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48 Rift Between the Disciples
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Transmigrated Enhancement Specialists
Author :TheAdventurer
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48 Rift Between the Disciples

Xia Hanzo pushed himself off the ground and stared venomously at Jiang Tian. His bedraggle figure covered in leaves and dust looked pitiful. As an Inner Disciple of the Xia Clan. How could he tolerate such acts of disdain against someone as mighty as him? Xia Hanzo glared at Jiang Tian before saying.

"It's you again?! Why do you always stand on my way!" Xia Hanzo rotated his cultivation base and the disciples around him felt suffocated. Scurrying away for cover, they stared at the commotion from a distance. Obviously worried about Jiang Tian and Xia Lei.

Frost manifested and the air turned cold. It became cold enough that everyone could see their breath slowly dissipating into nothingness. Witnessing the frost gradually cover everything. Jiang Tian lifted a smile on his face when he saw how powerful a disciple of the Xia Clan truly was.

Just rotating his cultivation method alone formed such a phenomenon.

Interested, Jiang Tian craned his neck at Xia Lei and said, "You stay back, let me handle him for you..."

It was at this moment that Xia Lei recovered from his stupor. "Stay back, you... How did you fight against Senior Brother Hanzo when there's little to no trace of Spiritual Energy inside your body..." Xia Lei was astonished about how a mortal like Jiang Tian managed to counter-attack against an Inner Disciple.

"I'm someone that the Grand Elder assigned to this place. He shouldn't be so stupid that he would assign a mere mortal like me here, right?" Jiang Tian smirked and Xia Lei finally understood the reason behind Xia Guanyu's actions.

Jiang Tian wasn't actually a mortal. But a wolf in sheep's clothing.

"I-I understand, but be careful. Senior Brother Hanzo has cultivate the Extreme Northern Art. His defense is abysmal but his offense isn't something that can be underestimated even if the Grand Elder gave you some Artifacts as protection..." Xia Lei misunderstood that Xia Guanyu bestowed Jiang Tian some Artifacts to protect himself.

Lifting a smile, his misunderstanding proved convenient for Jiang Tian as Xia Lei retreated towards the back. Observing the fight with tension and fear. He didn't dare to act like a hero and sacrifice his life for nothing but offending a stuck-up Inner Disciple. If that happened, then he would've died wrongly...

Clenching his fists, he crushed a jadeslip and called for reinforcements from the Xia Clan. They were in the middle of a war and Xia Hanzo's actions violated the rules of infighting against fellow disciples. If the Elders saw his actions, he would undoubtedly be punished.

Frost brought the temperature down and a cold tempest formed around Xia Hanzo's body. With a grunt and his will, his Spiritual Energy converged into a point on his palm and wind wildly surged. Leaping towards Jiang Tian, his eyes flashed with a cruel glint.

"You're dead meat!" Xia Hanzo roared in a venomous manner and struck out with his palms.

Under the extreme pressure emanated by a stronger cultivator. Xia Lei and the others were blown away by the generated wind along wtih the tools that they used for their Artificer work.

In face of Xia Hanzo's attack. Jiang Tian scoffed.

"What a show off! If he bent his knees slightly further and turned his waist at the right efore pouncing at me, he could've generated more power! Instead, he made himself look so dashing and valiant, what's the use of that!"

He commented, his countenance looking carefree and unrestrained. As if Xia Hanzo's attack was nothing but a child's playfighting. Clapping his hands together, he formed an incantation and as Xia Hanzo's palm strike neared his chest, his figure turned faint and illusory.

Under everyone's astonished gaze, Xia Hanzo's attack went through Jiang Tian's body as the latter swiftly placed his foot in front of Xia Hanzo's and rotated his body to the left while hugging his arm. As a result, all the force that he used against Jiang Tian was redirected as his body slammed to the ground with a deafeaning boom.


The impact made Xia Hanzo spat a mouthful of blood as he felt his bones crack. A human-sized crater formed underneath as Jiang Tian placed his foot on Xia Hanzo's chest. Glaring at the latter, he warned that if he did something funny, he would break the latter's ribcage.

