Transcending the Nine Heavens
595 Wu Shang’s Epiphany!
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Transcending the Nine Heavens
Author :Fenglin Tianxia
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595 Wu Shang’s Epiphany!

This person turned towards Ou Jin Feng, and approached him like a meteor. He then recklessly shouted, "It's my turn at last! This has been choking me to death… you fucking old tortoises… you dared to harm my brothers!"

This man had fantastic oddities of every description. One of his eyebrows was pointed to the heavens, and the other one was pointed to the ground. His voice sounded as if a hungry and ravenous wolf was howling at its max while having his way with a male duck who was screaming out while being choked…

Xu Wu Shuang finally lost consciousness. His last thought was… [Motherfu*ker! These bastards had prepared an ambush… This voice itself can kill an Emperor Level Expert…]

[The blast didn't kill me. But, this is too unbearable…]

Tan Tan and Rui Bu Tong effortlessly smashed the remaining two Emperor Level Experts into meat patties. Then, they hurriedly rushed back to their brothers.

These brothers had already discussed about the countermeasures of the situation. The enemy was ambushing them. So, they obviously knew about Chu Yang, Gu Du Xing, Dong Wu Shang, Luo Ke Di, and Ji Mo. But, Rui Bu Tong and Tan Tan had met them in the Northern Wilderness itself. So, nobody knew about them.

Therefore, Rui Bu Tong and Tan Tan couldn't show up from the very beginning.

These two would rush out and set into action to fix the situation only when both sides were in a lose-lose situation!

This strategy had still worked well even though the opposite party wasn't here to ambush them… In fact, this strategy had brought about the best result! After all, they were able to win the fight in one fell swoop!

The first thing the both of them did next… was hurry to Chu Yang's side. One of them braced his chest, and the other one pressed against his back. They then mobilized their martial power, and gave first aid to Chu Yang.

Both of them knew that Chu Yang had wondrous medicines with him. So, the other brothers would be alright as long as he was awake. However, everyone would be finished if they were to save the others before Chu Yang and something bad happened to Chu Yang in this time period...

Chu Yang heavily coughed and spat out blood clots. He then slowly woke up. He took a quick glance and saw Tan Tan. He instantly felt relief washing over him. He forced himself and struggled to stand up. Then, Chu Yang hurriedly took out four incomplete versions of Nine Tribulations Pill, "Make them take it; one pill per person."

Then, he took out one for himself, and popped it.

Rui Bu Tong was burning with impatience. So, he took the pills and rushed over. He first went to check on Gu Du Xing. And, he couldn't help but jump in fright when he saw him. It was because the entire frame of Gu Du Xing's body had nearly fallen apart. So much so that he wouldn't be able to get up even if somebody helped him up…

Tears welled up in Rui Bu Tong's eyes. He first gave the Nine Tribulations Pill to Gu Du Xing. Then, he gave the pills to Dong Wu Shang, Luo Ke Di, and Ji Mo…

A long while passed before Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di woke up.

However, Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang were still unconscious. Chu Yang had also recovered a bit by now. He was able to support himself now. So, he checked on the people around him.

He could clearly see that the injuries of the two unconscious men were healing at a slow pace… In fact, he could clearly see the changes in their muscles; the way they were twitching and getting repaired was visible to the naked eye!

Gu Du Xing eventually opened his eyes after a very long while had passed. He blinked. It seemed that he was feeling dazzled due to the sunlight above his head. Then, he closed his eyes and asked, "How is Wu Shang?"

"I am fine," these words had been spoken by Dong Wu Shang. He had barely regained his consciousness at this time. He then said, "Second Brother, how are you?"

"I'm okay," A rare smile appeared on the cold and serious face of Gu Du Xing. He tried to move his hands first. Then, he lifted his arms. Then, he tried to sit up. And, he was able to sit up for real!

He couldn't help but become greatly surprised. [I clearly remember that my backbone got fractured. So, how is it not broken now? How come I only feel intense pain on the spot of injury and nothing else?]

