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Transmigrated Enhancement Specialists
Author :TheAdventurer
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14 Challenge

Jiang Tian's uncaring attitude garnered the ire of the Elders. Grand Elder Guanyu and Elder Hanyi frowned while Xia Bingyue made a sidelong glance at his gradually disappearing back.

"What the hell? I didn't expect that the youngster that you brought here would possess such an attitude."

"A mere mortal actually dares to refuse the request of an Elder from our Xia Clan?"

"How presumptuous! Young man! Come back in here!"

Jiang Tian didn't even turned his back and continued his walk outside of the hall.

Before he could go away, Elder Hanyi lightly smiled and sent a voice transmission to Jiang Tian.

Jiang Tian's figure stopped and amidst the Elders confused expressions. He returned to the meeting room and said.

"I've changed my mind, I'll do your requests." Jiang Tian declared, Elder Hanyi said in a voice transmission that he would personally forge a weapon or armor for Jiang Tian if he proved himself to the Elders.

Elder Jianhong's expression flickered, the young man's attitude was too unstable.

The other Elders felt the same.

Grand Elder Guanyu clapped his hands and dispelled the awkward atmosphere.

"Since Jiang Tian is willing to prove himself before us, we should pay attention to him."

Xia Bingyue stared at Jiang Tian with a curious expression on her face, she and her father felt inrigued about Jiang Tian's Enhancement Techniques.

Xia Guanyu summoned Jiang Tian to showcase his Enhancement Techniques so that they could see how he enhances artifacts and acquire some clue about his mysterious techniques that enabled him to enhance an item as a mortal.

If Xia Guanyu succeeded on acquiring such an Enhancement Technique. The Xia Clan would rise as an Artificer Clan and not only that, they may be able to rise as a third-grade Clan and surpass the Silent Monastery.

Jiang Tian understood Xia Guanyu's intentions. Sweeping his gaze over the six elders and the others. He declared.

"Since the Elders wants me to prove myself, how about we just tackle the issue on how we can prevent our disciples from getting bursted down by those bastards from the Silent Monastery?"

His words caused a clamor among the Elders and Xia Guanyu himself locked his eyebrows. Xia Bingyue also wore the same expression, but a light of curiosity and interest could be seen within her eyes. She wondered if she could see another miracle from Jiang Tian.

"Hehehe," An Elder whose age looked similar to the Grand Elder eerily laughed. Though he was still young, under constant stress. His countenance looked wrinkly and as dark as an old man.

"How interesting, since you're declaring that to us. How about you let us hear some words on how you'll tackle that problem..." His voice felt somber and as despondent as the abyss.

The other Elders looked apprehensive under the gaze of this Elder. Hearing his words, they didn't dare to object and felt terrified than they did when facing the Grand Elder.

Xia Guanyu glanced at this decrepit middle-aged man and said, "Elder Zhihao, please don't make his life harder than what it already is. Such an issue is something that we cannot even solve, how could he, a youngster do that?"

Xia Guanyu's voice was filled with doubts and it was clear that he didn't believe Jiang Tian's declaration.

Jiang Tian merely shrugged and said,

"The cultivators from the Silent Monastery cultivated their bodies. Their skin is as resilient as rubber and their bones are as hard as steel. Even so, I do believe in the saying that the more rigid one's body is, the more easily they could break."

Jiang Tian's words silenced the clamoring Elders and they all turned to look at him in curiousity and pensiveness, including the pair of father and daughter.

"But of course, to do that, we need sufficient burst power. Something that the cultivators of the Xia Clan cannot possibly achieve due to the fact that they cultivated in the way of the Essence."

The Elders nodded their heads in confirmation. Indeed, one of the reasons why the disciples from the Xia Clan suffered greatly was because of the fact that they couldn't gather sufficient firepower in the shortest time possible. In other words, Essence Cultivators were like mages in Jiang Tian's past life.

"Since it's impossible for us to do that and Artifacts also has their own limits. How about we tackle the problem like this? We will go and invent and item that could make us use the enemy's power and turn it against them."

His declaration astonished the Elders. But they soon frowned as Elder Hanyi intervened.

"We have thought of that long ago before you came here, young man. Your solution is sound and logical but that is too resource intensive. The Chaos Elemental Stones and the supporting ingredients necessary to create a single Artifact that could do that is about the same cost as a substandard tier artifact..." Elder Hanyi shook his head in disappointment.

Jiang Tian lifted a smile on his face, "What would happen if we don't use Chaos Elemental Stones and create an Artifact that could do the same without the support of those resources?"

His words reverberated like thunder and everyone stared at him with incredulous lights in their eyes. Even Grand Elder Guanyu who experienced numerous tribulations in his life couldn't help but feel astonished.

"Impossible! Such an Artifact cannot possibly withstand a single attack from those bald monkeys!" Elder Jianhong said while pointing at Jiang Tian with his trembling finger.

Jiang Tian shrugged his head and repeated the words that he said to Grand Elder Guanyu back when they first met.

"Just because you haven't seen someone doing that doesn't mean that no one can do it..." Jiang Tian shook his head, "In the end, it's just a matter of faith, whether something can be created depends on how determined a person is."

His cryptic words sent the Elders into confusion and Elder Jianhong gulped a mouthful of saliva. Unwilling to back down, he said.

"If you're really that confident, then tell us. How will you create such a ridiculous Artifact?!"

Everyone's focus descended on Jiang Tian. The combined pressure of their sharp eyes felt like a warm breeze to Jiang Tian as the latter's lips lifted into an enigmatic smile.

"I dunno, maybe I can discover how to do it tomorrow."

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