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524 Decisive Battle with Emperor Level Experts!

"You bastards! You took the life of my Fourth Brother!" The Third Elder became somewhat aroused. He bellowed as he rushed over.

"Slow down! Beware of their traps!" The Second Elder extended his hand to hold him. His eyes shone as he looked towards that area where Chu Yang and the others lay. Then, he waved his hand and an electric flash was issued out with a whistling sound.

Actually, it was a short knife that had went whistling towards Gu Du Xing! And, the target was Gu Du Xing’s heart!

Obviously, he must kill one man to confirm. After all, it was an issue of life and death. There would inevitably be some kind of reaction if the enemy was pretending. So, he wanted to confirm if it was another trap of the enemy or not.

Gu Du Xing had a cold expression in his eyes. He issued a firm look.

The speed of this knife wasn’t fast. In fact, one could extend one’s hand and grab it. And, dodging this strike was even easier. But, dodging this strike would have proven that they were merely playing a trick. And then, they would have been annihilated right this instant.

He twisted his body barely enough to glance at his brothers with a look of yearning in his eyes. It seemed that he wasn’t going to dodge this knife… Gu Du Xing had decided to sacrifice himself in order to help his brothers succeed this operation. He was going to do this for the sake of his brothers’ life!

The knife’s light came whistling!

"Young Lord!" a pitiful voice suddenly came as a person fiercely jumped over from Gu Du Xing’s side. He can over swaying, and pushed Gu Du Xing to another side. His movements were very slow, and it seemed as if he intentionally didn’t wish to dodge. He took that knife on his chest.


The bright blood splattered everywhere!

The short knife was deeply inserted into the chest of this King Level Expert. His face twitched in pain as a result. And, his body became stiff as it turned around. His body then slowly slumped down. Blood spurt out from the corner of his mouth. And, he stopped breathing thereafter!

"Sixth Uncle Wang!" Gu Du Xing shouted loudly. He suddenly stared in anger. There was a strong killing intention in his eyes. He was in indescribable grief at this moment!

The Second Elder and the others looked-on as this happened. They then laughed heartily since they were very pleased. [These men have genuinely been poisoned!]

It would’ve been easy to dodge such a slow knife-strike. However, it had still taken the life of a King Level Expert.

"Catch them! I want them alive!" the Second Elder sinisterly ordered, "This old man wants to torture them to death! I want to take revenge for Old Fourth, Old Eighth, and Old Ninth!"

Sixteen experts stepped out as soon as he issued the order. They then rushed towards the area like wolves and tigers, and it seemed as if no one could stop them.

The Third Elder was at the forefront. So, he was the first one to rush over. He quickly grabbed Chu Yang, and lifted him up. Then, he laughed nastily and said, "King of Hell Chu, you have fallen into my hands now!"

Chu Yang weakly looked at him, and spoke-up with a bitter smile, "You used poison to plot against us. There’s no skill in it."

"Stop your fu*king nonsense! Do you think that it was very honourable and fair to use poison to plot against my fourth brother?" the Third Elder angrily cussed. He shouted, "Take them away!"

Ten King Level Experts complied with the order, and each of them grabbed a person. Some firmly grabbed two as well. They became more relieved once they had seized their targets’ weapons. Then, they walked with the captives in their grasp.

"Um… how come they are short by one person?" The Second Elder looked from afar. He then puckered his brows, "Besides the one that just died… there should’ve been a little girl here… Where is that little girl?"

An unforeseen event suddenly occurred as he raised this question!

The captives in the hands of these ten King Level Experts had been limp and half-dead. But, they suddenly moved into action. Their fists moved, and they ferociously applied the entirety of their strength to attack the nearest enemies. They then fiercely grabbed and beat the vital parts of those King Level Experts!

Be it their chests, their heads, their ‘main point’ or their Dantian! They repeatedly launched attacks, and landed countless of kicks and punches on the bodies of these ten experts.

Suddenly, a burst of intense sword light was unleashed in the Third Elder’s bosom. The overbearing sharpness of this sword-light broke-open the Third Elder’s domain-field, and caught him off guard!

