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Transmigrated Enhancement Specialists
Author :TheAdventurer
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45 Assignmen

Jiang Tian came out of the room in an angle that prevented Xia Bingyue from seeing anything inside. Witnessing her standing there with a frown. Jiang Tian said with a smile, "Time sure flies fast, especially when in meditation, to think that I actually missed the most important meal of today..."

His figure looked dashing and carefree and his eyes reflected sparkling lights.

Xia Bingyue swept her gaze over his figure and knitted her eyebrows in a frown. Dragging him towards the living room, the three ate together with the same scenario as before. Xia Guanyu stared weirdly at Jiang Tian and Xia Bingyue looked awkward.

Jiang TIan who experienced so many things in life couldn't possibly care about these gazes. Continuing his meal, he took another portion of everything and carried it into his room.

Seeing him carry his meal, Xia Guanyu felt shameful, after all, in such close proximity, it was impossible that Jiang Tian wouldn't notice his strange gazes. It should be the reason why Jiang Tian escaped into his room.

But before the two of them could stop him. He had already disappeared from their sight.

Carrying a tray of hot food. Jiang Tian entered his room and sealed the food with his Spiritual Energy so that it wouldn't go cold. Staring at the sleeping beauty on his bed. Jiang Tian sighed and turned around to leave.

There, a poker-faced Xia Bingyue stared at him and said, "Jiang Tian, since you have already recovered, It's about time that we make use of your talent and prowess."

"Make use of my talent and prowess? What do you mean by that, Miss Bingyue?" Jiang Tian raised an eyebrow and replied in a polite tone. Hearing his distant voice and unfamilar namecalling. Xia Bingyue frowned and said.

"Father said that the pressure at the border between the Mystic Realm and our clan is increasing. We need any manpower that you can and you can't just possibly stay here for the rest of your life and freeload, right?" She crossed her arms together and looked down at Jiang Tian who smiled.

"So in other words, the Grand Elder wants me to join the group of disciples at the front line? But for what reason? I'm just someone whose cultivation is at the bottom, why would the Grand Elder send me to that place..." Jiang Tian wondered and scenes about what happened before he arrived at the Xia Clan appeared in his mind.

'So they're trying to fish out my true capabilities like what they saw at that day where I stopped Tang Zemin's attack?' Jiang Tian deduced and a smile lifted on his lips, 'Well, I'm planning on entering that Mystic Realm so it's definitely a good idea to go there and study its difference between the independent spaces back at my previous world and here.'

Jiang Tian swept his gaze at Xia Bingyue, hoping that she would feel challenged and fall into his bait.

"That's right, your cultivation is low, but no worries, Father didn't assign you to fight anyways. He just sent you there so that you can support the troops by enhancing their Artifacts. Sounds good, right?" Xia Bingyue sweetly smiled and continued in an ambiguous voice.

"Not only you can be carefree and enhance Artifacts without care since it's the expense of the Clan, you could also feel and understand what the battlefield looks like..." She lifted an eyebrow and Jiang Tian almost chuckled out loud.

Xia Bingyue planned on intimidating him by telling him the reality of the battlefield and how cruel it was. Unfortunately, Jiang Tian was someone that slaughtered tens of thousands of people within his lifetime. Such a small battlefield couldn't even be called as a skirmish for him.

"So the Grand Elder wants to transfer me there so that I can gain experience about how huge the world is? That's fine, I'll definitely go there." Jiang Tian agreed with a smile and Xia Bingyue was taken aback.

"A-a-are you sure about that? That place is a nightmare, you know? With limbs flying everywhere and guts spilled to the ground!" Xia Bingyue warned and Jiang Tian stared at her in amusement.

"The battlefield is indeed a scary place, but for a man, it's the place where he can prove his worth..." Jiang Tian whispered into the air. His expression reminisced of the time where he fought with his life and the burning intent within his eyes made him look dashing. Paired with his high Charisma Stats, Xia Bingyue stared at him like she went silly.

Jiang Tian escaped and after receiving a token that proved his identity. He left a strand of his soul to Xia Guanyu for safe keeping before the latter brought him to the battlefield.

"Greetings to the Grand Elder!" The disciples and Artificers in the middle of their work stopped and paid their respects. Xia Guanyu nodded his head and introduced Jiang Tian.

"This young man is Jiang Tian, he will be a member of the Artificer's Enhancement and Recovery team from now on. As fellow disciples, I hope that all of you would take care of him..." He said and Jiang Tian swept his gaze across the surroundings and saw how horrible the ongoing skirmish was.

Traces of blood, and the strong smell of rust filled the air along with the scene of numerous disciples retreating with injuries on their bodies. Thankfully, the Xia Clan never acted stingy when it comes to medicines so most disciples recovered their fighting strength in a span of several hours.

After Xia Guanyu left him. Jiang Tian went on to explore the area as the curious gaze of his fellow disciples followed him. Seeing that he looked excited and adventurous, they all shook their heads and said.

"Does he really think that he's here for a vacation? Look at him skipping away like he's on his backyard!"

"Just don't mind him bro, if not for the fact that the Grand Elder is protecting him, I would've scolded him for how carefree he is already! I bet that we would see his corpse later..."

The disciples shook their heads and continued their work, forgetting about the insignificant figure called Jiang Tian.

Leaping across tree branches after tree branches. Jiang Tian looked like a fish back in water as he moved without restraint. His actions were bold yet not a trace of Spiritual Energy leaked from his body. It was as if he was a mere mortal that enjoyed the adrenaline of jumping at such a high place.

Staring at the distant border of the Silent Monastery. Jiang Tian merged with the darkness and casually strolled unimpeded.
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