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548 Unexpected Arrival of Supreme Level Experts?

The white-robed man had spoken alone, but it seemed that the entire world was repeating after him. It seemed that everything was complying and coordinating with him. Even the mountains seemed to echo in order to respond to him!

The sounds of booming and rumbling filled the air. Even the snowflakes high up in the sky stopped falling after these words were spoken! Instead, they merely stayed afloat in the air…

The other strange old man grinned high in the sky. He then said, "Why have you come here?"

This voice was very ordinary, but it was filled with arrogance! One spoke first and the other spoke later, but the two voices still collided in the air!

A dull sound of 'bang' was heard. The solid snowflakes in the air crashed down with a 'shua' sound. In fact, they fell on the ground like a snow-wall.

The weight of the accumulated snow in the sky had increased due to abundance of snowflakes because many of them had stayed afloat for some time. However, the snowflakes in the air again went back to falling with their normal speed after this snow-wall fell down.

The bodies of these two men didn't shake even a little bit. They remained unaffected. It was evident that they were evenly matched. One of them had stood high in the air, while the other one a little lower as they confronted each other from a distance.

"I have come to extract a little bit of the blood essence of ninth grade spirit beasts to refine elixirs," the white-robed man softly smiled and said, "Apparently, your cultivation hasn't reduced even after so many years. It seems that the fight a few years later will make it clear as to who among us is the number one in the world."

"Number one in the world…" the grey-robed man smiled and said as he stood above in the air, "I would've killed you with bare hands if that bastard Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword hadn't injured my meridians. Would you have stood a chance to compete me to become the number one in the world in that case?"

"That's utter nonsense," The white-robed man felt neither offended nor furious. He mildly scolded with a polite, modest, and reasonable attitude, "He injured your meridians during that time. Did he not break my legs too? The difference between the healing times for our injuries wasn't more than a year. So, why are you still bringing up this old topic?"

These two didn't pay attention to what the others would think of them. They were causally talking as if they were chatting about family gossip.

Chu Yang suddenly opened his eyes wide! He felt as if a thunderclap had rumbled in his ears!

[That must be the previous Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword!]

[These two people have fought with the previous Master of Nine Tribulations Sword!]

[Doesn't it mean that these two old guys have been living for more than ten-thousand years? My goodness! What's the cultivation level of these old monsters?]

Chu Yang became alert. [It's not surprising that the Sword Spirit warned me… These two chaps will figure out that I am the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword if I expose it in front of them!]

Chu Yang strictly ordered the Sword Spirit to not move randomly as he thought of it. In fact, he told him to refrain from interrupting him, or getting in touch with him. He also warned the Nine Tribulations Sword to not move heedlessly. In fact, he ordered everything to stay dormant, and not to freak out by any chance!

These two people were competing for the title of being 'number one in the world'! So, couldn't it be said that the cultivation of these two men was the strongest in the entire Nine Heavens? There was no one who could surpass these two!

They were indeed valiant! No one had expected that they would run into such people in this Northern Wilderness. This was extremely unexpected!

Mo Qing Wu didn't know what the 'Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword' was. However, Jun Xi Zhu, Young Master Yu, Gu Du Xing, and the others were startled even more than Chu Yang. Even the other King Level Experts were no exceptions. Their jaws dropped in fright. In fact, several of them painfully groaned since they had dislocated their jaws.

[These two had fought with the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword ten-thousand years ago! My goodness…]

That grey-robed old man snorted and spoke, "Strangely, that bastard suddenly disappeared. Otherwise, I would've made him pay!"

The white-robed man chuckled. He lowered his head while shaking it, and said, "Ning Tian Ya, you're boasting so shamelessly. You're talking impractically… you're seriously getting on my nerves."

The grey-robed man replied angrily, "Bu Liu Qing, don't you want to take revenge from that sword guy? Or… are you pretending to be magnanimous? How would I have known your true colors you treacherous, murderous, mean, senseless, dirty, filthy bastard?

The white-robed man Bu Liu Qing simply and elegantly shook his head, "Of course, I want to. But, I think that he has either gone missing… or died. So, what was the use of talking about it over and over if he can't be found? It only made me angry; that's all. It had no other use except for making one angry. Ning Tian Ya, I tell you that you should learn from me. You're so narrow-minded."

He sincerely sighed after he was done saying that. It seemed that he felt pity towards this old rival who had been tangled with him for more than ten-thousand years…

They had been tangled with each other for more than ten-thousand years. So, how could Bu Liu Qing not understand the character of this rival? Moreover, he knew that these words would make his opponent angry. So, he was ready, and was seeking for a good place to have a fight with this old fogy…

However, he hadn't expected that Ning Tian Ya would mischievously laugh and say, "You don't worry about my narrow-mindedness… And, one would only learn nonsense if they follow your suit," he sat down in the air as he said this. Then, he started to look at the snowflakes falling from the sky. He spoke-up after a moment's pause, "Finish your work and get lost from here. I want to bask in the sun in peace."

Bu Liu Qing was stunned by this! [How did this old bastard suddenly change his temperament? This is not how he behaves…]

Bu Liu Qing had been left very confused by his old rival's reply. [Bask in the sun… you have come to the northern wilderness in the Middle Three Heavens to bask in the sun…? So, you think the sun will especially appear for you, old bastard! This place is covered with snow and clouds throughout the year. Where would the sun come from?]

[This old bastard is very bad at telling lies!]

He then saw that a big meat ball was coming over from a faraway distance. It was making a wheezing sound since it was gasping for breath.

This meat-ball approached closer, and one could finally tell that it was that short and stout master. His flat head was pressed in his neck. His potbelly was quivering up and down. His small and short legs were hardly visible. Moreover, they were continuously intertwining as he was running over…

In fact, it seemed as if two chopsticks had been inserted under a watermelon. And then, a smaller melon had been placed on the top of the watermelon.