The sword-light issued countless sharp beams like sunlight. They then pierced into the domain-field with several ‘puff’ sounds. After that, the beams of light assembled into a group, and crazily came over to strike. It made a gap in the domain – that was a shield made up of the spirit energy – and broke through it with a ‘snap’ sound. And, this gave rise to fierce howling winds and wild storms.

Screams were issued from the other side. The King Level Experts of the Ou Clan had been beaten up into piles of mud in the blink of an eye!

Gu Du Xing and the others didn’t utter a word after they had launched the attack. They snatched back their own weapons without the slightest of hesitation. The four brothers first got united with their weapons. Then, they screamed and rushed like thunder towards the Second Elder!

The other six King Level Experts of the Gu Clan also shouted out loud. They dominantly snatched their weapons, and then rushed over to fight with the remaining six King Level Experts of the Ou Clan. They then started a one-to-one fight with their counterparts! And thus, the battle had begun in an instant!

Meanwhile, the bodies of those King Level Experts started to fall softly to the ground in quick succession.

Some of them had already died. There were some who hadn’t died yet, but they were only left with a few final breaths. The experts of the same level had launched an attack in their own bosom. And, their mouths were still open since they had been laughing a moment ago. Moreover, they didn’t have their guards up… how sad and miserable this thing was!

The Second Elder didn’t get enough time to warn them. The unforeseen event had already occurred over there. And, he couldn’t help but stare at this scene with killing intention! He furiously roared when he saw three sword lights ferociously surging over to envelop his body along with a saber light!

He furiously let out a loud scream. His face was filled with a murderous look, "You have done it now, you brats! This Old Man will rip you alive!" He flicked his wrist, and a sword-light flashed as he rushed forward seething in anger.

The Second Elder and the four brothers crazily started to fight in a group!

Chu Yang had made a ruthless attack on the other side. He had unleashed twelve sword moves of the Nine Tribulation Sword at once. Then, he had further launched a synchronized attack of his own four sword moves!

He didn’t even see the Third Elder’s present condition. Instead, he just continued to issue his most powerful attacks in the most furious and reckless manner!

The Third Elder’s screams shook the skies!

He was also off guard at that time!

The only advantage he had in comparison with others was that he had the protective shield of his domain-field!

However, a domain-field of such a degree was unable to withstand the first blow of the Nine Tribulation Sword! The second move then broke through the domain. But, it bought him a little time to draw back!

However, Chu Yang’s attacks followed him closely. And, they became more and more quick, and more and more fierce!

The Third Elder had become aware of this thing within an instant – [I’m standing alone in front of a sea, and I’m faced with the raging tidal waves that are surging up more and more! Or maybe, I’m standing under an overhanging precipice, and suddenly a landslide has occurred! Moreover, the landslide is also accompanied by the flash flood…]

Such was the tragedy of the Third Elder!

He pulled out his sword with his utmost power, and tried his hardest to block. But, he could only resist for a while since he found that his sword had broken into fragments after clashing with the enemy’s sword.

After that, felt pain in his palm. And then, his chest started to ache. Even his heart had turned cold. Then, he madly roared as he felt a stinging pain in his eyes! He madly jumped up! And, he crazily cussed out! He trembled within the sword light. He got distorted. Then, a dazzling sword-light erupted with an explosion, and his meat crumbs filled the whole sky!

And, Chu Yang issued the ninth sword move of the Nine Tribulation Sword at this time.

However, he was unable to stop. So, he ended up crazily launching the remaining seven sword moves in succession even though the air had been filled with the flesh of his enemy!

The sword energy surged over as a result, and spread everywhere within this narrow and small range in an instant!

He eventually retracted his sword since the matter was over. Not even a single strand of hair of the Third Elder could be seen apart from the blood fog at this time! It had indeed been the most concentrated attack…

Then, Chu Yang fished out an incomplete version of the Nine Tribulation Pill without slightest bit of hesitation, and stuffed it in his mouth. Then, he circulated his martial power, and regained his lost power. However, he didn’t waste a single moment thereafter, and he readied his sword to attack as he went straight to join the battle circle of Gu Du Xing and the others!

