Transmigrated Enhancement Specialists
49 Display of Prowess
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Transmigrated Enhancement Specialists
Author :TheAdventurer
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49 Display of Prowess

The stone-faced young man's countenance turned frosty. His figure looked aloof and the air of supremacy born from being an unparalleled existence among his generation made him stood out like sore thumb amidst his fellow disciples.

His subordinates that silently stood five steps away from him stared at Jiang Tian as if they were looking at a foolish commoner that knew nothing about the identity of the Emperor. Daring to provoke their Senior Brother, he must be courting his death!

"Foolish brat, don't you know about the identity of the man standing before you?" An Inner Disciple spoke from behind with mocking laced within his tone. Jiang Tian merely smiled towards his questions and paid no heed to his mocking.

As someone who once reached the peak of existence, he couldn't be bothered with dealing against these bunch of arrogant young masters. Only those that dared to stand against his way shall be decimated.

The stone-faced young man lifted a palm and the Inner Disciples behind him stopped their conversations. Staring at Jiang Tian in amusement, his eyes gleamed with the same light as those that observed animals in the wilderness. It was filled with fascination to those beings with lower intelligence.

"Stand up..." He said with the same indifferent voice and Jiang Tian obliged.

But since his knees were still on Xia Hanzo's chest. When he stood up, the force from his feet and his weight crashed against Xia Hanzo's chest and made him spat a mouthful of blood once again.

If Xia Hanzo tried faking his fainting earlier, then right now, there's no way that he could still remain conscious after Jiang Tian's stomping.

"Guaaahhh..." A gurgling cry came out of Xia Hanzo's throat as Jiang Tian remained standing on his chest. Jiang Tian remained indifferent all this while as the stone-faced man lifted an eyebrow and said.

"What are you doing?" He asked and Jiang Tian shrugged.

"Didn't you asked me to stand up?" Jiang Tian replied with a defiant tone. If he was just an average disciple, then he may have already kneeled on the ground and asked for forgiveness.

The stone-faced young man's amusement turned into rage when he heard Jiang Tian's defiant voice. In his eyes, someone of Jiang Tian's cultivation wasn't even worthy of mention but such an insignificant existence actually dared to talk back at him. How could he let such a humiliation go?

"Interesting, to think that someone from the Outer Disciples actually dared to talk back against the strongest Inner Disciple of the Xia Clan. Hahaha, should I praise you for your defiance or should I laugh at your stupidity?"

The stone-faced young man finally changed expressions and laughed out loud. His voice rang loud and clear and it transformed into an intangible pressure that assaulted the souls of the Outer Disciples as all of them subconsciously kneeled on the ground.

"J-J-Junior Brother..." Xia Lei tried pushing himself off the ground but the pressure from the stone-faced young man proved too difficult to counter as Xia Lei mumbled these words amidst his desperation.

Jiang Tian maintained his calm smile, the tempest that formed around the stone-faced young man that attacked his soul were forcefully absorbed by his Ghost Emperor Scripture. If Jiang Tian claimed second as the strongest expert regarding souls, no one would dare to claim first!

The stone-faced young man witnessed Jiang Tian's nonchalant smile and he felt challenged. Pointing at Jiang Tian, he mumbled an incantation and the tempest transformed into a sharp and intangible beam of concentrated energy that assaulted Jiang Tian's sea of memories.

Jiang Tian knitted his eyebrows, as someone who stood at the peak back in his previous life. It was the first time that someone dared to challenge him and it was even in a battle of souls!

Lifting an amused smile, his Ghost Emperor Scripture rotated and as soon as the stone-faced young man's attack landed on his body. It immediately disappeared like a rock falling into the ocean.

"Eh?" Before he could comprehend what just happened. An abyssal black beam exploded from Jiang Tian's body and flew towards his head. He didn't even have the time to react as it pierced the center of his eyebrows and infiltrated his sea of memories.

His figure in the outside world turned rigid as Jiang Tian maintained the composed smile on his face. Xia Lei who saw the stone-faced young man's attack closed his eyes in despair and hopelessness but after realizing that nothing happened to Jiang Tian even when several breaths of time has passed, everyone turned to look at the former with astonished eyes.

