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Transmigrated Enhancement Specialists
Author :TheAdventurer
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The holidays are approaching and my retarded teachers finally unleashed their arsenal of projects and assignments to be done before December 15, 2018. Which is the start of the Holiday Break here in Philippines.

Because my professors were too smart and didn't spread the projects and assignments in an extended period of time and decided to dump everything on us at the sametime and gave us a week to finish what they asked for. Sadly, your author struggles with squeezing out time for proper writing.

Paired with my job of selling duck eggs and helping family in the house, the pressure and stress has been real and I don't wanna drop chapters written under pressure since its quality would undoubtedly be low and writing may become a chore for me.

Please accept my sincere apologies, Rest assured that Transmigrated Enhancement Specialist will be back once everything has been settled. A huge middle finger to my smart professors. I'll be back after this nightmare of a week that will start tomorrow.
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