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645 Already Unruffled by the Time I Want to Look Back!

There was hesitation on a few people's faces as these words came out of Gu Du Xing's mouth. And, that's because they obviously remembered what Tu Qian Hao had said.

Then, an intense light flickered in that full-bearded old man's eyes, and he yelled, "I'll kill Young Lord's murderer, and take revenge for him… even if he had confessed everything to us. Young Lord's death mustn't be in vain!"

Five or six men clamored at the same time as soon as he shouted, "Yes, Young Lord's death mustn't be in vain! Young Lord is dead now. So, how will we show our faces to our clan If we don't kill this murderer — Gu Du Xing? It would be better if we dropped dead while fighting you here!"

The atmosphere immediately turned tense because of the clamor of these few men.

Gu Du Xing heaved a long sigh. Then, he put his hand behind his back, and pulled out the sword with a clanging sound. He then said with a sigh, "Brother Tu, your spirit mustn't be too far away. Look… I'm going to eliminate these wicked slaves for you!"

There was still the same emptiness and loneliness in Gu Du Xing's eyes. But, there was a ridiculing feeling as well, and it seemed to have become more intense…

Gu Du Xing knew, [Tu Qian Hao has shared his last-moment realization with me. So, he certainly didn't want me to die. Moreover, he must've made some other plan as well.]

[I don't know what his plan is. But, it must have something to do with me. And, it is certain that I was in no way his enemy.]

[Therefore, these people clearly have a hidden agenda of their own. Tu Qian Hao definitely wouldn't have allowed them to act as they wished if he were alive. In fact, Tu Qian Hao's strong personality would've driven him to kill all of them for going against his will.]

[Tu Qian Hao is dead now. But, I – Gu Du Xing – am still here!]

[Tu Qian Hao, I – Gu Du Xing – approved you as my friend in your final moments.]

[We had always been hostile towards each other. But, that doesn't prevent me from recognizing myself as your friend. I knew your habits. I knew your disposition. And, I know what you would've done in this situation if you were here.]

[So, I'll do it on your behalf.]

Gu Du Xing stood upright like a javelin. He then muttered, "Brother Tu, I finally saw the bleakness in your eyes. I also saw your loneliness. And, I'll now use my Lonely Swordplay by merging it with your Unruffled Swordplay. Then, you and I will kill these degenerates together, alright?!"

His voice hadn't even fallen when the sound of a sharp blade slashing through the air resounded from behind him. Consequently, a trace of anger floated on Gu Du Xing's icy-cold face. Then, his straight body moved forward while floating. And, his sword silently flew out from under his arm with a whooshing sound.

The sword was silent. But, it was as quick as lightning!

This sword was extremely lonely and quiet… just like Gu Du Xing's own demeanor… In fact, it seemed as if it was aloof above everyone, and was overlooking the world.

It was the Lonely Swordplay that Gu Du Xing had recently comprehended.

The sword attacked, [the world is lonely!]

It was the outstanding and supreme skill of a Sword Emperor!

Gu Du Xing then said in a low voice, "Tu Qian Hao, did you see? This is the Lonely Sword!"

The sword went into the chest of a King Level Expert behind him with a 'puff' sound. That King Level Expert's body swayed for a while. Then, it collapsed to the ground.

Gu Du Xing hadn't even turned back, but his sword had stabbed into that King Level Expert's heart. It had consigned a living human's life into nothingness with just one touch!

The sound of wind arose again. And, Gu Du Xing's upright body suddenly flipped over as light as a feather. He then recited, "A sword sails across the sky towards the peak!"

Then, he quickly turned around. There was an ethereal loneliness on his face as he slashed out with his melancholic sword. Then, he insipidly said, "Life or death… victory or defeat – everything disappears at a head's turn!"

He rushed forward, and his blue robe fluttered in the air. He then asked with an intense sense of bleak loneliness, "The faraway places where close friends are appreciated?"

Then, he turned around while pulling out dozens of afterimages. His longsword changed into a curtain of light in a flash, and he faintly said, "I'm already unruffled by the time I want to look back!"


