Transcending the Nine Heavens
968 I“ll Manage Him
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Transcending the Nine Heavens
Author :Fenglin Tianxia
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968 I“ll Manage Him

Ye Anran's words were a direct jab on Hong Wuliang's sore spot, which led Hong Wuliang to react wildly.

Hong Wuliang suddenly exploded at the mention of his wife.

"What do you know? Ye Anran, who are you to comment on my family issues?" Hong Wuliang roared. His face was distorted, his entire body was shuddering, and he abruptly retreated backward.

Everyone felt that Hong Wuliang was going to strike back, and they didn't expect him to even retreat at such a situation. They were stunned for a moment, before they attacked forth in unison!

Hong Wuliang had already flown backward by hundreds of feet. Extending his hands, thousands of purple crystals on the ground were sucked up into the air. Instantly, they became a lump of purple gas, which entered Hong Wuliang's mouth like a whale absorbing water.

Then, he abruptly turned back. With a sinister laugh, utterly intense cold energy burst out his body, and he insanely struck forth hundreds of palms!

The three felt awful at the same time!

They must go to all lengths to deal with such a violent attack!

They had forgotten that people who had suffered from Purple Crystal Hand would absorb the energy of purple crystals at an increasing speed after some time, and they could even suddenly burst out all the energy of purple crystals.

Although Hong Wuliang's injuries caused by the Purple Crystal Hand would drastically exacerbate by five times after he gave his attack, the power of this strike would be irresistible.

Under helplessness, the three could only resist back with all their force. Suddenly, Ye Anran's mind message could be heard. "Be careful of your top!"

The energy of the four Supreme Martial Artists suddenly exploded in the cave!

With a bang, the cave expanded outwards in all directions at the same time. The mountain above, which was thousands of feet high, also cracked up and collapsed.

Hong Wuliang let out a long howl, and flew upwards along the collapsing mountain like a bolt of lightning. His two palms were like giant hammers, which beat his way up the collapsing mountain, while he himself drilled through all the narrow gaps within the mountain!

And his body was flexible in twisting and turning around. As long as there were big stones falling onto him, he would crack them with his palm, thus opening up routes for him to escape upwards.

Ye Anran and the other two also followed behind him and dashed upwards with similar methods.

How powerful was a mountain which had suddenly collapsed? It could directly be said to be earth- and heaven-shattering!

But these four Supreme Martial Artists dashed up the mountain against the falling stones! As if they were nothing at all!

Wei Wuyan cried out in grief, "I can't die. I want to revenge!"

He stood up, wanting to dash out. But due to his serious injuries, he couldn't.

Suddenly, a big stone dropped down, completely burying him underneath. The loud banging sound created by the collapsing mountain entirely covered up his sound.

Just as those people who were waiting outside wondered why there were no movements inside, the entire mountain had collapsed along with a huge sound, and countless huge stones smashed down from above. They were astounded by this, and tried to dodge away.

Zhuge Wen shouted, "Don't panic! Block the top, block the top; Hong Wuliang wants to escape from the top!"

Suddenly he felt very regretful.

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At this instant, four figures flew up at a lightning speed into midair; the first person had cold energy spreading throughout his body, while the three behind looked furious.

Hong Wuliang laughed. "Ye Anran, goodbye to you!"

All the four were third stage Supreme Martial Artists. Hong Wuliang had gained the upper hand, and had preceded the rest by quite some distance. As long as he changed his movements, he could quickly escape from the rest. Under such circumstances, no one could catch him.

Ye Anran was raged and anxious at the same time. "Hong Wuliang, you despicable villain! Your apprentice is buried underneath. Don't you care about him?"

Hong Wuliang laughed. "He doesn't recognize me as his teacher anymore. Why should I care about him?"

Extending his body, he flew away like a meteorite; and his body actually produced a 'pschoo' sound.

Ye Anran sighed dispiritedly, knowing that he couldn't block Hong Wuliang regardless of anything.

At this moment, a light sound was heard. "Who has permitted you to go?!"

Along with this sound, a white figure suddenly appeared in front of Hong Wuliang. A hand gently extended out and pinched Hong Wuliang's skull, just as if a field snail was pinched by three fingers!

Hong Wuliang couldn't even struggle or speak under this person's grasp, and his body swayed in the air like a dead fish.

Ye Anran involuntarily stopped and took a deep breath. Who's this person?

The three gazed at one another in shock.

They simply didn't notice how and when this person had appeared, and it seemed as if he was originally there. And just by extending his hand and as if he was just catching a mosquito that had slowly flown by, he had caught Hong Wuliang!

