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445 Taking Drastic Measures to Deal with a Situation!

"Ha ha ha..." Ye Ran Mo laughed wildly, "I would like to see how Brother Chu breaks me first!" Then, he suddenly shouted loudly, "Capture and break him for me!"

The nine people simultaneously let out a loud shout. They then raised their sabers to the level of their chest and dashed forward. It seemed as if Chu Fei Ling and Chu Yang were situated amidst the saber-mountains. There was brilliant saber-light as far as the eyes could see!

The saber light flashed, and a congealed saber-mountain ferociously struck from the front side. The saber light flashed again, and another saber-mountain loudly crashed down. The saber lights continued to flash again and again. A total of nine saber-mountains from nine different positions attacked at the same time!

The overall power of this wave of attacks was more than twice the previous one!

The saber light seemingly rained down, and spread all across!

Chu Fei Ling faced upwards, and let out a long and loud shout. He then looked towards Chu Yang. There seemed to be a deep meaning hidden behind that look in those eyes of his’. His tall and straight body was entirely motionless!

The nine saber-mountains closed-in on his body at the same time!

Chu Fei Ling's hand suddenly patted against his waist, and a ‘clang’ sound was heard. Then, a dazzling bluish-green saber light lased out from his waist!

This Ninth Grade Saber Emperor – who was at the pinnacle of Saber Emperor Level – had finally taken out his hidden trump card!

Chu Fei Ling had lost his son 18 years ago. And, his emotions had been simmering inside his heart ever since. He had deliberately concealed his strength since then. However, his true strength had finally erupted today!

The bluish-green saber light dropped from the sky like a dragon. A long channel instantly opened up within that brilliant saber light. Three stuffy groans were heard in succession, and blood splashed all over!

Chu Fei Ling’s silhouette flashed, and gently drifted like smoke to Chu Yang’s side. His left hand went around Chu Yang’s waist without any hesitation. And, Chu Yang found himself riding the clouds to fly upwards the very next moment!

Chu Fei Ling’s body was flying along with him. The bluish-green saber light easily broke through the dense curtain of saber light in the sky, and flew straight upwards for 300 feet. The blue form suddenly rotated once, and severely kicked at the soles of Chu Yang’s feet.

The explosive power of this kick was similar to that of a mountainous flash-flood. Chu Yang felt as if he had been propelled forward by the strength of ten-thousand giants at once. His body went darting forward at a lighting speed. The ‘chi chi’ sound echoed, and it was followed by an explosive sonic boom!

His black robe was visibly exuding smoke because of the intense air-friction caused by moving at such a high speed. His black robe had caught fire as a result!

Chu Fei Ling’s kick had managed to throw Chu Yang away by several thousand feet!

This was why Chu Fei Ling hadn’t been anxious this entire time. He had been waiting for an opportunity to give the biggest surprise to the enemy in one fell swoop, and would use the resulting trauma to get Chu Yang out of there in that very moment. Then, he’d do his best to pin down the enemy in order to help Chu Yang escape to safety!

He didn’t care what’d happen to him. But, Chu Yang mustn’t die!

Chu Yang flew out, while Chu Fei Ling's body fell right back into the encirclement. A rage-filled voice resounded at that very moment, "Motherfu*ker! I always thought that he’s a Martial Emperor. I never knew that he’d turn out to be a Saber Emperor! Chu, you motherfu*ker! You were hiding your true power!"

Chu Fei Ling didn’t speak a word in response. His bluish-green saber light flew all around. He had unleashed his overwhelming saber light in this moment. He had been besieged by an array that consisted of nine Saber Emperors. However, he had suddenly turned from defense to offense. His saber light had scattered, and had enveloped the nine enemies like the canopy of the sky!

The nine people shrieked in a bewildered manner. They were feeling greatly ashamed!

They had used the power of nine people to besiege one man. Moreover, they had relied on the Serene Night Nine Masters Array to double the strength of the nine people. However, three of them had been injured in the blink of an eye. The person – whom their target wanted to protect – had also managed to get out safely. Moreover, they had been compelled to gasp for breath by their target’s offensive?!

