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786 The Damn Short Fatty

Law-Enforcement Auction Hall!

The name of the aforementioned auction hall made it very clear that it was controlled by law enforcement.

At the top of the five-story building, there were already a few officers looking into the distance.

"Wujin is in chaos!" The first person to speak had three long bundles of hair hanging above his chest, a square face, and deep eyes. His eyes flashed. "Which clan do you think stirred up this mess?"

"It may not be any of the three clans!" The second speaker looked a bit bloated. He had an oval face and seemed to be smiling all the time. He said, "If we look at where the fire seems to start, we see that while the fire spread very quickly, there was a pattern to it. That is, it started from the East, made a big round and ended in the North-East. From the report, what's critical about this case of arson is just that it occurred abruptly. It doesn't require people of high cultivation to stop it from spreading. Martial Emperors in their fifth or sixth stages at most. Even ninth stage Martial Kings can do it."

"This should be a simple disturbance," a middle-aged man with a round face concluded.

"What about after the disturbance?" the long-haired man asked. He was obviously not satisfied with his subordinate's inference.

"That's a different case, but it's obviously done by the same person! Up till now, there are 19 shops which have been reported…"

Someone was calling out from inside as he spoke, "Another two shops were looted. They belonged to the Chu and Bao clan respectively."

"There are 21 shops now and the situation is still worsening." The middle-aged man with a round face immediately changed his tone and said, "The cultivation of this man is terrible. Even you, Boss… I'm afraid…"

He did not finish his sentence but everyone understood what he meant.

Behind him, a few men in silver were shocked. Their boss was a sixth stage Martial Monarch and the general manager of the law enforcement officers of Flat Mountain Ridge!

This villain even has a cultivation higher than their boss?

The long-haired person was silent for a while. He said, "That's right. Looking at the person's speed, maliciousness, and cultivation, I'm not above him in any one of them!"

"But there's no need for us to worry. This is the Xiao clan's territory. Although he isn't afraid of the Xiao clan, I've never heard of anyone in the entire Nine Heavens who's not afraid of us law-enforcement officers!" the round-faced man smiled proudly.

"Not necessarily…" the long-haired person said heavily. "Are all items for auction kept away? And have all the treasures been sent into the secret chamber?"

"Yes, all have been sent into the secret chamber!" the round-faced man smiled and said, "I know that you're always prudent and thorough, but I think… I'm afraid you're overly worried this time…"

"I hope that's the case…" The long-haired man's face was full of apprehension. His eyes looked sorrowful.

Sounds of a messenger came from inside. The man's voice changed and was full of astonishment, "I just received news from the three shops that belonged to the Xiao clan. They have all been looted!"

The color on everyone's face changed!

This person even looted the Xiao clan's properties!

"Get ready!" the long-haired man ordered, "Everyone, gather here immediately!" Before he could finish, a howl reverberated through the air.

He was alarmed and shouted, "Immediately!"

But it was too late. Under the burning night sky, a silhouette sped towards him like a bolt of lightning.

It was only the size of a sparrow when it first appeared, but when it made its second appearance, it had already become as big as a person's head. The third time, it landed below the auction hall in a composed manner. Wearing black clothing and a black veil, the figure looked up.

His eyes glared like two bolts of lightning flashing across the sky!

It was a short fat man.

The nine experts in the hall stood behind the long-haired man, together with the three that had been with the long-haired man earlier on. Everyone looked at the short fatty below them. The air was heavy.

He had a sharp, murderous look!

"Haha, what a neat troop!" the short fatty laughed. His laughter sounded hollow. Everyone could not help but feel uncomfortable. Then they heard him say, "Come down, I'm not used to raising my head to talk to people. If you don't want this building to collapse, get down now!"

"He's insane!" a law-enforcement officer exclaimed with agitation.

"Stand down!" the long-haired man shouted. "You've come from afar and I owe you a proper greeting. I seek your forgiveness!" And as he said that, he flew down gently.

He knew that the man was not exaggerating. With his cultivation, it would be not difficult for him to shatter the building into pieces.

The others also jumped down after their boss.

The short fatty looked even shorter on the ground. He gave laughed coldly and said, "He who understands his times is a wise man. Law-enforcers are indeed outstanding people!"

These words were like a loud slap to their faces.

He was obviously saying that law-enforcers were cowards!

At once, a number of people became impatient and wanted to jump out to punish the punk. They were stopped by the long-haired man.

"May I know who you are?" the long-haired man took a step forward and asked with a smile. He maintained his poise and did not even look angry.

