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492 Ji Mo’s Decisive Battle!

Ji Mo had already walked till the halfway point. He had actually fanned the mood of the crowd on the way. Only people of the four big clans – Gu, Luo, Dong and Ji – had been cheering for his victory in the beginning. And, the people who had bet on his victory were obviously cheering for him. But, the entire audience had joined them by now!
Even the people who had bet on Gao Sheng had started to cheer him.
And, that was because Ji Mo had given a speech that had touched the hearts of the people – [It is excusable if you pursue power and wealth. But, you can’t drag a woman who you don’t even like into this matter because you want power and wealth!]
[Doing this will let down the two major clans. And, it will also be unfair to that woman. In fact, it would be unfair to everyone… including yourself. What qualifications do you have to fight in this match? What right do you have to duel with Ji Mo?]
[I gambled on you because I want to make profits. But, this doesn’t mean that I don’t despise your character! I may scold you, and I may ‘shush’ you. But, I will still make a profit as long as you win! I may praise you, I may support you… but, I will still lose the compensation money if you lose. So, what does it have to do with this?]
This was the reason why the influence of Second Master Ji had become increasingly magnificent. He gracefully waved his hand as he walked forward. And, he seemed to be carrying the radiance of spring on his face. In fact, he was so excited that he was unconsciously swinging his buttocks while walking.
He continued to listen to the cheers while he swung his buttocks, and walked confidently with his toes pointed outward… He walked as steadily as a mountain, but his mannerism was still very stylish.
"We must win!" Second Master Ji raised his arm and shouted.
"Must win!" tens of thousands of people in the crowd shouted in response.
"We must defend true love!" Second Master Ji took two steps, and continued to shout in an inspiring manner.
"Defend true love!" the crowd shouted in unison.
"We must defeat the demon!" Second Master Ji continued with persistence.
"Defeat the demon!" The mood of the crowd became more and more excited.
"Ahwooh!!!" Second Master Ji waved his arms. He tightly pressed his lips together, and howled like a wolf.
"Ahwooh!!!" the crowd also howled like a pack of wolves.
"Dog Aunt!!!" Second Master Ji was excited beyond limits. He swung his buttocks and hopped once.
"Dong Aunt!!!" the crowd was seething with excitement…
However, this made Gao Sheng so angry that his hands and feet became ice-cold. He couldn’t bear it anymore. His face turned wax-yellow, and his lips started to shiver. He looked at the incredibly flashy Ji Mo with hatred and killing intention in his eyes. He gritted his teeth with so much strength that they produced a ‘ka-cha’ sound. In fact, it seemed as if his teeth would get grinded!

[I, I, I… If I don’t kill you, I… I will, I will, I will….] Gao Sheng crazily thought in his heart.
On the spectators’ grandstand… Chu Yang looked at Young Master Yu and asked, "Are you still certain that Gao Sheng will win?"
Young Master Yu let out a deep sigh, "I’m not sure anymore. Ji Mo is getting all the public attention at this moment. And, Gao Sheng is already annoyed with this. He’s very hot-tempered, and can flip any moment now. In fact, he may not be able to stay calm during the fight. So, it’s difficult to predict the outcome of the battle."
Chu Yang smiled mischievously. He pointed at the flaring crowd, "Such kind of power is also a significant factor in a decisive battle. It’s indeed a fact that one can display a stronger might as they get more support."
Young Master Yu replied, "Using such tricks to this extent is understandable. But, it’s still somewhat despicable."
Chu Yang sneered, "This is a decisive battle! Everything that can be made use of… should be exploited to strike-down the enemy! But, do you think that this much is enough? It’s not even close to being sufficient. You just wait and watch."
It had taken Ji Mo half-an-hour to get down from the spectators’ grandstand and walk arrogantly to the middle of the arena. And, this had made Gao Sheng — who was already waiting — even more gloomy. He was so angry that he felt as if he would die due to an excess of anger.
Gao Sheng suddenly blew his top as looked at Ji Mo, who had continued to walk over at a slow pace. An incredible rage welled-up in his heart, "Ji Mo, get ready to die!" And, he rushed towards Ji Mo as soon as he finished speaking.
"Wait a moment!" Ji Mo bellowed loudly. He extended his hand, and made a ‘stop’ gesture.
