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539 It’s Your Problem Even If You Regret!

"What's the matter? Why is this ruckus?" Young Master Yu puckered up his brows. He was very annoyed, "How come the outside of my sacred cultivation place has become as chaotic as a slaughter house?"

He turned his head and looked at Jun Xi Zhu as he spoke, "Why did you come here?"

"Someone from that clan had come to inform," Jun Xi Zhu coldly snorted.

Chu Yang hastily asked Gu Du Xing and the others amidst their conversation, "What happened?"

"The fault is of these two sworn brothers of yours!" Jun Xi Zhu replied. She coldly snorted and continued, "Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo are se*ual harassers. They came over to me to take liberties with me… Really… this has never happened in the Middle Three Heavens before."

Young Master Yu's body started to sway with Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo's in an instant!

Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang felt even dizzier when they heard this. In fact, they almost sat down on the snowy ground. They had gotten very frightened by these words.

[No wonder Ji Mo patted his buttocks and came shouting for help… After that he said, 'Shoot! Shoot! Luo Ke Di is about to be slaughtered.' But, he didn't tell the reason…]

[This isn't surprising if you think of it. To even think that they sexually harassed the overload of the Middle Three Heavens' underworld… these two dudes are really…] Gu Du Xing sighed, [I would also have nothing to say in my defence if I were in their place. In fact, I would've already died of shame by now.]

Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo lowered their heads… as if they had committed a very big crime against Jun Xi Zhu. In fact, their faces had turned like a tomato from shame.

Their appearance made it evident that Jun Xi Zhu hadn't accused them not wrongly.

"Really…?" Young Master Yu didn't know whether to laugh or to cry as he shook his head. He sighed and said, "You two youngsters are as incredible as those heroes from ancient times… admirable! Truly admirable! Please, don't misunderstand me. I'm not mocking you. In fact, I truly admire you… At least, you two did what I've never been able to dare…"

Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo shrank their noses.

"Idols, ah…" Chu Yang held their hands with tearful eyes, "You two have pioneered something that has never happened in the Middle Three Heavens before…"

"Big Brother… I, I, I… I… please don't say this… I wish to die in my heart…" Luo Ke Di's face seemed to be in pain as he pleaded repeatedly.

"One of them told me that he would write a poem for me. The other one said that he would write a literary piece for me… they genuinely thought that they could coax me as if I'm a little girl…" Jun Xi Zhu rolled her eyes.

Everyone had seemingly been struck by lightning at first. Then, they started to interrogate Second Master Ji and Second Master Luo about what kind of a poem and literary piece that had written. And, those two guys inserted their heads in the crotch of their trousers, and didn't raise their heads no matter what happened.

[Mock us, okay. Mock us as much as you guys like… what do you think…? You think that something embarrassing won't happen to you in future…]

Jun Xi Zhu restrained her laughter as she recited that poem and that literary article. And, everyone laughed out loud as they held their bellies. Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang were taking more joy in others' misfortune. In fact, they laughed so hard that their tears almost came out.

After that, Young Master Yu took Chu Yang along with him to settle the agreement of the gambling debt. Jun Xi Zhu fished out a booklet from her bosom, and handed it over to Mo Qing Wu. This was what she had written in these days… this was also a purpose of her coming here… besides looking for Young Master Yu of course...

Then, Jun Xi Zhu stood firm. She extended her hand and pointed out towards Luo Ke Di and nodded. Then, she pointed towards Ji Mo and again nodded. She exposed a meaningful smiling expression. Then, her body floated up and flashed away amidst the snowflakes.

She had left. Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo sat down on the snowy ground. And, they repeatedly wiped their sweat as they constantly mumbled to themselves, "So hot! The weather is too hot today!"

However, everyone else looked at the snow under their feet, and became speechless.

"This is the White Crystal Mine," Young Master Yu pointed forth towards the white lustrous crystals and said. Both of them were passing through a deep and long tunnel at this moment. In fact, they were a thousand feet inside it by now.

There were eye-catching white crystals all around, and they were spread as far as the eyes could see. There were piles upon piles of big chunks. Some of them were inside the mountain walls, and hadn't been mined yet. Moreover, the quantity of the White Crystals continued to increase as they went deeper into the mine.

