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Upon listening, Chu Tenghu stepped back. He thought: Even if I got the purple crystals, I'm afraid I'll have to suffer a round of beating. Father has just beaten fourth uncle up, and now fourth uncle has no channels to vent out his anger… It's better to let Tengjiao do the job.

After all, Chu Tengjiao was one year younger than Chu Tenghu, and didn't have so many wits. In addition, his heart was overwhelmed by greed. So he said enthusiastically, "I'll follow fourth uncle to get them."

So the two of them went into the inner courtyard —

Suddenly, followed by a 'bang', only Chu Feiyan's yelling sound was heard, "Did you see the purple crystals?"

This was again followed by a few slapping sounds, accompanied by Chu Feiyan's thunderous voice, "Did you see? Did you see?"

Chu Tengjiao's crying sounds were heard.

All the others went forward, and only saw Chu Tengjiao's red and swollen face. He was sprawling on the ground with mud all over his body, wailing bitterly. Chu Feiyan had already disappeared…

Chu Tenghu was furious. He rushed forward hurriedly, "Tengjiao, Tengjiao… Are you okay…"

"Fourth uncle not only didn't give me the purple crystals… but also beat me…"

Outside, Chu Yang smiled coldly: Beat you? Fourth uncle is really too soft-hearted… He really should beat you to death…

In the evening, Chu Feiling and Yang Ruolan came to the medical center personally to fetch their son back.

Yang Ruolan cooked a table of sumptuous dishes. Looking at Chu Yang who was eating voraciously, her eyes were filled with anxiety. Chu Feiling's eyes turned bigger than his stomach as he looked at the dishes. He stretched forth his chopsticks several times, but Yang Ruolan beat them back with no exceptions…

"Yang Yang, are you alright?" Yang Ruolan asked with concern as she looked at Chu Yang, who was in his usual looks and smiling as if nothing had happened.

"Ah? Very alright!" Chu Yang said as he blinked his eyes and continued to fight against the table of good food.

"I'm saying… the matter that happened today. Do you… have any thoughts?" Yang Ruolan asked, "How about both of us going back to the Yang clan, and not staying here any longer?" Chu Feiling instantly became anxious.

"Mother, is this even a matter at all…" Chu Yang wiped his mouth and said smilingly, "I've got an idea… over this matter. Mother, you don't understand my strategies. You shall rest assured and watch my show."

"Strategies?" Yang Ruolan felt a bit more at ease, and said, "What strategies do you have?"

"I'm not a person who'll suffer losses," Chu Yang squinted his eyes, saying, "You don't know this. But, my sworn brother knows this…"

"Sworn brother?" Yang Ruolan was stunned for a while, and instantly she took a tumble. Although she was in extreme misery now, she couldn't help but feel the urge to have a great laugh.

Chu Feiling's face blushed. He said angrily, "Little punk! I see that your skin is itchy…"

The originally oppressive atmosphere instantly became more lively. The quarrel that the couple had over their son's affairs was also resolved to a great extent.

Chu Yang laughed. He held on to Yang Ruolan's hands and said, "Mother, don't worry. I'm just good at playing conspiracies. They can't defeat me; As for leaving here… we can't afford to do so. Now, the Chu clan is full of threats, both internally and externally, and there are too many bad guys. But… we'd rather rebuild the Chu clan than to leave it… If we leave, we'll be giving utmost satisfaction to those guys."

Chu Feiling was pale, and said, "Crash the Chu clan and rebuild it?"

Chu Yang slowly nodded as he smiled calmly.

The couple was speechless.

Even Yang Ruolan, who was so indignant now, had never thought of crashing the entire Chu clan! But, Chu Yang had already said this out clearly.

As Chu Yang smiled, he pondered: Chu Feilong's wits indeed can't be underestimated. I used every means I could to make it seem that I have no relationship with the law-enforcement officers, just so as to make a trap. But Chu Feilong still remained cautious and didn't step into it.

And he had given up the use of force to deal with me, and has chosen other path instead.

And the path he has taken now was the most troublesome thing for myself, and it's the most effective way to deal with me: Exploit the power of the clan to suppress me!

No matter from which direction did he start the attack, Chu Yang could use the toughest strategies to fight back confidently. But the current strategy that Chu Feilong had taken had forced Chu Yang to plan his counterattack gradually, and he couldn't go to the extremities.

As long as he took radical means, the Chu clan might fall apart or decline thoroughly. There was another possibility: Chu Yang would once again be expelled from the clan!

Chu Feilong might not care about this, but Chu Yang had to care. He had led a wandering life for 18 years. Now that he finally had a home, wouldn't it be a pity to ruin it personally?

"But, just like this… do you think that you've exploited my vulnerability?" While Chu Yang was beaming with a smile, he actually sneered in his heart. "Let's play together slowly. I'll… accompany you to play to our hearts' content. I'll give all of you an appetizer tomorrow. As for the serious meal… you shall wait for me to brew it slowly…"

In the still of the night, Chu Yang attached the sword spirit to him. With a flash of light, Chu Yang secretly vanished from his room.

Outside, the few experts that Chu Feilong had sent to monitor the small courtyard didn't notice anything, not to mention the spies who were also arranged there — With Chu Yang's cautiousness and the cultivation of the sword spirit, if these people still could take notice of Chu Yang's movements, he should well… get himself a piece of tofu and bump himself on it.

