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494 Demands the Gambling Debt!

A tall and sturdy figure came sweeping through the wind as soon as Ji Mo said this. It was Huyan Aobo! Miss Huyan kept her shyness aside, and ferociously kicked on Ji Mo’s buttocks. She unexpectedly kicked his skinny and petite body, and angrily said, "Who is your wife…"

Her face had turned red as she had said these words.

Ji Mo looked straight in her eyes, and shouted… but, it seemed as if he was cussing, "Wow, so cute! You’re blushing…"

Miss Huyan became furious at this moment. She took unfair advantage of her strong body, and beat him up. Ji Mo held his head to protect it, and shouted loudly as he begged for forgiveness… Luo Ke Di, Dong Wu Shang, and Gu Du Xing had jumped over to congratulate Ji Mo. However, they saw this, and held their breaths. They gazed at those two with their round eyes, [she is truly valiant…]

Then, the three of them saw that Ji Mo was sent flying high in the sky like a rubber ball. And, they couldn’t help but feel cold in their hearts as they watched this scene with a crooked mouth and slanting eyes.

[It’s said that we only beat and scold the ones that we love. And, it is said that beating is passion, and the scolding is love. But, this kind of beating… is very cruel, isn’t it? Is this Ji Mo’s dream girl?]

[If it is so… then we…] Luo Ke Di and Dong Wu Shang glanced at each other. However, all they could see was a look of horror in each other’s eyes.

Gu Du Xing curled his lips. He thought, [Sister Xiao Miao surely isn’t like this girl Huyan Aobo… Sister Xiao Miao is tender. Ahm! Ahm! She’s the best.]

Huyan Aobo and Ji Mo were done fighting by the time he thought this. Ji Mo patted-off the dust from his body. And, he happily smiled… as if nothing had happened. Then, he even extended his hand to hold Huyan Aobo’s arm…

Huyan Aobo avoided it. And, she harshly glared at him instead.

But, Ji Mo was persistent. He again extended his hand to hold her hand.

Huyan Aobo again avoided his hand. And, she scolded in a low voice, "Behave properly!"

Ji Mo had a flirtatious look on his face. Then, he again flatteringly pulled her arm… But, she didn’t avoid his hand this time!

Then, both of them walked hand-in-hand.

The eyes of Luo Ke Di and Dong Wu Shang became lifeless…

The bride usually seems to be shy, timid, and cute-looking when she links arms with the groom. And, the groom always has a proud look on his face, while the bride’s face looks happy.

But now… the tall and lofty Huyan Aobo and petite and delicate looking Ji Mo were walking hand-in-hand. And, it was Ji Mo who looked timid and cute…

Huyan Aobo’s face was calm and steady. And, Ji Mo had a happy look on his face…

"Poof…" Luo Ke Di couldn’t bear it, and spitted out. Dong Wu Shang also started to cough.

"Greetings to both gentlemen!" Huyan Aobo straightforwardly cupped her fist in her hand. In fact, she even forgot that Ji Mo was still holding her arm. Consequently, Ji Mo’s legs got lifted up from the ground when she cupped her fists…

"Greetings to Young Miss Huyan!" Dong Wu Shang and Luo Ke Di hastily returned the greetings even though they were still in a daze.

"Aobo…" Ji Mo let go of her arm, and landed on the ground with a ‘thud’ sound. He then introduced them with a proud look on his face, "This is my Fourth Brother — Dong Wu Shang. This is my Fifth Brother — Luo Ke Di… Umm, and over there is my Second Brother — Gu Du Xing…"

"I know!" Huyan Aobo looked at him and whispered.

"I know that you know. But, I’m introducing them to you as formality." Ji Mo seemed joyfully satisfied, "This is different!"

"Who is your Big Brother?" Huyan Aobo curiously asked. [Who is that capable man who has made these few men willing to follow him?]

"Look! Here he comes." Ji Mo pointed his finger.

