Transmigrated Enhancement Specialists
21 Appraisal and Identification
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Transmigrated Enhancement Specialists
Author :TheAdventurer
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21 Appraisal and Identification

Clanging sounds of metals clashing against each other echoed out as Xia Hanyi unlocked a chest full of metallic materials. As soon as he opened the chest, resplendent lights surged and the dim room brightened. Spiritual Energy wafted out of the chest and Xia Hanyi forcefully suppressed it back into the chest.

With a wave of his hands, the sheen of the metals dissipated and the strange pressure that they emanated disappeared. The materials turned into unremarkable looking pieces of metals. If not for the display of brilliance earlier, anyone would think that these metals were scraps.

"What do you think? As an Artificer, it should be easy for you to identify these metals, right?" Xia Hanyi slightly smiled before taking a lump of hexagonal metal that looked as huge as his palm.

The hexagonal metal didn't resemble any metal that Jiang Tian encountered in his previous life. Stroking it with his finger, he traced the foundation lines of metal and felt its essence.

Xia Hanyi stared at his movements and was taken aback. As an Artificer, he also used such a method in determining the quality and the composition of metals. However, he didn't expect that a youngster like Jiang Tian would know of such a method.

Keeping his silence, he observed the young man before him with a pensive expression.

Dozens of sensations assaulted Jiang Tian's fingertips. Warm, cold and tingling sensations all came in a volley. His mind madly spun, looking for the something that resembled this piece of hexagonal metal back in his previous world. But alas, he found nothing and in the end. He turned around and swiped his System Menu.

[The host has acquired the necessary cultivation level to activate the basics of the Enhancement and Creation System!]

[Skill: Identification Acquired!]

[Skill: Appraisal Acquired!]

Jiang Tian stumbled and almost lost his composure. 'What a timely gift!' Keeping his calm, he turned around and stared at the hexagonal piece of metal before whispering in his mind. "Appraisal."

Jiang Tian used the Appraisal skill since it evaluates the value of the metal itself. Identification was useless here since the Elder clearly wanted to know if Jiang Tian understood the true value of the metal.

[Three Phases Metal]

[Description: A flexible metal made by nature. It is created by tempering Iron using the following laws of, Ice, Lightning and Fire.]

[System Evaluation: A valuable metal, something that a true Artificer wished for in their life.]

[Suggestion: Steal it and run! You can create some good items with it!]

When Jiang Tian's eyes arrived at the last notification. He almost choked in his own saliva.

'You're telling me to steal from a Core Formation Expert as an Essence Scavenger novice?!' He inwardly screamed and lifted his head to stare at Xia Hanyi's eyes.

Lightly coughing, he said, "After my inspection, I have concluded that this metal seems to have been tempered under the laws of Ice, Lightning and Fire. It is a valuable metal and flexible metal that any Artificer wants to have..."

His words astonished Xia Hanyi. He first thought of Jiang Tian as someone that only knew his way with words. But when he heard his words, his doubts turned into astonishment and a slight excitement even seeped from his eyes.

But still, as a member of the senior generation. Xia Hanyi kept his sound image and didn't even bat an eyelid towards Jiang Tian's evaluation. Clearing his throat, he nodded his head and said.

"You're right, the name of this metal is Three Phases Metal. You have quite the discerning eyes, something that is definitely necessary to become a true Artificer." He continued his lecture,

"Listen here, young man. I'll return the words that you said to us several days ago. All sorts of mysteries exists under the heavens, and no one knew about everything. Some metals have unknown names, but with a discerning eye, they could make a good use of those metals despite not having any prior knowledge about it..."

JIang Tian nodded his head in acknowledgement. That was also the same back in his previous world.

Xia Hanyi's gaze swept across Jiang Tian's expression and looked for traces of arrogance and overconfidence. When his gaze landed on Jiang Tian's indifferent and clear eyes. His expression flickered and he thought to himself.


"Everytime I praised a disciple, they would always have this complacent look that longed for more praises. But why is it that this young man doesn't have the same face as them? Perhaps, is he really different like what the Grand Elder said?" Xia Hanyi muttered, and Jiang Tian stared at him in confusion.

Realizing his blunder, Xia Hanyi emerged from his soliloquy and cleared his throat.

