Transmigrated Enhancement Specialists
19 Victorious Retrea
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Transmigrated Enhancement Specialists
Author :TheAdventurer
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19 Victorious Retrea

"Senior Sister!"

With the death of Tang Zemin. The members of the Silent Monastery were left without a leader and panic soon ensued among them. Disciples of the Xia Clan summoned their entire might and decisively cut them down spraying blood and limbs everywhere on the ground as their miserable shrieks disturbed the forest.

Fatty and Lan'er dashed forward and went towards Xia Bingyue and Xia Lingxin. The Fatty inspected Xia Bingyue's body and heaved a sigh of relief when he realized that she merely fainted from overdrafting her Spiritual Energy. Darting his gaze at Xia Lingxin, he saw Lan'er inspecting his body.

Worry flashed through Lan'er's expression. Xia Lingxin suffered from Energy overdraft along with several injuries to his extremities and a collapsed lung. His breathing was shallow but his palms remained tightly clenched around his sword.

Tears streaming down her cheeks, she wiped them away and took a jade bottle filled with medicinal pills. Forcing the pills into his mouth, she made him swallow then applied a medicinal paste on his chest, suppressing his injuries.

Overlooking this situation was a young man clad in the blue robes of the Xia Clan. Blood seeped from his lips and his figure intermittently trembled amidst the darkness. With his Ghost Emperor Scripture at the Initial Stage and his non-existent cultivation. Forcefully stopping those three earlier proved harsher than he expected.

The backlash that occurred made him dizzy, but with a bite at the tip of his tongue, he regained his composure and lifted his head to stare at the distance.

There, at the distance of about several hundred meters, three squads made up of fifteen disciples per squad was fast approaching. Their eyes focused on Jiang Tian's direction and using some kind of an Artifact, no one seemed to notice their imminent arrival.

Jiang Tian glanced at the disciples behind him and made a swift and decisive judgement, "At this pace, those bastards will arrive here in less than three minutes, they suffered far too much injuries that even If I told them about this now, they won't be able to safely retreat."

Clicking his tongue, Jiang Tian smiled in excitement, The Ghost's domain was at night and under the veil of darkness, his Ghost Emperor Scripture was at its peak. Even if he couldn't kill those forty or so disciples from the SIlent Monastery, trapping them in an illusion wouldn't be difficult.

Forming a mudra with his hands, Jiang Tian slapped his palms together and forced it outwards.


Ominous energy seeped out of his body and coiled around his palm before exploding towards the direction of the approaching enemies. A mouthful of blood exploded from Jiang Tian's mouth and his body looked as pale as a sheet of paper. Despite all of this, the excited smile on his face, remained along with anticipation that twinkled within his eyes.

Back in his previous world, Jiang Tian was peerless and without peers. However, in this world where he had to start from the beginning. He felt thrilled about experiencing the struggles of cultivation and the future life and death battles that he would have to experience to reach his previous peak.

Tang Wuyin led his group of disciples as reinforcements for Tang Zemin. After receiving a call of distress from Tang Zemin's squad, Tang Wuyin immediately mobilized his squad and marched towards the origin of the distress signal.

"Senior Brother, we're about five hundred meters away from the place where the distress signal originated." A disciples chimed from behind and Tang Wuyin nodded his head, "All disciples, prepare for battle!"

Sharp sounds of unsheathed swords and daggers rang out amidst the darkness. The previously relaxed and carefree disciples now looked as knives. They inhibited their aura and slowly approached the vicinity of the Xia Clan disciples with a murderous smile of victory on their faces.

The Fatty who carried Xia Bingyue with him turned towards the distance as his expression flickered, "Everyone, look! The reinforcements from the Silent Monastery is here!"


"They already arrived?!"

His words caused a clamor among his fellow disciples. They knew that one of their enemies managed to send a distress signal and called for reinforcements but they never expected that they would arrive this soon.

"Lan'er, protect Senior Sister Bingyue. I'll go out and scout for a bit. All of you guys, continue on the retreat!" His previous lascivious demeanor changed into a dignified and decisive general. Leaping towards a nearby tree branch, his body felt as light as feathers as the tree branch miraculously hoisted his body even with his weight.

"Wait, there's something wrong with them!"

The Fatty whose eyes squinted and focused at the distance suddenly cried out.

"What's wrong? What's going on?" Lan'er voiced out her concern and she saw The Fatty's expression changing into resplendent colors from fear to shock and surprise.

"Hey, what's going on with you? We're being pursued! Come back here and retreat with us!" Lan'er shouted and The Fatty shook his head, staring at the distance with a solemn expression, he whispered, "It seems like they're not moving...They are frozen, as if they're statues..."

"Frozen? Just what the hell are you saying?!" Lan'er's eyebrows scrunched and she leaped beside the Fatty and observed at the distance.

"What the..."

A queer cry of shock echoed from her mouth and words lodged in her throat. There, at the distance of about four hundred meters. The disciples of the Silent Monastery had lifeless eyes and stood still like an everlasting statues.

The cold gleam of the weapons that they held in their hands terrified the latter as she hurriedly instructed.

"What are you guys waiting here for? Go now and run towards the Clan!" Her fierce order awakened the disciples from their stupor and they desperately dragged their bodies back to the Clan. Lan'er and the Fatty stared at each other for a moment before nodding their heads.

Despite the strangeness of this particular event, they had their priorities straight and promptly retreated while thanking the mysterious expert that helped them in their retreat.

Several minutes later. Blood continously dripped from Jiang Tian's orifices. His untempered mortal physique was riddled with small crimson wounds. Constantly trapping those bastards in an illusion with his current cultivation proved difficult and dangerous.

Glancing at the distant Xia Clan disciples. Jiang Tian calculated in his mind and after finding out that they were at the safe distance. He willed and merged with the darkness before releasing the minds of those Silent Monastery disciples from his illusion.

"What the..."

The disciples of the Silent Monastery jolted awake and realized that they stood at the same place and never moved by even an inch. Horror and Fear filled their expressions as dull thuds echoed out in the forest. Weapons falling on the ground, they lost their morale and those with weak willpower turned insane.

Inside a simple residence at the Xia Clan's Outer Clan Region. Jiang Tian woobly walked towards his bed and collapsed as his consciousness dissipated from exhaustion and energy overdraft. As his consciousness darkened, he bitterly laughed and thought about how laughable it was that someone like him collapsed from exhaustion.

Trapping those Essence Condensation Realm brats with his current cultivation proved quite difficult but Jiang Tian didn't regret anything. At the least, he acquired a benchmark and could now finally compare his previous world and this world's powerhouses.

But of course, that would only happen once he recovers.

When the first burst of sunlight descended at daybreak. A graceful silhouette sneaked inside Jiang Tian's residence with careful footsteps. Her expression looked indescribable, but on her hands was a small tray with a smoking hot soup that she carried with her towards Jiang Tian's room.

Placing it on his table, the smell of the savory medicinal soup wafted out in the air as she turned around and took a sidelong glance at Jiang Tian's figure before whispering in a slightly indignant yet grateful tone.

"With this, we're equals. Okay?"

Her figure vanished as silently as she arrived.
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