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752 Don’t Leave, Brother!

Chu Yang threw himself inside decisively and unwaveringly!

Chu Yang felt everything before his eyes go blur in the moment that he disappeared into the hole, and the red-hot white light before him became a patch of darkness.

He took a few probing steps forward, and only then could see he some faint light in the distance in front of him.

Chu Yang frowned and walked forward.

He covered seventy feet before he took another step.

A silhouette flashed in front of him, and someone appeared before him.

"Ji Mo?" Chu Yang cried out in surprise, "What are you doing here?" Ji Mo was the one who appeared in front of him, and he smiled radiantly with his teeth showing while he raised his eyebrows mischievously. "Didn't see this coming, did you, boss?"

"I didn't see that coming," Chu Yang forced a laugh and shook his head.

Chu Yang originally suspected that this was an illusion, but that familiar feeling and the realistic sense of touch that he felt when his hands came into contact with Ji Mo told him that this wasn't an illusion.

"Heh, boss – Mo Tian Ji knew a long time ago that you take a risk and come down here. So, we came down before you while you were lying down in your tent."

The corners of Ji Mo's mouth were curved into a wide smile, and he was very lively.

"Boss, if something like this happens next time, please don't keep us in the dark. We're brothers – how can you brave danger by yourself?" Ji Mo laughed heartily and said, "How can we be called brothers if we don't share in both life and death? I would rather die, boss!"

Chu Yang sounded a little guilty as he said, "This matter is my fault. I didn't want you guys to worrya about me."

He was halfway through his sentence when he suddenly realized something. "Did you guys not come together? Where are the rest?" Ji Mo chuckled and said, "They're in front, of course!" He took a tsep forward and grasped Chu Yang's hand. "Let me take you to find them, boss. Hahaha!" The two of them locked arms as they walked forward.

Chu Yang felt as if he was filled with happiness in this moment.

"These guys!"

He muttered under his breath, and he didn't know if he did so because he was satisfied or he was blaming them.

Another person came out from in front of them – it was Luo Ke Di.

"Owh, boss, you didn't expect this, did you?" Luo Ke Di shouted excitedly as he pounced at Chu Yang with his arms outstretched.

Chu Yang's heart was filled with warmth as he chided jokingly, "Oh, you! Hmph, you actually lied to me – wait and see what I'll do you when we return…"

Luo Ke Di was laughing very merrily, and his silhouette came ever so close.

Suddenly, Chu Yang's pupils contracted as he shouted, "Watch out!" That was because he realized to his extreme shock that a brilliant sword light appeared behind Luo Ke Di!

A sword that was filled with death was flying right towards Luo Ke Di's back with lightning speed!

This sword didn't make a sound at all, and not even the water around them shifted at all!

But this sword was just so ghastly, and it was took away all of Chu Yang's hope!

Luo Ke Di's face was still filled with the happiness that they would have only when the brothers were together. He was full of merry because he could finally help Chu Yang, and he didn't register anything after Chu Yang's exclamation as he muttered confusedly, "What?" Swoosh!

Blood erupted in all directions!

Chu Yang roared as his heart ached terribly, and he felt as if his heart was starting to crumble into pieces!

Luo Ke Di had already walked twenty feet away from him, but his body would be forever frozen in this place!

The shiny tip of a sword protruded from Luo Ke Di's chest, and it carried Luo Ke Di's warm blood as his blood trickled out and gradually dissipated through the water around them!

This attack was so cruel – it went straight for Luo Ke Di's heart! Chu Yang could never save Luo Ke Di even if he had ten thousand complete Nine Heavens Pills.

There was still a smile on Luo Ke Di's face, but his face had turned gray.

Bright red blood was still trickling continuously from his mouth.

He tried his best to control himself, and he smiled through fits of coughing and choking. "Owh, I wanted to come here to help you, but I didn't expect myself to make you sad instead…"

"I'm so sorry."

"Little Wolf!" Chu Yang roared once more despondently and rushed forward.

The sword tip protruding from Luo Ke Di's chest shifted and vanished with a whoosh.

"Don't pull the sword! Don't pull it!" Chu Yang roared as his heart continued to ache, and he even began to beg.

He knew that once the sword's tip was withdrawn, Luo Ke Di's last ounces of vitality would be taken away!

But the sword was still withdrawn, and it disappeared.

Luo Ke Di's body trembled, and he finally fell forward.

Chu Yang cried out agonizingly, as if his heart had been torn to pieces and he pounced forward to hug him in his arms.

Luo Ke Di's body was still quivering in his arms.

He revealed a very faint smile as he muttered, "I'm sorry, boss. I've gone against my word – if there's a next life, I will accompany you… and reign supreme over the Nine Heavens…"

"My brother!" Chu Yang hugged Luo Ke Di as tightly as he could. His entire body was shivering, and tears streamed down his face. He sniffled and said, "Don't go!"

Luo Ke Di stared at him blankly, and he squeezed out a smile as he uttered one last sentence. "Owh… Don't cry, boss. A big brother that cries will embarrass me." He raised his hand, as if he wanted to wipe away the tears on Chu Yang's face.

But he could only raise his hand halfway before it fell back down limply.

An apologetic expression and dense worry remained in his eyes.

"Little Wolf!" Chu Yang shouted towards the sky as a stream of fresh blood fountained from his mouth. His eyes were as wide as they could be, and the corners of his eyes were almost cracked open as he stared in the direction of where the fatal sword had been delivered from with intense hate in his eyes.

There was nobody there!

"Come out!" Chu Yang roared angrily!

"Who are you! Damn you and all eight generations of your ancestors! Come out, you bastard! Come!" Chu Yang shouted hysterically, and his eyes were bloodshot.