Xia Hanzo's countenance turned red in shame and humiliation. His figure intensely trembled but he knew that he couldn't do anything against Jiang Tian for he had the higher ground. Gnashing his teeth, he screamed

"Release me!" His voice piercing and filled with threat.

Jiang Tian crossed his arms together and swept his gaze throughout his fellow Outer Disciples. He saw that most of them wore relieved expressions mixed with sympathy and sadness. It was as if Jiang Tian's victory meant his demise.

"Now you understand what it's like to offend someone of higher status than yours? Release me if you don't want all hell to break loose!" Xia Hanzo shouted once again and Jiang Tian directed his gaze at him.

"All hell will break loose if I don't release you? Let's see, Senior Brother Xia Lei has already called for reinforcements from the Xia Clan. Are you really sure that you're not the one that will be implicated by the circumstances?" Jiang Tian mocked and Xia Hanzo glared at him with resentment but never spoke once again.

"Damn this is really strange, I thought that the Xia Clan is a harmonious clan at first but it looks like human nature really does its work, to make a fully cooperative organization without an ounce of self interest and greediness within the members' hearts really is impossible..." Jiang Tian mumbled under his voice.

"Junior Brother Jiang Tian. It would be better if you release him now. Once the Elder comes and sees you doing that to him, they will undoubtedly side with him since he's an Inner Disciple..." Xia Lei spoke with a soft voice filled with deep-seated grievance. Those who heard his words hung their heads low in a dejected manner.

"I understand. So no matter what and where in the world I am, something like discrimination really is human nature." Jiang Tian said, his words rang loud and clear without any hint and desire of suppressing his point.

"J-J-Junior Brother! You can't say that! What if someone accuses you of blasphemy against the Inner Disciples! Even as your Senior Brother, there's no way that I can protect you!" Xia Lei said in alarm. Jiang Tian stared at the former with gratitude in his eyes.

Despite their differences in physique, strength and wisdom. Xia Lei still acted like a concerned Senior Brother. Jiang Tian could feel his genuine feelings through his eyes and someone as straightforward and as kind as Xia Lei reminded Jiang Tian of someone back in his previous life.

Xia Hanzo underneath his foot scoffed in disdain. His lips lifted into a smile of anticipation. Jiang Tian noticed his actions and thought, "Judging from the fact that this bastard constantly tried to weave trouble between the Outer and Inner Disciples..." Jiang Tian pondered, Xia Hanzo's calm and composed expression astonished him.

"Could it be that someone stronger from the Inner Disciples side is trying to cause a rift between disciples. Or could it be that Xia Hanzo is a spy sent from the Silent Monastery?" Jiang Tian thought in his mind and shook his head.

All of these thinking made him exhausted and he decided to deal with everything as it arrives. Cautious planning was his nature but only to those enemies whom he think as worthy. Someone whose strength didn't even reach the Foundation Establishment wasn't worthy of his schemes.

If they dared to attack, he would strike back to annihilate.

Soon, silhouettes approached their vicinity, bringing with them a fierce Spiritual Energy sensation as most of the Outer Disciples were brought to their knees. Apart from Jiang Tian, they subconsciously kneeled towards that direction as dozens of Inner Disciples emerged from the darkness.

A stone-faced young man clad with the robes of the Xia Clan turned to look at Jiang Tian and said.

"Release that man." He said in a cold and domineering voice. His voice pierced through the air and arrived at Jiang Tian's ears, directly impacting his soul as the young man tried to forcefully make him kneel.

As a master when it comes to Soul Attacks. Jiang Tian could easily counter-attack, yet he didn't do so. Instead, he bent his knees and kneeled to the ground, crashing on Xia Hanzo's chest as powerfully as he could as cracking sounds reverberated inside the latter's body.

"Guah!" Xia Hanzo spat a mouthful of blood. His eyes rolled into his skull and he lost consciousness.

The stone-faced young man lifted an eyebrow and stared at Jiang Tian, asking for an explanation for his actions.

Jiang Tian innocently smiled and scratched his head in awkwardness.

"Well, you tried to make me kneel so it's your fault that he got injured." He said in a sheepish manner that contrasted his previous actions, astonishing the crowd of Outer and Inner Disciples.
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