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507 The Real Jasper Flower

Both sides felt cordial towards each other after having spoken such words in this situation. Xie Clan’s people got enthusiastic in quick succession, and took the initiative to help Chu Yang in moving his stuff out.

Gu Du Xing was standing outside. He was in-charge of receiving the items. His eyes nearly popped out as he opened his eyes wide in a stare.

[Fu*k, Big Brother is emptying the entire Xie Clan?] He saw that huge pile of items in Chu Yang’s tent. In fact, he had to arrange for two more tents for stocking things up.

"Brother Chu, how will you carry so many things?" Xie Dan Qiong accompanied Chu Yang out and said, "Let me prepare a few carriages for you."

"That’s not necessary. I have my own means," Chu Yang replied with a smile.

Xie Dan Qiong handed over that thick stack of golden notes to him during this conversation, "Brother Chu, please take this back."

"What are you doing?" Chu Yang replied in an astonished manner.

"Brother Chu has given our Xie Clan a big fortune. Our ancestor has clearly stated that entire treasure-house shall be used to buy your Mysterious Ice Jade Crystal Core. Then, this money should naturally be yours! We can’t keep it." Xie Dan Qiong firmly replied.

Chu Yang felt helpless at this moment. [I am fine with making profits at others’ expense, but I shouldn’t take advantage of someone like that, right?]

Xie Dan Qiong saw that Chu Yang was feeling embarrassed. And, he couldn’t help but laugh out loud. He then said, "Brother Chu, I know that you are feeling somewhat troubled in your heart… But, you want these things because you wish to forge weapons, correct...? Ha-ha, I was very curious to be honest. Can you really forge weapons? And, would it be possible to build one for me as well if you can?"

He patted Chu Yang's shoulder and said, "Besides, we are going to have a long and steady business relationship in the future. However, you have to go to the Ou Clan right now. And, their secret treasure-house is no worse than ours. So, you will need to take lots of money."

"Eh?" Chu Yang felt a shock in his heart. Then, he received the money, and replied in a carefree manner, "I would gladly accept this since Brother Xie is insisting." He thought in his heart, [This money is a favor from the Xie Clan. And, I won’t let it go in vain.]

"Brother Xie, may I see your famous concealed weapon… the Jasper Flower?" Chu Yang asked with much curiosity.

Xie Dan Qiong was startled for a second. Then, he replied with a smile, "Why not?" He took his weapon out, and added with a sigh, "Unfortunately, my Jasper Flower isn’t yet perfect..."

"Oh?" Chu Yang looked at those two petal-like things, and thought with rapt attention. [There’s a contraption above it. The surrounding sharp petals begin to rotate rapidly when it’s touched and instilled with spiritual power. It then forms an invincible storm that can destroy any enemy who stands in front of you…]

Xie Dan Qiong demonstrated it for a moment, and said, "It works like this, but... the secret manual I got with it is somewhat incomplete. Its current power isn’t small. However, I always feel that it’s still somewhat lacking since I can’t display its true potential..."

"It’s not Jasper Flower. It’s the ‘Soul Seizing Flower Blades’ in reality!" the Sword Spirit spoke-up in a disdainful tone in his mind.

"Do you know what this item is?" Chu Yang asked the Sword Spirit in a curious manner.

"This is the famous weapon of the ‘Soul Seizing Flower Fairy’ from 20,000 years ago. The Soul Seizing Blade is capable of rendering ten-thousand flowers colorless in the world. And, the enemy’s soul is taken away amidst the vivid rain of colorful flower! It used to be number one concealed weapon of its time! However, this kid of the Xie Clan has practiced it wrongly!"

The Sword Spirit snorted, and added further, "Why do I know this? It’s because this weapon was personally developed by me for the Seventh Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword. He had it prepared as a gift for his concubine to flatter her... That Soul Seizing Flower Fairy was that guy’s sixth concubine... do you now understand how I know this?"

Chu Yang was shocked, "Eh! So, it’s like this… Do you still have this thing?"

Sword Spirit rolled his eyes, "Do you want?"

"You don’t say!"

