Transcending the Nine Heavens
745 Realization!
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Transcending the Nine Heavens
Author :Fenglin Tianxia
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745 Realization!

Chu Yang heavily sighed, "What should've been noticed wasn't noticed, but what should have been ignored was noticed! You've established enemies in vain! The rest of the other clans more or less invited the two of you, but why didn't the Ling Clan extend an invitation? This is because you are expendable! If you dare to advance any further, you'll be killed. Otherwise, if you retreat, nothing will happen!"

The four of them lowered their heads in guilt.

Beads of perspiration dripped from Ji Mo's head, but he didn't dare to utter a sound. This was because there was an extra hand around his waist and his flesh was already being pinched until numb. Behind him, Huyan Aobo appeared very gloomy as she carefully to Chu Yang's words. It was as if that hand didn't belong to her.

"Furthermore, that young master from the Zhuge Clan who came didn't utter a single word ever since he came here. He's so low-profile that it's unbelievable. However, look at the rest of the other eight clans. Whether it's the arrogant Li Ba Tian, domineering Chen Fei Chen, perverted Ye Shi Yu or the outstanding Ye Meng Se, none of them dare to provoke the Zhuge Clan. They've never even exchanged formalities with the Zhuge Clan. Why?"

"Don't tell me that the disciples of the aristocratic families don't greet one another even if they meet in the Middle Three Heavens? Even if they share a deep enmity with one another, there should be some kind of interaction when they meet, right?"

"This is enough to prove that they have misgivings about this person!"

"In addition, he's so low-profile. Coincidentally, this gives them an opportunity to save their own faces."

"Then, what is the background of this guy that was sent here by the Zhuge Clan?"

When Chu Yang spoke until here, even Mo Tian Ji's expression changed.

This was because he had not thought of many things that Chu Yang mentioned. He didn't even notice them.

"As an outstanding young master of a clan from the Upper Three Heavens, how could he possibly not conceal his own abilities? Do you really think they don't pit against one another in the Upper Three Heavens just like how all of you challenge one another in the Middle Three Heavens?"

"Mo Tian Ji, you always act like you're a saint when you fight Mo Tian Yun. Ao Xie Yun, I don't think you are how you are like now in front of your other brothers. Luo Ke Di, you've just averted your crisis. But how are you like before the crisis? Ji Mo, are you really so lackadaisical in real life?"

"Even the few of you can act! And it's for clans that can't even compare to the Nine Great Clans! Why didn't all of you consider that the young masters of the Nine Great Clans will do the same thing? Do you think thousands of years of legacy will be lost just like that? Do you really think so?!"

"Why do all of you only see what's on the surface...and not what's beyond the surface?" Chu Yang was getting increasingly furious as he spoke. "Given your current mentalities, all of you will die if I bring all of you to the Upper Three Heavens!"

Chu Yang was getting increasingly furious and was cursing as he was about to finish speaking.

It was everyone's first time seeing Chu Yang so furious. They couldn't help but shudder. They didn't even dare to utter a sound.

Mo Tian Ji furrowed his brow and slowly pondered. "Perhaps all of us are not up to scratch, but we can't be as bad as Chu Yang describes us to be. I even think that Chu Yang's words are a little overboard. He's overstating our weaknesses, and exploiting this opportunity to undermine everyone. He's taking one person's flaws and extending it to the rest. Everyone is being lambasted by him..."

"What's his intention?"

"Li Ba Tian! He has been very arrogant ever since he appeared. It's as if he doesn't care about anyone. However, he seemed to be afraid when he saw Ling Han Xue. Why? Is he trying to suggest that he only bullies the weak and fears the strong? Or is Li Ba Tian trying to show that he's a lecher?"

"Let me tell all of you – no matter what you think of him, you'll die the moment you face him!"

"Chen Fei Chen considers everyone to be beneath him! He appears to be very presumptuous. Everyone only focuses on the glory and splendor when they try to recruit Du Xing, but Chen Fei Chen talks about how he shares weal and woe with his comrades! That he'll never abandon them and is willing to swear to this promise!"

Chu Yang gently laughed, "What's the point of a young master that hails from one of the Nine Great Clans making such a heavy promise? If the subject in question wasn't Du Xing, but someone else, what would his reaction be? Men will die for people who appreciate them!"

"He seeks talents eagerly and he has sharp vision! Does he sound as presumptuous as he looks now?"

"The rest of the Nine Great Clans only bear some hope of recruiting Du Xing and believe that he'll achieve extraordinary things in the future! However, Chen Fei Chen is extremely certain that Du Xing will reach the top. That's why he's made such a promise! Have all of you thought of this point?"

Everyone lowered their heads.

They appeared very solemn.

Chen Fei Chen approached Gu Du Xing in secret and avoided the attention of the rest. However, Gu Du Xing would never hide it from Chu Yang.

Now that Chu Yang mentioned this, everyone was slightly shocked.

"Don't blame me flaring up. We'll make our way to the Upper Three Heavens someday. These people will become our enemies one day." Chu Yang said seriously. "Any error in judgment might possibly lead to death!"

"If I don't say all these today, it'll be too late to say anything a few days later when all of you have already developed a certain mentality. This is because your first impressions have already casted a shadow in your hearts! And that shadow will lead to your failures."