What cultivation did Hong Wuliang have? Hong Wuliang was in a hurry to escape for his life just now, and besides, the air had even popped when he just ran away. How could he be slow?

But Hong Wuliang was caught in the hand of this person just like a puppet that couldn't move by itself.

Following which, this person flew down with Hong Wuliang, and gave him a gentle kick.

A kick into the void.

A hurricane was stirred up.

The upper portion of the collapsed mountain was suddenly kicked out by an unparalleled force into thousands of feet away. Then, with a loud bang, it landed on the ground.

There's vibration on the ground here, but the sound was much softer than that before.

This person flicked his sleeves, and the stones on the ground flew off like straws. Instantly, a cave was revealed.

As pebbles continued to drop onto the ground, a figure drenched in blood stood out from the pebbles. His whole face was covered with blood and his entire body looked shabby. Only his pair of bloody red eyes were clear, and what he looked like could no longer be fathomed.

Then, this person slowly walked up restlessly, as if he was going to die.

The three Supreme Martial Artists couldn't even steady themselves in the air due to the shock, and they dropped down one by one, shielding Ye Shiyu and Zhuge Wen behind them, and looking as if they had met a huge enemy.

Everyone raised their heads up and saw the white figure grasping Hong Wuliang, standing dozens of feet away from them.

This was a safe distance.

Everyone knew that this white figure could kill them just by raising his hand. But seeing that he was standing at such a distance away, everyone felt less worried.

What this figure looked like, and whether if he's a male or female, couldn't be seen. It seemed that as if his entire body was covered completely by an obscure white light.

Everyone only felt a pair of chilly eyes glancing at themselves.

"I shall manage this person; what do you think?" The white figure finally opened his mouth, and he actually seemed to have said it in a discussional tone.

A female's voice.

Everyone's heart jerked, then felt relieved.

Women are always soft-hearted. Looks like there's no great danger today.

At the same time, everyone started to feel uncertain again: A woman? Where does such a powerful woman come from? Why didn't I hear before that there's such a powerful female expert in the Nine Heavens…

Feng Yurou might be counted one, but she's obviously not Feng Yurou.

Ye Shiyu's lips trembled and his face turned pale. He said, "Elder, you want to manage this person… I, of course, have no objections…"

Ye Shiyu of course had his own intention to speak before Zhuge Wen.

Although he's afraid, he knew that this was perhaps a huge opportunity. He had never seen such an unparalleled expert before. If he left a good impression in her heart… that would be greatly beneficial to him.

Besides, Ye Shiyu also had this thought: We're all women and sisters to each other… It should be easier for us to talk together…

So, he talked first and agreed to the person in white's request.

The person in white suddenly turned quiet for a while the moment Ye Shiyu opened his mouth. Everyone clearly realized that Hong Wuliang's elbow which the person in white grabbed on trembled a bit, then the person in white took in a deep breath.

And a strange expression spread out across her face.

Ye Shiyu instantly sensed something bad, and he felt his scalp turn numb. He felt befuddled and thought: But I didn't say anything incorrectly.

As he was wondering, he saw the person in white slam Hong Wuliang heavily on the ground and stepped her foot against him. She extended another hand, and Ye Shiyu flew up into the air. He screamed in shock, "Elder… I… I…"

The person in white grasped Ye Shiyu, and without speaking, suddenly gave him a fit of slapping, slapping him right and left repetitively.

Ye Shiyu couldn't move. With one slap, he was slapped to the left, and with another, to the right… And such a cycle repeated continuously. In the blink of an eye's time, the head of this delicate Third Master Ye was beaten into that of a pig.

His whole face was swollen.

He looked confused: How did I offend you? Why do you slap me for no reason?

The person in white said angrily, "You've disgusted me the whole way. Now you're still disgusting me in front of me…"

Ye Shiyu widened his eyes in grief. I see, it's because of this… Good gracious, it's really an unwise move of me…

"Piss off!" The person in white kicked on Third Master Ye's belly with one foot, and Ye Shiyu slid back as if he was riding on a slide, and he actually stood back to his original position.

He composed himself, hurriedly clasped his hands together and smiled candidly. "Elder, thank you for your teachings! Thank you for showing mercy!"

These words were said in a pure manly tone.

He was just beaten for one round by her, yet now he instantly started to thank her…

The person in white snorted and said, "Shut up!"

Ye Shiyu smiled apologetically and said in a flattering tone, "Elder, I definitely won't speak a word since you want me to shut up…" And sure enough, he shut up and revealed a well-behaved look. He turned around to walk behind Zhuge Wen, but as he walked, he involuntarily twisted his ass twice. Then he seemed to suddenly realize something, and he walked in a stately manner for five or six steps before he turned back seriously and stood gallantly.

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