Transcending the Nine Heavens
1130 Mo Qingwu“s Dream
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Transcending the Nine Heavens
Author :Fenglin Tianxia
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1130 Mo Qingwu“s Dream

In the early morning of the next day.

Chu Yang walked out of the door, only to see Mo Qingwu outside the door, blowing air on her small hands for warmth. Seeing Chu Yang exit, she couldn't help but pout her lips, saying, "Brother Chu Yang, you are so lazy, waking up so late. I've waited for a long time."

"What are you waiting for me for?" Chu Yang was very surprised.

"I'm going with you!" Mo Qingwu waved her little fist. "I want to watch Brother Chu Yang win the battle!"

"No! It's too dangerous!" Chu Yang was shocked. Under this kind of situation, the little girl actually wanted to go to support…

"It's okay," Zi Xieqing said, "I'll monitor her with my divine sense. Besides, the Moon Breeze couple has long been off. Bu Liuqing will look after Little Wu in secret. Little Wu would definitely be safe, just take care of yourself."

Chu Yang let out a sigh and said, "In that case, I am relieved."

After breakfast, Chu Yang held Mo Qingwu's small hand and they walked out of the door side by side.

Wu Qianqian watched the backs of the two and sighed softly.


Walking in white snow, Mo Qingwu was dressed all in red, and she looked bright red, like a burning fire. Her figure looked like a bouncing elf, full of vitality. Her pink little face was plump and shining with a happy smile.

Feeling the warmth from Chu Yang's palm, the little girl became happier and more satisfied.

Chu Yang was shocked to find that though he always thought that Little Wu didn't grow up, now that they were walking side by side, he finally realized that Mo Qingwu's height had already reached the height of his chin.

This was already almost a tall figure among women. Besides, the look in her eyes became increasingly meaningful. Her chest seemed to swell by the day, her small hips developed, and her waist became slender…

When she walked, the rhythm of her unintentional gentle swaying also started to show the manners of a young woman…

The little girl had grown up…

Chu Yang thought, somewhat melancholically, about the gorgeous and loving looks of Mo Qingwu from the previous life, he couldn't help but feel a faint sadness in his heart.

She herself was right by his side, but somehow, the sorrowful eyes of Mo Qingwu from the previous life would still appear in his dreams sometimes.

"Big Brother Chu Yang… These days, I kept dreaming. It's so strange." Mo Qingwu bounced amidst the white snow, and turned her face: she was dressed all in red, her beautiful hair cascaded, making her little face look even more lovely.

Those eyelashes appeared even longer as well. They fluttered like two beautiful little fans.

Her little diamond-shaped mouth was red and plump.

Chu Yang looked, and his heart filled with tender love. He was somewhat stunned, and he said thoughtlessly, "What good dream does Qingwu have this time? Come, tell me about it. Did you dream about me?"

"Brother Chu Yang, in recent days, I've been having a strange dream- the same dream!" Mo Qingwu's eyes showed some confusion, and a bit of… melancholy and sorrow!

That kind of look gave Chu Yang a shock!

Why was this look… So similar to Qingwu from her previous life?

"The same dream? What dream?" When Chu Yang said this, he felt a dryness in his throat.

"A strange dream. In the dream, there was you, and there was me too…" Mo Qingwu looked down and said, "And then… On a mountain, there was a purple bamboo forest. I went there to collect purple bamboo roots, and then I met you. But you were so solitary in the dream…"

Chu Yang, who was walking in the snow, stopped suddenly, still as a tree.

A large lump of snow under his feet got kicked up, and dispersed in the wind.

"Brother Chu Yang?" Mo Qingwu was walking while contemplating, and when Chu Yang stopped suddenly, she only realized it after continuing on for two steps. She hurried to turn back and ask.

"It's nothing. You can… you can continue…" Chu Yang only felt dizziness in his head.

"It's actually nothing much… At that time, though you were solitary, every time I saw you, it was heartbreaking for me. I felt that you suffered too much, and wanted to comfort you…"

"And then, just like that, we met… But, in the dream, you were so ruthless," Mo Qingwu pouted her lips and said grievously, "I supported you so much, and liked you so much… But you always bullied me…"

"Bullied you…" Chu Yang muttered.

"You always told me to leave you… But I couldn't bear to… In the dream, no one else was good to me besides you," said Mo Qingwu, tears shining in her eyes.

Chu Yang suddenly felt extreme pain in his heart.

"We met three times in the purple bamboo forest, and then… and then… you always…" Mo Qingwu spoke until here, and suddenly, her cheeks reddened to the same color as the clouds of dawn. She was somewhat shy, and no longer continued.

"I… what?" asked Chu Yang confusedly.

"Ah… You were very bad, in a word!" Mo Qingwu pouted her lips, and her face blushed as she stared at the ground, looking extremely ashamed.

"Huh?" Chu Yang scratched his head.

"Well… In short, when you saw me, you took off my clothes… I won't allow you to ask anymore!" Mo Qingwu stomped her feet, and she said with charming anger, her cheek red.