"It can be manufactured in a moment. However… this ‘Seizing Soul Flower Blade’ was originally crafted for a woman. This boy is clearly a man… I’m afraid that it won’t be easy for him to practice it to the perfection," Sword Spirit looked at Xie Dan Qiong and said.

"That’s his problem." Chu Yang calmly replied, "Even feminine can be turned into masculine when there’s determination in one’s heart."

The Sword Spirit’s eyes lit-up as he said, "Even feminine can be turned into masculine. Well said. In that case, I will help you in assisting him to accomplish his goal. Whether he managed to succeed or not… will totally depend on his luck!"

Xie Dan Qiong saw Chu Yang holding his Jasper Flower in a pensive manner. He found this strange. So, he asked, "Brother Chu, is something wrong?"

Chu Yang woke up from his pensive state of mind, and replied, "No, there is nothing wrong. I only found this Jasper Flower of yours somewhat familiar. I had once obtained two items which resemble your Jasper Flower. Or maybe… they aren’t entirely similar..."

"Are you serious?" Xie Dan Qiong’s eyes lit up.

"Brother Xie, you wait here for a minute. I'll go and fetch them." Chu Yang excused himself, and slipped into the tent where he was going to wait for sometime while the Sword Spirit would craft the weapon.

Chu Yang came back out not long after. He took out an item – which looked like two flower-buds – from his bosom in front of the astonished gaze of Xie Dan Qiong and said, "Brother Xie, please take a look at these..."

Xie Dan Qiong couldn’t hold himself back, and urgently took it over. He looked at it from all angle. Then, he pressed the contraption located below it, and the petals suddenly opened. It seemed dreamy like an illusion. However, the rim of each petal was flashing sharply, and appeared eerie. It seemed as if the devil himself had drilled out from the hell and had started to wink...

The more Xie Dan Qiong looked at it… the more excited he started to appear. In fact, his hands had begun to tremble soon-after…

"Jasper Flower! This is the real Jasper Flower..." Xie Dan Qiong unconsciously grabbed Chu Yang’s hand and asked, "Brother Chu, where did you get this item?"

"I got this... from an ancient tomb..." Chu Yang replied with difficulty, "I remember getting a piece of gold leaf along with it. The practice method was inscribed on it... However, I didn’t like it much because it’s far too feminine for my taste. So, I didn’t practice it."

"Gold leaf...? Practice method engraved on it…?" Xie Dan Qiong nearly fainted from overexcitement. This news had struck him like a thunderbolt from a clear sky. In fact, he had gotten so excited that he didn’t know how to react…

"Brother Xie… Do you like it?" Chu Yang attempted to be pretentious. He had the intention to present it to him, but he still had to follow this course of events. After all, he still had to make this story consistent in order to justify this lie.

"Like…!? I love it!" A strong ray of hope appeared in Xie Dan Qiong’s eyes, "Brother Chu, this may be the greatest opportunity… in my life!"

"Here, it’s done," the Sword Spirit had carved the practice method on the gold leaf by now. However, this last minute rush-work had made him terribly exhausted.

His voice sounded in Chu Yang’s mind, "I can only give him the first part of the practice method... His current cultivation isn’t enough for further parts. He would probably lose his life in a few days to this ‘Soul Seizing Flower Blade’ if he attempts to practice the second part or third part now."

Chu Yang silently nodded. Then, he took out the gold leaf, "Brother Xie, take a look at this. See if it’s of any use or not..."

He hadn’t yet finished speak when he realized that Xie Dan Qiong had already ‘snatched’ it from his hand… and was currently looking at it in a hungry manner. He fiercely looked up after a long time had passed, and stared at Chu Yang with such a grim look in his eyes that it gave goose bumps to Chu Yang. He then suddenly yelled, and rushed over to embrace Chu Yang…

He hugged Chu Yang so hard that it nearly suffocated him…

"Brother Chu! Brother Chu, you... you are the noblest man I have ever seen… you are the best!" Xie Dan Qiong was visibly moved to tears. He couldn’t control himself in overexcitement, "This is the most complete Jasper Flower, and the most complete Jasper Flower practice method ah…"

"Eh..." Chu Yang struggled to break free, "It’s great that they are complete... now you let go of me first!"