Gao Sheng stopped. He then furiously asked, "What are you up to now?"
"How can you begin without the announcement?" Ji Mo looked at the Master of the Ceremony in dissatisfaction, and said, "Can’t you see that this ‘Great Young Master’ Gao can’t wait to get his a*s kicked?"
Gao Sheng immediately trembled from head to foot. [Well, well, Ji Mo… I will make you see who can’t wait to get his a*s kicked!]
The complexion of the Master of the Ceremony became strange. He lifted his hand, "Commence the battle!"
His voice hadn’t even faded yet, and Gao Sheng had already rushed over without any delay. He rushed to the front of Ji Mo. His fist arrived in front of Ji Mo, and blew the hair on his forehead upwards with the sound of a wind.
"Wait a moment!" Ji Mo shout was as loud as a thunderclap. He stood there motionless with his eyes wide open.
Gao Sheng had to stop his hand again. He angrily gritted his teeth. Then, he spoke-up almost powerlessly, "Now what?! What do you want? What? What? Huh…?!"
Who would have imagined that Ji Mo would suddenly shoot his fist even when Gao Sheng had stopped…? His fist fiercely hit Gao Sheng in the face with a ‘Bam’. And, blood madly splashed from his nose. Consequently, his face swelled, and turned pink. Gao Sheng obviously felt an acute pain in his face. In fact, it seemed that this punch had impacted his tear-gland. He couldn’t even open his eyes properly as tears crazily welled-up in them and streamed down.
Ji Mo laughed heartily and said, "I said… wait a moment… because I wanted to punch you first!" Then, he mercilessly kneaded his fists. ‘Bam’, ‘Bam’, ‘Bam’! He continuously let-loose three punches, and ‘Bam’‘Bam’… two consecutive kicks! Gao Sheng had been covering his face at this moment. So, he took advantage of the opportunity, and attacked him crazily.
Gao Sheng was sent flying like a sandbag.
The clamor in the venue turned into absolute silence. Everyone looked at this scene. They were baffled. They didn’t know how to react.
Ji Mo rapidly caught up with him. And, he again kicked Gao Sheng’s body in a majestic manner. Then, he shouted joyfully in satisfaction, "I got you! You stupid c*nt! Master of the Ceremony had told us to begin. But, you still stopped when I asked you to? Are you genuinely that obedient? Huh…? Will you head over to hell if I asked you to, huh...? You are very… Ahwooh Ahwooh… stupid…"
Gao Sheng frantically tried to escape while being battered. His whole body was in unbearable pain. Moreover, he was so angry that his stomach had started to hurt.
However, the gamblers in the audience had finally understood what was going on. So, they all shouted and cussed out loud, "Ji Mo, you are so shameless. You’ve launched a sneak attack!"
Then, someone else retorted, "Stop your fu*king nonsense! What do you mean by ‘launched a sneak attack’? This is a duel. The Master of the Ceremony has already announced to start the duel. So, who is to blame when Gao Sheng has let his guard down? He’s stupid! I have nothing else to say. Would we fall into this trap if we were in his place…? Never!"
Whatever this guy had said… was pure nonsense! Eight or nine people out of ten would’ve gotten caught off-guard in such a situation. And, they would’ve likely fallen into this trap…
However, these words were enough to instigate an individual, "Gao Sheng, are you stupid, eh...? The duel has started! Are you still dreaming? Motherfu*ker! Ji Mo asked you to stop, and you actually stopped, huh? You’re so obedient… huh… he’s your opponent, not your dad… Damn it, my money, ah…"
Gao Sheng flew into a rage. He rapidly pounced over. There was blood over his entire face. And, his handsome face had already become bloodstained. He roared wildly as he rushed over in a crazed manner.
"Stop!" Ji Mo shouted loudly.
However, Gao Sheng didn’t pay attention to him this time. He shouted out loudly, and rushed over towards Ji Mo. But, then he saw a sword-light flashing before his eyes. His body suddenly ached, and he hastily withdrew. He soon felt a piercing pain, and started to pant. He lowered his head… There was a terrible sword-wound in his thigh. In fact, it was so bad that he could almost see his bone!
"You… you are despicable!" Gao Sheng was angry and confused. [This bastard pulled out the sword so silently. And, I was so busy being angry that I didn’t even notice when he drew out his sword.]