Gu Du Xing put his sword back in the sheath. He then solemnly said, "Brother Tu, this is my Lonely Sword. In fact, the last move was the combination of my Lonely Sword and your Unruffled Sword… half of each. I hope you liked it!"

Four thumping sounds were transmitted in a row. And, four king Level Experts fell on the ground behind Gu Du Xing… one after another. Two of them had slash marks on their throats, while the other two had them on their chests.

Everyone had been left dazzled because they hadn't gotten enough time to set into action. Gu Du Xing had seemed like a quick and agile lone man performing a silent and lonesome sword dance. The desolate mood still hadn't disappeared. However, the five King Level Experts who had attacked him had already turned into corpses!

And, Gu Du Xing hadn't gotten a single bloodstain on his blue clothes!

[A sword sails across the sky towards the peak.]

[Life or death… victory or defeat – everything disappears at a head's turn.]

[The faraway places where close friends are appreciated?]

[I'm already unruffled by the time I want to look back!]

Gu Du Xing heaved a long sigh of relief. He had been puzzled since he had been facing difficulties in his sword way for nearly ten days. But, he had finally gotten a thorough understanding today. This made him feel that the vital energy was beginning to stir up within his body. Apparently, it was slowly becoming sharper and sharper.

Gu Du Xing had a feeling; [Apparently, the fundamental power in my body is showing the tendency of slowly changing into sword energy.]

[Moreover, the vitality in my body has been continuously increasing as a result of the constant high-pressure practice these days. And, this is giving me a vague feeling of restlessness when coupled with my recent realizations and breakthrough.]

This had given Gu Du Xing a clear feeling, [My cultivation level has already been pushed forward to the peak of first grade Sword Emperor. And, it is slowing moving towards the second grade of Emperor Level.]

[Moreover, there isn't any bottleneck!]

[I only need to wait for the right time. Then, I'll be a second grade Sword Emperor! This feeling has no basis, but it exists nonetheless.]

Two fourth grade Emperor Level Experts of the Tu Clan were just about to rush over. However, Gu Du Xing's Sword Emperor Level imposing aura suddenly climbed up to the peak, and abruptly burst out.

An invisible storm of wind blades suddenly spread in all directions!

The sword energy behind this storm was like the emperor of this generation… someone who would rule the entire world.

The emperor of the swords mustn't be disrespected! The Supreme of the swords must be inviolable!

The swords those two fourth grade Emperor Experts held suddenly issued a loud and clear sword cry, "Clang!" It seemed as if they were diligently trying their best to break free from the control of those Emperor Experts in order to go and pay respect to their own Emperor.

These splendid fourth grade Emperor Level Experts were almost unable to control their swords; they were barely able to stop their swords from flying away. The two Emperor Experts couldn't help but become overwhelmed with shock. In fact, they turned so pale that it seemed as if they wanted to flee away in any direction they would see first. They were in an indefinite state of panic!

Gu Du Xing slowly turned around with his hands behind his back.

There was a strange expression in his eyes. He had expressions of recollection, nostalgia, contemplation, and melancholy. But, a careful examination would still make it seem as if there was nothing in his eyes.

Just emptiness!

The people opposite to him made eye contact with him. And, their bodies suddenly shivered!

Gu Du Xing's imposing aura appeared completely changed at this moment. That sharp and dominating aura that he had exhibited before had completely transformed. And, it had changed into half lonely and half unruffled!

Half lonely and half unruffled!

His straight figure was currently giving off a feeling as if he was standing alone on the summit of the entire world… as if he had forgotten everything! He had forgotten the myriads of living things in the world, and was just standing alone!

[The Unruffled Lone Traveler!]

That's right… Gu Du Xing had suddenly had a realization when the sword energy was crazily surging within his body — Tu Qian Hao's 'Unruffled Sword' also touched upon the notion of forgetting!

Gu Du Xing had blended two different core techniques when he had said the last sentence –'I'm already unruffled by the time I want to look back' while brandishing his sword.

This had led to the rebellion of the vital energy within his body. And, this had caused it to change into sword energy.

He had fully comprehended this at such a critical time.