"What just happened? Didn't Senior Brother attacked that brat? Why is he still standing there like nothing happened? Shouldn't be squirming in pain on the ground right now?" An Inner Disciple said amidst the silence and everyone around him started discussing.

"Someone actually survived Senior Brother's charged soul attack? How could he possibly do that?" Another Inner Disciple chimed in prompting the reply of his comrade beside him.

"Could it be that he has an Artifact that protects him from soul attacks?!" The voice of this particular Inner Disciple rang loud and clear and those disciples that heard his voice turned to look intently at Jiang Tian.

Scanning his body, apart from his Outer Disciples robes he didn't really have anything that resembled an Artifact. And those broken-down Rattan Straw Flipflops couldn't possibly an Artifact, right? They all thought in their heads.

"Maybe his robe is an Artifact disguised as the robes of Outer Disciples..." An Inner Disciple suggested, those that heard his words turned to look at Jiang Tian with greedier eyes than before.

Since the Xia Clan declared war against the Silent Monastery, the resources that they received became worse and smaller in portions enough that they had to salvage anything that they could including Spirit Stones. Some even stole clothes and shoes from their enemies just so they could recycle it and turn them into their own.

All of them turned towards Jiang Tian with shining crimson lights within their eyes. Their mouth slightly opened and to Jiang Tian, it felt like he was being watched by wolves seeking for fresh meat.

A shiver went down his spine and even Jiang Tian who reached the peak of existence and experienced the countless vicissitudes of life never encountered such a display of greed. He subconsciously moved backward and his smile turned crooked.

His instincts told him to run away as far as he can and as soon as he leaped backward. The Inner Disciples roared towards the skies and chased after him.

"Chase after him! Strip his clothes off! Take those Flipflops too!"

"He also has a Ring around his finger, that can be an Artifact too!"

"Rally forward everyone! Don't let the bastard escape!"

Mystical Techniques and Spiritual Energy burst forth, creating a colorful scene of brilliant lights that astonished the Outer Disciples. It was the first time that they saw such a blatant display of greed and the words that they heard from their respectable seniors sent shivers down their spines.

Xia Lei's mouth opened as wide as physically possible and his eyes widened in shock as he didn't expect the sudden turn of events.

"What the hell is going on here..." He mumbled before slapping his cheeks, checking if everything before him was an illusion or not.

"Catch him! Strip his robes, take his underwear too, since that can also be an Artifact!"

The shout of an Inner Disciple awakened him from his trance and Xia Lei didn't know what was real or fake anymore. Standing there with twitching lips, he tracked Jiang Tian with his eyes and saw that the latter wore a horrified expression on his face.

The Jiang Tian that never displayed any fear when facing even the Patriarch of the Xia Clan itself felt terror and fear against these bunch of greedy Inner Disciples. Rotating his Ghost Emperor Scripture, Jiang Tian was about to attack when the stone-faced young man emerged from his trance and shouted.

"Enough! Everyone, come back here!"

The stone-faced young man shouted in a panic when he saw Jiang Tian charging up his Ghost Emperor Scripture. The Inner Disciples who heard his voice trembled and light returned to their eyes.

"Senior Brother! This guy has a bunch of Artifacts in him! I'm sure of that!" A fatty from the Inner Disciples pointed at Jiang Tian and licked his lips while scanning his body, making the latter intensely shiver as his butt cheeks subconsciously clenched.

"Stop talking back! I said to come back so come back!" The stone-faced young man became enraged and the Inner Disciples gulped a mouthful of saliva and retreated away with their Senior Brother. Not even sparing Jiang Tian a glance, they snorted in disdain before going towards the opposite direction.

Little did they knew that as they left, their Senior Brother's back was filled with sweat and a slightly pungent smell wafted out of his bottom.



I'm getting bad reviews from my way of writing that explains further information in later chapters, like there are some parts of the stories that leaves you confused since I purposely left the information away for the sake of future chaps....

Should I change that kind of style and make everything clearer than the writing style I used in the first 20 chaps?

Unless someone makes a review and enlightens readers about my style of writing, new readers will be put-off by my writing style and drop the book >.>
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