Transmigrated Enhancement Specialists
46 Enhancement and Recovery Team
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Transmigrated Enhancement Specialists
Author :TheAdventurer
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46 Enhancement and Recovery Team

Jiang Tian observed the area and found that numerous disciples from the Silent Monastery formed a makeshift barricade before the borders of the Xia Clan. No one stood guard around the barricade that looked fragile and delicate. Yet, when Jiang Tian caught a glimpse of the confident expressions of the Silent Monastery disciples. He concluded that,

"That barricade isn't something simple, it could actually compare to the formations that I casually made when I was at my peak..." Jiang Tian judged, as someone who studied formations deeply back in his previous life. He realized that although some differences were present between this world's ideology in formations and his previous world, the fundamentals were similar.

"With my cultivation, I could probably disassemble this formation but the core is hidden within complex traps and baits. This will be time consuming..." Jiang Tian memorized the pattern of the formation and retreated, not forgetting to remember the location of the Silent Monastery disciple's supply boxes and their sentries.

Returning to his post at the place where XIa Guanyu assigned him some work. Jiang Tian saw that the disciples looked carefree and lax, casually sitting down on some rocks and makeshift chairs, they smoked cigarettes and talked to each other with smiles.

The scene felt like they were just a bunch of friends that haven't seen each other for a long time.

Emerging from the shadows. Jiang Tian appeared and the disciples noticed his figure.

"Oh? Aren't you the one that the Grand Elder referred to our team?" A disciple approached him with good intentions, as members of the same clan, they wouldn't act so hostile towards one of them.

As the saying goes, one cannot slap a smiling face and since the man didn't do anything to Jiang Tian and approached him with good intentions. Jiang Tian lifted a smile and said, "Yes, I was the one that the Grand Elder referred, may I know who Senior is?" He clasped his hands together in respect.

Witnessing Jiang Tian's polite actions. The disciple had a good impression on him and he toured Jiang Tian around. Introducing to him the job that they would have to do as members of the Enhancement and Recovery Team.

In this vast world, resources were scarce and even families fight for its sake. Small clans such as the Xia Clan frequently had shortages of resources and being in war against the Silent Monastery worsened their plight.

As such, the Patriarch of the Xia Clan. Xia Xingyue, ordered that scrap metals and remnants of Elemental Essences should be collected from the battlefield. She also reached a concession with the Silent Monastery stating that Recovery Teams shouldn't be harmed in the middle of resources collection.

The Silent Monastery would recover their allies' Artifacts and the Xia Clan would also recover their own. As for the spoils of war. Anything from the bodies of the fallen disciples could be taken with the exception of their Artifacts.

With Jiang Tian's cultivation, the disciples find it weird why the Grand Elder assigned him to be a member of the Enhancement and Recovery Team. He couldn't possibly be an Artificer and he didn't suit the job of recovery either.

Even though the two clans reached an agreement, sneak attacks and petty tricks still against those that recovered the items of their fellow disciples still occurred. So only those that can defend themselves in such situations suited that job.

"Jiang Tian, may i ask what the Grand Elder assigned to you? Did he assign you to the Enhancement or the Recovery Team?" The disciple named as Xia Lei asked in curiosity.

Jiang Tian directed his gaze at Xia Lei and leaked a smile on his face. When they strolled through the area earlier, Xia Lei explained everything to him without any prejudice. He had a good impression on this young man.

"The Grand Elder didn't really specify any assignment to me..." Jiang Tian shook his head and Xia Lei replied.

"In that case, the Grand Elder wants us to give you a job? No offense but honestly thought, you don'r really suit any of our jobs here. You couldn't possibly be an Artificer, right?" Xia Lei scanned Jiang Tian with his eyes and found that his foundation in cultivation was disappointing. He didn't expect much but his eyes widened in shock when Jiang Tian said.

"Ah yeah, I seem to be an Artificer, perhaps?" Jiang Tian said with a smile and Xia Lei's expression changed into a solemn one.

"That's a good joke, bro. But honestly, the Grand Elder didn't assign you a job?" Xia Lei thought that Jiang Tian must be one of those youngsters that indulged in delusions. After all, being an Artificer was a job that everyone dreamt of having.

Patting his shoulders, a kind smile lifted on his face.

Jiang Tian lightly smiled in replied and thought that Xia Lei was amusing. Shaking his head, he said, "How about you guide me to the place where they do the Enhancements, Big bro?" His tone felt affectionate and it improved Xia Lei's mood as he dragged Jiang Tian around the area and towards the place where the Apprentice Artificer did their Enhancements and Recovery Process for the Artifacts.