Chu Yang was coming over in big striding. He exposed a bright smile on his face from a distance, "Young Miss Huyan… Wait, I should call you sister-in-law now. We meet again. Ha ha…"

Huyan Aobo became startled at this. She had never imagined that Chu Yang would turn out to be Ji Mo’s Big Brother! However, she immediately came out of her thoughts. She mildly smiled, "So, it is Brother Chu!"

Everyone exchanged greetings for a while. Gu Du Xing also came over.

Huyan Aobo’s body-structure was thick. She had a tall and forthright appearance. But, she wasn’t ugly if she was looked at with a careful eye. It’s just that she had the appearance of a beautiful woman that was several times enlarged. Moreover, her style of conversation was refined, gentle and elegant. She was neither servile, nor overbearing. Instead, she seemed to have an elegant charm.

Ji Mo was a lazy and mischievous person, and he had anyways been looking for such a woman to marry. So, everyone thought that she was a perfect match for him…

Huyan Aobo looked elegant and graceful. She didn’t have the slightest of shyness that an ordinary woman possesses. Moreover, her facial features had a threatening and heroic air to them. All the brothers thought the same thing when they saw this… [This woman is pretty good.]

She could come over to meet Chu Yang and others because the representatives of the Huyan Clan had already accepted the marriage of Huyan Aobo and Ji Mo. Everyone understood this point. Only Chu Yang thought, [Perhaps… Huyan Clan hadn’t consented, but she has still come over? This woman is indeed very incredible!]

An ordinary woman wouldn’t have come to see the friends and relatives of the groom if the marriage contract wasn’t set. And, she would certainly have been very shy if she did. But, Huyan Aobo was different since she didn’t show that kind of shyness. Therefore, Dong Wu Shang and others found this woman very pleasing to the eyes.

They obviously turned away their eyes even though she was pleasing to their eyes since only Ji Mo should be able to enjoy if she were to become his wife…

Huyan Aobo wanted to go back after these conversations came to an end. However, Ji Mo suddenly said, "Aobo, you see, our coyote and Wu Shang haven’t found wives for themselves yet. So, they are still bachelors. I was thinking that you have a few younger sisters, right? Wouldn’t it be better if they also found a match?"

The complexion of Luo Ke Di and Dong Wu Shang changed drastically as soon as he spoke this!

In fact, Luo Ke Di had been spooked out of his mind. And, he knelt on the ground with a ‘thud’ sound. He then pounded the ground with his head, "Ji Mo, Third Brother… you you you… spare me… boohoo…"

Dong Wu Shang’s complexion had turned pale. His body also swayed.

Huyan Aobo smiled in a carefree manner and replied, "Idiot, do you think that everyone has a taste like yours?" she glanced at Ji Mo as she said this. Then, she bid farewell to everyone.

She walked away a few steps, and again stood still. She then turned her head around, and looked towards Ji Mo with a serious look on her face. She then said, "Ji Mo, thank you."

Ji Mo giggled and scratched his scalp.

"I seriously want to say something to you." Huyan Aobo looked at Ji Mo and slowly said, "I’m saying this in front of your brothers… I’ll be waiting for you if you decide to marry me one day. But, you can just write me a letter if you come to have regrets someday…"

She glanced at Ji Mo with a profound look. Then, she turned over to depart. Her faint voice came floating with the wind, "Today, I have no regrets in my life."

Ji Mo was dumfounded. His face turned red in anger as he shouted, "Huyan Aobo! You fu*king listen to me — I have set my mind on you; and only you! You go back, and get ready. You prepare a warm bedding, and wait to give birth to my child!"

Huyan Aobo’s body trembled. But, she didn’t turn around. However, her body swayed as she walked away.

Anyone watching from the front could see that this Young Miss Huyan was blushing even though she had a manly appearance…

Ji Mo took heavy breaths. He turned around while panting. And, he saw that four thumbs-up had been pointed at him, "Good job! You’re genuinely worthy of being called Ji Mo!"