Everyone silently nodded their heads.

All of them could feel beads of perspiration flowing down their backs and felt their hearts beating extremely fast! They were still a little intoxicated earlier, but they were completely clear-headed by now.

Mo Tian Ji pondered and slowly nodded his head.

Chu Yang's words were extremely logical and he needed to tell everyone this.

However, Mo Tian Ji was impressed by how observant and astute Chu Yang was. His understanding of human behavior and schemes as well as his plans for the future were impeccable!

Mo Tian Ji slightly laughed to himself, "It's really a great blessing to be friends with Chu Yang. If I can overcome this crisis, I'm bound to make my name with Chu Yang in the Upper Three Heavens one day." Mo Tian Ji believed that his intelligence will perfectly complement Chu Yang's tricks, and they were going to achieve something big one day.

As he thought until here, Mo Tian Ji suddenly recalled something. "Don't tell me that Chu Yang has also sensed the imminent crisis? Is he...intentionally warning everyone now?"

"Is he making arrangements for the future?"

When he thought of all these, Mo Tian Ji was suddenly enlightened.

Chu Yang was evidently trying to shock everyone. His intention was to warn them!

He intentionally drank with everyone first and waited for all of them to become intoxicated. When that happened, he slowly drew their attention and shocked them.

He wanted to scare and shock everyone from their intoxicated state!

In this way, everyone would be on tenterhooks and they would sober up. Mo Tian Ji snuck a look at the rest and only saw all of them breaking out in cold sweat. Luo Ke Di's cotton shirt was completely drenched. There were wet stains all over his clothing.

Mo Tian Ji silently nodded his head. At such a moment, it was when everyone was the most clear-headed and impressionable!

Since this was the case, what Chu Yang was about to say was bound to be of critical importance!

In that case, Mo Tian Ji could decipher what Chu Yang was intending to do by considering what he was about to say next.

Mo Tian Ji drooped his eyelids and appeared very calm and peaceful. However, he made himself extremely alert. He straightened his ears and was ready to analyze what Chu Yang was about to say.

He had even secretly circulated his 'Controlling the World' and fused his own fate with the formless circulation of heavenly fate. It was as if he had a pair of opened eyes as he meditated, and this pair of eyes was focused on analyzing the engagement of Chu Yang's state of mind with heavenly fate.

He suddenly had a feeling that this was the first step that Chu Yang was taking in his plan to conquer the Nine Heavens!


Chu Yang looked at everyone with his sharp eyes. He scanned every one of them and said, "When the young masters of the Nine Great Clans tried to recruit us, they were very disinterested apart from when they approached Du Xing!"

"This shows that they completely disregard us. In fact, they are much stronger than us right now! As for why they are stronger, it's because...they've been trained to pursue lofty goals since young by their own clans! Ever since they started cultivating, they've been working towards their goals!"

"Their goals are very clear!"

When Chu Yang spoke until here, Mo Tian Ji was suddenly greatly enlightened! He always thought that the young masters of the Nine Great Clans were more confident than them! However, they weren't arrogant!

Mo Tian Ji had always been thinking about it, but he never understood why they were so confident. However, he immediately understood why when he heard Chu Yang's words. Goals!

Having a clear goal and not having a clear goal made a huge difference!

If one was willing to work hard to improve and even sacrifice his own life, but wasn't clear of what he wanted to achieve, his hard work would be for nothing! Even when he reached a high cultivation, he would realize that his gap from those in the same tier will become increasingly bigger and bigger!

This was why some Grade 1 Martial Saints were able to kill other Grade 1 Martial Saints even though they were of the same level.

This was a great contributing reason!

A person with a goal was filled with motivation! Without a life goal, one would be filled with sorrow and sadness. There was a huge difference!

Chu Yang solemnly said, "Only three out of all of us is clear of our life goal! Du Xing, Tian Ji and I!"

"This isn't the case for the rest of you!"

"Ji Mo! Let me ask you. Why are you cultivating and working so hard for? What are you going to do in the future? What do you eventually want to do? What's your final life goal?"

Chu Yang blasted the same question at the rest.

Ji Mo thought about it carefully and suddenly deeply nodded his head. A huge bead of perspiration fell from his forehead into his wine bowl. It even made a huge sound when it struck the bowl!

"Xie Ao Yun, what about you?" Chu Yang turned his sharp gaze towards Xie Ao Yun.

"I...I..." Xie Ao Yun was at a loss for words. He was normally very good at retorting, but he was now dumbfounded. After a long while, he also lowered his head.

Chu Yang turned his attention towards Luo Ke Di.

Luo Ke Di squirmed and tried to shift his sight away.

Chu Yang then looked at Xie Dan Qiong.

Xie Dan Qiong had already lowered his head by now.

Before this, everyone believed that they had a goal and even thought that their goals were very clear. However, now that they were being questioned, they discovered that their goals were too shallow.

Furthermore, their goals were to control their clans and become the masters of their clans.

However, their goals were not as lofty as the ambitions of the young masters from the Nine Great Clans!

Could one's ambitions possibly be destroyed because of someone's words?

"This is why all of them aren't very interested in recruiting the rest of you. They even hope that all of you won't agree to it. In other words, they are looking down on all of you!"
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