Transmigrated Enhancement Specialists
41 Probing One“s Migh
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Transmigrated Enhancement Specialists
Author :TheAdventurer
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41 Probing One“s Migh

Both father and daughter wore queer looks on their faces when they saw how nonchalant the bastard that took everything within the warehouse and didn't even spare the formations that maintained it.

A stifled sensation surged through Xia Guanyu's chest. He was innately stingy and seeing someone taking his decades of hard work for themselves vexed him.

But when he remembered the words that he said earlier, he suppressed the surging blood within his heart as he said,

"J-J-Jiang Tian...Were you the one that decimated everything in this room...?" He asked with the softest voice that he could muster and Xia Bingyue regained her focus as her eyes descended on Jiang Tian.

"Decimated? Don't use such a terrifying word Senior. Of course, it was me that made good use of those scraps!" Jiang Tian wore a prideful expression that almost caused Xia Guanyu to cough a mouthful of blood.

Amidst his bleeding heart and twitching lips. Xia Guanyu dismissed the two with a somber expression as he stood there alone inside his warehouse.

When Jiang Tian and Xia Bingyue closed the doors of the warehouse. Xia Guanyu collapsed on his knees and a tear descended down his cheeks. He was an old man that collected Artifacts as a habit, may they be useless, if he fancied it, he would do his best to acquire it.

Witnessing the collection that he accumulated for several decades disappear into Jiang Tian's gluttunous mouth. He didn't know whether to laugh or to cry as a bitter laugh came out of his throat.

"Is this what you reap is what you sow feels?" He said and sat there in anguish for several hours.

Behind the Pavilion was a vast expanse of land that had no obstacles. Jiang Tian dragged Xia Bingyue there and when they arrived, the latter threw him a confused look and said.

"What are you trying to do, bringing me here?" She locked her eyebrows in doubt. He wasn't thinking of pushing her down here, right?

Jiang Tian saw her nervousness and lightly chuckled, This young woman, she really likes to jump into conclusions...

"Calm down, calm down. Don't think about anything weird, I just dragged you here so we can spar." He said in a vibrant tone and Xia Bingyue lifted a smile on her face. Asking me? A peak Essence Condensation Realm cultivator for a spar? Was he out of his mind?

Of course, Xia Bingyue didn't voice these thoughts out, she knew that she had to aggravate him so that he wouldn't back out from their spar. Crossing her arms together, she said, "Asking me for a spar? Interesting, but since we're sparring anyways, how about we make it more interesting by setting a bet?"

"Setting a bet?" Lifting an eyebrow, Jiang Tian suppresed his smile and thought, This little girl really feels confident about herself, did she forget that I was the one that saved her at that time and deflected Tang Zemin's attack?

"Yes, setting a bet. How about this, if I win, you're gonna return me the thousand Spirit Stones that I gave to you." Xia Bingyue saw this sparring as an opportunity to retake her Spirit Stones that she gave to Jiang Tian.

Jiang Tian was taken aback for a moment but replied, "Miss Bingyue, aren't you so shameless to ask for those Spirit Stones when you willingly gave it to me?" He said in an indifferent voice and Xia Bingyue's cheeks flushed, she understood that her actions were shameless, but for the sake of her cultivation resources, she had to do it!

In fact, she regretted the fact that her emotions overwhelmed her that day!

Jiang Tian thought with a smile, he was actually planning on returning those Spirit Stones to her later since he didn't like owing debts. But he didn't expect that Xia Bingyue would request for it as the betting stake and a small smile lifted on his lips.

He looked for ways on how he could further exploit Xia BIngyue using her status within the Clan.

"That's fine, we can do it like that," Jiang Tian replied, after he absorbed the Spiritual Energy from Xia Guanyu's formations. His dantian was still full of unrefined Spiritual Energy. If he absorbed those Spirit Stones, he would explode from energy deviation.

"Eh?" Xia Bingyue was shaken when she heard his words. Those were a thousand Spirit Stones you know?! And betting it against me is synonymous to giving it to me without a struggle! Are you really sure about that? She inwardly thought but on the outside, a smile crept on her lips. Since Jiang Tian was willing to part with those Spirit Stones, why wouldn't she take advantage of his offer?