He came closer. And, it could be seen that his face, his eyes, his nose, and his mouth… all were round. The strangest thing was that he had a big round mole on his forehead…

"Senior… Senior…" The short and stout man had arrived here tumbling the entire way. And, he hadn't dared to use spiritual power in doing so. His brows had gotten beaded with sweat by the time he reached below the white-robed man. He then spoke while gasping for breath, "I – Xiao Chang Feng of Xiao Clan – pay respect to the senior."

This short and stout man had taken such a creative, yet confident and easy name. Everyone almost burst into laughter when they heard this. But, no one dared to laugh… [Xiao Chang Feng of Xiao Clan! Does his name genuinely mean 'Strong Wind'…]

[A man of Xiao Clan – one of the nine Great Ruling Clans of the Upper Three Heavens!]

The arrival of a person from the Nine Great Ruling Clans of the Upper Three Heavens in the Middle Three Heavens was similar to the arrival of an Imperial Minister! How could anyone dare to offend him?

The white-robed man was somewhat startled as he looked at this short and stout man. He shook his head after a long while. Then, he gently scolded, "Motherfu*ker. It's such a waste that someone like you has such a creative and exquisite name…"

"Yes. Yes." Xiao Chang Feng bowed his short and stout body. He wiped the sweat from his face and said, "It is my fault. I shouldn't insult such a fine name… I will go back to my clan, and report to the Clan Lord. I will get my name changed!"

"Change it to Xiao Fat Pig!" Bu Liu Qing insipidly suggested.

"Many thanks to the senior for bestowing this name upon me! I will be called 'Xiao Fat Pig' from today onwards!" Unexpectedly, Xiao Chang Feng excitedly turned his head and shouted, "Did you hear it? Senior has changed my name. Call me 'Xiao Fat Pig' from now on, okay?"

The short and stout man had heard the words of the white-robed Bu Liu Qing. He obviously knew that this white-robed man was the topmost personality of the Nine Heavens! So, how could he dare to disrespect this man in any way? He didn't even feel mocked by the words of the white-robed man. In fact, he would've delightedly gorged himself on dog-shit if this white-robed man had asked him to do so!

He wouldn't have dared to hesitate!

Everyone was dumbstruck!

[Is he genuinely from the Nine Great Ruling Aristocratic Clans of the Upper Three Heavens? How can he be this spineless?!]

Only Young Master Yu stared at this 'Xiao Fat Pig' with a complex look in his eyes. [This Xiao Fat Pig can't be taken lightly. He's a treacherous and sinister man. He changed his attitude the moment he noticed that a very powerful expert is here. He didn't even hesitate to become soft-spoken and submissive for the sake of his survival!]

However, it was somewhat certain that everyone present here would have to suffer from the violent treachery of this 'Xiao Fat Pig' once Bu Liu Qing had left the place! In fact, they would be killed to prevent the leakage of this incident!

This treacherous man wouldn't leave these people alive. Else, they could go and publicize that he had shamelessly bowed his head and bent his knee. Then, the world would know that he had acted servilely without having any trace of shame!

Bu Liu Qing looked at him with some disgust and said, "You wait on one side for now!"

Then, Bu Liu Qing turned his head and looked at Jun Xi Zhu. Then, he spoke-up with a sweet smile, "Little girl, I know that you have obtained the blood essence of a ninth grade spirit beast. But, this old man wants to refine elixirs. So, I urgently need a large amount of blood essence. Would you be willing to part with that? Don't worry. I will give you a fair deal!"

Jun Xi Zhu hesitated. She had contradictory thoughts in her heart. She struggled for a good while, and finally made up her mind. Then, she looked up and replied, "You are omnipotent, Senior. So, I assume that you can also see that I have arrived at the bottleneck. And, I need blood essence of a ninth grade spirit beast to break through it. I am drooling with desire for the promise that the Senior has made… but… I'm afraid that I can't accept it."

Chu Yang couldn't help but smack his lips.

[This woman is very brave!]

[A Supreme Level Expert wants something that she has. And, she rejected to his face without even beating around the bush…]

Bu Liu Qing hadn't anticipated that Jun Xi Zhu would reject his request. In fact, he had thought that he would receive the blood essence the moment he would say those words. In fact, he had already started thinking about what he should give to Jun Xi Zhu as compensation. But, he hadn't expected that she would throw such harsh words of rejection at him.

"You mean… you're refusing me?" Bu Liu Qing puckered up his brows. The color of his face slightly changed. This was somewhat unbelievable for him… So, he asked this to confirm.

Jun Xi Zhu nodded and replied, "Yes, this junior is declining!"

She smiled and added, "This junior doesn't know why so many ninth grade spirit beasts have appeared in the northern wilderness… But, I think it has something to do with you, senior. I guess the senior needs the blood essence of these ninth grade spirit beasts. And so, these ninth grade spirit beasts have appeared."

Bu Liu Qing slightly nodded. He squinted and said, "You're right!"

"This junior doesn't know what the consequences of refusing the senior would be…" Jun Xi Zhu lifted her head and resolutely said, "And, I also know that it's you who has attracted these spirit beasts here. But, I wouldn't be able to advance in my whole life if I miss this opportunity!"

She solemnly continued, "Please Senior, try to understand and forgive me."

Young Master Yu faintly smiled. He took a step forward and stood alongside her. He didn't have the least bit of fear in his sharp eyes as he looked up to Bu Liu Qing. Young Master Yu's strength was far too inferior. However, he had displayed such a confidence at this moment that it seemed as if he had the potential to match Bu Liu Qing.

[I'm inferior to you. You're a Supreme Level Expert… But, I am ready to go for a war with you if it comes to that!]