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847 Young Master Huang Xialiu

Recently, Chu Feiyan had always been wandering outside the Blood-Payers Hall, waiting for the news of the elixirs. Among the crowd in yellow, the angelic Chu Le'er, who was in a green shirt, was helping Chu Feiyan to treat their guests.

Among them was a teenager who was also in yellow. A golden dragon was embroiled on his clothes in front of his chest. Although he was sitting down, one could see that he was tall and thin, just like a bamboo pole, particularly a bamboo pole that had jaundice.

Chu Yang dared to bet that if this guy was completely dismembered and had his flesh cut out of him, he would weigh no more than 2.5 kilograms.

Even his hair was yellowish, and also a bit greenish, which looked just like withered grass. Who knows what kind of body constitution he had; his hair even had such kind of colors! Chu Yang took a tumble: It's autumn now.

His eyes laid in his sunken sockets, which looked dark green. He had high cheekbones, while his cheeks were sunk deep into his face, making him look like an alcoholic addict who was sick.

If he turned up at night, he would definitely daunt everyone who saw him: he's exactly a zombie who had crept up from his grave.

At this moment, this zombie-like guy had his head tilted in a self-assumably poised manner. His finger, which was like a withered bamboo leaf, was even knocking on the table in a casual and graceful manner, while his face revealed a reserved expression that told people that he's very 'handsome, elegant, graceful and poised'.

There were eight people behind him. They all acted in similar fashions — all had their arms folded in front of their chest and their heads pointing upwards.

"Who are these guys?" Chu Yang stepped forward, his face turned heavy, and he asked, "What are they here for!?"

Chu Le'er immediately went close to Chu Yang and said in a low voice, "Big brother, they're from the Huang clan."

"Huang clan?" Chu Yang said, "I see, it's people from the Huang clan. Erm, Huang clan… which clan is this?"

Chu Le'er was stupefied with admiration at Chu Yang.

This Huang clan… was the biggest clan just after the Xiao clan in the entire South-East region. How could big brother not know?

The teenager in yellow clothes continued to sit on the chair in an airy manner. Then, he turned around to examine Chu Yang and sneered. He even extended his fingers to dig his nose, and with a snap on his long fingernails, a lump of boogers bounced onto the floor. He even forced out a reserved, fake smile, "This must be… Divine Doctor Chu? My surname is Huang!"

"Of course I know that your surname is Huang. I'm asking you what you're here for," Chu Yang said as he frowned and tilted his head to look at this Young Master Huang, then glanced at the lump of boogers on the floor. His face started to turn dark.

Seeing that Chu Yang was impolite to him, Young Master Huang's face also changed color; then, he seemed to have remembered something, he suppressed it and crossed his legs, saying, "Of course I'm here to consult you about my illness. If I wanted to covet girls, I wouldn't have come here, haha…"

He seemed to think that he was very humorous as he said, and he even squinted his eyes and gave two sounds of laughter.

"I can't attend you," Chu Yang waved his hands, "I'm not in a good mood now and don't want to attend to any patients. Young Master Huang, please go to consult other doctors."

"Not in a good mood? Why?" Young Master Huang asked perplexedly.

"My mood has turned very bad now after seeing this! I've forgotten all my medical skills," Chu Yang raised his head, and used the tip of his foot to point at that lump of boogers, saying in a disgusted manner, "I have mysophobia!"

Young Master Huang was taken aback. After examining Chu Yang for a while, he said carefully, "Do you know who I am?"

Not waiting for Chu Yang to speak, Young Master Huang started to laugh with amusement, "You really don't know me? Hahaha… It turns out there are people in this South-East region who don't know me."

Chu Yang frowned and sat on the counter: There are really no more chairs left.

Looking at this overjoyed Young Master Huang, Chu Yang asked lightly, "You're the Dharma Supreme of the law-enforcement officers?"

Young Master Huang was startled and hurriedly shook his head, "No." I can't admit this.

Chu Yang asked, "Then, you're the master of the Medicine Valley?"

Young Master Huang was startled again and said, "No!" I can't admit this too.

Chu Yang asked again, "Then, you're the number one blood-payer Wei Wuyan?"

Young Master Huang said annoyingly, "Not this too!" Damn it, if I admit this, won't Wei Wuyan strip away all my skins? This Wei Wuyan is someone who even dares to provoke the nine big clans.

Chu Yang, "Are you the clan master of any one of the nine big clans?"

Young Master Huang said dejectedly, "No."

Chu Yang snorted and laughed, "Then why should I know who you are? Aren't you just surnamed Huang? Why didn't I know that there is someone who is surnamed Huang within the nine big clans?"

Young Master Huang said with rage, "Although our Huang clan isn't among the nine big clans, it's no worse than the nine big clans. At least it's stronger than your Chu clan."

Chu Yang said strangely, "I'm talking about your Huang clan. Why are you speaking of our Chu clan? If you really want to compare, why not compare with the common residents? Won't it give you a greater sense of achievement and pride?"

Young Master Huang was furious, "What do you mean?!"

Chu Yang waved his hands tiredly, "I mean… please go off! Go to wherever places you want to go, but don't stay here. I'm not going to serve you."

