Transcending the Nine Heavens
965 A Bolt From The Blue
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Transcending the Nine Heavens
Author :Fenglin Tianxia
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965 A Bolt From The Blue

"That's right, there're three of us!" that elder from the Zhuge clan said lightly, "Hong Wuliang, you've become stupid after holing up here for so many years. Do you want to come out with us, or do you want us to carry you out?"

Hong Wuliang laughed and said, "Although I've lived in seclusion here and haven't gone out into the martial world for so many years, don't think you can defeat me easily. But I indeed didn't expect that the three of you have actually become Lang Yilang's underlings!"

He suddenly said in a low voice, "What benefits have Lang Yilang promised you? Haha, has Lang Yilang taken advantage of both the Ye clan and Zhuge clan? This taste isn't comfortable, I suppose? Hahahaha…"

Ye Anran said lightly, "It's better to be taken advantage of than to lose one's life! Let's fight!"

With a roar, he extended his body and rushed up.

The three took actions at the same time, sieging Hong Wuliang in the middle.

Hong Wuliang let out a roar. He stretched out his hands horizontally, and then a pile of purple crystals in a cavern aside flew into his hands. He breathed heavily with his mouth, and his whole haggard body instantly swelled up. A strong gust of purple gas was swallowed up by him into his belly!

There were thousands of purple crystals in the pile, but he sucked all of them up in a moment's time!

Instantly, Hong Wuliang's whole face was red. He shouted, "Come on!" He actually took the initiative to attack forth. The four had taken actions together!

Another figure flew into the battlefield. It's Wei Wuyan.

"Kill me first before you kill my teacher!" Wei Wuyan shouted as he desperately hurled towards the three enemies.

Ye Anran sneered and shouted, "You actually dare to intervene the battle among third stage Supreme Martial Artists." With a clap, a sharp sound was heard. He accurately found the position of Wei Wuyan's Wuyan sword, and he slammed his palm against the Wuyan sword.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

A loud bang was heard. Ye Anran didn't retreat even by a bit, and there was not even a drop of blood on his palm. But Wei Wuyan was slammed heavily against the stone wall together with his sword!

Stones fell rapidly from the cave top.

Wei Wuyan spurted out a mouthful of blood.

Wei Wuyan was half a Supreme Martial Artist, and as compared to the opponents' third stage Supreme level cultivations, he's as vulnerable to them as a baby. The difference in cultivations between different stages of the Supreme level was such distinct!

Hong Wuliang and the other two were already fighting in a mess. The three tried to reduce the wind that they stirred up in the cave, so as to prevent the mountain from collapsing.

But strong wind began to blow like a typhoon in the cave. Instantly, it seemed that no other sounds could be heard.

Hong Wuliang looked calm and fought steadily. It seemed as if he didn't see that his apprentice was shot.

He originally had serious injuries on his body. Although his cultivation increased by quite a lot these years, it's only under the support of the power of purple crystals. If he lost the purple crystals, even if his cultivation was doubled, it's also difficult for him to escape from the torture of the Purple Crystal Hand.

Ye Anran clasped his hands and watched the battle. Seeing that the battle temporarily didn't require him to be involved, he walked slowly towards Wei Wuyan and asked, "Kid, your teacher has suffered from Purple Crystal Hand? Who has laid hands on him?"

Wei Wuyan snorted and smiled. "Who's the biggest enemy of my teacher?"

Ye Anran's face changed. "Lang Yilang?"

Wei Wuyan sneered. "It's good that you know."

He originally didn't want to answer Ye Anran question. But seeing that Ye Anran didn't seem to know the truth, and even didn't know that Lang Yilang had a Purple Crystal Hand, Wei Wuyan was naturally happy to inform Ye Anran about this.

The Purple Crystal Hand was one of the evilest martial techniques in the world. It's even eviler than the Ending of Posterity.

The Ending of Posterity was only targeted at young people. Normally, Supreme Martial Artists were all those old monsters who're hundreds or thousands of years old. Which of them would have thought of further continuing their family line? So those experts weren't afraid of it.

The Purple Crystal Hand, on the other hand, was used to deal with experts. Unless one was beyond the sixth stage Supreme level, even a fifth stage Supreme Martial Artist could be attacked by the Purple Crystal Hand and not escape the fate of having to be life-long companions with purple crystals. Then, there would finally be one day when he would die if he and his family became bankrupt.

The most vicious part of the Purple Crystal Hand was that it wouldn't cause one to die on the spot. And since experts normally lived long, those who suffered from the Purple Crystal Hand had to constantly be under its torture till they died!

This was a martial technique that experts in the Nine Heavens were afraid of the most!

Once the Ye clan and Zhuge clan knew about this, they would naturally guard against Lang Yilang. It might even be possible that they would try to kill him secretly…

Although Wei Wuyan didn't understand why Lang Yilang didn't come forth personally to fight against Hong Wuliang, but instead had asked for people from the nine big clans to fight for him, it's a bad move to do so.

"It turns out that Lang Yilang has cultivated a Purple Crystal Hand… No wonder, no wonder…" Ye Anran's said as his face turned grim and he nodded slowly.

He turned around to look at the battlefield, and asked lightly, "Since how many years has your teacher been suffering from the Purple Crystal Hand?"