Ji Mo snorted. He muttered to himself, "I’ll kick you… Where else would I find so much peace and sense of security…" he said this, and causally waved his hand, "Let’s go. We should go and collect the debt of gambling…"

All of them nearly fainted at the same time… including Chu Yang and Gu Du Xing…

Ji Mo and the others found that these four Great Eldest Young Masters easily… However, they saw that Ao Xie Yun and the others had become four weak and feeble Young Masters by now…

It seemed that only one phrase was written on their faces – we’re done for…

Mo Tin Yun’s face had particularly turned deathly pale. Young Master Yu had done the notary for his bet with Chu Yang. So, he couldn’t dare to renege on the debt either.

Moreover, he looked at the immensely satisfied appearance of Chu Yang, and could tell that Young Master Yu had already given him that 1 billion taels. But, Mo Tian Yun didn’t know that… Young Master Yu was also in a similar situation.

He also owed a debt to Chu Yang!

"Brother Mo, I am sorry. I have already accepted those 1 billion taels." Chu Yang chuckled and said, "So, I was actually looking for you four men to talk about the matter of the other 2.1 billion." He insipidly smiled, "I remember that I betted around three-hundred million. And, the compensation was one-is-to-six. So, after adding the return capital… he he, it becomes 2.1 billion, right?"

Ao Xie Yun had a bitter smile on his face, "Yes. Yes. Elder Brother Chu’s math is very good…" Dong Wu Shang thought with a smile when he heard this, [Eighteen plus three is equal to twenty one… this seems to be a child’s calculation, isn’t it? What’s so great about such an easy calculation?]

Xie Dan Qiong awkwardly coughed a few times and said, "Brother Chu… Young Master Yu came and took away 3.5 billion a moment ago… Ahm ahm ahm… So, the four of us are already penniless… Ahm Ahm Amh, the support from our clans hasn’t arrived yet… Ahm Ahm Ahm… So, about Brother Chu’s money… is it… is it okay, ahm ahm ahm… is it okay to extend the time-limit for two days?"

Xie Dan Qiong couldn’t help but be embarrassed. These people were the Young Masters of the Great Aristocratic Families in the Middle Three Heavens. When had they gone into debt? But, they were under pressure at this time, and they couldn’t run away from the situation…

"I see… that is indeed pretty bad." Chu Yang had an awkward look on his face, "Let’s do it like this. The four of you will equally share this debt of 2.1 billion, okay? So, everyone give me a certificate of indebtedness. And, return the money within three days. Pay me according to the general interest of double-the-amount in every three days’ interval if you take more time. Okay?"

"Will do. Will do. Will do." Xie Dan Qiong and Ou Du Xiao felt relieved from the burden. They clearly understood the calculation of how each of them would pay their debts. Moreover, they didn’t need three days since the support from their clans would arrive in two days. So, they could pay the debt then. But, the loss of this wealth would still be extremely painful…

"I don’t need to write a certificate of indebtedness in this case."Ao Xie Yun smiled, "I can pay you the money right now."

Chu Yang attentively looked at him and replied, "Brother Ao is filthy rich." Ao Xie Yun smiled. He then took out golden notes, and handed them over to Chu Yang.

However, Mo Tian Yun was mourning because he had already gone bankrupt. He didn’t dare to renege on the debt when Young Master Yu had come to collect the money. In addition, he even had to mortgage yet another clan’s property to Ao Xie Yun to pay-off the debt that he owed to Young Master Yu. Only then he was able to send that God of Death away…

As for the debt that he owed to Chu Yang… even thirty days would not be enough…! His clan would get to know about what had happened here soon or later. And, he would be extremely lucky if didn’t get his skinned for it.

Chu Yang had spoken about the general interest-rate. And, this amount would be doubled after three days in accordance with it… So, it would be even more malicious than the usury. And, perhaps the Mo Clan would have to sell everything if it took him a month, and still they won’t be able to repay the debt…

He didn’t know that Chu Yang had raised this request with him being the real target. In fact, Chu Yang had done this for him alone. The reason was that… he had bullied Mo Qing Wu…! And, that had already touched Chu Yang’s nerve. In fact, Chu Yang would feel that taking a rebirth was meaningless if he couldn’t make his life miserable…!

This was a matter of principles. So, there was no possibility to show any mercy to Mo Tian Yun!