"Huh?!!" Chu Yang was stunned. "And then?"

"Nothing then!" Mo Qingwu said, irritated, "Every time the dream reaches here, I wake up… It's so shameful, such a strange dream… Big bastard!"

Chu Yang was relieved. He asked gravely, "Do you… get such a dream every night?"

"No… Only starting from the first half of this year, sometimes I dream it, other times I don't. It was only in the recent few days, after I reached here and saw you, that this dream suddenly became more frequent…"

Mo Qingwu looked down, her eyelashes flashing a couple of times. Finally, she slowly lifted her eyes and stole a look at Chu Yang, before looking down again. She said in a soft and thin voice, "Brother Chu Yang, I think… I am…"

"You are what?" asked Chu Yang.

"I think… I am… I am probably liking you too much… that I have such a dream every night…" Mo Qingwu lifted her head, bit her lips, and looked at Chu Yang from the sides of her eyes. She looked both shy and secretly happy. She said softly, "Brother Chu Yang… I'm not afraid of you being bad… But… can you please… also be gentle with me in the dream?"

Chu Yang only felt his entire mouth and throat becoming dry, and even his speaking voice became hoarse. He said, "Qingwu, you're so silly, that's a dream… Your dream. What can I do about it?"

Mo Qingwu's look suddenly fixated. "Yes! Yes, this is the tone! In the dream, you never called me Little Wu, it was always Qingwu… It's exactly the same tone you used just now…"

Chu Yang took a deep breath and looked at Mo Qingwu, stunned. Suddenly, he felt a severe heartache.

"Brother Chu Yang…" Mo Qingwu looked up at him somewhat sorrowfully. "Will you be very bad to me in the future, like in the dream?"

"No!" Chu Yang reached out, and held the petite body in his arms. He held her tightly and muttered, "No."

Mo Qingwu curled up in his arms and smiled with satisfaction. She said softly and gently, "Brother Chu Yang, I like you so much, so much…"

Suddenly, she looked up at Chu Yang's eyes, and stared at them for a while. And then, she stood on her toes and her petal-like red lips moved towards him, and touched Chu Yang's lips briefly, lingering for a moment. But before Chu Yang was able to react, she immediately bowed down her head and buried it deep inside Chu Yang's arms. She closed her eyes, and her body pressed against his tightly. She muttered, like in a dream, "Brother Chu Yang… Don't you bully me… Little Wu likes you… likes you so much…"

Chu Yang was still recalling the soft feeling on his lips. At this moment, he actually had a feeling of deja vu, as though time and space were in disorder, and his past life overlapped with his current one…

There was a kind of sadness and concern in his heart…

Only Chu Yang knew that Mo Qingwu's dream was no dream!

This was what really happened in the past life!

But, why would they appear in the dreams of Qingwu of this life?

If this continues, would Qingwu… sooner or later… dream about her last day…

Or would she suddenly recover the memory of her past life?

Chu Yang suddenly felt a twitching in his heart.

The two walked slowly in the snow. At this moment, Chu Yang suddenly felt that there was no longer anyone else in the whole world besides Qingwu and himself; and Mo Qingwu apparently felt the same.

The little girl was surprisingly quiet. She walked forward step by step, leaning towards Chu Yang. At this moment, the whole world was filled with peace and quiet…

It was like in a dream…

As though all sound disappeared from their surroundings…

Only when they turned around a street corner, did the sound of crowds in front wake the two from their dreams.

Both couldn't help but look at each other.

Mo Qingwu's face was as red as an apple. Her eyes were watery, with an inexplicable shyness and sweetness. She said with a low voice, "Brother Chu Yang, I'm so happy."

"So am I." Chu Yang smiled gently.

Happily, Mo Qingwu opened her palms and turned one round. Only then did the two realize that it was actually snowing, and the hair and clothes of both of them were covered with snow.

"Brother Chu Yang, when I was young, Mother once taught me to dance. When you are free, I will dance for you." Mo Qingwu chuckled, mischief and tenderness shining in her eyes. She said, "I will… dance unto the Highest Heaven for you!"

Chu Yang's heart jerked.

At this moment, he remembered a poem, and also remembered something extremely important!

Floating gently in a dream,

As demons dance in bloodstained seas and mountains of corpses.

A man does not doubt the sparring swords within a thousand kilometers,

Together forever, in Life and through Death, unto the Highest Heaven!

This was the poem written for Mo Qingwu by their friend from the past life, the most talented writer in the whole world, Xue Leihan!

In the past life, the three often gathered together. Every time, Mo Qingwu followed him, and Xue Leihan was always envious.

Xue Leihan made his name from a young age, and his talent in poetry moved the whole world! When Chu Yang met him, he was already immensely popular in the Nine Heavens! He could be called a legend among literati!

Everywhere in the Upper Three Heavens, Middle Three Heavens and Lower Three Heavens, people sang his works!

Since ancient times, there hadn't been a second person who achieved such great heights in literature!

Yet, after the rebirth, in the Nine Heavens, he had never heard of Xue Leihan's name!

There was no such person!

Why was that so?
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