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532 Young Master Yu’s Misery!

"Eh, the only real function it has is its left foreleg…" Chu Yang was speechless. It was hard to digest what the Sword Spirit had said after he looked at this majestic and gigantic bear surrounded by dozens of King Level Experts.

Meanwhile, Young Master Yu felt very disappointed in his heart on the other side. He mumbled, "Dammit! It turned out to be this piece of sh*t? This is no ninth grade spirit beast…"

He suddenly became angry, "It is a waste of my time!"

Then, he shouted loudly, "You guys ought to fu*k off from here! Are you crowding here to give ration for feeding this monster?"

Everyone who was in the middle of that fight turned around furiously. They turned around and looked. And, they saw a man’s shadow coming over at a flying speed.

The blue robe of Young Master Yu spread out in the snowy wind. His body pierced through the air and tore the snowflakes into shreds its wake. His body sent out shockwaves along with the sound of thunderclap. And, this was enough to blow away dozens of the King Level Experts who were present there. They were sent tumbling and rolling towards the head of the Ancient Ice Bear as a result. Then, he ruthlessly kicked on the shoulder of this big bear!

The ice bear screamed loudly. And, its mountain-like gigantic body was sent out flying to a distance of seventy-to-eighty feet by this kick. He fell down on his buttocks upon an icy mountain peak with an explosive sound. Then, a crashing sound echoed, and the icy mountain peak shattered into small pieces.

The bear immediately hopped and stood up. Then, it looked at Young Master Yu with a frightened expression since he was coming over towards it. Suddenly, it let out a strange roar. Then, it turned around and wildly rushed away.

The monster that was showing-off its strength, and was insufferably arrogant a moment ago… was now running away with its tail pressed between its legs because of one kick from Young Master Yu!

Everyone who watched this shocking scene was left with their mouth and eyes wide open. They stared at Young Master Yu as if they were looking at some supernatural entity…

[Is… is he even human?]

However, Young Master Yu didn’t chase after it. His fluttering robe settled down. He then looked at the crowd from the corner of his eyes. After that, he disdainfully spoke-up, "This piece of trash seemed like ninth grade spirit beast to you? And, you even thought that you could hunt one down… do you guys even know that you can be killed by the fart of a ninth grade spirit beast? It’s a pity that you’re so ignorant… Wait. You guys still haven’t gotten lost yet…? Why is everyone looking at me? Do you want to die?!"

That group of people had obviously come from several different clans. And, Young Master Yu’s words were harsh and offensive. But, they didn’t dare to retort with even half-of-a-word. In fact, none of them even dared to show an angry expression in their eyes. Instead, every person retreated with a smile on their faces…

"I told you people to get lost! Didn’t you listen to me properly?" Young Master Yu became angry. He rushed over and kicked a middle-aged man on his buttocks. This guy went rolling away like a rubber ball as a result.

"That’s right. Get lost… just like this! Get out of my sight! Otherwise, you will die!" Young Master Yu was clearly somewhat impetuous at the moment. He then kicked seven or eight King Level Experts as if they were some rubber balls.

The people in that group were angry with this mistreatment, but they didn’t dare to speak-up. They didn’t have any other option but to bend down, and chose the humiliating way of rolling out of there. They then hurriedly left while rolling-about.

Young Master Yu’s anger didn’t vanish until these men had rolled out his sight.

"Brother Yu… You seem to have a big bad temper today, ah." Chu Yang asked with a soft smile.

"I have come here for the ninth grade spirit beast. The nine grade spirit beasts are very useful! But, I ran into such a shameless bear instead! He had the guts to pretend being a ninth grade spirit beast!" Young Master Yu snorted and said, "Would I have wasted my time on this wild-goose chase if I had known that this noise was being made by this bear? It is very hard to see a ninth grade spirit beast you know! Alas!"

Finally, he took a deep breath after he was done speaking.

"I see," Chu Yang secretly nodded in his heart. He thought [So, this is the reason. It’s not surprising that he didn’t care about the inner core of this bear. So, his only target is a ninth grade spirit beast.]

