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13 The Cause of Conflic
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Transmigrated Enhancement Specialists
Author :TheAdventurer
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13 The Cause of Conflic

"What's going on with you, Hanyi?"

A solemn voice interrupted from behind and the three found Xia Guanyu staring at them with a slight smile on his face.

"Grand Elder?"

Xia Hanyi clasped his hands together and paid his respects. Xia Bingyue also bowed as a sign of decorum while Jiang Tian stared at him in shock. He never expected that such a laid back man like Xia Guanyu had such a lofty standing.

"So this is the reason why his daughter can easily manipulate the Outer Clan Region?" Jiang Tian thought back at the time where Xia Bingyue domineeringly kicked a disciple out of his residence before giving the house to Jiang Tian as his reward.

"Oh, Jiang Tian? You're finally here? How could you have us wait for several hours? If my daughter didn't fetch you, I bet you would still be engrossed in studying those manuals..." Xia Guanyu's lips leaked an amiable smile, he transformed into a kind old man which astonished Xia Hanyi.

In Xia Hanyi's memories, Xia Guanyu was a man of high dignity and quite scary to be with. He always held an icy cold indifference so it was the first time that he saw him smile.

Xia Hanyi glanced at Jiang Tian and thought that the matter of him being an Artificer should be true. Seeing the ruthless Grand Elder act so amiable to a junior convinced him of this fact.

"That's indeed the case, Senior. I do hope that you can forgive this junior's blunder..." Jiang Tian returned the gesture while Xia Bingyue glared at him.

"Father, we should not forgive him so easily. If we're gonna keep on doing that, he will become confident, thinking that we will easily forgive him..." She snorted and turned her head to the side ignoring him.

"Yue'er, don't be so rude to Jiang Tian." Xia Guanyu warned, but Xia Bingyue merely snorted once again. Xia Hanyi clapped his hands, dissipating the awkward atmosphere before saying, "Since the Grand Elder himself invited this junior, we should be going and bringing him at the meeting right? Seeing that he's also an Artificer."

The three nodded their heads and they soon arrived inside a room where almost all of the Clan's Elders were gathered. The Xia Clan had six Elders and a single Grand Elder. Their Patriarch was in a middle of a secluded meditation so Xia Guanyu possessed the highest authority in the Clan.

Upon their entrance, the curious gazes of the six Elders landed on Jiang Tian. They wondered about why the Grand Elder brought a mortal with him to the meeting.

Jiang Tian felt the numerous probing aura of the Elders and didn't do anything to prevent them from inspecting his body, After all, they wouldn't be able to see through him anyways.

However, one Elder named Xia Jianhong sent a direct wave of pressure at Jiang Tian's body in an effort to test his combat capabilities.


The wave fizzled in mid-air as Xia Guanyu glanced at Xia Jianhong with a stern gaze in his eyes. Xia Jianhong awkwardly rubbed his head, even though he was an Elder with a high-standing. Before the Grand Elder, he was merely a disciple.

"I'm sorry about that young man, I just felt curious as to why the Grand Elder brought a mortal with him to this meeting." He explained and the other elders turned.

"That's right, Grand Elder. For what purpose did you bring a mortal with you? Can you explain it to us?" One of them spoke up and Xia Guanyu waved his hand, settling them down.

"Before we talk about Jiang Tian's purpose, let's talk about the current situation of the conflict for now." Xia Guanyu glanced at Xia Jianhong and the latter stood up and explained.

"The bastards from the Silent Monastery has completely barricaded the entrance of that small-scale Mystic Realm. Currently, several dozens of Inner Disciples suffered severe injuries while a third of them died. Our Core Disciples are still holding out right now, but they won't last long..."

Everyone's expression went solemn, Xia Bingyue's face darkened while Jiang Tian's curiousity piqued upon hearing the term, Mystic Realm.

Back in his previous world, small independent spaces that housed worlds within them existed. He wondered if that so-called Mystic Realm was the same as his previous world's Mystic Realm.

"Indeed, if there's only a way that we can prevent them from bursting down our disciples, we could easily defeat them with our firepower..." Sighs echoed within the meeting room. Essence Cultivators had higher firepower but Body Cultivators had speed and burst power which could easily take the former down in an instant.

The root of the escalation of the conflict between the two influences was that small-scale Mystic Realm where numerous lucky chances and encounters existed. In an effort to monopolize the Mystic Realm, both sides suffered casualties and injuries.

In the end, using their knowledge in terrain and ambush tactics, the Silent Monastery prevailed over the Xia Clan and managed to create a stronghold.

Xia Guanyu slightly smiled, his rare smiling expression caught the elders off guard as he announced.

"Since everyone in here is wondering about the reason why I brought Jiang Tian with me, I will now tell everyone in the answer."

"Right now, we need necessary artifacts that could help us break through the barrier that they set-up. But before we could do that, we must first address the issue of preventing them from bursting down their disciples. And that's where Jiang Tian comes in."

Xia Guanyu pointed at Jiang Tian and everyone's gazes landed on the latter.

"Now that I think about it, I seemed to have heard Grand Elder's daughter saying that the mortal right here is an Artificer." Xia Hanyi flammed the flames and expected the Elders at the side erupted.

"What did you say? This frail young man is an Artificer? There's a time and place for jokes Elder Hanyi and I don't think that this is the place for such antics."

"Indeed, we're in the middle of a serious discussion, jokes like that shouldn't b-"

The Elder choked in his words when he saw the Grand Elder Guanyu nodding his head with a slight smile on his face.

"That's right, Jiang Tian is an expert Artificer and as for proof?" He made a sidelong glance at his daughter and the latter begrudingly threw the Soft Sword of the Ice Cavern towards the clamoring Elders.

Infusing their Spiritual Energy inside the Soft Sword. The sword awakened and transformed into a snake that warily glanced in the area. This was normal for a soft sword but the Elders who held it had astonished expressions on their faces.

Clearly, they felt that the effects of the sword had doubled and even its restricting weight had decreased.

Nevertheless, they still knitted their eyebrows in a frown and glanced at Jiang Tian.

"If you're really the one that enhanced this Artifact. Can you do an enhancement on the spot?"

His words reverberated throughout the entire meeting room.

Jiang Tian shrugged, shook his head and declined.

"Nah, it's too bothersome, if you're not gonna believe me then fine, no one's forcing you anyways..."

He turned around to leave as the stunned and ashamed gazes of the elders followed his body.
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