"Didn't you see me with a veil on?" He yielded neither to the carrot nor the stick and shouted, "You dare to ask for my name? If I can say my name, why would I cover my face? Is your head filled with tofu pulp?"

"Then I shan't ask." The long-haired man smiled and said, "May I know what you are here for? Please do tell me clearly. If I'm able to fulfill your needs, I really hope that you can become my friend."

"It's nothing big. I'm only missing some things so I came here to see if you had any of them." The short fatty seemed to become more cultured as he saw that the adversary was constantly polite.

"What are you lacking?" the long-haired man asked gently. "I'm Qin Baoshan, the manager of the Flat Mountain Ridge. I believe I can fulfill your needs. Please feel free to tell me what they are."

"That's great! I've been to several places and I have never seen anyone so sensible!" The short fatty laughed. "Actually it's nothing. I had two apprentices but they improved their cultivations too slowly. My purple crystals were all used up so I couldn't help them. I need some purple crystals. I don't need a lot, just 1 800 of them will do. In addition, I'm lacking some treasures. I won't ask for a lot. Be it poisons or supplements, I need a hundred or so for each type."

Qin Baoshan's face darkened.

Your requirements are indeed not high! 1 800 purple crystals and a hundred or so of each type of treasured poisons and supplements…

There's not even that much in the entire auction hall. You want our lives!

"Your request is too difficult to be fulfilled." Qin Baoshan sighed and said, "I can't access that much at the moment… but, if you need it urgently… can I give you a suggestion?"

"I'm listening?" the short fatty blinked his eyes.

"I'm able to give you 30 purple crystals at my own disposal! This is the maximum I can give you!" Qin Baoshan said earnestly, "I hope that you can understand our circumstances and that we can reach an agreement."

The 13 people behind him were extremely shocked: Since when had Boss become such a jellyfish? He even tried to accommodate another person? We could fuck that damn short fatty up if we go against him together!

Little did they know that Qin Baoshan already knew from the opponent's tone and gestures that the person in front of them was at least a ninth stage Martial Monarch! If they fought him, no one would survive!

Then the game would be over. So he could only hope to kindly deal with this malicious presence. Qin Baoshan did not have a kind nature. Moreover, his job as an enforcer encouraged tyrannous behavior.

But he could choose who he was tyrannous with. This was also why he had survived for so long. This short fatty clearly didn't want to respect him!

"30? Do you think that I'm a beggar?" The short fatty was furious, "Qin Baoshan, I thought you were sensible. I've never thought that you would insult me in such a manner! Don't talk nonsense… let's fight!"

Qin Baoshan shouted, "Brother, please wait! How many purple crystals do you want? We can discuss. Of course, I know that in such a remote place, there are definitely not as many purple crystals as you requested. If you don't really intend to fight us, let's settle down and have an honest discussion! Integrity is always required when doing business."

"Integrity…" the short fatty laughed. "Alright, I'll not embarrass you further. Qin Baoshan, I've considered that I've negotiated with you today. How about this, I'll not ask for the things that you auction, only 300 purple crystals! And I'll go away today!"

"300 purple crystals…" The wrinkles on Qin Baoshan's face deepened.

I can take out this amount, but they're not my own. They're the organization's. If I take them out for no reason… even though I may keep my own life, I would face severe punishment by the organization.

"Qin Baoshan, what are you hesitating? You must know that my request is already very generous!" The short fatty's eyes flashed and he looked at Qin Baoshan evilly.

Qin Baoshan certainly understood this point. His transformation from the previously aggressive attitude to that his present one was already very generous for a looter. This also indicated that the adversary did not really intend to battle with the enforcers!

"Alright!" Qin Baoshan flashed his eyes and said, "I want to test your abilities. If you win, I'll hand over all 300 purple crystals! If I'm defeated… you should know that I won't hand over the 300 purple crystals so easily."

Everyone understood what he meant.

If Qin Baoshan was defeated, nothing could be said if he handed him the purple crystals. And he could even save the lives of his 13 brothers - if Qin Baoshan was defeated, wouldn't everyone be committing suicide should they go forward to fight their adversary?

The short fatty laughed, "Qin Baoshan, you're a clever guy. Let's fight!"

With a smirk, Qin Baoshan stepped up boldly. The short fatty floated up like a black cloud and drew circles above Qin Baoshan. After three laps, he became a big cloud of black fog!

Qin Baoshan drew out his sword. He held on to the sword and stood still as he tried to concentrate.

If the enemy doesn't move, I won't either!

"You sure are an expert!" the short fatty praised. Suddenly, with a whoosh, a cloud of black fog immediately gathered to one side and vanished in an instant.

The surroundings were absorbed into a vacuum!