn't intend to do any harm to them so they were relaxed.

The Outer Disciples arranged to work for the Enhancement and Recovery Team numbered at least several hundreds and when they all seated in an orderly fashion, it looked quite intimidating. Particularly, for Xia Lei who never faced the gazes of so many people before.

"Junior Brother, just what are we going to do, why did you summon so many people..." Standing above the podium were Jiang Tian and Xia Lei, in contrast to Xia Lei, Jiang Tian remained unfazed in front of so many people. Heck, as a peak existence, millions of people worshipped him back at his previous world, why would he be bothered about these numbers.

"We're just gonna have a simple meeting, this concerns everyone's future so I summoned all of you here..." Jiang Tian explained and Xia Lei turned to look at Jiang Tian with astonishment, recalling back the scene of him engaging in a battle against an Inner Disciple and winning. Xia Lei understood that Jiang Tian wasn't just an average disciple.

"I understand, Junior Brother, we'll hear what you have to say..." Xia Lei nodded his head and went down the podium. Jiang Tian merely glanced at him before sweeping his gaze at the gathered crowd of disciples that started murmuring to each other.

"Just what and why did he summon all of us here? I was in the middle of Enhancement! If not for the fact that he's stronger than me, I would've obviously not complied!"

"Yeah, he better make sure that his reasons for summoning us is worthwhile or else I'll report him to the Elders, making us waste so much time, does he not know that we have a quota to complete!"

The disciples blurted out in annoyance and irritation, crossing their arms together, they stared at Jiang Tian, awaiting for his revelation and so-called discussion.

Sensing that the disciples looked ready and pensive, Jiang Tian moved towards the center of the podium and amplified his voice with his Spiritual Energy.

"I know that each and everyone of you should be curious about why I took the liberty in summoning you here, right?" Jiang Tian's voice boomed like muffled thunder, it rang loud and clear and it felt like he was whispering directly right into their eyes, jolting those uninterested awake.

They narrowed their eyes and their knees impatiently bobbed up and down, clear displeasure visible on their faces. If Jiang Tian summoned them for some useless or abitrary reasons, they would definitely make sure that he would be sanctioned by the Elders.

"Earlier, an Inner Disciples called Xia Hanzo arrived and despite the fact that he could so how busy we are in Enhancement, Repairing and Recovery of the items from our courageous fellow disciples that fought valiantly at the front lines, that bastard, Xia Hanzo insisted that we make his items the priority for repairs..."

"When Senior Brother Xia Lei begrudginly repaired his weapon and saw the extent of damage, he still found some ways to repair it. However, when he was in the middle of repairing the weapon, Xia Hanzo suddenly shouted so fiercely that it disrupted Senior Brother Xia Lei, enough that not only he failed on repairing the weapon, it was also destroyed as a consequence..."

"Each and everyone of you knows the consequences of disrupting an Artificer while working so I don't really have to explain that sort of thing. In this scenario, it was clearly Xia Hanzo's fault. Senior Brother Xia Lei had the knowledge and wisdom to repair his weapon yet the distraction that he made caused the inevitable failure..."

"Seeing his treasured sword break down right in front of his eyes, Xia Hanzo became filled with anger and in a fit of rage, he attacked Senior Brother with everything that he had. It has to be known that Xia Hanzo was already an Inner Disciple, possessing strength, a realm higher than Senior Brother Xia Lei, If I didn't interfere at that time and used a valuable one time usage Defensive Artifact, the result would be obvious..."

Jiang Tian mumbled out in a melancholic voice, his eyes went teary and he looked like as if he couldn't contain his emotions from overflowing. Xia Lei who sat at the forefront, felt a sour sensation rising through his chest as he swallowed a mouthful of saliva, suppressing his disturbed heart.

"J-J-Junior Brother, you..." He whispered into the air and hung his head low, his expression indescribable and unknown.

Not every disciple witnessed the battle and only heard some rumors, an Outer Disciple defeating an Inner Disciples was such a presposterous claim that they didn't believe it at first. But when they heard Jiang Tian's moving speech and saw Xia Lei's violent reactions, anger and hatred enveloped their hearts.

"Fucking hell, that bastard Xia Hanzo who was stuck with us for several years actually dared to hurt one of his brothers?! From now on, he's my nemesis!"

"What did you say?! Xia Hanzo, that guy who always asked me for some Spirit Stones actually did such a despicable thing? Why did I only know of this today?!"

The disciples exploded into a clamor, they couldn't believe what Jiang Tian said but when they turned to look at their Senior Brother Xia Lei whose head still hung low with his shoulders shaking from emotions, they had no other choice but to believe his words.

The poor Xia Hanzo who was beaten into a pulp by Jiang Tian unknowingly became the Outer Disciples' enemy number one, it has to be known that the Outer Disciples managed menial tasks such as managing stores.