"I had asked you to wait for a moment. And, it was because I wanted to warn you… that you still haven’t drawn out your sword…" Ji Mo innocently shrugged his shoulder, "Damn! I am so kind, ah. Everyone, can’t you see? I had the good intention to remind him to draw out his sword. Who in the entire Middle Three Heavens doesn’t know that I use a sword? However, he abused me because of this. A man can’t do anything good these days. A man’s intentions may be good, but people take his good-will as ill-intentions, ah…"
Gao Sheng roared loudly in anger. He puffed out blood with a ‘poof’ sound, "You are a self-centered show off, Ji Mo. No sound came when you drew out your sword. So, it’s clear that you intentionally launched a sneak attack!"
The gamblers on the spectators’ grandstand felt cheated. So, they changed sides, "Yes, ah! Your sword didn’t make any sound. It was clearly an intentional sneak-attack."
"Everyone, I’m being accused wrongly…" Ji Mo turned over his body, and showed it to Gao Sheng, "You take a look. You take a look. The entire Middle Three Heaven knows that the sword I use doesn’t have a scabbard, ah! See…? Where is the scabbard…?"
Over a thousand of the people shouted loudly, "Right, Second Master Ji’s sword doesn’t have a scabbard!" These men clearly trusted him.
However, majority of the huge crowd was still perplexed. So, they started to criticize Gao Sheng instead, "You stupid c*nt! Your opponent uses a sword that’s without a scabbard, and you don’t even know this? This is why you got injured…"
Gao Sheng became so angry that his vision turned dark. [How would I possibly not have known if Ji Mo didn’t use a scabbard for his sword? This is clearly a lie!]
However, he saw that Ji Mo was already approaching him in a lively and vigorous manner, "Gao Sheng! I wouldn’t dare to bully you in front of all these world heroes! Come, come, come! We will have a fair fight now! I won’t take any advantage of you again!"
He spoke this in a manner so righteousness that it almost inspired reverence! And, it aroused a round of applause from the crowd.
Gao Sheng felt an intense rage building up within his chest. He almost spat out a mouthful of blood. [You broke my nose. That blurred my vision. Then, you again took advantage of the situation, and punched me. After that, you launched another sneak attack, and almost crippled my leg. You made me so angry that I even spouted blood from my mouth. And now… you want to have a ‘fair’ fight with me?]
[And, you actually say that ‘I won’t take any advantage of you’. What’s left to do now? You have already done it…]
Gao Sheng’s face twitched in anger. But, he somehow resisted the hatred in his heart. Then, he pulled out his sword, and slashed it with the intention to chop Ji Mo into pieces!
Ji Mo dodged the attack while shouting and clamoring, "Good! Such a nice sword! It looks very cheap though! Wow! It is indeed cheap. Cheap, cheap, cheap…" He started to jump around like an agile monkey.
Gao Sheng bellowed loudly. The speed of his sword became more and more rapid as he unleashed violent attacks on Ji Mo.
Ji Mo had suddenly become silent. And, it seemed that it was becoming hard for him to face the enemy head-on. In fact, it was indeed very difficult for him. Gao Sheng’s cultivation level was much higher than his. Gao Sheng may have lost control of himself, and couldn’t use the full range of his martial powers because of his anger. But, he was still very powerful.
Ji Mo remained silent. So, Gao Sheng started to feel proud of himself. [So, you have finally shut your big mouth and started to focus on fighting instead. But, you’re no match to me!]
Such silence remained for a good while. And, Ji Mo was only defending most of the time, while Gao Sheng was attacking.
Soon, Ji Mo was about to fall into a desperate situation… Gao Sheng had already weaved a densely-packed net of sword strikes…
Ji Mo suddenly let out a pitiful scream, "Ah!!!"
This scream had arisen out of nowhere. And, it shook the spirit of the audience. They were suddenly taken aback. A cold and gloomy feeling arose in their hearts. Gao Sheng was also somewhat puzzled. [Where did he get cut?]
He looked with rapt attention.
The speed of his sword also slowed down since he was focusing on looking. However, Ji Mo’s long sword unleashed a violent counterattack. He murmured as he attacked, "Fu*k me! I almost got cut…"