Rui Bu Tong and Tan Tan set up a tent, and moved everyone into the tent so that they could rest properly.

It was almost dusk by now. Chu Yang had noticed that the restoration of Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang had stopped by now. The Nine Tribulations Pill had tremendous medicinal efficacy. But, their injuries were too severe. It was certainly a wonder drug, but it was still insufficient to help them make a completely recovery. Therefore, Chu Yang again took out two pills, and made Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang pop them.

And, Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang nearly made full recoveries as a result.

"I had a realization!" Dong Wu Shang was leaning against Ji Mo. His voice still sounded somewhat weak, "Everyone must pay attention."

Chu Yang and the others shivered when they heard this. They knew that he was the Saber King of their generation, and he had just faced a death crisis! And, he had suddenly realized something. So, this realization must be the most precious. In fact, such kind of realizations could sometimes make a Saber King upgrade his strength! Therefore, such a realization was extremely precious to everyone. And, it must always be kept a secret. But, Dong Wu Shang was obviously sharing it with his brothers…

"The Emperor Level domain is indeed not a trivial thing. Moreover, that one was a collaboration of three Emperor Experts. So, it was even more complicated… I knew that I was going to die! Therefore, I chose to sacrifice myself so that my two brothers could exit the domain."

Dong Wu Shang's words made it seem as if he was bragging for what he had done. But, everyone knew that he wasn't being boastful.

"So, I started to burn my spiritual power with everything I had. And, I found out that Ke Di and Second Brother had also chosen the same course of action. But, my Black Saber is heavy. Therefore, I took a step preceding others.

"The three of us knew that we were certainly going to die. And, each of us wanted to make our brothers go out. Therefore, the situation of our sudden death changed within an instant!"

Dong Wu Shang exposed out a faint smile. And, a deep radiance was exposed on his face. "The domain should've caused our doom. Now, add our charges in the equation. The domain was still the same in that moment. But, the targets got deviated from the intended direction as a result of our charges! In fact, it forced them to change their sword attack midway… and hence the direction.

"Therefore, Luo Ke Di was kicked by Second Brother, and went out. And, Second Brother also got out of the domain when I bumped into the. But, I end up lying down because this collision. And, this made the two adversaries to change the direction of their sword attacks once again!

"The two swords were supposed to have pieced through my back and chest. But, they didn't hit any vitals!

"The three of us were supposed to die. But, all of us were saved! And, it was simply because… we didn't think of saving ourselves in that situation! It would've been impossible to achieve this if we had thought of ourselves! But, we didn't die since we were selfless!

"Selflessness… is my realization!" Dong Wu Shang softly heaved a sigh of relief. His eyes had a trace of recollection and emotion. It was as if that final moment before death was still echoing in his head. He recalled the desperate appearance of his four brothers as they disregarded their own lives and rushed over to save him. Then, he warmly smiled, "One discovers the truth at the time of death! One comes to this realization only at the time of death. And, one can't reach this epiphany if one isn't thrown in front of death! Then, one wouldn't have brothers for life...

"My saber art will stand renamed from now on. Its new name would be 'Deathtrap Life Force'! The saber way of Wu Shang!" Dong Wu Shang's eyes lit up. He said, "Life force can be easily discovered in the deathtrap! It's because our life force is too ordinary the rest of the time. So, we don't pay attention to it.

"Deathtrap Life-force… it's like the darkest hour before dawn! We have been born. So, we will die too. Everything that is born has come from death. Therefore, we have the urge to grow and expand without limits while we are alive. And, we are always filled with excitement and emotions!"

Dong Wu Shang remained silent for a moment. Then, he said, "There will be times when you make sacrifices for your brothers with your heart and soul. But, you will find that you aren't making sacrifices in doing so. Instead, you're reaping! And, you reap more as you make more sacrifices!" Dong Wu Shang's eyes lit up as he continued, "These are my most profound feelings!"

