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Author :TheAdventurer
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15 Illusions

HIs words caused doubts within the hearts of everyone including Xia Guanyu who thought.

'Was I mistaken?'

Under their gazes, Jiang Tian merely smiled, though his social skills could be considered as average since he didn't have that much friends back in his previous life. Referencing the novels that he read about this kind of world, Jiang Tian knew that everyone in here had their own agenda. Inckuding Xia Guanyu.

'He must be in doubt after that overpowered display that I did several days ago...'

After witnessing a mortal easily dispelling cultivators. Anyone would be in doubt and think that Jiang Tian was a supreme expert donning a disguise.

Towards this issue, Jiang Tian shook his head and swept his gaze at the Elders in doubt and Xia Bingyue. Using the words that he remembered from his favorite novel and mixed it with his eloquence. Jiang Tian said.

"Everything under the heavens requires enlightenmen to advance. And so does the human race, without sufficient inspiration and understanding, breakthroughs are impossible and quagmires are unsurpassable."

He turned around to leave, leaving the astounded Elders and the pair of father and daughter behind. He walked out of the hall and followed the trail of panicked disciples before arriving at the place where the wounded were being treated.

Xia Guanyu expressed his apologies towards the Elders, sending them into a panic. Xia Bingyue also did the same before the two left, heading towards the makeshift hospital of the Clan. After hearing Jiang Tian's words about some research; they understood that he would visit the hospital.

"Yue'er, why do I feel like that youngster, Jiang Tian isn't an average mortal but something more than that?" He whispered towards his daughter and Xia Bingyue lifted a smile on her face.

Her father held a lofty standing in the Clan so almost everyone who met her faced her with utmost respect. But Jiang Tian was different. That ant like mortal treated her like an average young woman and even dared to tease her several days ago.

Her interest towards the enigmatic Jiang Tian deepened even further when she heard his declaration earlier.

"I'll be sure to uncover your secrets and discover who you really are...Jiang Tian..." She vowed in her heart as the two of them continued on their journey.

Jiang Tian walked in a normal pace, and everyone who saw his carefree appearance stared at him in a weird way. But after probing for his cultivation. Their expressions turned cold and they outright ignored his presence.

Jiang Tian kept his calm, and he soon arrived before a huge pavilion encompassed with the intense smell of medicinal herbs. Lying on makeshift beds and scattered around the pavilion were dozens of disciples that suffered injuries.

Some suffered light injuries while some suffered severe injuries such as loss of limbs and caved in chests.

Disciples clad in blue robes with an insignia of a medicinal herb on their chests frantically ran around and handed over medicinal pills and pastes towards these disciples. They didn't even have the time to personally assist these injured disciples.

"Damn, so this is how strong those balds from the Silent Monastery are..."

Jiang Tian mused in his heart and calculated that if he faced against a disciple from the Silent Monastery. He may not necessarily win. But that doesn't that he would lose. Jiang Tian still felt confident about his odds of winning. After all, these brats couldn't possible defeat him with his rich battle experience.

Standing on the plain while overlooking the pavilion, Jiang Tian stuck out like sore thumb due to his carefree expression. Those who saw him and inspected his foundation coldly snorted and gazed at him with despise.

At the distance, the approaching figures of XIa Guanyu and Xia Bingyue could be seen. Xia Bingyue's eyes flashed with a vicious light. Unsheathing her sword, she reversed the blade and dashed towards Jiang Tian's figure amidst her father's stunned gaze.

"Yue'er? Come back here! What are you doing?!" Xia Guanyu exclaimed but Xia Bingyue had already closed the distance of several dozens of meters between her and Jiang Tian.

Landing behind Jiang Tian, Xia Bingyue cheekily smiled and struck at the back of his knees with the dull part of her blade, aiming to make him kneel.


A strange sound came out of her throat when she realized that time had slowed down. Her sword formed an arc that tore the air, but it moved infinitely slow. Xia Bingyue darted her gaze and found that Jiang Tian's eyes turned to look at her. His lips lifted into an amused smile.

"Wha?!" Xia Bingyue exclaimed and when her consciousness awakened from her shock. She realized that Jiang Tian was still several dozens of meters away. The vision of her hitting Jiang Tian's knees felt like an illusion that didn't happen.

"What's wrong, Yue'er? You look pale..." Xia Guanyu expressed his concern and stared at her with a strange gaze.

"No, father I'm fine, it's just I feel quite tired since it's so hot today..." Xia Bingyue shook her head and stared at Jiang Tian's direction with solemn light in her eyes.

"Was that only an illusion?" Xia Bingyue recalled what happened and realized that everything looked realistic and unaltered. But how did she suddenly awaken beside her father when she was supposed to be behind Jiang Tian and attacking his knees?

She kneaded her aching temples as she felt that Jiang Tian became even more mysterious than before.

Jiang Tian who saw her confusion couldn't help but feel amused. Indeed, everything that happened earlier was real. But before Xia Bingyue could land her strike. Jiang Tian rotated his Ghost Emperor Scripture and directly enveloped her sea of memories with an illusion along with Xia Guanyu's soul.

Since Jiang Tian merely covered their sea of memories and didn't hold any ill intent. Their soul didn't instinctively prevent his intrusion as Jiang Tian easily manipulated what they saw and ordered Xia Bingyue to retreat with her sword while not forgetting what happened to increase her confusion.

When it comes to illusions, if Jiang Tian claimed second, no one would dare to claim the first!

Scratching her head in irritation, Xia Bingyue puffed her reddened cheeks and glared at Jiang Tian's direction. Her clueless father stared at her with a frown.
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