Not long after, Sha Xinliang's angry roar was heard in the Law Enforcement Hall.

One could sense how angry and annoyed, and how much he wanted to kill people, from this roar. It was really hard to describe.

The few law-enforcement officers who were guarding the gate of the Law Enforcement Hall shuddered in unison: What's the matter again?

They didn't know that this was the outcome of Chu Yang's complaint, "Big brother, I really have no idea. I suffered from so much bullying, if… I can only leave my homeland to avoid this troublesome place…"

This made Sha Xinliang really anxious: Other medicines are all retrieved, and there are only two elixirs which are on the way here. Once they're here, Qin Baoshan and himself could be cured; And the law-enforcement master is also rushing here… Great credit is going to fall onto both of them…

If Chu Yang is to be marginalized out of the Chu clan at this time… won't all my hope be lost?? It would still be a minor matter if I suffer punishment after the law-enforcement master realizes that he is tricked. The key is… I won't be able to keep my life.

At this moment, Sha Xinliang's hatred towards Chu Feilong was so great that even rivers and lakes couldn't wash it away! If Chu Feilong appeared in front of him at his moment, Sha Xinliang could definitely swallow him alive with a mouthful!

"That… so, so, so…" Chu Yang frowned and struck the table…

Sha Xinliang nodded repeatedly, looking grim and serious.

The second day, Divine Doctor Chu went to 'work' very early in the morning. He occupied his 'Chief Doctor' seat and started to throw his weight around.

With a 'bang', his foot landed on the table of an old doctor which was left of him. He shouted at this doctor with triangular eyes, "Go, get me some tea."

"You!" that old guy's face was flushed with anger and he stared at him.

"I'm the chief doctor!" Chu Yang looked at him wickedly, "Why, you don't want to earn purple crystals? I shall tell you: If you don't serve me well, I'll not be in a good mood! As long as I'm not in a good mood, purple crystals? What are these gimmicks? I'll not want them anymore!"

The old guy was instantly dumbfounded.

Who had seen such a rogue-like eldest young master before?

Aside, the shopkeeper Chu Tenghu said hurriedly, "Old Ge, you're only a doctor. Why don't you listen to the words of the chief doctor? You must know that you should give respect to people who have greater status than you!"

And as he said, he gave a wink.

Now that everyone has to depend on Chu Yang to earn purple crystals, we couldn't offend him temporarily. If the two of you put in greater efforts and learn some techniques from him, wouldn't it be a piece of cake to deal with this good-for-nothing who has no cultivations?

Although Old Ge understood this, his hands still shuddered like chicken claws.

He had spent half his life as a doctor in the Chu clan. Who dared to shout at him like this? Not to mention making tea for someone else, this was really the first time in his life… He could only stand up shakily to make a cup of tea. Then he slammed it heavily on the table and said, "Eldest young master, please."

Chu Yang slanted his eyes. He slammed the table in rage, yelling, "Bastard! What are you treating me as? The tea that all of you normally drink is for pigs! How honorable is my status? You even dared to make such tea for me! You, old dog, don't want to work any further, do you?!"

Old Ge flipped his eyes angrily. His body was shuddering so hard that no words came out from his mouth. He pointed his trembling finger at Chu Yang, and his two eyes almost protruded out,"You… You…"

"What?" Chu Yang stared at him, "You're not convinced? Don't think that I don't dare to scold you because you're old! You're f**king not my son! Look at you, ah!? Do you have any rules? You've been a dog in our Chu clan for all your life. Why, you want to bite your master today? How daring you are!"

Old Ge retreated two steps back as he shuddered. His hands held onto his chest and he faltered, "You're pissing me off to death, pissing me off to death…"

"Pissing you off to death? Why aren't you dead yet?" Chu Yang said as he went forth, grabbed Old Ge's chin and raised his head up, as he smiled wickedly. "Don't think that you have two young masters to protect you. I shall tell you, everyone may fend for your life. But as long as you don't get to know how I earn purple crystals, you'll be a lapdog forever! Do you understand? Old dog!"

Chu Tenghu's face turned purple. He stood up from behind the counter and said, "Big brother, why are you doing this? Being angry with a servant…"

Chu Yang laughed. "You're right, he's only an abject servant!"

Old Ge instantly started to quiver more hardly. Even his lips had turned pale, and it seemed that he couldn't stand upright. He knew well that Chu Yang was finding faults with him, so he tolerated him. But Chu Tenghu's saying that Old Ge himself was a 'servant' made him hard to tolerate.

Although he knew that Chu Tenghu was saying this out of urgency, he still felt uneasy.

At this moment, Chu Yang extended his hand and toppled the teacup, smashing it against the ground. More than half of the hot tea water landed on Old Ge's legs, which instantly wetted.

Chu Yang muttered to himself, "I just have this temper! Piss off if you can't tolerate me… Damn it, there are indeed so many people who eat the bread of idleness. You're not able at all and f**king going to enter your coffin. But you not only steal away my means of subsistence but also come to learn from a 17- or 18-year-old kid… F**k off my second uncle! Why is his skin so thick? It turns out that he has been living with his face all his life on a donkey's ass… No wonder he's so smelly!"