"Remember this, young man!" He pointed at Jiang Tian, "Even if I am currently praising you right now, you must remember not to become arrogant! Be humble at all times!" He lectured and Jiang Tian lightly laughed.

"Of course, I thank Senior for his lecture." He clasped his hands together and witnessing his respectful gesture, Xia Hanyi thought that Jiang Tian was making fun of him and wasn't taking him seriously.

"Since you're that confident about yourself, how about you identify all of these metals here in under ten breaths?" Xia Hanyi raised the difficulty and made a straightforward decision. He wanted to make Jiang Tian taste some failure.

"Ten breaths? You're sure asking for the impossible here, Senior...." Jiang Tian assumed a wronged expression and played along with Xia Hanyi's playful side.

Xia Hanyi snickered, "Well, it's indeed hard for beginners, but since you're the one who enhanced that Soft Sword of Ice Cavern of mine, you should be able to manage this much..." He stared at Jiang Tian and probed his body, looking for any strange changes through his body language and heartbeat.

Jiang Tian shivered and frowned. As a peak powerhouse, he never liked being probed by other cultivators. And even if he lost his cultivation, he kept his habits and his sharp attitude couldn't help but sprout.

"What? Are you indignant? How about we do it like this? To make everything fair and square so that you won't accuse me of bullying you. I will give you a substantial reward if you're able to recognize every metal inside that chest in under twenty breaths!" His hand flicked at the chest behind him, secretly sending a piece of jet-black metal inside.

Jiang Tian's eyes shone in greed, a common trait among youngsters that wished for glory and prestige.

"He took the bait!" Xia Hanyi mumbled in his mind and gestured for Jiang Tian.

Jiang Tian lightly smiled and identified each metal in under a single breath.

"Cleansed Azure Ingot!"

"Resplendent Rainbow Ingot!"

"Divinity Iron!"


Jiang Tian identified most of the materials in under ten breaths amidst Xia Hanyi's shocked eyes. However, when he reached the end of the chest. He noticed a small jet-black metal inside that he couldn't evaluate even with the System.

"What's wrong? You can't identify it?" Xia Hanyi noticed his frown and lightly laughed. Jiang Tian scratched his head and handed the metal to him with an ashamed facade.

"Indeed, it seems like my knowledge has failed me, to think that I cannot even identify such a simple-looking metal." Jiang Tian emphasized the simple-looking word in his sentence and directed his gaze at Xia Hanyi, looking for any changes.

Xia Hanyi merely shook his head and returned the jet-black metal into the chest before saying. "The test has ended, I am now clear about your abilities and as for challenge that I gave to you earlier? You passed it." A smile lingered on his face as he declared.

"Passed? But Senior, I still haven't identified that last piece of metal..." Jiang Tian said and Xia Hanyi shook his head, "It's not because your knowledge is lacking that you cannot identify or evaluate this piece of metal..."

Jiang Tian lifted his eyebrows, "Then, what is the reason? Senior?"

Xia Hanyi glanced at him for a moment before shaking his head once again, "It seems like i became too overconfident, to think that I relied on a youngster for a moment...Haaah...This maybe the last time that I'll reveal this metal in my entire lifetime." Xia Hanyi closed the treasure chest as an imperceptible ray of ghostly light entered the chest and returned to Jiang Tian just before Xia Hanyi could close it.

"Even though you didn't succeed, it wouldn't be fair if I don't give you some rewards, after all. The blueprint that you handed over to me earlier could potentially become a life-saving Artifact for the entire clan. Just that alone warrants you a reward that is comparable to a Standard Tier Artifact." Xia Hanyi said and Jiang Tian lifted his head in interest.

"How about you personally make me a Standard Tier Artifact, Senior? Only an Artifact from the strongest and wisest Artificer in the entire clan could compare to the value of the blueprint that I contributed..." Jiang Tian praised and Xia Hanyi waved his hand away.

"Okay, okay, you brat! You really know your way with words! You can now go home. Just give me several days to analyze the contents of your blueprint, and after that, I'll summon you here to report my evaluation..." Jiang Tian scratched his head and walked out of his room.

Inside the room, Xia Hanyi took the parchment from Jiang Tian and placed it on his table. Opening his treasure chest, he took some materials that could had the same properties as what Jiang Tian described as appropriate but before he could fetch some metals. He noticed something wrong inside the treasure chest.

The jet-black metal that he placed inside earlier was gone!
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