Transcending the Nine Heavens
878 Injustice that Couldn“t Be Righted
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Transcending the Nine Heavens
Author :Fenglin Tianxia
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878 Injustice that Couldn“t Be Righted

Chu Yang thought intensely: Ye Chuchen is my teacher's lover. She's Ye Wubo's sister? Is she his cousin or sibling?

The Meng clan? A vassal clan of the Ye clan?

My teacher's name is Meng Chaoran, but Seventh Master Xiao said that the lover of Ye Chuchen is Meng Geyin.

But Chu Yang immediately understood. Meng Geyin's clan was exterminated and he had to escape from the Upper Three Heavens alone. How could he dare to use his original name? So, he naturally had to change his name.

Chu Yang sighed in his heart.

Chu Yang finally understood what his teacher's name 'Meng Chaoran' meant. Meng Chaoran 1 would always take things light-heartedly, as if he didn't care for any events that occurred on Earth…

Such a personality wasn't born nor in his nature, but because he had suffered from too much pain!

The hatred of having his clan exterminated, the tragedy of having to separate from his lover, and the pain of having to live in exile were pressed on him. But his enemy was not only the number one clan in the world but also the clan in which the woman that he deeply loved was born!

Even if he could take revenge, whether Ye Chuchen would reunite with him was still unknown. No one could tell.

After all, the Meng clan was ruined because of the two people, so the Ye clan would also suffer the same fate because of the two people! Whether the two could continue their past relations, if their respective grudges could be eliminated, or if they could face each other without misgivings?

My teacher should be in the Upper Three Heavens now!

And, he's definitely near to the Ye clan! And surely not far away from Ye Chuchen!

Chu Yang felt a sense of urgency. Meng Chaoran was familiar with many people there. If he was exposed, that would be a catastrophe!

I should clear the matter here as soon as possible and go to my teacher to help him.

Chu Yang thought silently.

"My teacher has suffered enough in his life. If he couldn't spend the rest of his life with his lover, that would really be a tragedy," Chu Yang thought, "Although he had great hatred towards the Ye clan, it's after all not appropriate for him to kill people. It's better for me to kill all of them instead… This way, he would have no sins. If I kill all of the Ye clan, I'll claim that I've betrayed him. This way, Ye Chuchen won't blame my teacher…"

Chu Yang thought as he walked back.

The sword spirit muttered, "The Xiao clan branch is quite a big place, and also not far away from other clans. Such a serious battle has almost caused those people's houses to collapse. Why didn't they come out to have a look?"

Chu Yang dared to provoke the Xiao clan wasn't a good thing. "Come out to have a look? Wouldn't they be committing suicide?"

In the night wind, a black figure sped forth. A faint reek of blood and smoldering breath filled the way. Chu Yang constantly tried to spread this breath out in the night wind.

After a fierce battle, one would give out a unique breath. This breath would make an ordinary person feel uncomfortable when he made contact with it. An experienced martial expert would immediately know what that person had just done.

What Chu Yang was doing was to disperse the breath.

Otherwise, perhaps, he would be intercepted before he even entered his room!

These few days, after Han Xiaoran's reminder, he had been working hard to practice the Thousand Phantom Technique! It was not very difficult. Once a principle was understood, he could understand a hundred similar ones. And this kind of martial technique required mainly spiritual strength, while Chu Yang's spiritual strength deserved to be called number one in the world!

Just a few days of serious practice, he had already come to the second stage of the Thousand Phantom Technique. Now, he's moving towards the third stage.

That was to allow another person to see whatever cultivation one wanted that person to see!

When they arrived at the Purple Crystals Huichun Hall, the sword spirit gently entered the room and kept the 'person in the room'. Minister Chu then settled on the bed and entered his dreamland sweetly.

As if nothing had happened…

The second day, the entire Flat Mountain Ridge was in chaos!

"The Xiao clan branch was dug up!"

"Yes, everyone was dead."

"That's too bad."

"You went to see?"

"Damn you! Don't harm me. This can't be said so casually."

"How do you know if you didn't see?"

"I can smell the blood from miles away. The big fire almost tinted the sky red…"

In the morning, Divine Doctor Chu went to watch over his Purple Crystals Huichun Hall.

Huang Shang's face was very gloomy, just like the color of the sky before a rainstorm. Even when he walked in to greet Divine Doctor Chu, his face was full of bitterness.

Huang Shang heard about the matter concerning the Xiao clan's branch early in the morning.

He turned into a thundering rage on the spot!

He never expected such a great basin of shit to be buckled on his head without any premonition.

The Xiao clan and the Huang clan were enemies! The Huang clan had just threatened to deal with the Xiao clan. It was not a secret at all!

And the Huang clan had just arrived at the Flat Mountain Ridge yesterday! But on the very night, the Xiao clan's branch experienced a bloodbath!

Who did it?

Isn't that very obvious?

But… the problem was, the Huang clan really didn't do it! If it was really done by the Huang clan, the Huang clan would have nothing to say. But they didn't do it, yet they had to carry the blame. What a grievance!

For a big clan like the Huang clan, not only was this a grievance, this was also a burden!

The greatest issue was: They couldn't even explain this issue.