The Nine Tribulations Sword trembled and buzzed with excitement in Chu Yang's Dantian.

Chu Yang had been struck dumb by this!

Young Master Yu had said that the quantity of the White Crystal Ore wasn't much. So, he had expected a small-to-medium sized mine. But, what he was seeing at this moment was a very large quantity of mineral ore deposit. Moreover, one glance was enough to realize that these white crystals could be readily put to use!

If measured with the reference of the size of a palm of hand… then the number of white crystals here could be… in tens of thousands? Or several hundreds of thousands? Several millions…? Perhaps they could even be… several tens of millions…?

Chu Yang sucked in the cold air.

Young Master Yu smiled. His smiling expression was as free and easy as it had been before. He said, "You stay here. I understand… Um, I will go out first. I will tell them that you are undergoing closed-door practice here. Then, we will wait for you outside."

"Thanks a lot!" Chu Yang gratefully replied.

Young Master Yu faintly smiled and said, "I will go to them and exchange a few pointers with them… After all, I can't slack off since I'm their sparring partner… Ha ha…"


Young Master Yu smiled. He then turned around and walked away.

"Brother Yu," Chu Yang called out to him.

"What? Is there something else?" Young Master Yu turned around and looked at him.

"These are a trivial gift of my regards. Please, accept it, Brother Yu." A core of the Mysterious Jade Ice Crystal and a core of the Mysterious Yang Jade were present in the hollow of Chu Yang's hand.

These were entirely different from the ones that Young Master Yu had shamelessly snatched from Chu Yang during the gambling!

[I will pay you back with jades and pearls if you give me peaches and plum] Chu Yang was a kind of man who never suffered a loss. He was always very clear about gratitude and grudges. [I will be a hundred times more sincere towards you if you're sincere to me. I can't give you the equivalent value, but I will spare no effort in doing so.]

He had done the same thing for Xie Dan Qiong in Xie Clan that day. And, he was doing this for Young Master Yu as well at this time. Chu Yang had made a large benefit in the beginning when he was in the Xie Clan. But then, he had handed over the real Jasper Flower to Xie Dan Qiong. And, doing this wasn't beneficial for Chu Yang.

However, Xie Dan Qiong had understood this better than anyone else – [This is called friendship.]

And, it was the same today as well. The reason why Chu Yang had gifted the cores of Mysterious Jade Ice Crystal and Mysterious Yang Jade was because of his sentiments of friendship towards Young Master Yu. Young Master Yu might eventually make some plan against Chu Yang. But, the help that he was providing at present was matchless!

Young Master Yu's eyes filled with an emotional expression. He deeply looked at Chu Yang in the eyes. However, he didn't put out his hand to accept the jades. Instead, he asked, "Why are you giving these to me?"

He would've taken these jades shamelessly the day when he had made that bet. Moreover, these pieces were ten-thousand times better than those previous two. Such pure cores had been placed in front of him, and yet he had unexpectedly drawn a step back.

"Why not? I give ten times more respect to people who show me respect." Chu Yang seriously said, "Brother Yu, we made a bet and we argued too. Well, never mind. I considered you as a mysterious but talented person back then. You were a stranger to me when I made that bet and commitment with you."

He seriously looked at Young Master Yu and said, "But, I am giving you these jades now… because you are… my friend." Chu Yang softly smiled, "Therefore, this has nothing to do with the commitment of favour that I've made for the future… it's only a kind regard."

Young Master Yu tightly twisted his brows. In fact, it seemed as if he hadn't even heard the last few words that Chu Yang had spoken. He looked deep in Chu Yang's eyes and softly said, "Friend… friend?"

A light seemed to be flashing in the depth of his eyes.

Then, he received these jade pieces and carefully put them in his bosom. He then insipidly smiled and said, "Perhaps, you will regret saying this word 'friend' one day."

"I won't regret it if Brother Yu doesn't," Chu Yang replied with a smile.

"I'm afraid that I will most likely regret this." Young Master Yu laughed out loud.

"It's your problem if you regret it," Chu Yang calmly said.

