Transmigrated Enhancement Specialists
50 Power of Artifacts!
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Transmigrated Enhancement Specialists
Author :TheAdventurer
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50 Power of Artifacts!

The Outer Disciples couldn't believe their eyes when they saw the Inner Disciples retreating in the face of Jiang Tian. Rubbing their eyes in circles, their mouths widened in shock when they saw Jiang Tian still standing there and completely fine.

"Are my eyes deceiving me right now? Why is he still standing there as if nothing happened?"

"Yeah... Didn't he got hit by Senior Brother's soul attack earlier? How and why could he stand..."

"Not only that, he was also able to escape the chase of those frenzied Inner Disciples earlier..."

"What a god..."

Xia Lei approached Jiang Tian from behind and frantically circled him, scouring his body for injuries as he said with genuine concern visible on his face.

"Are you okay, Junior Brother? Senior Brother cleanly struck you with a soul attack earlier but why are you still fine? Those that took Senior Brother's attack head-on all collapses on the ground and turns crazy, you know?!"

Xia Lei even patted Jiang Tian's body looking for any external injuries and when he found nothing, he heaved a sigh of relief before saying.

"Junior Brother, you shouldn't have taken that attack head-on earlier... You almost gave me a heart attack..." He bitterly smiled and Jiang Tian stared at him before saying.

"It's fine really. Don't you remember that I came here after the Grand Elder recommended me? That only means that we're quite close with each other, it's not like he won't give me anything that i could use to protect myself..." Jiang Tian shrugged and flashed the cracked ring on his left finger.

Seeing the ring, Xia Lei nodded his head in understanding, "So the Grand Elder gave you a one-time usage Artifact that could prevent lethal strikes... He really dotes on you, Junior Brother. Don't forget me once you rise up the ranks okay? Lemme ride on your coattails.."

Xia Lei lightly laughed and Jiang Tian also chuckled as the two of them walked away from the center of commotion. Under the focused gazes of the crowd of Outer Disciples, they entered Xia Lei's tent.

Inside the tent, Jiang Tian saw that Xia Lei didn't possess that much furniture, what he had was a small table, two chairs and a bed along with a single pillow. For a bedroom, it looked quite sad but for someone like Xia Lei, it fitted him the most.

Someone as straightforward as him never required flashy fixtures, items or accessories. They all liked to live the simplest lives and were often one of the most happiest people in existence. Nodding his head in approval, Jiang Tian took a seat and stretched his taut body.

"I'm sorry, Junior Brother. I didn't expect to have any visitors since I'm not really that popular. All I have is a simple chamomile tea and it may not suit your taste..." Xia Lei awkwardly scratched his head as he carried over a kettle and two ceramic teacups with his hands.

"You don't need to bother about those kind of things, Senior Brother. I'm not someone that is so particular about what I like regarding teas, fixtures nor decorations. As long as I can live my life to the fullest, that would be the best..."

Jiang Tian replied, his answer made Xia Lei nod his head in approval and understanding as he sat at the opposite direction. Pouring tea for his visitor, the two of them casually sipped their teas and enjoyed the chamomile flavor and fragrance.

Finishing a cup, Jiang Tian returned it to the saucer as he said.

"Senior Brother, I seemed to have noticed earlier that the differences between the Inner and Outer Disciples wasn't really that big, it's just a small step to the other realm yet why are you guys so fearful towards those bastards?"

In the Xia Clan, the Outer Disciples had cultivation bases at the Essence Scavenger Realm. The Inner Disciples were at the Essence Condensation Realm while those Core Disciples were at the Foundation Establishment Realm. Though it was merely a realm of difference, that difference was akin to the oceanic gap between continents.

Jiang Tian understood this fact but he still asked such a question to Xia Lei.

"Well, the truth is the difference between realms isn't really that big just as what you said. However, the Xia Clan enforces strict hierarchy which means those below shouldn't disobey those above or else they would suffer the consequences of their blasphemy..." Xia Lei said with a sigh and Jiang Tian knitted his eyebrows.

"Hierarchy makes everything easy because everyone can see where they can contribute in their own ways. However, it becomes bad when the innovative minds of those underneath are being suppressed by those up above. So this is the reason why the Xia Clan hasn't experienced any improvements for the last several decades." Jiang Tian thought in his mind.

As a modern cultivator, Jiang Tian believed in destiny and karma. Before he would leave the Xia Clan, he would make sure that he repaid all of his karmic debts so that he could explore the continent unfettered and without any guilty conscience.

Remembering the enormous debt that he had to Xia Xingyue. Jiang Tian lifted a smile on his face and thought, "I am not someone that is shameful and ungrateful, those that helped me in my journey shall receive my blessings when I'm at the top and rising..." He affirmed and confirmed his principles and beliefs.

Staring at Xia Lei. He said, "Does Senior Brother want to know why the Grand Elder gave me a position at the Enhancement and Recovery Team?" Jiang Tian mysteriously smiled which intrigued Xia Lei as he replied.

"Yeah, I also wondered about that, although you have Artifacts on your self, Artifacts still requires Spiritual Energy to function and with your cultivation, it's highly unlikely that you could use those Artifacts multiple times..." Xia Lei said and Jiang Tian nodded his head in confirmation.

"In that case, the Grand Elder shouldn't have sent you here to work for the Recovery Team... He should've placed you here to work with us at the Enhancement Team!" He concluded and at this moment, Jiang Tian was already smiling as he confirmed Xia Lei's deduction.

"Yep, that's right... Senior Brother... Will you believe me if I said that I can make you surpass those arrogant young masters with the power of Items and Enhancement?"

Jiang Tian lifted his head. His deep black eyes sparkled with anticipation towards Xia Lei's reply. Staring at Jiang Tian's stretched hand, he didn't understand why he felt such a strong persuasive force from someone younger than him. Nevertheless, he stretched his hand out and met with Jiang Tian's as the latter replied with a small smile.

"Good choice. Now, let's go... I'll broaden your horizons and show you how powerful, Artifacts could become!"
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