"I won’t let go!" Xie Dan Qiong nearly began to hop while still hugging Chu Yang. King of Hell Chu rolled his eyes as he suddenly realized that this wasn’t even remotely consistent with his usual elegant image...

Chu Yang was embarrassed. He somehow broke free. Then, he turned his head to look around. He saw that the people Xie Clan were looking at them with strange looks in their eyes…

He scratched his head in embarrassment. Xie Dan Qiong was also somewhat embarrassed. His handsome face had turned red, "Brother Chu... I'm sorry ... I'm got a little too excited and couldn’t control myself."

"It’s fine. I understand." Chu Yang nodded his head. Then, he used his right hand to secretly rub his shoulder. He said in his heart, [You fu*ker. You got excited and hugged me so tightly that you almost dislocated my shoulder...]

"Brother Chu... these ... can I keep these?" Xie Dan Qiong tightly grasped the Jasper Flower and the gold leaf, and cautiously looked at Chu Yang with a somewhat apprehensive expression in his eyes.

"Yup," Chu Yang nodded.

Xie Dan Qiong cheered up once again. He rushed forward to hug Chu Yang, but somehow managed to restrain himself this time around. He finally didn’t lose self-control. However, his handsome face was already flushed.

Chu Yang drew back two steps, and vigilantly looked at him. [Don’t hug me. You had better not hug me again… or I won’t be able to withstand it this time...]

Xie Dan Qiong went back home dancing with joy. And, he repeatedly chanted in his heart, [I mustn’t let him return without getting him drunk! I must get him drunk! Brother Chu, you would feel that I wasn’t a good host if I don’t get you drunk… And, you will feel that I didn’t entertain you properly. So, I must get you drunk. That’s the only way I can show my greater sincerity towards you...]

"Has this guy lost his mind or something?" Ji Mo looked at Xie Dan Qiong’s overexcited appearance, and asked in a perplexed manner, "Has this guy received such an impact after Big Brother Chu emptied his clan’s property… that he’s gone insane?"

"It seems like that to me as well," Luo Ke Di had a deep look on his face. He looked-on solemnly, "He’s showing those symptoms. I recall that this sickness is called epilepsy… And, it seems that Xie Dan Qiong is suffering from this condition..."

"So pitiful…" Ji Mo nodded.

"Indeed…" Luo Ke Di nodded his head, "Though, his condition isn’t as worse as Second Brother Gu’s..."

"I also think the same," Ji Mo felt that Luo Ke Di had stolen the thought in his heart.

"You both get lost!" Gu Du Xing got furious, and kicked them one after another. This obviously sent them flying...

The Xie Clan threw a banquet that night. All high-level experts of the Xie Clan were in attendance; including Xie Zhi Qiu even though he had shunned the world entirely, and hadn’t participated in such an occasion in more than 100 years. So, his presence at a banquet was simply unprecedented.

Xie Zhi Qiu made a formal announcement about the alliance between the Xie Clan and Minister Chu before the banquet began. He clearly pointed out… [Chu Yang will be an irreplaceable ally of the Xie Clan from now on! No matter what happens… The Xie Clan shall support Chu Yang unconditionally. It doesn’t matter whether what’s just and what’s wrong… we shall have a clear-cut stand, and we shall stand beside Chu Yang!]

This decision was obviously somewhat insane!

However, Xie Zhi Qiu knew that Chu Yang was worth it since he had seen the real Jasper Flower and the Mysterious Jade Ice Crystal Core. Therefore, the friendship with him was worth it. He was worthy of Xie Clan’s investment of time and energy in friendship!

Gu Du Xing and the other brothers had come to realize this… [The Xie Clan of the Middle Three Heavens has become our unconditional supporter!]

It could be said that this was equivalent to another big step towards Chu Yang's goal!

These brothers didn’t know how Chu Yang had pulled this off. However, they had a feeling that the future was going to be brighter and brighter from here on...