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831 If you act wild, I’ll keep you company

Other people would probably be benevolent or compassionate, but this definitely didn't apply for the King of Hell Chu… As for fraternal ties, this depends on who his brother was…

Other people who led a wandering life outside for eighteen years would definitely treasure his home by twice the amount ordinary clan members would have once he was returned to it. He would be obedient and willing to suffer any sufferings, with the sole hope to integrate himself into his clan.

But, it was different for Chu Yang. He treasured his home more than any other clan members, but he would definitely not abide by the rules, not to mention swallow insults and humiliations in silence. And this sentiment he had for his clan resulted as such: He would eliminate whoever affected the safety of the clan!

If Chu Feilong really knew about Chu Yang's past, then he might not even dare to plot this scheme on the medical center. As a person who liked to plot, Chu Feilong knew very well how terrible that playing to one's wits was.

How would a person who wouldn't hesitate to kill millions of soldiers at one go care about your two sons? What a funny thing…

Leaving two sons next to the King of Hell Chu, and wanting to grab away his fruits of labor… This was definitely ten thousand times more terrible than asking a tiger for its skin.

After getting a confirmed response, Chu Yang smiled sincerely, "Oh, I see. I've understood. Second uncle, don't worry, I'll fulfill my responsibility as a chief doctor, and help my two brothers to bring our Purple Crystals Huichun Hall to greater heights! In the future, Purple Crystals Huichun Hall will become reputable across the world and the Chu clan will also develop and thrive! My second brother will also follow me to become known and have his name spread across the Nine Heavens!"

Chu Feilong gazed at him for a moment and finally said, "Slick or covet strategies in managing this business will be punished rather heavily by the clan."

Chu Yang smiled openly and responded, "Second uncle, do I look like I'll ignore the larger issues? This is after all the property of our clan, and the three of us are after all brothers whose blood is thicker than water."

Chu Feilong thought: You look like you'll ignore the larger issues? You simply behave this way! He snorted and said, "It's good that you think this way."

Then he turned around and left.

"He's gone too far in bullying!" Chu Feiyan said as he shuddered in rage. Not listening to Chu Le'er's advice, he chased out after Chu Feilong like a bolt of lightning.

Chu Le'er struck Chu Le'er's hair pitifully and said, "Le'er, I don't need you here for the moment. You can go into the room to read your books."

Chu Le'er looked at him strangely. Chu Yang looked calm and was smiling at her warmly. After a long time, Chu Le'er tipped her feet up and kissed on Chu Yang's face, saying happily, "Big brother… if that's the case, I'll go watch my show."

Chu Yang told her to read books, but she said that she's going to watch shows.

When Chu Feiyan returned, he was bruised all over his face, his clothes had all become ragged, and was shouting with indignation. He looked disappointed, melancholic, in agony, and a bit in disbelief.

"Are you even my second brother? Are you the Chu Feilong I knew in the past?"

"Where's your heart?"

"Where had the Chu Feilong in the past gone to?"

"Why did you become like this?"


He thought of the questions he had repeatedly asked Chu Feilong, but Chu Feiyan was only greeted by the indifferent eyes of Chu Feilong. Chu Feiyan felt his heard bleed: He didn't even feel a tinge of guilt!

Chu Feiyan, who felt extremely bad, returned to the medical center. He ignored everyone he saw and rushed into the inner courtyard.

"Fourth uncle, didn't you return home?" Chu Tenghu asked smilingly. Yes, the family had taken back the medical center and didn't arrange Chu Feiyan to work here.

As the new shopkeeper, of course, Chu Tenghu felt that fourth uncle's presence here was obstructive to him.

Chu Feiyan halted as he was about to rush towards Chu Tenghu. Chu Feiyan turned back to look at Chu Tenghu smilingly, and asked, "Why, Tenghu, are you instructing me?"

Chu Tenghu's face changed color. He lowered his head and said, "Sorry, fourth uncle, I'm only concerned for you."

Chu Feiyan revealed a strange smile and said, "I'll go back when I want to. When I don't want to go back, it's still not your turn yet to dictate me! Do you understand? This is the Chu clan's territory. I'll be where I like to be! Do you understand?"

Chu Tenghu lowered his head and said respectfully, "Fourth uncle, you're right. I'm too bold."

A chilly ray of light flashed across his eyes secretly.

Chu Feiyan yelled, "I'm asking you, do you understand? You should answer 'I've understood' or 'I've not understood'! Instead of bootlicking me!"

Chu Tenghu's face blushed, and he could only say, "I've understood."

"If that's the case, be honest in front of me. Don't learn from your cunning and evil father!" Chu Feiyan grunted, flicked his sleeves and went away. Chu Tenghu was after all Chu Feiyan's nephew. Although Chu Feiyan appeared to be scolding Chu Tenghu, his words were full of ardent feelings and sincere hope. Chu Yang could sense it too.

There was a constant stream of workers sending new tables and chairs in, filling up the entire medical center. The shopkeeper and accountant performed their own jobs, and the two old doctors also remained in the hall to provide consultation services. As such, the Purple Crystals Huichun Hall continued its business.