Chu Yang had killed before, and he had cursed at people before, but he had never cursed at someone so profanely in his entire life!

But, this time, he couldn't hold himself back anymore!

The water on the other side was as calm as ever, and there were no disturbances at all.

If Luo Ke Di's corpse wasn't still clearly in Chu Yang's arms, Chu Yang almost thought that this was just a dream!

"Little Wolf!" Ji Mo howled at the top of his voice and tears streamed down his face as he cried hysterically. He rushed over and exclaimed, "Little Wolf! What's happened to you, Little Wolf… wake up! Wake up…"

Ji Mo caressed Luo Ke Di's ice-cold face, and his eyes were full of guilt and apologies as he stared at him. Ji Mo finally cried out loud and said, "Don't scare me! Don't scare me…" Chu Yang's facial muscles were still twitching hysterically as mystical and terrifying light fired from his eyes. He carried Luo Ke Di's corpse and stood up as he walked forward slowly.

"Little Wolf, I want you to watch with your own eyes how I will avenge you!"

Chu Yang murmured to himself as he continued stepping forward with Luo Ke Di's corpse in his arms.

His entire was prepared for battle.

"Boss!" Ji Mo's outcry could be heard from behind him, and Chu Yang felt his body quiver.

Ji Mo's call didn't have any grief – there was only yearning and a little surprise, and some plain disbelief.

Chu Yang spun around.

Ji Mo suddenly shouted hysterically, and he coughed twice as blood spilled from his mouth.

Two sparkling longswords were just being withdrawn from the sides of Ji Mo's body!

The swords were brilliant, and fresh blood covered the blades.

Drops of blood dissipated through the water with every inch that the blade was withdrawn.

Fresh blood emerged continuously from Ji Mo's mouth, but his hands were tightly wrapped around the edges of the sword that was being pulled out from his left side.

Blood poured out once more from the edges where his hands were grasping.

There was worry in his eyes as he struggled. "Boss – don't care about me… Gu… and the others are still ahead… you have to hurry. They might be in danger!"

He was panting and his breaths were heavy, and a smile appeared on his face. "I'm with Little Wolf, and we're not afraid… Boss… you have to hurry!" At this moment, the sword rotated with a whoosh in Ji Mo's hands, and all ten of his fingers dropped neatly. The tip of the sword rotated once in his heart.

Two silhouettes that flickered like illusions laughed coldly, and that laugh was filled with eerie pleasure as they suddenly appeared and disappeared. Chu Yang didn't have time to chase them at all, and there was only large patches of blood-red colors in his heart that was almost numb from all that grief. He couldn't think about anything else!

Fresh blood began to disperse in the water.

Ji Mo's face began to contort, and those were to be the final pains of his life.

However, he didn't call out, and there was only a faint smile on his face. "Boss, think about those who are still alive and not those whoa re dead… We… are going… you guys… take care!" With that, his body quivered and the worry in his eyes froze abruptly.

His widened eyes seemed like they were still urging him, as if they were saying, "Go! They are in danger! They need you! Boss… I beg you!"

Chu Yang roared hysterically as if his intestines were being ripped apart.

His heart became as cold as ice!

Two of his brothers had become corpses right in front of him!

In the moment before that, they were still smiling and laughing at him, and they were still joking around with him. In the blink of an eye, they were gone from this world!

Even their last requests were so heart-breaking!

He thought about when they first met in the Lower Three Heavens, and their energy and vitality when they were training together, and how wronged they felt when they were forced to wash socks, how high-spirited they were when they fought for hierarchy, their dominance over the Middle Three Heavens, their ambitions for the Upper Three Heavens – everything was gone in this moment!

There was nothing left!

"Owh – I feel so alive today!" That was Ji Mo's voice, when he somersaulted a few times and shouted at the top of his voice after he had a breakthrough.

"Owh, owh – is it finally my turn?" That was Luo Ke Di's voice, before the great battle, when he was brimming with excitement and because he didn't want to miss out. Chu Yang could still vividly remember – there was a burning will to fight emanating from Luo Ke Di's face!

"Brother!" Chu Yang shut his eyes, and two rows of tears streamed down his face.

Luo Ke Di's body slipped soundlessly from his hands, and he placed him next to Ji Mo.

Tears continued rolling in Chu yang's eyes, and he forced himself not to look at the corpses of his two brothers, but he still couldn't help but steal a glance. Afterwards, he rushed out seething with rage and grief.

"Ji Mo is right!"

"Gu Du Xing and the others are still in front, and my other brothers are still there! They could be in danger! They could be even more danger than in this place!"

"I have to care about those whoa re still alive, not those who are dead!"

"He is right!"

"However, such a simple decision is simply too cruel for me in my current state! Too cruel!"

Chu Yang pounced forward hysterically.

Clanging sounds could be heard continuously from in front of him. Furious shouting could be heard as several figures were attacking each other in this region of water!

Chu Yang felt his spirits lifted –"My other brothers are still alive! My other brothers are still here!"

He jumped forward urgently as if he were a shooting star.

He was afraid that if he was one step too late, another new tragedy would await him!

The blur suddenly cleared up, and a wide and open space opened up in front of his eyes. Gu Du Xing's expression was cold and solemn, and his sword was like a dragon. Ao Xie Yun's sword was like a star, Xie Dan Qiong's viburnum waltzed, the edges of Mo Tian Ji's clothes danced, while Tan Tan and Xie Dan Feng teamed up in their attack.

They were each locked in crazy battle with fellows that had clothes which had almost the same color as the water around them!

Chu Yang came closer like a tornado!