This was such a great shame and humiliation!

"I don’t care about the little bastard. Focus on chopping Chu Fei Ling to pieces!" Ye Ran Mo’s face had turned reddish-purple with anger and shame behind the mask.

Chu Fei Ling smiled in his heart and spoke, "Ye Ran Mo! A person of your skill can’t deal with this Chu!" He was fully aware of the fact that the combined force of these nine people could suppress him. He would get buried here if he didn’t do well now. However, he was in a very good mood since he had sent Chu Yang out. He roared madly. And, his blue figure flickered as he launched a violent attack!

He revealed the power of his true cultivation level of Saber Emperor at this moment. He held the saber in his hand, and seemed like the Emperor of the universe as he maneuvered this brilliant and sparkling item around!

"Kill him!" Ye Ran Mo shouted frantically, "Execute the third stage of the great array — Nine Masters Soul Extermination!"

The nine people shouted loudly, and released brilliant saber lights. The dazzling white light began to slowly suppress Chu Fei Ling’s bluish-green saber light.

Suddenly, a loud shout was heard from the distance, "You do not need to worry! That thing you gave me… I will deliver it for you to the Upper Three Heavens! You take care of yourself… Hope to see you again..."

It was Chu Yang's voice!

Chu Yang had yelled out just now. Meanwhile, the Sword Spirit gave him a ‘thumbs up’ in his mind! Serene Night Nine Masters Array — by definition — requires nine masters to display its full might. It wouldn’t be a nine masters array with even one fewer master!

Even a Monarch Level Expert would end up dead if the three stages of the Nine Masters Array were to be executed in succession. The Sword Spirit had even thought of customizing a heavenly saber for Chu Fei Ling in accordance to his level. However, he knew that even a heavenly weapon would prove to be useless inside this Nine Masters Array!

However, Chu Yang’s declaration had proved out to be a good measure to deal with this situation! First, he was already far away from the battlefield. So, the enemy would have to come out of the array to pursue him! Secondly, the enemy would have no choice but to chase after him when they’d consider the nature of this declaration! In fact, the enemy would be compelled to send at least one individual after him!

Chu Fei Ling wasn’t a match for these nine men if they were united. However, he would no longer be in a pinch if this formation were to be broken. Both sides would suffer in that case, but the prospect of escape wouldn’t be an issue…

…. ….

Chu Yang had known that this declaration would definitely solve Chu Fei Ling’s predicament. So, he felt relieved in his heart. He had also heard the conversation that had taken place between these men earlier. [This Boss Chu is probably from the Chu Clan of the Upper Three Heavens. In other words, there’s a big possibility that… he’s my family member?]

[He’s probably my uncle, or maybe… my own father? I can’t say for sure. But, he’s a family member in any case. So, I can’t let him die here; no matter what!]

[I haven’t yet determined that he’s someone from my Chu Clan. I currently have no intention to return to my clan and gain their recognition. But, I will still save him! Otherwise, I will regret this my entire life...]

Therefore, Chu Yang had made up his mind that he would meddle in this matter no matter what! [I will help him get out of this mess at the very least!]

…. ….

Chu Yang's voice came from far away, and startled everyone who was in the middle of the fight at the moment. Those ten people dodged the saber attacks, but were left somewhat in a daze. After that, they just stood still with a blank stare on their face.


"This little bastard!" ten people spontaneously cussed out the same phrase… and at the same time… as if by prior agreement. Even Chu Fei Ling was one among them. Everyone gritted their teeth, and fumed with rage!

Ye Ran Mo hadn’t thought that Chu Fei Ling had made such an unhanded move by preparing a secret note. Everyone got worried, [we may be able to kill Chu Fei Ling. But, a strong backlash will be triggered from the Chu Clan if we allowed this little bastard to escape with that message to the Upper Three Heavens!]

