Transcending the Nine Heavens
969 Our Relationship Is Over
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Transcending the Nine Heavens
Author :Fenglin Tianxia
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969 Our Relationship Is Over

Zhuge Wen wanted to laugh but didn't dare to. He strode a few steps forth, bowed courteously and said, "Elder, since you've said so, we'll naturally obey. Please do come to our Zhuge clan when you're free and give us some guidance. Our whole Zhuge clan will certainly be thankful for your great kindness."

The person in white nodded lightly. "Alright."

Zhuge Wen spoke cautiously, "Elder, please do leave us your name. I'm from the younger generation, and I need to explain this matter to my family. Elder, please be generous and don't blame me for my rudeness."

Zhuge Wen showcased a textbook-like kind elegance and respect.

His voice was gentle and his words, reasonable. Every sentence he spoke was carefully-worded, yet they sounded extremely sincere.

The person in white nodded. "You shall all go. But I can't tell you my name."

Zhuge Wen was startled. He said, "Alright."

Then he bowed again and said, "Since this is the case, I shall wait for your visit to the Zhuge clan at any time. Our whole clan will welcome your visit!"

The person in white said lightly, "You shall go."

Zhuge Wen said, "Yes."

Without hesitation, he actually maintained his bent position and retreated eight steps back before he straightened his back, turned around and waved his hands, saying, "Let's go!"

Under this command, everyone immediately followed after him without turning back, and seeming not to see Wei Wuyan who was getting closer to them. Everyone knew clearly that this person in white had flattened the whole mountain just to save Wei Wuyan out.

Who dared to speak of him?

After walking out for a thousand feet, Zhuge Wen howled towards the sky. Those people who were originally ambushing behind the mountain came over like meteorites. After saying a few sentences, they went off together.

Aside, Chu Yang faintly heard someone saying, "Are we leaving just like that?"

There was no reply. Zhuge Wen must have glanced back severely.

Ye Shiyu walked valiantly for thousands of feet, before arriving at the foot of the mountain and finally softening his waist down. Then, he started to twist his ass again.

As he twisted his ass, cold sweat wet his head, but he dared not to complain a word. He knew that although they had walked very far out, that person in white definitely still could hear them.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Zhuge Wen started to laugh. "Brother Ye, how is it?"

"Humph!" Ye Shiyu twisted his head back and ignored Zhuge Wen angrily. This creature is digging a pit for me to jump into again.

Zhuge Wen laughed aloud.

After a while, he said, still a little lingering with fear, "It's already very fortunate of us that we've met such an expert who still allowed us to leave alive!"

He looked back and said a little strangely, "But why does her voice sound so familiar? And we haven't seen Lan Ruoyun and his people even till now. After all that has happened, I also didn't realize where they've gone to…"

He suddenly took in a heavy gasp of air. He stamped his feet and said, "I see! I see!"

Ye Shiyu said astonishingly, "What are you crazy about again?"

Zhuge Wen took in another deep breath and his face turned pale. "I finally understand why that voice sounds so familiar. It turns out to be her. Alas, looks like Lan Ruoyun and his people are already all dead now."

"Why?" Ye Shiyu asked curiously.

"Do you still remember? I heard Lan Ruoyun teasing the woman with the probing device?" Zhuge Wen looked strange.

"Yes… You're saying?" Ye Shiyu also suddenly thought of something, which made him open his mouth agape.

"You've also guessed it? That's right, that woman who's teased by him… is the one who has talked to us just now. The voice is exactly the same." Zhuge Wen smiled bitterly.

"Damn it!" Ye Shiyu couldn't bear to blurt out, "That woman… whom Lan Ruoyun wants to fight with on the bed, on the water and on the tree?"

Zhuge Wen flipped his eyelids. "Yes! Lan Ruoyun really has a good pair of eyes. He has actually picked such a person to flirt with, and even wants to fight with her…"

"Damn it!" This time around, thirty or so people started to scold together in shock. "That Lan Ruoyun is really good!"

After they finished scolding, they then recovered from their stupor and gazed at one another.

That old monster would definitely be raged if Lan Ruoyun is dead.

And Lan Ruoyun died when his people had come to team up with us…

This matter…

"We shall go home quickly! And report this to the clan!" Ye Shiyu said decisively.

"Alright!" Zhuge Wen looked heavy.

The duo gazed at each other and saw the heaviness in each other's face. They couldn't help but feel their hearts drumming heavily. As for the upcoming storm, both of them had already gotten some mental preparedness.

Zi Xieqing stood as he grasped Hong Wuliang.

Wei Wuyan walked up unsteadily, step by step.

Chu Yang appeared hurriedly with Chu Le'er. "Brother Wei, are you alright?"

Wei Wuyan looked at him in grief. He laughed shrilly. "What wrong can happen to me?"

Zi Xieqing stood aside and said lightly, "Wei Wuyan, it's my fault that I accused your teacher in front of you that day. I was wrong then. Please pardon me."

Right was right, wrong was wrong.

Even though the truth had proved that Hong Wuliang was indeed a despicable villain, just as what she had said, she still apologized to Wei Wuyan for her words back then.

Wei Wuyan smiled bitterly. "Now I don't think that you're wrong at all. I just hate myself for my foolishness!"

He raised his head blankly and was lost in his thoughts for a moment. Then he lowered his head to look at Hong Wuliang, who's on the ground. Wei Wuyan said, "Miss Zi, I want to talk to him for a while."