Meanwhile, the six King Level Experts of Gu Clan were desperately attacking their opponents. All six men had the same thought… [We won’t yield even if we die! We will not let them slip out of our hands. We won’t allow them to save the Second Elder!]

Gu Du Xing was in a precarious situation at this time.

The Second Elder was a Third Grade Emperor Level Expert. How could Gu Du Xing and the other three King level Experts deal with such a man? The four people had put their lives at stake, and were going all-out. However, they were being drawn back… step by step. In fact, they had been pushed in a very disadvantageous situation by the incredible power of the Second Elder!

However, these four seemed willing to fight to death. In fact, they simply wouldn’t back off!

Blood had already begun to seep out from the mouths and noses of these four people even though the fight had barely started moments ago! Dong Wu Shang had put the highest amount of pressure on the Second Elder since his counterattacks were very fierce. However, he had blood all over his face at this time. Moreover, the web between his thumb and forefinger had ruptured because of the shocks. So, he had no other way but to hold the saber in both hands as he continued to attack crazily!

The Second Elder had pressured the four people into a disadvantage. But, these four men were still stuck to his body like ants to sugar. And, they weren’t letting him get away! So, he was more irritable than these four… and, more furious as well!

And, that was because he still had spare time to hear the on-going activities all around even whilst being in this fight. So, he had seen that his own third brother’s energy shield was broken by the enemy’s attack. He had seen it getting shattered by the enemy’s sword. After that, his brother’s palm had sustained injuries, and then he had met a sword’s blow on his chest. Then, both of his brother’s eyes were punctured, and he had gone blind as a result. Then, his whole body had oozed out arrows of blood. Then, his body had gotten distorted whilst he was alive. And, he had finally gotten reduced to pieces mid-air…

The Second Elder was extremely furious in his heart this entire time! But, he still hadn’t been able to rush over to save him!

He could have pulled the Third Elder out of that sword energy if he could’ve broken free of these four brothers. And, that would’ve saved the man. The Third Elder would’ve still been severely wounded… or even crippled. But, at least his life could’ve been saved!

He had become very anxious at that time, but he still couldn’t move a single step. And, that was because he would’ve been hit by the weapons of the attackers that had surrounded him if he had thought of moving. And, this would’ve pushed him back!

In fact, he would’ve gotten struck, and would’ve been forced back even if he had sacrificed his own life to rush over! He felt very powerless when he realized that the tables had been turned. In fact, this had made the Second Elder so sullen that he had blown his top!

But, it was all over in a split second on that side!

The blood fog of his Third Brother scattered in the air! And then, the murderer of his Third Brother had immediately readied his sword, and had rushed over towards him!

"Damn you Sword King!" the Second Elder shouted furiously. His eyes had turned red!

"Come on! Come on! All of you, come on!" he crazily roared.

Chu Yang flew high up in the air. The Nine Tribulation Sword flashed in the sky. It was the sword move ‘there is no harm in slaughtering the whole world’! This sword move had been readied from the distance of a hundred feet. So, it had reached to its maximum potential by now!

"Du Xing!" Chu Yang roared so loudly that his voice resounded in the skies!

Gu Du Xing responded. He crazily launched a sword blow, and then immediately drew a step back. Chu Yang’s sword attack had reached the power of a thunderbolt. So, Chu Yang exploited the gap that had been made by Gu Du Xing’s retreat since the Second Elder was busy in dealing with Dong Wu Shang and Luo Ke Di, and fiercely launched the sword attack!

The Second Elder’s fine beard fluttered. He then angrily shouted, "Come on!" He didn’t dodge or evade. He resisted the attacks of Dong Wu Shang and the other two people using his energy shield. And, he also unleashed a sword attack to welcome Chu Yang’s strike in the mid-air.

The two sword lights collided in the sky with a clang sound!