Transmigrated Enhancement Specialists
44 Sowing Karma, Repaying Debts
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Transmigrated Enhancement Specialists
Author :TheAdventurer
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44 Sowing Karma, Repaying Debts

Xia Xingyue looked fierce and full of killing intent. When she awakened from her sleep earlier, she was astonished to find a seal bearing down on her soul. Apart from Jiang Tian, no one had close contact with her soul so he was the most likely culprit.

But for what reason? Why would he do such a thing? Didn't we give him what we wanted and cared for him like a family? Why would he do this to me?!

It was the first time that Xia Xingyue experienced such betrayal. In this faraway land, battles happened frequently and traitors were expected within the ranks. Though she had her suspicions, she didn't expect that Jiang Tian had such a venomous heart.

Rotating her cultivation base, power enveloped her body and strength surged within her fists. Yet as the thought of harming him appeared in her mind. The Seal Slave attached on her Sea of Memories throbbed and bestowed upon her, intense pain that made her cry in anguish.

"AAAAAHHHH!" She screamed wantonly, her throat almost ripped from the force of her shriek. The Slave Seal not only attacked her soul but also amplified that pain that she felt.


She crashed on the ground and rolled while clutching her head, void of the dignified facade as the Patriarch of the Xia Clan, Xia Xingyue's expression reddened in shame, anger and humiliation.

"I planted a Slave Seal on your Sea of Memories, as long as the thought of harming me appeared in your mind, it would activate and give you unimaginable pain."

Jiang Tian's voice was as cold as ice. His stoic expression stared at Xia Xingyue as if she was nothing but a mere pebble on the side of the road.

"W-W-why.. Why would you do something like this? Didn't we give you everything that you wanted?" Xia Xingyue said in a sorrowful and somber voice, her expresssion filled with sorrow.

Jiang Tian swept his gaze over at the Patriarch and knitted his eyebrows. From the novels that he read, powerful people like Xia Xingyue possessed shrewd minds and cautious nature, yet why was she so naive?

"Patriarch, are you forgetting the fact that I do not have the obligation to obey everything that you said? I may be a disciple of this Clan but that doesn't mean that you could take advantage of me due to the difference between our status."

"And as for the giving me everything that I wanted. Hmmph! What a joke! The debts that I incurred from Xia BIngyue has been paid by saving her life! As for the cultivation manual, I gave you a blueprint of that Three-Layered Armor! It should be effective that even now, the Silent Monastery should be scrambling to find methods against it."

"I did all of that and obeyed you as my Senior yet you attacked me due to a slight suspicion. Now, tell me, was it bad that I counter-attacked and sealed all routes of your escapes for the sake of my future?"

Jiang Tian scolded in a dignified tone, void of the delight and excited tone that he frequently used towards Xia Xingyue. The latter stared at him with a listless expression, at this moment, the valiant and prideful Patriarch of the Xia Clan looked pitiful as tears fell from her eyes.

It drenched her cheeks and her eyes widened in shock. When was the last time that she cried? Apart from the time where her parents died and her lover, Huang'er leaving her for the sake of her Clan, she never cried again.

Yet, facing such a dilemma that could potentially destroy her entire Clan and the efforts that she made in the last several decades. Xia Xingyue's tears that she kept for several decades rushed like water from a broken dam.

"Wuwuwu, why would you... Do this to me...Wuwuwuwu, don't you feel ashamed of biting the hand that fed you? Wuwuwu..." Xia Xingyue sobbed and cried like a wronged kitten.

"Wha..." Jiang Tian was taken aback, witnessing such a beautiful woman crying like there's no tomorrow right before his eyes with her shoulders intermittently trembled stumbled him.

Within his lifetime, he exprienced all sorts of tribulations and encountered all sorts of obstacles and encounters, yet when it comes to a crying woman, Jiang Tian didn't know what to do as he just stood there like a frozen statue.

"Ermmm, Patriarch, it's not like I will do something bad to the Clan. I just enslaved you so I have an insurance when something goes wrong, okay? Calm down, come here, come here, don't cry please..." Jiang Tian sat down and patted his thighs, gesturing towards Xia Xingyue.