"Alright." Zi Xieqing lifted her foot and pointed on Hong Wuliang's body. Hong Wuliang's whole body shuddered, revealing extreme agony and indignation in his eyes.

Zi Xieqing had sealed his elixir field and meridians.

"You don't have to evade us," Wei Wuyan said softly, "I also need some witnesses."

"Alright." Zi Xieqing and Chu Yang agreed at the same time.

Wei Wuyan turned around to look at Hong Wuliang. Hatred inundated Wei Wuyan's eyes, but he couldn't stop his tears from falling down. His whole body also trembled vehemently.

"Teacher…" Wei Wuyan's lips twitched. "Why? Is this really the case?"

Hong Wuliang looked back with complicated eyes. A hint of guilt flashed across his eyes, and he shut his mouth and didn't speak.

"Speak!" Wei Wuyan howled.

Hong Wuliang didn't answer.

Wei Wuyan sat in front of Hong Wuliang, looking forlorn and at a loss. Then, Wei Wuyan began to speak, seemingly to be speaking to Hong Wuliang, or himself, or to the heaven and earth.

"I acknowledged my teacher when I was young. At that time, my teacher was extremely powerful, while I was only a small child. My teacher caught his eyes on my aptitude, and after gaining permission from my family, he accepted me as his apprentice, and nurtured me carefully."

"Under my teacher's guidance, I improved step by step. From nothing, I became a Martial Artist, Martial Master, Great Martial Master, Revered Martial Artist, Martial King, Martial Emperor, Martial Monarch, and Martial Saint…"

"My teacher has always been pleased with my performance, and he'll reward me for every progress I've made. Every time when I had battling practice outside, if I suffered losses, my teacher would be sure to stand up for me. In the end, my family members grew old and left me, one by one; I only had my teacher by my side… At that time, my teacher was all whom I could depend on. He's all my hope, and the greatest person in my heart."

"That year, I was a sixth stage Martial Emperor. Because I was focused on practicing martial arts, I didn't think of having a marriage at all. My teacher was also very worried and always urged me to get married, saying that he wanted to hug his grand apprentice… And he even found marriage brokers for me…"

"But that year, my teacher returned from serious injuries. He has suffered from the vicious Purple Crystal Hand! Originally, I had given in to my teacher, and decided to marry a woman. But seeing the state my teacher was in, I had to take care of my teacher. So I put down that thought. From then on, I adventured the martial world and risked my life to complete blood-payer's tasks, so as to earn purple crystals. Till the day when I saw E'er…"

Wei Wuyan looked up sadly when he said till here.

But he didn't talk anymore, only swallowing his saliva non-stop. His breathing, which had originally calmed down, gradually started to whistle like a broken wind box.

"Teacher, since you didn't speak, are you acquiescing what I've said? You don't know how to refute me already, is it?"

Wei Wuyan asked in a low voice.

Not waiting for Hong Wuliang to answer, Wei Wuyan continued to speak, "Yes, E'er was killed by you. My son Xiaozhan was also killed by you…"

"You owed me a great debt of gratitude, but the enmity between you and I is deeper than the deepest sea!"

Wei Wuyan let out a long sigh.

"There're indeed reasons that I'm called Wei Wuyan! Because I'm faceless at the very beginning; I'm faceless towards my wife because she's killed by you. I'm faceless towards my child because he has died because of me. I'm faceless towards my ancestors because I've ended my posterity; I'm faceless towards the heaven because I've called a bastard a teacher; I'm faceless towards you, teacher, because I'll definitely kill you! And let your life end in my hands!"

"I'm guilty to my wife and child because I didn't show enough love towards them; I'm guilty towards my parents and ancestors because I was not filial towards them; I'm guilty towards my teacher because I'm not loyal towards him!"

"I'm indeed faceless!"

Wei Wuyan stood up and asked Chu Yang, "Do you have water? I want to wash my face."

He received the water from Chu Yang's water bag, washed his face carefully, and tidied his hair. Then he asked again, "Do you have any clothes? I want to change mine."

Chu Yang was silent for a long time, but finally, he still took out a set of clothes.

He didn't know what Wei Wuyan was going to do.

But Chu Yang felt that, at this moment, Wei Wuyan was already dead. Wei Wuyan's heart was already dead.

Wei Wuyan received the clothes and wore them on. Then he looked at himself up and down, and nodded.

Then he held Hong Wuliang up and let him lean straightly against a stone.

Then, Wei Wuyan retreated three steps back, adjusted his clothes and turned around to face Hong Wuliang. Then he knelt down piously and prostrated for a consecutive nine times!

"Teacher, this is the last time that I'll be calling you this way. After these nine prostrations, our relationship will be over! You've fulfilled me, but also you broke me. You shouldn't have killed my wife and son!"

"The debt of gratitude I owed you is as great as a mountain. I disdain and am reluctant to act against you today! I need to worship my wife and son first and tell them about the matter. From today onwards, you and I shall be sworn enemies!"

Wei Wuyan stood up. His eyes were cold and flickering with chilly light. "Hong Wuliang, old thief! I'll personally take your dog's life when I meet you next time! To revenge for my wife and son!"

As he said, he resolutely turned around and went off with big steps.

And he never turned back!

…'Wuyan' means 'faceless' in Chinese
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