"There will be times when you make sacrifices for your brothers with your heart and soul. But, you will find that you aren't making sacrifices in doing so. Instead, you're reaping! And, you reap more as you make more sacrifices…" the other brothers slowly repeated after him in unison by chance. All of them had pensive looks on their faces.

Dong Wu Shang sighed in satisfaction. He slowly closed his eyes and said, "Big Brother, I don't need to suppress my strength anymore. This realization has changed my mental state to a great extent. And, I will perhaps break into Saber Emperor Level after this!"

[Break into Saber Emperor Level?!]

[Dong Wu Shang is going to break through so many levels after facing death!]

Chu Yang, Ji Mo, and the others exposed a look of contemplation on their faces. But, they didn't say anything. They pondered about these words of Dong Wu Shang, and felt that they were quite deep.

Gu Du Xing's eyes fiercely lit up. They emitted a dazzling radiance, and it seemed as if he had suddenly comprehended something. Then, he suddenly started to laugh in a hearty manner. He said while brimming with happiness and pleasure, "So that's how it is!"

He and Dong Wu Shang had been through a similar experience. So, he had understood what Dong Wu Shang was trying to convey.

Luo Ke Di was still pondering. He hadn't genuinely understood much. It seemed as if a thin barrier had appeared in front of him. Moreover, it seemed as if this barrier was nearly transparent, and he only needed to extend his hand and it would pierce through this barrier. But, he couldn't touch it. So, he couldn't help but sink into contemplation for a long time…

Ji Mo had been thinking carefully as well. He had been carefully trying to have the realization. He also somewhat half-understood it… And, it seemed as if he had touched its sides, but couldn't touch the main essence.

Rui Bu Tong muttered. He stared blankly to the front as he did his utmost to understand this philosophy.

Tan Tan had an emotionless look in his eyes. It seemed as if he had understood nothing… But, one would find that a light would occasionally flash in the depths of his pupils if they'd look carefully… It seemed like a candle's flame was flickering with the wind in the middle of vast grasslands in the pitch-black of night!

This flame certainly had the power to burn down the grassland…

That strange mark on his forehead was also faintly shining, and it seemed as if it had been flickering in contemplation as well. Moreover, this flickering seemed to be slowly intensifying…

Tan Tan suddenly held his head. He suddenly felt a strong headache. It felt as if he had been struck by lightning. This headache rose abruptly. He wasn't prepared for such a headache. So, Tan Tan couldn't help but groan in pain. And, his eyebrows got tightly wrinkled…

Chu Yang was startled by this. He asked, "Tan Tan, what happened to you?"

Tan Tan didn't reply. He took deep breaths, and clenched his teeth tightly.

Chu Yang and the others suddenly felt a sort of hegemonic aura from ancient prehistoric era crazily emitting out from Tan Tan's body.

It seemed as if an ancient monarch had suddenly appeared at this moment in this generation to rule the world again!

However, this aura suddenly disappeared while the brothers were terrified and startled…

A few scattered and broken images appeared in Tan Tan's mind…

It seemed as if he was seeing some other world from a very long time ago… He felt as if he also used to have a group of such brothers. Such long-absent warmth suddenly overflowed his heart…

However, such a feeling was making him feel even more overwhelming pain. A sudden and dense bitterness also rushed within him at this time. And, he suddenly felt very sad in his usually carefree heart. It felt as if his heart was being clutched to ache…

He felt as if the sky was collapsing and the earth was sinking in deep darkness… But, he needed to defend too many people. Moreover, these people were standing in front of him. And, they were shouting to him — [King! You must quickly leave…]

Then, they collectively charged into that desperate situation even though the sky was collapsing and the earth was sinking. And, they fought for him till their last breath. They struggled for him till the very end without hesitation. Their honor didn't even allow them to glance back. They were duty-bound to not turn back…

Until their blood and flesh suddenly exploded… and scattered…

Tan Tan painfully groaned…

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