The Ye Clan wasn’t afraid of the Chu Clan. In fact, the Chu Clan couldn’t come close to the Ye Clan. However, the issue was that the Nine Tribulations Sword’s Master had been maturing at a rapid pace. So, the entire Upper Three Heavens was getting battle ready, and all clans were trying their best to avoid any quarrels. That’s because it would inevitably become a big nuisance! Therefore, these nine people would get scolded and blamed for this by the clan if that were to happen!

After all, Chu Fei Ling’s assassination was supposed to happen in the dark. No one was supposed to find out. The exposure of this matter would definitely cause a storm. These nine men weren’t the most important figures of the Ye Clan. So, it was possible that these nine people would become scapegoats if this matter got out of hand by any chance.

An ominous light flashed in everyone’s eyes as they thought of this!

Chu Fei Ling was burning with impatience. [You said that you would go away at once, right? What the hell did you shout out of the blue? You think the distance of a few thousand feet is very far? This distance is shit in the eyes of an Emperor Level Expert! He can catch you in the blink of an eye!]

However, Chu Fei Ling also knew that Chu Yang had done so for his own good. [It’s just an attempt to lure some people away from the array formation, and get them to go after him. I would be out of danger as long as even one person gets lured away.]

[I’ll still be at a disadvantage while facing the others. But, I should at least be able to attack and retreat at will. Not to mention that I will also have a better chance of making an escape.]

[The idea is good, and I would no longer be in danger. But, he will die without a doubt! He’s a Second Grade King Level Expert. He’s a Sword King, but he can’t stop one strike from a First Grade Saber Emperor! And, these guys are Third Grade Saber Emperors?]

[This kid is trading his own life for mine!] Chu Fei Ling thought of this, and got worried. He also touched by this.

"Little brother, I thank you for your good intention. But, you must escape quickly. Please don’t meddle in this matter." Chu Fei Ling shouted with all his strength. His message was simple… he just wanted to tell Chu Yang to get away from here as fast as possible. Moreover, he wanted to tell Ye Ran Mo and his men that the kid’s words were false, and that they shouldn’t believe him!

However, who was Ye Ran Mo?

Ye Ran Mo was a hardcore man of Jiang-Hu. He had fought his way up, and had distinguished himself among his peers. So, he was bound to be skeptical and ruthless!

More so in this critical situation since it involved such a major event. There so much at stake. So, one would better be more skeptical and suspicious. Moreover, how could he believe Chu Fei Ling? That man was clearly trying to make them give up on the idea of chasing down Chu Yang!

That was absolutely impossible!

"Old Ninth, the eight of us here will kill Chu Fei Ling. You go and bring back that little bastard’s head!" Ye Ran Mo decisively issued an order.


That Old Ninth moved quickly, and proceeded to move out. Chu Fei Ling bellowed, and a saber light dramatically surged towards him. However, Ye Ran Mo and the others worked as one, and blocked Chu Fei Ling’s wild and violent attack from approaching Old Ninth from behind.

"Go fast and return quickly!" Ye Ran Mo brandished his saber, and spoke urgently… as if it was going to rain soon… "Go as fast as possible and kill that little bastard. Then, quickly come back to the great array to help us deal the fatal blow to Chu Fei Ling!"

"Yes!" The black-clothed Old Ninth suddenly jumped. The saber light danced in the air, and transformed into a long rainbow. It then flew straight in the direction in which Chu Yang had fled. This black-clothed Old Ninth was one of the three people who had been injured during Chu Fei Ling sudden outbreak a while ago.

Ye Ran Mo had deliberately sent him to kill Chu Yang since he also wanted the old man to take a break. After all, a mere King Level Expert couldn’t possibly tire an Emperor Level Expert, could he?

Chu Fei Ling turned pale with fright. He let out a loud shout even though he had remained engaged in a crazy battle, "Hurry up, Little Brother! Get away quickly! Someone’s coming to kill you…" his voice sounded like a thunderclap, and spread far and wide. The sense of panic and anxiety wasn’t even remotely concealed in the make of his voice!