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42 Ghost Emperor Domain
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Transmigrated Enhancement Specialists
Author :TheAdventurer
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42 Ghost Emperor Domain

Later at night, within the Patriarch's residence.

Amorous moans echoed out once again along with slapping sounds of struck flesh. Once in a while, Jiang Tian's harsh verbal abuses would rang out causing a sleepless night for Xia Guanyu and Xia BIngyue. Only when they sealed their senses cought they attain the peace that they sought.

Deeper into the night, the voices simmered down and tranquility returned to the residence. Within the Patriarch's room stood Xia Xingyue and Jiang Tian.

Xia XIngyue had a flushed expression on her face and the sweat that dripped down her forehead and decorated her cheeks looked like morning dew. Her eyes that gleamed with desires and the enticing smell of virginity that wafted from her body battered Jiang Tian's heart.

Draping over a robe on her shoulders, Xia Xingyue sweetly smiled and said, "Thanks," She stood up and covered her fair skin that shone under moonlight.

"Have you entered Xia Guanyu's warehouse yet?" She asked and her smile turned strange.

Witnessing her expectant smile, Jiang Tian realized that she must've also known about what's inside the Grand Elder's warehouse yet she still endorsed that to him. Was she that stingy like the Grand Elder?

"Yes, I never expected that the rewards that the Patriarch said referred to those scraps..."

Xia Xingyue's expression turned apologetic, "Yeah, I'm sorry about that, the Silent Monastery has been exerting too much pressure on us that we had to simmer down your rewards. Don't worry about it though, after everything is over. I'll make sure that you'll get what you deserved..." She suffused a wry smile that looked tragic and emotional.

Her display of emotions that perfectly complemented her glazed appearance shook Jiang Tian's body. Biting his lower lip, he suppressed his desires and inwardly cursed her in his mind, Goddamned it, she can even seduce people just by asking for apologies?! She's a true vixen!

"I-I understand, that's not a problem, really. Patriarch has her own considerations to make and the well-being of everyone than one is better than anything..." Jiang Tian replied and XIa Xingyue sweetly smiled.

"You're so kind... If only I was several decades younger, I would've pinned you down, right here and now." Xia Xingyue declared in a bold voice and Jiang Tian felt a shiver down his spine. Wouldn't this vixen be thinking of devouring him here, right?!

"Ermmm..." Jiang Tian cringed to the thought of spending a night with this grandma. Staggering backward, his lips twitched and Xia Xingyue chuckled.

"Why do you look so anxious, it's not like I'm gonna eat you or something..." She walked towards him with light and graceful footsteps before saying in a solemn voice.

"While we're training, I realized that your Soul Force is something out of the ordinary. Such a powerful Soul Force shouldn't possibly exist within such a young body. Tell me, just who are you? Outer Clan Disciple, Jiang Tian?"

Xia Xingyue's eyes flashed with a terrifying light void of any seductiveness. A cold sensation swept past Jiang Tian's body as an intangible pressure descended on his body. At this moment, Xia Xingyue unleashed a glimpse of how terrifying she could become.

Facing her aura of dominance. Jiang Tian remained stoic and indifferent as he replied with a similarly freezing tone.

"Is there even a reason for me to answer that question, Patriarch?" His eyes that flashed with a cold and crimson light that sent shivers down Xia Xingyue's spine as she jolted. But when she blinked, Jiang Tian's eyes returned to normal. It was as if the Imperial Aura and killing intent that originated from him was an illusion.

Xia Xingyue gulped a mouthful of saliva and felt that cold sweat that ran through her back. Her cultivation was higher than Jiang Tian yet his presence intimidated her. Her mind replayed the scenes where Jiang Tian stared at her with eyes similar to an Ancient Beast.

Hardening her resolve, she said: "You're not inclined to answer me, but Xia Guanyu recruited you with pure intentions so I hope that you don't betray us when the end comes..."

Jiang Tian inwardly snickered, if she knew that Xia Guanyu desired for his mystical techniques when he first recruited him, then her words would be different.

Jiang Tian was someone that hated dealing with complicated schemes. If someone schemed against him, he would let them come and make them suffer his retaliation!

"Don't worry about that, Patriarch. I'm not interested with your Xia Clan, and I came here for nothing but to increase my own strength. Rest assured that I don't have any other agenda..." Jiang Tian said with an indifferent smile and Xia Xingyue stared at him with complicated emotions.

Standing up, Jiang Tian walked towards the exit but before his hands could open the door. A fierce killing intent assaulted his back followed by a volley of Spiritual Energy waves that attacked his position


A deafening boom reverberated throughout the entire room. Fortunately, the Patriarch enveloped the room with her Spiritual Energy as protection or else it may have collapsed. With a chilly countenance, she glanced at Jiang Tian's direction and noticed that he stood there, unfazed and unscathed.

"What's the meaning of this, Patriarch of the Xia Clan?"

His incomparably deep voice echoed like thunder and the Core Formation Patriach felt her soul tremble. Amidst the dust and darkness. Jiang Tian stared at her figure with a crimson light within his eyes. The air that surrounded him looked dark and incomparably thick that it almost became corporeal.

Up above his head, an illusion of a middle-aged man wickedly smiling while sitting on a throne of bones faintly manifested and Xia Xingyue's soul fiercely trembled.

A cackle reverbearted from the middle-aged man's mouth and Xia Xingyue's soul went into self-preservation mode. Her figure stood stiff like a statue and her eyes looked lifeless and void of substance.

She fell on the ground with a dull thud and her cultivation base went into hibernation. When the dust cleared away, a pale-faced Jiang Tian appeared with a bitter smile on his face. Burning all of his accumulated negative energies, he briefly managed to summon his strongest attack.

The Ghost Emperor Domain.

Sacrificing a innumerable souls and galvanizing their hatred, envy, regrets and all sorts of negative emotions. Jiang Tian made it the foundation of his domain. It quickly became his strongest attack but the price to activate it was incomparably heavy.

Despite all of this, the rewards that he acquired made it all worth it.

When Xia Xingyue was caught in the middle of his Domain. Her Sea of Memories was wide open and he seamlessly planted a Slave Seal on her soul. Under the effects of the Slave Seal, she could never go against Jiang Tian's orders and Jiang Tian now has the entire Xia Clan effectively under his control.

Walking out of Xia Xingyue's residence. Jiang Tian went to his room and recuperated.

The next morning, a shrill scream along with the appearance of Xia Xingyue's enraged expression appeared in his line of sight.

"Bastard! What did you do to me last night?!"
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