Gu Du Xing slowly turned around. The expression in his eyes was like electricity, while his gaze was like a sword. He looked at the two fourth grade Emperor Level Experts as he stood there in silence…

He was only at the peak of first grade Sword Emperor. But, the invisible imposing aura that he was sending out at the moment was suppressing thirteen King Level Experts and two fourth grade Emperor Level Experts… all at once!

Both the Emperor Experts had a cultivation three grades above his own. But, they couldn't help but cower in front of his thunder-like vision.

Their complexions changed. And, they couldn't help but involuntarily retreat step by step.

Gu Du Xing's hands were crossed behind his back at the moment. But, both the Emperor Experts still felt as if they were facing a dangerous situation. So, they withdrew five steps; cold sweat was already seeping out from their foreheads.

They only felt their entire bodies turning cold!

Both of them clearly felt, [Our fate is no longer in our hands! It entirely depends on the whim of this Sword Emperor who stands in front of us.]

[We'll live if he wants us to live. However, we'll be consigned to eternal damnation if he wants us dead!]

Gu Du Xing looked at them with a cold and desolate expression. Then, he indifferently said, "What did Tu Qian Hao confess to you before I arrived here?"

It seemed from his voice as if the Gods were questioning. This question must be answered!

It mustn't be shown any resistance.

Both the Emperor Experts felt as if a heavy mountain was pressed on their heads.

Moreover, that mountain was a mountain of swords!

The expression in the eyes of that bearded old man among them tightened, but he stubbornly kept his mouth shut. However, another King Level Expert in the crowd said, "Young Master had once told us that… he wanted us to return to the clan and inform the Clan Lord that…. Tu Clan must seal itself off if he died by your sword today. And, it mustn't come out until… until…"

"Until what?" Gu Du Xing fiercely looked at him.

"Shut up!" that bearded old man finally shouted out after much struggle. He loudly bellowed, "Gu Du Xing, I'll be taking your life!" A sword light flashed and broke through the blockade of Gu Du Xing's imposing aura. It then crazily rushed towards Gu Du Xing like a tiger!

A bright light flashed in Gu Du Xing's eyes. And, he exposed an astonished look in them at first. However, he then coldly snorted, "Get lost!"

The sword seemed to fly out freely. It was the essence of his Lonely and Unruffled Sword! He only needed to unleash its power now, and everyone would be deterred at one fell swoop.

The sword-light gracefully and lithely flashed… In fact, it flashed high in the sky like a lightning! The bearded old man just shouted a word, "Come~~"

He suddenly shut his mouth, and exposed a terrified and hopeless expression on his face. His head rolled down from his neck the next moment, and fell on the ground with tumbling sounds. It then went rolling out.

It happened to roll up to Tu Qian Hao's feet, and then finally stopped. It seemed as if he had done something wrong, and was now admitting his mistake while postulating himself before his Young Lord.

The other Emperor was just about to set into action. But, his summoned courage deflated when he saw this scene… It seemed as if a big hole had been pricked in a balloon; his courage had disappeared without a trace. So, he withdrew two steps instead of stepping forward.

"Go on!" Gu Du Xing casually said, "Until what?"

"Young Lord said… until… until the Master of Nine Tribulations Sword changes the power structure in the Nine Heavens. Then… then… come out in the Jianghu again!" that King Level expert lowered his head after he was finished speaking; his brows were beaded with sweat.

Gu Du Xing let out a sigh. He couldn't help but raise his head. A long time passed. Then, he silently said, "You people may leave. I hope you'll bring Tu Qian Hao's words to the upper brass of your… Tu Clan!"

"Yes…" That King Level Expert seemed as if he wanted to say something. But, he restrained himself, and lowered his head without speaking anything further.

"What do you want to say?" Gu Du Xing lightly asked.

"I want to say…" That King level Expert suddenly summoned his courage. Then, he loudly said, "We aren't a match for you today. And, you and our heroic Young Lord admired each other. But, Young Lord has died by your hands at the end of the day. So, our Tu Clan will never forget this enmity and hatred. There will certainly come a day when we'll look for you, and ask you to repay the debt of this blood!"

Gu Du Xing was startled by this. But then, he suddenly burst into happy laughter. Then, he said with gratification, "The Tu Clan truly has some courageous men!"