"Fine, since you have already decided. Let's start." She took her Soft Sword of Ice Cavern and assumed a stance.

"Why are you still standing there? Take your weapon out..." Xia Bingyue paused and saw that Jiang Tian wore a meaningful smile on his face.

"Take my weapon out? Miss Bingyue, have you forgotten? We still haven't discussed what would happen if I won..." Jiang Tian said with confidence and Xia Bingyue awkwardly scratched her cheeks. She was so focused about the thousand Spirit Stones that she forgot to ask Jiang Tian what he would like to have when he won.

"O-Okay, then what you do want to have if you managed to win by any chance?" Xia Bingyue said with a calm and composed voice. She never doubted herself even once so she was confident that she could force him down within twenty exchanges.

It has to be known that within Xia Bingyue's eyes. Jiang Tian was still at the lowest cultivation realm, even if he managed to deflect Tang Zemin's attack at that time and forcefully stopped three cultivators back when she unleashed her icy domain, that didn't mean that he could defeat her in a head-on battle.

As the Princess of the Xia Clan, Xia Bingyue had her own pride to protect so she refused to think that defeating Jiang Tian was impossible. Even if it was, so what? She'd just try and try until she succeeds!

"Let's see, how about this. If I managed to win by a fluke, how about you grant a single request of mine?" Jiang Tian said with a beaming smile and Xia Bingyue's figure shivered, covering her ample chest with her arm, her expressions flushed crimson as she stared at him like a cat that had its tail stepped on.

"A single request? What are you thinking? I'm not going to accept any lecherous requests!" What was he thinking? Does he really think that I am that kind of a woman?! Xia Bingyue thought in her mind and gnashed her teeth.

Jiang Tian stared in amusement at her display before shaking his head and saying, "You're thinking too much into it, Miss Bingyue, I won't request those kinds of things. But just promise me that you'll agree to a request of mine, one day."

A prideful person like Xia Bingyue wouldn't possibly renege on her promise. And if someday, Jiang Tian required something from the Clan, then he could use her conscience against her and acquire what he needed.

"Fine, if that's what you want there let it be! Take your weapon out!" Xia Bingyue exclaimed in approval and assumed an offensive stance. Jiang Tian smirked and with a flick of his wrist, Cold Edge of Infinity materialized in the air, bringing with it a cold breeze and a dreamy glimmer that enveloped its body.

Infusing his Spiritual Energy within the blade, its brilliance strengthened and it looked eye-catching. Xia Bingyue staggered in shock and realized that the fluctuations from the blade belonged to a Substandard Tier weapon!

From the aura alone, Xia Bingyue understood that it wasn't the least inferior to her Soft Sword of Ice Cavern!

Just what is going on? When did he have such a powerful weapon?! Xia Bingyue screamed in her mind but in the face of Jiang Tian's superior weapon, she didn't falter and infused her Energy within her Soft Sword.

In that instant, the Soft Sword transformed into a lively snake that hissed warily at Jiang Tian. Revolving both of their cultivation methods, frost spread over the grasses and the warm breeze turned chilly.

With a stomp, Jiang Tian reappeared beside Xia Bingyue and opened up the sparring with a horizontal slash. In defence, she waved her sword and it moved like a whip, striking Jiang Tian's sword on the side, deviating its trajectory.

Sparks flew and Jiang Tian smirked. Stomping his foot on the ground, he rotated his body and attacked with another slash.

"Wha-" Xia Bingyue didn't expect that he would be able to recover from that position and she was startled. Nevertheless, she blocked with another strike at the side of Jiang Tian's sword.


A fierce sound reverberated and Xia Bingyue's Soft Sword coiled around Jiang Tian's sword like a snake and stabbed at his chest. With eyes widened, Jiang Tian didn't expect that she possessed that much control over her sword.

Abandoning his Cold Edge, he leaped backward and Xia Bingyue's stab struck nothing but thin-air.