"It is my problem even if I regret…?" Young Master Yu murmured. He suddenly felt warmth in his heart, [It's your problem if you regret it. What does this have to do with me? I won't regret it no matter what.]

[We may become enemies in future because of you. But, I still won't regret it because of what you have done for me today.]

These were the words that Chu Yang hadn't spoken…

However, Young Master Yu had understood the unsaid.

Young Master Yu turned around and went away without saying anything further. His blue robe fluttered and he disappeared from Chu Yang's sight in the blink of an eye.

Chu Yang exposed a smile on his face as he watched Young Master Yu going out. Then, he turned around and extended his right hand. The three fragments of the Nine Tribulations Sword suddenly appeared from his fingertips!

And, the Nine Tribulations Sword stabbed into the white crystal wall in front of Chu Yang the next moment!

It was a neat and clean job. It wasn't sloppy in the least. There wasn't much time at hand, and Chu Yang was impatient too.

It could be clearly seen with naked eyes that the lustre of the shiny White Crystals was going dull at a high speed… The Nine Tribulations Sword flew with 'clang' sounds, and advanced forward with irresistible force. And, the White Crystal turned dull and changed into dust wherever the sword went…

Three days later!

The entire mine of the White Crystal had become dark. The area inside the mine had become bigger, and there was dust everywhere.

The three fragments of the Nine Tribulations Sword were issuing bright radiance. The faintly discernable spirit energy was fluctuating on the sword's tip. It kept fluctuating like that for a while, and then eventually became motionless.

Suddenly, there occurred a burst of glare. And, the sword was restored to its original appearance immediately after that. And, it again burst out a glare not too long after…

This cycle went on for a while. In fact, it had flashed several dozens of times in a short while.

The Nine Tribulations Sword eventually restored its original appearance, and it started to seem as if it hadn't gone through any change at all.

The Sword Spirit said in Chu Yang's mind, "Make an overall upgradation! Apply the Sun and Moon Ointment on it. You don't need to save the ointment."

"Oh?" Chu Yang's mind immediately got excited.

First, he threw out the Sun and Moon Ointment. Then, he pierced the point of the Nine Tribulations Sword into the Sun and Moon Ointment with a 'shua' sound. It absorbed the entirety of the Sun and Moon Ointment in the blink of an eye, and left only a ball of powder behind.

After that, Chu Yang took out his collection of rare items and treasures. And later, he put the Nine Tribulations Sword in the Nine Tribulations Space, and made it absorb the items.

The Sword Spirit became very nervous as this happened.

Three more days passed like this. The Nine Tribulations Sword had absorbed all of the currently available resources by now.

The only things that were left were the materials that Chu Yang had kept aside for making weapons, and the items like Mysterious Jade Ice Crystal and Mysterious Yang Jade that were under the protection of the Sword Spirit. Else, the Nine Tribulation Space had already been emptied…

The Sword Spirit had also ripened one petal of a Heavenly Orchid, and had eaten it in this time period of six days. His aura had become a lot weaker recently. However, his whole body emitted out a black fog that hung in the air as soon as he ate it. After that, this black fog condensed and went back into the Sword Spirit's body. His whole body had become congealed now!

The visibility of the Sword Spirit was ten-times stronger than how it was before he had eaten it!

"This is truly valuable!" The Sword Spirit heaved a long sigh. He looked at his arms and legs with satisfaction, and proudly shook them several times.

"What's next?" the Sword Spirit asked.

"Let's quickly cure the Three Yin Meridians to Qing Wu," Chu Yang said in a manner that couldn't be questioned. And, he hurriedly walked out while saying this.

"And after that?"

"Then, make the Nine Tribulations Sword prepare the medicinal pill to increase the strength of my brothers!" Chu Yang said without taking time to think, "Their current strength is too low."

"I won't suggest you to do so," The Sword Spirit had absorbed a petal of the Heavenly Orchid. The entire plant of the Heavenly Orchid was growing healthily in the Nine Tribulations Space. So, the Sword Spirit's mood was excellent. Yet, he had unexpectedly interfered in Chu Yang's decision, "Doing so will increase their strengths quickly. But… it wouldn't be a good thing for you."