If Xia Hanzo went into a store within the Xia Clan's Residence, all the Outer Disciples that he would meet would undoubtedly make his life harder.

"Now that you know the truth about Xia Hanzo, don't think that only Xia Hanzo is the only one that's bullying our fellow Outer Disciples, I am certain that each and everyone of you in here has experienced being bullied by an Inner Disciple, right?"

Jiang Tian spoke with words that resonated within their hearts, his slight movements and gesticulations above the podium intensified his persuasive force that supported his seventy points of Charisma. In under a minute, the displeased disciples became under his control and obediently listened to his words.

"But what is the reason for why they look so condescendingly and arrogant at us? Even if I don't tell you guys the answer, it is painfully obvious! That's because we lack strength! We're living in a world where strength is respected so they have all the rights to bully or order us around!"

Jiang Tian's tone became fierce and violent, resembling the ocean waves, his voice transformed into a boundless ocean that reeled everyone into a whirlpool that they couldn't escape.

His fellow disciples hung their heads low and tightly clenched their fists, their eyes became wet and their chests heaved with emotions. Jiang Tian's words struck right into their insecurities.

"That's right, we are weak! We are weak, but don't think that we do not have the right to struggle for our rights! They have the right to bully, humiliate and boss us around but as the weak, we have all the rights to struggle against their iron palms!"

Jiang Tian's words reverberated like thunder from the nine heavens, the eyes of the disciples widened in shock and their figures trembled from emotions.

"That's right, each and every creature under the nine heavens has the right to fight for their food, status, and destiny! If you lack strength, so what? You just have to work hard for it, right?" Jiang Tian made a shrugging gesture and within the next moment, his expression turned serious.

"However, if you think that the solution for the problem which is gaining strength is actually so simple to accomplish, then you're wrong..." His voice turned melancholic as he continued.

"Not everyone of us possesses heavenly defying talents, not everyone of us has fate that are destined for greatness, and because of that negative mindset, all of you guys have stalled and has long since stuck at the very first bottleneck of your cultivation." Sweeping his gaze at the disciples, Jiang Tian narrowed his eyes and spoke once more.

"So what? What if you don't have the talent, background and destiny that could lead you to greatness? Everything in this world has its solutions, the heavens didn't bestow us problems that couldn't be solved. If an unsolved problem was found that only means that the solution to that problem hasn't been discovered!"

Jiang Tian's voice pierced through their ears and merged with their hearts. Slowly, their eyes ignited with determination and the negativity that they had receded.

"In other words, what I am saying is that each and everyone of you shouldn't so harsh to yourself, separate yourselves from the issues of the mundane world and you will achieve peace and eventually achieve the strength that you've been seeking for!" Jiang Tian spread his arms wide as if welcoming the warmth and light of spring after winter.

"But right now, that is clearly impossible for we are still in the middle of a war against the despicable villains of the Silent Monastery, achieving peace at this moment is currently impossible, but we can work for it!"

"That's right, no matter how weak, no matter how worthless and no matter how powerless you are, you are more valuable than you think and I know that you can influence the battlefield with your efforts!" Jiang Tian smiled and swept his gaze at the disciples, witnessing the burning fervor of determination within their eyes, his smile intensified.

When Jiang Tian first came here, he noticed the gloomy sensation within their hearts and the heavy burdens that they were carrying on their shoulders, the harsh expectations of the Inner Disciples paired with the looming danger of the battlefield and the fear of death whenever they go out and recover Artifacts bore fruit to negativity that stifled their cultivation.

Jiang Tian gave them hope, Jiang Tian became their beacon amidst the darkness so that they could have the courage to face the obstacles of cultivation and eventually achieve the strength that they have wished for. Opening his mouth, Jiang Tian continued.

"The time for action has arrived, we have been bullied for so long, even the most patient person in history would've erupted in anger already. Fellow brothers and sisters, with the authority that the Grand Elder bestowed upon me and the knowledge and wisdom that I possess, I hereby swear that I'll elevate your strength so that you could face the warmth of spring after the harsh winter."

Jiang Tian placed his right hand into his left chest, the disciples who gathered right in front of him stood up simultaneously and with a booming sound, slapped their right hand into their left chests.

"I admire your decision for changing your fate, with me at the forefront, none shall bully us once again. At this moment in history, the Ghost Emperor's Legion is established!"

Several hundreds of years later after this point in history, the Ghost Emperor's Legion would follow Jiang Tian in his journey, whenever and wherever he went, blood would flow like rivers and corpses would gather like mountains. With the impeccable Ghost Emperor's Legion in tow, none shall dare to provoke Jiang Tian's authority.
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