Xia Xingyue lifted her head, expression riddled with snot and tears, she sniffed and said in a small voice, "Will you really not do anything against my Clan?"

Jiang Tian's countenance turned weird. Xia Xingyue's current appearance contrasted her usually dignified face. It was as if he was facing an imposter! Lifting his twitching lips into a smile, he said in a gentle voice.

"I really won't do anything that will harm the Xia Clan. So you calm down and stop crying, okay?" Jiang Tian rubbed her head as he thought in his mind, Why does this feel like I'm domesticating a cat instead of a tigress...

"Wuwuwu..." Sniffing, Xia Xingyue's eyes shone with hope as she said, "You really won't?" Her sparkling eyes contained a charm that reeled Jiang Tian's consciousness into it and he felt like he was falling into an incomparably deep abyss.


The sound of glass breaking echoed within his mind and Jiang Tian recovered from his stupor. Knitted his eyebrows, he stared at the innocent looking Xia Xingyue and said.

"Did you really think that a measly charming technique would work against me?" His voice rang out like thunder and Xia Xingyue staggered backward. Her expression revealed disbelief and witnessing her countenance, Jiang Tian confirmed his suspicions.

"Seeing you looking like that, what I said shouldn't be wrong. So you actually dared to attack me while I was thinking of forgiving you?"

Xia Xingyue's eyes dimmed, the Slave Seal only triggered when she thought of harming Jiang Tian. Charming Techniques didn't trigger the Slave Seal since it merely seduced the target and caused him no real harm.

She thought that she could turn the tables against him using such a loophole, but alas. Jiang Tian's soul was unfortunately stronger than her.

Biting her lower lip until it bled, Xia Xingyue said in a complicated voice.

"I understand, it's my fault, I shouldn't have did that while you're about to forgive me..." She hung her head low in shame and embarrassment, not daring to meet his critical gaze.

"It's fine, your efforts were futile anyways so why should I bother?" Jiang Tian shrugged, but before Xia Xingyue could rejoice, he announced.

"Excellent actions deserves reward and so does wrongdoings. Just because I forgive you doesn't mean that you're not entitled to a punishment..." Jiang Tian licked his lips and a cruel idea formed in his mind.

If he wanted to attain stronger power in the shortest time possible. He knew a method that would certainly bestow him that strength. However, it sacrificed something important from Xia Xingyue. But who cares? As long as he increased his strength and inched closer to the peak, Jiang Tian would do anything no matter how cruel it was.

Xia Xingyue saw the crazed look within Jiang Tian's eyes and she subconsciously staggered in fear. His eyes resembled those lecherous wolves that defiled her body with their eyes.

"N-No... Anything but that..." She uttered a weak cry, but under the effects of the Seal Slave, her protests were futile as Jiang Tian disrobed and approached her with big steps.

Tears dripping down her cheeks, Xia Xingyue felt a huge force embrace her body as Jiang Tian rotated his Ghost Emperor Scripture to the limits.

His method involved bypassing her natural defensive systems by keeping skin to skin contact. Using that as the backdoor, Jiang Tian acquired access to her soul and started his consumption.

Using her essence as the fuel, Jiang Tian's Ghost Emperor Scripture's cultivation base rapidly increased as Xia Xingyue continuously trembled within his embrace.

Several hours swiftly passed and Jiang Tian completed his plunder of Xia Xingyue's essence. Her cultivation base declined from the peak of Core Formation to the Initial Stage of Core Formation. Placing her on the bed, Jiang Tian sighed in his heart.

Sensing the power coursing through his body. Jiang Tian sighed in his heart and mumbled, "I sowed karma with the Xia Clan once again. It looks like there's a need for me to lend them a hand to their expedition at that Mystic Realm..."

Staring at Xia Xingyue's frail and delicate figure. Jiang Tian revolved his Ghost Emperor Scripture and enveloped her body with his protection so that her soul's recovery would hasten.

Though his methods were sometimes ruthless, Jiang Tian wasn't a mindless slaughterer and as long as one didn't block his way. He wouldn't care about them.

Covering her with a blanket, Jiang Tian heard a voice and knocking from outside, "Jiang Tian! Are you still gonna sleep? It's already noon! Come out and eat your lunch!"
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