"What? Did he just abandon his sword? Is he giving up?" Xia Bingyue knitted her eyebrows and thought. But before she could even assume her previous stance, Jiang Tian flicked his wrist and sent six needles into her direction.

"Hidden weapons? Futile!" Xia Bingyue screamed and swept the air with her Soft Sword as several consecutive clanging sounds along with sparks resonated. Within the joyous moment, she didn't notice that Jiang Tian had disappeared from his initial location.

IIt was when cold air and battle intent swept past her figure did she realize that she was behind him and attacking her neck.

"When did he?!" Xia Bingyue hurriedly turned around and dodged his palm strike at the last moment. Her gaze landed on his feet and saw that the Rattan Straw Flipflops that he wore eerily shone in a brownish-green light that amplified his speed.

Infusing his fists with his Spiritual Energy, both sides engaged in a fierce close combat battle that evoked consecutive deafening booms that battered the entire residence. Xia Bingyue's movements looked fluid and graceful, each of her strikes were precise and targeted the vitals.

Jiang Tian, on the other hand, looked fierce and destructive. HIs palm strikes sought nothing but complete annihilation. His attacks looked amateurish and without grace yet it suppressed Xia Bingyue to the extent that she couldn't even find the time to breathe.

"What the hell is going on? I'm obviously stronger than him yet why can't I hit him?!" Xia Bingyue's attack speed was excellent and she could find gaps inbetween attacks that she exploited. Unfortunately, her stabs never landed on Jiang Tian's body. It was as if he was an intangible existence that could never be touched by anyone.

Jiang Tian smirked upon witnessing the frantic Xia Bingyue. Ever since the battle started, his Ghost Emperor Scripture circulated to its maximum and slowly influenced the latter's mind, slowing her mind's ability to process information.

It was an ability that he called as Stagnation. A form of discreet yet intrusive illusion. In his victims eyes, everything were normal, but to the outside world, their movements were sluggish and looked as if they were drunk.

Unfortunately, since Jiang Tian's cultivation was lower than Xia Bingyue by a realm, he couldn't influence her mind too much or his intrusion would be detected. But of course, slowing down her mind by a second or two wasn't impossible.

"What's going on? Miss Bingyue? Is this the best that you can do? I'm not even sweating..." Jiang Tian said in a sarcastic voice as he avoided Xia Bingyue's slow attacks. His nonchalant expression and sarcastic smirk made him look like he was just casually strolling in his backyard.

Even if her attacks couldn't hit him, was it really necessary to act so condescending against her? It was as if he's rubbing her incompetence on her face! Xia Bingyue gnashed her teeth and tears filled her eyelids.

Unleashing a quick draw, her sword moved as fast as Lightning yet when it was about to hit Jiang Tian, the latter mysteriously moved several folds faster and avoided it in a hair's breadth.

"Wha... How could you possibly dodge that!" She retreated in a panic and shook her head in denial. Her attack that was as fast as Lightning was easily avoided like that! She wasn't willing to believe it!

"Miss Bingyue, just because you haven't seen something that doesn't mean that they don't exist, right?" Jiang Tian took his sword from the ground and dashed at Xia Bingyue. His speed at least dozen times faster than he previously displayed.

Within an instant, his sword turned up to her neck and XIa Bingyue collapsedd on the ground in defeat.

"It was over... Just like that?" Xia Bingyue mumbled in defiance and Jiang Tian bitterly smiled. Using Stagnation against her was cheating but since her cultivation base was a realm higher than him. He had no other choice. He had to win and acquire her favor.

Withdrawing his influence over her mind, Xia Bingyue saw that a subtle change occurred on the world around her. Lifting her tear-filled expression of indignance to him, she stared in doubt and said.

"Before we dueled, did you do something to me?" Xia Bingyue asked and Jiang Tian shook his head.

"What do you mean do something to you? You're a realm higher than me, how could I do sneaky things against you..."

He explained and Xia Bingyue found his explanation plausible. Standing up, she swallowed her defeat and announced with a begrudging tone, "Fine! It's your win! You can ask me for anything!"
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