Chu Yang sat calmly on the chair tagged 'Chief Doctor' as if the great change of his authority this day had simply no impact on him. Even his mood didn't fluctuate by a tiny bit.

Chu Tenghu glanced at Chu Yang a few times and realized that he was calm all along. Chu Tenghu's eyes revealed greater jealousy and resentment, and various sinister thoughts also overwhelmed his mind in an unstoppable manner.

If he didn't come back, my father would be the clan master, and after my father, it would be me. But he came back. And this guy also has great wits. He's really my biggest enemy now!

You're a wild species who had been leading a wandering life since young. Why do you want to compete with me?

If I don't get rid of you, I'll feel insecure.

Chu Yang smilingly looked at his two brothers yelling at each other. But, after the morning's time, behind Chu Yang's smiling eyes was an added layer of chill.

None of them were good.

Like their father, they were cunning and evil.

Chu Tenghu sighed in his heart. He gazed at his toes. Although he wanted to deal with Chu Feilong, he didn't intend to get rid of the entire bloodline of the Chu Tenghu.

After all, that two brothers of Chu Yang had the same roots.

So, he still had to observe. Now that both of them had come up to him by themselves. With only a little contact with them, Chu Yang had understood their natures. Their contempt and marginalization towards Chu Yang, their obvious gloat over his current circumstances, and their evil intentions to entrap him in a fatal ground, were all observed by Chu Yang.

Occasionally, they would turn back to look at Chu Yang. The sinister and chill look they revealed looked as gruesome as a venomous snake, and their every glance would involuntarily make Chu Yang's murderous intentions to arise.

I haven't had time to deal with both of you, but now you're trying to gain an upper hand over me…

Chu Yang smiled coldly in his heart and thought: Only with both of you, you want to swindle my fruits? Even Diwu Qingrou and Mo Tianji couldn't take advantage of me, what's more for you two punks…

You're really… tired of living.

Motherf**ker, I'm too soft-hearted now. I want to step everything, regardless of whether they're humans or not, under my feet… Let's wait and see. If you don't treat me as a big brother, all the more I'll not treat you as my younger brothers!

If you're wild, I'll do the same!

Chu Tenghu and Chu Tengjiao were very excited. 5% of the shares! Although it's only 5% each, both of them knew how terrible the avenue of his Purple Crystals Huichun Hall was.

8000 purple crystals a month, so 10% of it was 800! 5% was 400!

How much is 400 purple crystals?

The two of them had never seen so many purple crystals at one shot before!

"Big brother, this medical center has been opened for a month. Let me do some accounting for the previous income," Chu Tengjiao said smilingly.

His eyes were filled with greed.

Previous income… That was 8000 purple crystals.

Chu Yang smiled and said, "Oh, cute little brother, the clan only said that… the medical center would be returned back to the clan from today onwards. Do you understand… 'from today onwards'?"

Chu Tenghu intercepted the conversation, "Big brother, but… this was also the Chu clan's property previously. Moreover, I'm the shopkeeper now." He meant: If you don't listen to me, I'll charge you for not listening to my order!

He was already posing a bit of a threat.

Chu Yang smiled amicably and said, "This is very reasonable. If that's the case, you can go find fourth uncle. All the purple crystals are in his hands," He sighed and said sincerely, "My two brothers, this is the disadvantage that us, juniors, have to bear… We can only put in efforts, but how would we have a turn to take purple crystals? Otherwise, do you think that fourth uncle is playing here all the time?"

Chu Feiyan is now very frustrated. Chu Yang only wants to help him to vent out his anger. Looks like Chu Yang is being filial in saying this.

Chu Tenghu and Chu Tengjiao gazed at each other.

Chu Yang was also right in saying this… but who dared to ask for the purple crystals from fourth uncle?

Chu Yang already started shouting, "Fourth uncle! Fourth uncle, are you here?"

Chu Feiyan rushed in, boiling with anger he said, "What are you shouting about?"

Chu Yang said apologetically, "It's like this. Tenghu and Tengjiao want to do some accounting for our previous income. May you take out the purple crystals? After all, a month has already passed, and it's time that everyone gets their shares…"

Chu Feiyan said in rage, "You want purple crystals? F**k your ass! I don't even have a piece!"

Chu Yang seemed to be very considerate towards the interests of the whole. He advised, "Fourth uncle, everyone belongs to a clan… After all, they're the clan's property."

Chu Feiyan was furious. If you little kid wants to make use of me, then say clearly. F**k, the Purple Crystals Huichun Hall has earned up to tens of thousands of purple crystals, but other than the six broken ones, I've none in my hands!

I don't even know whether the purple crystals had flown away or ran away… You actually wanted the two of them to ask purple crystals from me?

He suddenly felt like exploding.

Chu Yang sighed and said sincerely, "Fourth uncle, I've heard how you, back in the years, bore humiliations and heavy burdens just so as to take care of the larger interests. You've… gone through the South and North, and dipped your legs into corpses; killed and slapped people, and drunk water from latrine… How great you are! You had even traveled the Lower Three Heavens with so much ease… Please do take the purple crystals out. Everything is for the sake of the clan…"

The King of Hell Chu said 'Lower Three Heavens' these three words rather heavily.

Instantly, Chu Feiyan was so angered by this that his nose twitched.