"Xia Lei? Why are you with that brat that the Grand Elder brought?" A male disciple in the process of hammering out impurities from an Artifact momentarily stopped and said towards Xia Lei. Darting his gaze at Jiang Tian, he continued.

"You sure did well surviving your adventure earlier. But let me warn you! You shouldn't casually stroll anywhere lest you get killed by a stray arrow or something..." His words felt mocking yet Jiang Tian could see the concern within the male disciple's eyes.

Jiang Tian was someone that remembered grudges and debts, he was ruthless to his enemies, but as kind as a saint to his allies. He engraved the face of the male disciple inside his mind and several thousands of years later, this moment of advice that the male disciple gave out of goodwill would be the greatest turning point in his life.

"I will remember Senior's kind words..." Jiang Tian clasped his hands together and expressed his thanks as Xia Lei bid his farewells and walked together with Jiang Tian towards the area where the Apprentice Artificers concentrated.

"Xia Lei, why did you bring that brat here, let him free so that he'll get kllled!"

"That's right, we don't have time to worry about someone that courts death!"

"Come here and assist us, Xia Lei! Senior Brother Hanzo at the front lines asked as to repair his Artifacts in a hurry!"

Dozens of disciples scurried around, carrying scrap metals, molds and ingredients necessary for Enhancement and Artifact Recovery. Jiang Tian swept his gaze around and saw that even though his fellow disciples' words sounded venomous, their eyes shone with genuine worry and anxiousness towards their Junior Brother.

But this didn't make sense for Jiang Tian.

Why would they worry about someone that they never even met?

He thought hard in his mind and never acquired the answer.

"Senior Brother Hanzo asked us again for an Enhancement and he's hurrying us up? Just because he just got promoted as an Inner Disciple doesn't mean that he could bully us, Outer Disciples!" Xia Lei voiced his complaints and his words resonated within the hearts of everyone present.

Jiang TIan's eyes flickered, Senior Brother Hanzo? Why do I feel like that name sounds familiar to me? He knitted his eyebrows in thought and decided to forget about it, judging that it wasn't that important in the first place.

"What specifications is he asking? Or is it just pure Artifact Recovery?" Xia Lei loosened his robes and rushed forward. He even forgot to introduce Jiang Tian as he carried over the materials necessary for Enhancement and Artifact Recovery.

Receiving a sword shining with a dim dreamy light, Xia Lei assessed the damage with his eyes.

"The blade is badly chipped again! Why in the hell does that bastard never learn about not using such a thin blade like a broadsword!" Xia Lei inwardly cursed and Jiang Tian saw that the sword he held possessed similar characteristics with the katana back in his previous world.

Throwing the sword into a burning furnace, Xia Lei summoned his cultivation base and the sword gradually melted into liquid which poured down to a mold that he prepared befoehand. Taking three Ice Chaos Elemental Stones of the Ice Affinity, Xia Lei crushed it in his palm and vaporized it into pure Elemental Essence.

His actions were so smooth that Jiang Tian felt like he was watching the creation of a masterpiece. Face turning solemn, Xia Lei cautiously guided the Ice Elemental Essence into the sword. However, a fierce shout destroyed Xia Lei's concentration and the Enhancement failed, destroying the sword and wasting the materials used.

"What the fuck is going on?! Didn't i tell you to finish the Recovery of my prized sword before night since we're going on a night raid?!" Xia Hanzo's thunderous voice boomed out and Xia Lei could only watch in despair as his Enhancement failed.

Walking towards Xia Lei's direction. Xia Hanzo's expression froze when he saw the remnants of his treasured sword littered on the ground. Lifting his head to look at Xia Lei. His countenance twisted into utmost rage and anger as a tempest of Spiritual Energy exploded from his body, overwhelming all Apprentice Artificers and the Outer Disciples in the area with the exception of Jiang Tian who watched him with a frown.

"Y-y-you... How dare you destroy my sword!" Xia Hanzo dashed, his Spiritual Energy converged into a point on his palm to which he struck with a palm strike at the astonished and despairing Xia Lei.

Everyone reeled in shock, no matter what happened, Xia Lei was still a member of the Xia Clan and assaulting a fellow disciple was a grave crime. Seeing the attack nearing Xia Lei's body, everyone closed their eyes. Unwilling to see the gruesome and gory scene that would soon follow.

"After I sent you away at that day, you still haven't even learned your lesson about your hot-headedness? Senior Brother Xia Hanzo..."

Jiang Tian appeared like a ghost between him and Xia Lei as the former utilized the force of his palm strike and struck against him, sending him crashing towards the ground like a ball that fell from the skies.
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