"We have also seen many spirit beasts before. But, they were mostly fifth, sixth, or seventh grade spirit beasts. Their power wasn’t formidable. So, how come this eighth grade ice bear was so tyrannical despite being merely an eighth grade spirit beast?" Gu Du Xing went closer to them and asked.

"How can… grade seven and grade eight be compared? There is world of difference between them!" Young Master Yu grumpily replied, "Moreover, this ice bear is at the peak of eighth grade… it would need a great amount of luck and a large amount of time to break through to the ninth grade… And, this is the reason that I didn’t kill it."

Chu Yang laughed out loud, "So, Brother Yu is waiting for this big beast to advance in grades."

"I will use this bear after it has levelled up in case I can’t find a ninth grade spirit beast," Young Master Yu complexion turned gloomy as he said.

Everyone unleashed their agility skills amidst this conversation, and started to move towards the depths of the wilderness. They had covered a distance of thousand miles by night-time. There stood a towering mountain up ahead at this time.

"This is my home." Young Master Yu stopped and looked towards that icy mountain peak in low spirits. His voice had a trace of nostalgia as he spoke-up, "I grew up here… and, I’ve been here as far as I can remember. Ha ha… I had no parents or close relatives. I had no master or friend… Only this icy mountain peak was there to accompany me."

Chu Yang and Gu Du Xing looked at each other. They saw shock in each other’s eyes.

"I left this place and went to the Upper Three Heavens when my cultivation arrived at Emperor Level." Young Master Yu seemed a little sad as he looked at this familiar scenery. He silently said, "I had never known why other people have parents and I don’t…? I had always thought that this is very unfair… But, later I discovered that there were others out there whose parents had died or gone missing… or had perhaps abandoned them… But, the fact is that… I never had parents in reality."

Chu Yang thought over these words in his mind. Suddenly, he felt extremely shocked. [The fact is that I never had parents in reality… what does this mean?]

Sword Spirit also opened his eyes wide in shock inside Chu Yang’s mind. He then muttered, "So, he is…"

However, the Sword Spirit didn’t tell… what he was.

"I wandered in the Upper Three Heavens for several years. Finally, I felt that it was no fun. But, I offended a great clan in order to save a person… And, the person I saved betrayed me. Then, three Saint Level Experts of that great clan chased after me to kill me… Ha ha… they eventually captured me. They then destroyed my cultivation, and crippled me. They destroyed my aptitude… ha ha ha… How can one stay a good man after that has happened!"

Chu Yang and the others became surprised from the bottom of their hearts. They had never anticipated that this handsome and divine looking Young Master Yu… a freak who had no match in the entire Middle Three Heavens… the famous Minister Yu of the Dark Bamboo… had such a painful past.

Young Master Yu smiled bitterly. His whole face was filled with bitterness and astringency. In fact, his mentality seemed to have become somewhat frail while facing this icy peak mountain…

"They thought that I would die! What a pity… I didn’t die, but I ran away! Then, I wandered around, and came to the Middle Three Heavens again. After that, I started everything from the beginning… And, I slowly became who I am now. Then, I met Jun Xi Zhu while I was wandering around in the Middle Three Heavens!"

Young Master Yu smiled faintly, "Then, I lost a bet to her… So, I promised to do anything for her."

"But, I must take revenge from the enemy in the Upper Three Heavens."

Young Master Yu’s clothes were floating as he stood in the front of the peak. He insipidly said, "This is my past. Isn’t it very boring?"

"It isn’t boring!" Chu Yang took a deep breath and said, "It is very free and rhythmical! It is also very admirable. I don’t dare to guarantee that I would have been able to achieve what you have achieved if I were to experience what you have experienced."

"Our physical constitutions are different," Young Master Yu softly smiled and said, "We are fundamentally different!"

His clothes fluttered as he walked ahead. Then, he insipidly said, "Follow me. Come, I will pay you what I have promised for the gambling debt that I owe you!"