Young Master Huang stood up from his chair and rushed towards the counter, where Chu Yang was sitting on, angrily. His two skinny hands gripped on to the counter and he roared, "F**k! You dare to look down on me Huang Xialiu! You actually looked down on me!"

Chu Yang's face turned black.

Huang Xialiu… what a… nice name 1 ! I really wonder by which expert was this name given to him…

Chu Le'er was originally worrying for Chu Yang, but at this moment, she dared not bear herself to laugh aloud.

The eight experts from the Huang clan also had their faces turned black. They looked up to the ceiling. Argh, what can we do? The young master's name is really… too…

"I don't care whether you're Huang Xialiu or Huang Shangliu 2 !" Divine Doctor Chu said, "I just don't want to treat you, no matter what illness you have. Please immediately leave here."

He paused and said, "The Yin energy in your body has damaged your heart and caused your kidney to dry up. You've no longer than one or two years of longevity left. Quickly go back home and prepare your coffin!"

When these words were said, the elder with white beard behind Huang Xialiu instantly widened his eyes and looked at Chu Yang with surprise: This young man has seen the root of Young Master Huang's illness just with a few looks on him? He didn't even take the young master's pulse!

Huang Xialiu was instantly dumbfounded. Widening his eyes, he said, "Damn it! There's even such a rascal in the world who is even more unreasonable than my grandpa…"

Before he finished his words, the elder, who had white hair and beards, interrupted him and walked towards Chu Yang, putting up a smiley face, "Divine Doctor Chu… our young master is young and aggressive, please don't argue with him… Our young master has been ill for many years. We've seen all the doctors that we could find, but even the Medicine Valley… is helpless. Divine Doctor Chu… please help to take a look at him. Our Huang clan will definitely not forget your kindness!"

Since when was Huang clan, which was a big clan, so soft-spoken?

But in front of them was obviously an annoying guy who would neither listen to reason nor bow to force. But he was an annoying yet talented guy.

The Huang clan was now a supplicant. Moreover, this Young Master Huang was their sole scion, but he had such a strange illness… This concerned with the continuation of the Huang clan. Now that they had found a great divine doctor, there was finally a glimmer of hope. If they offend that doctor… If they went home like this, perhaps the clan master wouldn't blame the young master for offending the doctor, but the elder himself would definitely be game over…

Chu Yang raised his head and looked at this elder. He had at least a Monarch-level cultivation. But for the sake of this Young Master Huang, this elder was willing to lower his profile to plead him. Chu Yang's heart skipped a bit and he said, "Stand aside and let your young master come up to me."

The elder with white beard was overjoyed, "Thank you, Divine Doctor Chu." He turned back and whispered a few words of advice to Huang Xialiu, before dragging him forward to Divine Doctor Chu. The remaining seven people stood aside respectfully.

Chu Yang had asked them to stand. How did they dare to sit down? What if they angered the doctor by sitting down, and made him refuse to treat the young master…

Huang Xialiu stood in front of Chu Yang and dared not to be arrogant. He still gabbled on with unsatisfaction as he extended his hand to Chu Yang to observe his pulse, "This… Divine Doctor Chu… You need to take care of the way you speak. My name is Huang Xialiu, and I have a nickname 'Great Genteel Prince'! In my name Xialiu, 'Xia' is the same word in the term 'Wan Xia' 3 , while 'Liu' is the same word in the term 'Liu Shu' 4 , and when the two words juxtaposed together, it means an upstanding willow under the evening glow. My name doesn't mean obscene… You've heard it wrong…"

As he said, Chu Yang had already raised his head and looked at him in astonishment, "You actually have such illness… You're a wet noodle?"

Huang Xialiu instantly flushed, and roared, "Damn it! Can you speak softer? You… you…"

The elder behind Huang Xialiu sparkled his eyes and stroked his beard as he said, "Yes, oh yes…"

Huang Xialiu wailed, "Don't say it… I'm a man… I also need some face."

Chu Yang frowned and grasped hold of his hand, saying, "Looks like this young master… has excessive Yin energy and insufficient Yang energy in his body. This has blocked his meridians and obstructed the functioning of his kidney. If he was seen by other doctors, they would obviously say that he had over-indulgence in sex…"

Huang Xialiu was angered and he shouted, "Nonsense! You're all quacks! I'm still a cherry boy!"

Chu Yang flipped his eyelids, saying, "What are you shouting for? Sit down properly for me! Did I say that you're not a cherry boy?"

Huang Xialiu said angrily, "You said I'm over-indulgent in sex! Since you said so, how am I still a cherry boy?"

Chu Yang stared at him and roared at a volume as great as thunder, "Sit down! Motherf**er! If you shout again, I won't attend you further!"

Chu Yang looked so overbearing that Huang Xialiu immediately stopped arguing and quietened down, "You're evil!"

"All of you come over! I want to ask about his conditions!" Divine Doctor Chu slammed the table as he fixed his eyes on Huang Xialiu.

The few experts from the Huang clan gazed at one another and came over to Chu Yang.

… In Chinese, 'Xialiu' has a homonym which means 'obscene' 'Shang' is an acronym for 'Xia' in Chinese In Chinese, 'Wan Xia' means 'evening glow' In Chinese, 'Liu Shu' means 'willow'