Did you bring so many people here just to play in the Flat Mountain Ridge? What to play in such a remote place?

The Huang clan could only suffer this grievance in silence…

"Clan Master Huang, good morning," Divine Doctor Chu greeted in a refreshing mood, "You look good today."

Huang Shang sat down heavily and said dejectedly, "It's more than good. I'm simply excited! Motherf**ker!"

"Oh? Clan Master Huang, Is something bothering you?" Divine Doctor Chu asked thoughtfully and in a concerned manner, "Did you not sleep well last night?"

"This…" Huang Shang opened his mouth, but in the end, didn't dare to speak out. His face turned black and he sighed.

"Divine Doctor Chu, I shall hand my son over to you," Huang Shang sighed and waved his hands. His men behind immediately carried five big boxes in and placed them in front of Chu Yang, "There are 40,000 purple crystals in them! Divine Doctor Chu, please keep them first. I'll immediately send another 40,000 over after I go back. I'll send the medicinal ingredients to you within a month. I have to trouble you then."

Chu Yang said stunningly, "This… This… This is so shameful of me…"

He rubbed his hands. "Clan Master Huang, are you… going back?"

Huang Shang sighed, saying, "I have no choice but to… If we don't, we'll be overthrown by the Xiao clan… This matter is very serious."

Chu Yang was astonished, "What happened? Why is it so serious?!"

"It's hard to say." How would Huang Shang know that the Divine Doctor Chu who was revealing the astonished look in front of him was actually the real culprit? He could only sigh in bitterness.

Although he was frustrated towards the evilness of the Xiao clan and also wanted to seek revenge on them, he never thought of seeking revenge in such an open manner.

He clearly knew in his heart that although the Huang clan was powerful, it was still far weaker than the Xiao clan. The Huang clan's foundation was especially incomparable to that of the Xiao clan.

The Xiao clan had tens of thousands of years of foundation!

If not for those elders from the Xiao clan, the Huang clan could be a well-matched rival with the Xiao clan. But as long as the Xiao clan's elders were still alive, the Huang clan would be immediately defeated should they fight with the Xiao clan!

But now, the curtain was unfolded. As the battle became more and more intense, and more and more people died, how could the elders from the Xiao clan not understand the issue?

Huang Shang had a headache as he thought of this!

Huang Shang finally left with the women from the Huang clan. He only left two Saint level experts to be Huang Xialiu's guards. Those weren't the two that appeared last night; both of them were second stage Martial Saints. But the two of them Huang Shang left here today were a sixth stage Martial Saint and a fifth stage Martial Saint respectively!

Both of them were sworn brothers with the Huang clan's clan master who was two generations above than the current one. One was called Bai Wuji 2 , while the other, Zi Tengchong 3 .

But contrary to their names, Bai Wuji had a purple face, while Zi Tengchong's face looked like a piece of white dough.

Huang Xialiu could be said to be absolutely safe with the duo around.

Other than the two guards, Huang Xialiu's two wives had also stayed here.

Clan Master Huang's intent was very simple. Although he didn't say, everyone knew it: If Huang Xialiu recovered his fertility, then don't waste any time further. Quickly bear children… You're worthless anyway and only have this little use… We don't count on you to contribute to the prosperity of the clan. We can only count on your sons…

Divine Doctor Chu specially arranged Young Master Huang Xialiu to stay with his two wives in one room!

Young Master Huang, who was originally guilty, upset and self-abased, greatly opposed this decision. Yet he had no choice but to obey Divine Doctor Chu, this tyrant.

Following the departure of Huang Shang and his family members, Huang Xialiu started on his second course of treatment.

Centipede legs, tongues of Chinese moccasins… Poisonous Blade Tip Stings Iron Cucumber etc… were all placed in a big pot to be cooked. They were cooked till stench filled up the air!

The big pot of medicine soup was black and glossy, and centipede legs and the other stuff floated on it…

Divine Doctor Chu dripped two drops of Lust Dragon's blood into it this time around.

The medicinal effect this time around was two times stronger than the first course of treatment.

When Young Master Huang smelled the stench in the soup, he already started to vomit heavily. After which, when he saw the color of the soup, he was scared out of his wits!

He retreated, and his ass shifted back and landed solidly on the floor. He didn't want to shift forth regardless of anything, let alone to drink the soup.

It was useless even when Divine Doctor Chu frowned. Young Master Huang shook his head like a rattle-drum: A true man stands up to his promise. When I say I don't want to drink, I won't!

Seeing that Divine Doctor Chu was furious, the two Saint level experts grabbed Huang Xialiu and used the same method that the few guards used: Pinch Huang Xialiu's nose and force the medicine down.

Then immediately exercised martial techniques to help Huang Xialiu digest the soup.

When Huang Xialiu was released, he lay twitching on the ground with slanted mouth and eyes, appearing that life held nothing more for him…

When he heard that he had to drink six bowls of this medicine for five consecutive days, Young Master Huang let out a strange squeak. He took off his belt, hung it on the door, and rushed towards it, wanting to extend his neck into it… 'Chaoran' means 'detached' in Chinese The surname 'Bai' means 'white' in English The surname 'Zi' means 'purple' in English

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