Wei Wuyan said, "That's the number of years that he has been missing. If it isn't him having suffered from the Purple Crystal Hand, who is willing to hide himself up? Would you?"

"Haha… you have a glib tongue." Ye Anran smiled. "This is to say, you have been providing purple crystals to your teacher for all these years!?"

"Yes! This is what an apprentice should do!" Wei Wuyan said proudly.

"What a loyal apprentice!" Ye Anran said, smiling sarcastically, "Your teacher must have told you that he needs large amounts of purple crystals because he has suffered from the Purple Crystal Hand, and there's a minimum number of purple crystals he needs to consume every day, right?"

Wei Wuyan said angrily, "Which one who has suffered from Purple Crystal Hand isn't like this? What's there to talk about?"

Ye Anran smiled strangely. "Which one isn't like this? Other than your teacher, have you seen anyone who has suffered from Purple Crystal Hand?"

Wei Wuyan snorted and said, "Even though I haven't seen any others yet, only purple crystals can be used to treat Purple Crystal Hand! There's absolutely no doubt about this!"

"This is true. I presume that you suffered quite a lot in gathering purple crystals for your teacher?" Ye Anran looked strange.

Wei Wuyan snorted and didn't speak. Thinking of the pains he had gone through these years, how could it be described by merely 'suffered quite a lot' these few words?

That year, his wife just gave birth and had to look after their child at home, while his teacher desperately needed him to send purple crystals; Wei Wuyan had to leave his wife at home while he sent purple crystals to his teacher; but never did he expect that he and his wife would part forever ever since then?

Wait till he hurried back home after sending purple crystals to his teacher, his wife had already turned into a cold corpse. Even their son was also killed!

He didn't know who the enemy was even till today.

How did he just 'suffered quite a lot'? For his teacher, he paid off his family, his youth and all his whole life… But Wei Wuyan had hidden this in his heart and never said to anyone before.

Aside, Hong Wuliang roared, "Ye Anran, what nonsense are you talking? Every wrong has its cause, and every debt has its debtor. Don't harm my apprentice!"

As he yelled, he was ready to rush forth towards Ye Anran, but he was restricted firmly by the two Supreme Martial Artists and couldn't rush over. So, he could only scream.

Ye Anran smiled sarcastically and said, "What a righteous teacher and a loyal apprentice… Hahaha… But unfortunately, you, this loyal apprentice, is deceived by this righteous teacher that you respect the most!"

"F**k off!" Wei Wuyan was driven furious. Wei Wuyan was so excited to have his teacher's concern towards him just now. Instantly, he felt that all the pains he had suffered in his life were worthwhile. Now, seeing that Ye Anran was about to slander Wei Wuyan's own teacher, he instantly raged.

"Haha… you shall ask your teacher. He's right here! After one suffers from the Purple Crystal Hand, as long as he consumes the minimum amount of purple crystals every day, his cultivation won't improve! But if he wants to continue to progress his cultivation, he'll need to consume twice the amount of purple crystals from the first day he suffers from the Purple Crystal Hand! Do you understand? Twice the amount of purple crystals!"

Ye Anran laughed aloud. "We're from the same generation and similar Supreme Martial Artists. He has suffered from the Purple Crystal Hand, and yet his cultivation has progressed to such a stage! This is f**king quick, hehehe… If he didn't use twice the amount of purple crystals, how can he improve?"

Wei Wuyan was yelling angrily at this moment. Upon hearing these words, he became stunned for a long time, before he started to scream insanely, "F**k you off! F**k you off!"

Ye Anran laughed. "Your teacher is right here. If you don't believe, why not ask him directly?"

Wei Wuyan didn't believe Ye Anran, however, he couldn't help but look towards his teacher.

Hong Wuliang's face was red from the battle. He said deeply, "Wuyan, don't believe him! Don't you understand what kind of a person I am?"

Wei Wuyan said blankly, "Yes, teacher."

Hong Wuliang and he had interacted for more than 1,000 years, how could he not understand his teacher? From this sentence that Hong Wuliang spoke, Wei Wuyan immediately knew that what Ye Anran had spoken was true.

If it wasn't, Hong Wuliang would long be jumping and screaming. But now, Hong Wuliang was trying to explain to him in such a heavy and serious tone!


Wei Wuyan only felt his brain exploding. Then, he suddenly thought of what Chu Yang had said. "If one suffers from the Purple Crystal Hand, his cultivation can't improve… Of course, if…"

Chu Yang didn't finish saying.

But Wei Wuyan finally understood what Chu Yang didn't say, and why he didn't say it.

Chu Yang was worried that if he told Wei Wuyan the truth, Wei Wuyan would be sad…

Wei Wuyan felt dizzy. He muttered, "Then, my wife… my wife… she could have not died…"

If that's the case, the purple crystals that he had earned these years could support his teacher for another 700 years? If that's the case, he wouldn't have to be so hurried in delivering purple crystals to his teacher, and he could have saved his wife from being killed.

"You still have a wife? Son? And they're dead?" Ye Anran looked at him pathetically.

"Yes," Wei Wuyan said blankly.

"Then, your wife and son deserve to die! They should die!" Ye Anran smiled sarcastically and said, "Their existence would greatly reduce the speed of you delivering purple crystals to your teacher. If they shouldn't die, who should?"

These words were like a lightning bolt struck on his head. Wei Wuyan felt that the whole heaven and earth had changed color!

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