Transmigrated Enhancement Specialists
20 Prototype Creation
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Transmigrated Enhancement Specialists
Author :TheAdventurer
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20 Prototype Creation

Several hours after that graceful silhouette's disappearance. Jiang Tian's consciousness awakened from slumber. Opening his murky eyes. He felt his body and realized that most of his severe injuries have recovered. Fortunately, he managed to harvest enough negative energies from the battlefield and used it to heal himself.

However, the unfortunate thing was. Instead of using those negative energies on increasing his cultivation. Jiang Tian's Ghost Emperor Scripture detected his grievous injuries and used the energy that he painstakingly gathered to heal his injuries.

As a result, Jiang Tian's recovery only took half a day. Pushing his upper body, his eyes turned slightly weird when he saw the tray and the steaming hot chicken congee above it. Closing his eyes, his Ghost Emperor Scripture rotated and scenes of a slender silhouette's intrusion appeared in his mind.

Jiang Tian's cautious nature made him place numerous warning systems even in his own residence in the case of an intruder or an Assassination which were both unlikely to occur in his current state.

Inside his mind, a familiar silhouette slowly walked towards his bed with careful footsteps. On his fair countenance, beaded sweats could be seen as she tried her hardest on not letting any sound echo out and disturb the sleep of the young man on the bed.

Gently placing the tray on the small table beside the bed. She whispered a single phrase and disappeared as quietly as she appeared. The vision ended here and Jiang Tian opened his eyes. Complicated emotions flashed and despite Jiang Tian's innumerable experience in life. He honestly didn't know what he should feel.

The Ghost Emperor was the master of trickery and deceit. Everyone that befriended him all had their own agendas and they never thoroughly trusted the Ghost Emperor. It was also the same for Jiang Tian. Walking on his own path, Jiang Tian endured the loneliness and eventually arrived at the peak.

But what he saw at the peak wasn't the splendor that he expected. Awakening into reality, Jiang Tian realized that the higher one was, the lonely and without peers they would become.

In the end, he chose to disappear from the eyes of society and merged with the mortals. Indulging in his love of idols and animations. Jiang Tian, the powerful Ghost Emperor that could literally submerge an entire continent became a generic otaku that only cared for his virtual idols.

Sighing in his heart, Jiang Tian scanned his room and found that the traps and warning triggers that he placed around his walls were all triggered. With a flick of his wrist, he used the little amount of negative energies that he have left and rearmed his warning systems.

Taking a look at the murky and thick broth of chicken congee. Jiang Tian's throat subconsciously gulped. The alluring scent of Spirit Vegetables and Meat mixed all together created a perfect combination that enticed the palate of Jiang Tian who tasted numerous heavenly delicacies back in his previous life.

Jiang Tian regained his composure and took a silver coin from his cloth bag. Dipping it into the broth, he stared at the silver coins and observed for any changes. Seeing that the silver coin didn't change colors. He returned it to his bag before taking a jade cup and placing some of the broth inside it.

Lifting the cup, Jiang Tian rubbed the bottom of the jade cup using his index and middle finger.

Seeing that it didn't shatter. A relieved expression surfaced on his face as he immediately chomped down on the chicken congee. Jiang Tian's habits of not drinking or eating anything without proper inspection for fear of an Assassination thoroughly engraved in his mind.

Though one would think that Jiang Tian was just overreacting. Habits were habits and couldn't easily be erased.

In under thirty minutes, the chicken congee disappeared and Jiang Tian's mind thoroughly awakened. Searching his residence for some paper, ink and quill. Jiang Tian went to his living room and started jotting his prototype in countering the Silent Monastery's tyrannical physical strength.

The disciples of the SIlent Monastery had strong brute force but lacked sustained firepower. Once one survived their initial onslaught, one's survival would skyrocket.

The Ghost Emperor, Jiang Tian was always alone. And so, he learned every useful thing in the world including crafting. Sketching his blueprint on a huge parchment of paper, an armor that covered all the vital organs on the torso appeared on the parchment.

Jiang Tian carefully labeled all the parts and since he didn't have any knowledge regarding the materials in this world. He just described the appropriate materials that should be used and hope that it existed or there's a substitute for it.

In just under two hours, Jiang Tian finished an armor whom he called as the Three-Layered Thornmail. The first and second layer were absorbent layers that softens the impact of the attack while the third layer had innumerable fine spikes that would explode upon contact with sufficient force that could severely injure the wearer.

The absorbent layers would clash together and smash at the third-layer. Effectively, making the same impact as before but instead of damaging the wearer, the gathered force would trigger the spikes hidden inside the third-layer, impaling the enemy.

Jiang Tian also specified that the spikes should be laced with a paralyzing poison and dried out in the sun before carefully fastening them inside the third-layer. The weight of the entire armor was twenty-kilos. Though heavy, it was better than suffering severe injuries from a single attack.

Of course this prototype wasn't completely foolproof, the head and the lower body was still vulnerable to damage. Even though Jiang Tian could sketch some prototypes to protect those areas. It would be too ridiculous and unbelievable if he did that.

Rolling the parchment, Jiang Tian walked out of his residence and under the seething gazes of his fellow Outer Clan Disciples. He walked towards the distant Artificer's Hall and asked for Xia Hanyi's presence.

The old man swiftly arrived in under ten minutes and invited him to a room where Jiang Tian presented to him the armor prototype that he made. Xia Hanyi received it and despite maintaining his dignified and composed facade, the hint of shock that surged in his eyes didn't escape Jiang Tian's perception.

After about two hours of observation, Xia Hanyi took a deep breath and said.

"Are you sure that this is your own creation and that you didn't acquire the help of anyone else?" His words were solemn and piercing to the ears.

Jiang Tian shrugged and a slight bitterness flashed through his eyes.

"Of course, why would I dare to lie in front of such an expert like Senior?"

Xia Hanyi nodded his head, "Follow me." He gestured and the two of them walked towards a door covered with numerous runes that shone in the dark.

"This is my Artificer's Room. This is the room where I create all of my Artifacts." Xia Hanyi turned around and a cunning smile lifted on his lips. After thoroughly inspecting Jiang Tian's blueprint. He discovered that his methods of creation looked similar to the style of creation at the Capital City of Manila.

Suspecting that Jiang Tian stole the blueprint from a native of the Capital City of Manila. Xia Hanyi prepared something for Jiang Tian...

Jiang Tian's expression slightly changed when he saw the zealous light within Xia Hanyi's eyes. Nevertheless, he still nodded his head and said, "So this is Senior's Artificer's Room? It's really quite majestic, it's the first time that I saw such a luxurious Artificer's Room."

Jiang Tian's words sounded genuine but for Xia Hanyi's ears, his words felt like a joke. Xia Hanyi's eyes scanned Jiang Tian's figure and found that his heartbeat was stable, his body language was constant and he didn't seem to be lying which made him doubtful about his earlier thought.

If Jiang Tian stole this prototype from an Artificer at the Capital City. He shouldn't be acting like a country bumpkin towards his Artificer's Room that couldn't compare to the luxurious Artificer's Room at the Capital City.


Why does he look amazed?

Does he genuinely think that this dust and mold-filled room can compare to the rooms at the Capital City where he's supposed to be from? Xia Hanyi felt confused. But since he's already at this stage, he pressed on with his plan and invited Jiang Tian deeper inside his Artificer's Room.

Little did he knew that a pleasant surprise and a heavy faceslap from Jiang Tian awaited him.
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