Transcending the Nine Heavens
441 Meets Chu Fei Ling for the First Time
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Transcending the Nine Heavens
Author :Fenglin Tianxia
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441 Meets Chu Fei Ling for the First Time

[Ah, I must report the news about the sudden appearance of this Mo Clan’s expert to my clan… It seems that the Mo Clan has begun to plot against my Black Devil Clan… boohoo…]

Li Wende appeared to be in a distressed state as he stood up, and somehow made his way out of there. He was scared witless, and had been left to tremble in fear. He didn’t even care about the corpses of his men… 

Meanwhile, Chu Yang – who had been led away by someone – went into the mountain forest nonchalantly… as if nothing had happened. He sat cross-legged on a hillside, and began to channel the spirit energy into his body for cultivation.

Where was the person who had led him away? That was merely his trickery; that’s all. [This is a simple trick of instigation. However, the method of execution was a bit clumsy. As to whether the Black Devil Clan will fall into this trap or not… how’s that any of my goddamn business?]

[These two clans already hold a grudge against each other. They are bound to engage in a rigorous battle even without provocation. My trick is only an excuse for them to move into action. As to whether it would actually happen or not… it doesn’t matter. And, I let that Second Grade King Level Expert escape because such a trivial expert can be killed at any time. In fact, it won’t be a big deal if worst comes to worst, and he doesn’t die. But, it will be so much better if this incites a war between these two influential clans… ]

"Little brother, do you have a grudge against the Mo Clan?" A simple yet elegant voice sounded all of a sudden. It seemed as if it had originated from right beside Chu Yang’s ears.

Chu Yang was startled at first. Then, he got terrified to the extreme. [This voice had shown no signs of emergence. I hadn’t even sensed anything beforehand. It’s impossible for even a Ninth Grade King Level Expert to achieve something like that. However, this person is capable of something like that!]

[Doesn’t this indicate that this person’s martial power is far above my own?]

Chu Yang – who was in the middle of meditation – was greatly alarmed in his heart. In fact, he was about to jump up. However, he somehow controlled himself, and solemnly asked, "Who’s trying to play tricks on me?"

A mild laughter pervaded in the surroundings as a man in a black robe appeared less than 30 feet ahead of Chu Yang. He was watching Chu Yang in a curious manner.

"Little brother's swordplay is very good." The black-robed man noticed the solemn look on Chu Yang’s face. There was no trace of amazement on Chu Yang’s face. So, he couldn’t help but praise him.

"It's you." Chu Yang’s pupils suddenly twinkled in this dark and gloomy night. 

"You remember me?" The black-clothed man was somewhat taken aback.

"You had entered the restaurant from behind me when I was trying to find out about the recent news. About a quarter of an hour had already passed till then. And, someone was talking about the Eight Great Young Masters when you came in." Chu Yang calmly continued, "You looked for a window seat after you came in, and seated yourself. You ordered two green vegetables, one plate of peanuts, one plate of beef, and a jug of wine. You only spoke one word while placing each order. But, you ate only a few peanuts and three pieces of beef. And, you drank only half a jug of wine. The entire restaurant was enclosed by me after your arrival… no one was able to come in afterwards."

Chu Yang snorted loudly. His memory could be said to be unparalleled in the world. Not to mention that he was currently in the Middle Three Heavens. The law of the jungle was predominant in this place, and there was danger at every step. So, how could he not pay extra attention to everything? Even the behavior of that black-clothed man had been correctly stated by Chu Yang.

"Little brother's memory is stunning! You are correct about everything you said." The black-clothed man was astonished as he looked at Chu Yang. He thought, [it is surprising-enough that he remembers me. But, what’s strange is that he even remembers what I ate and drank, and in what quantity! I must say that it’s not something that’s easy to pull off.] He said, "It’s surprising that you clearly remember an insignificant person like me among so many people present there."

Chu Yang was sitting cross-legged, and hadn’t moved an inch. He insipidly replied, "That’s nothing. The question is… have you come here to return the favor for my food?" Chu Yang smiled as he raised his head, "The meal you had in the restaurant was paid for by me! I thought you have come to return the favor."

"Little brother’s memory is indeed superhuman. I hadn’t thought that I would get to see someone with such mental prowess. This is amazing to see!" The black-clothed man gasped in admiration, "I don’t know why… but, a feeling of affection arises in my heart whenever I see you."

"State your purpose in coming here. You definitely aren’t here to have a chat with me." Chu Yang smiled mildly. Chu Yang could tell from the appearance of this black-clothed man that his cultivation was far above his own. However, he was having a strange feeling in his heart… [this man wouldn’t hurt me!]

Chu Yang had been confronted by such a feeling for the first time in his overall experience of two lifetimes!

Chu Yang felt awfully strange, [Why ah? Why do you think that this man won’t hurt you? Chu Yang, you haven’t gone insane, have you? You’ve never met this man. This man can crush you with a finger. You are seeing him for the first time… yet you somehow believe that this man won’t hurt you? You have gone crazy, ah!]

However, even his rational thinking couldn’t sway this distinct feeling in his heart for some reason.

Therefore, he awakened the Sword Spirit due to such contradiction in his heart.

Sword Spirit had been cultivating inside that strange array formation inside the Nine Tribulations Space ever since. He heard Chu Yang’s call at this moment, and came out. But, he suddenly had a scare the moment he came out, "How did you provoke such a monster?"

"Monster?" Chu Yang asked in an astonished manner in his consciousness.

"Indeed; he’s a monster!" Sword Spirit replied quite seriously, "This man... should look unfathomable to you!"

"What about you?" Chu Yang snorted and asked, "What’s his cultivation level?"

"He has camouflaged his real strength. He’s presently a Fifth Grade Saber Emperor… even with his real strength hidden! But, he should be at the pinnacle of Ninth Grade Saber Emperor if he stops camouflaging his strength! He will soon break through to the Saber Monarch level!" Sword Spirit said to caution him, "But, you must pay attention that he’s actually carrying a sword at his waist, and not a saber!"

"So... this man has been concealing his cultivation for a very long time." Chu Yang heard the explanation, and appreciated this advice very much.

"Yes." Sword Spirit replied, "You have to be extremely careful while dealing with him. You must stay alert at all times. I will take control of your body if this man shows any malicious intention, and escape if necessary!"

The look in Chu Yang’s eyes turned cold.

[He hasn’t recovered fully, but he was able to protect me from the joint all-out attacks of Jing Meng Hun and his several hundred experts back then… The current strength of the Sword Spirit has upgraded by a significant margin with the help of his cultivation within the array formation. So, we should be able to escape even if we can’t kill the enemy if he taken over my body, right?]

[However, how powerful and ferocious is this black-clothed man?]

On the other hand… the black-clothed man was actually frowning while these thoughts were flashing across Chu Yang’s mind….

He had clearly felt an ancient and desolate aura just a moment ago. It had been powerful enough to frighten him. It had vaguely brushed against his body. Moreover, it seemed as if his camouflage had completely failed to hide his level from this aura!

This obscure aura had flashed only once, and had then disappeared entirely. However, it had still aroused a strong feeling of vigilance in his heart.

"I’m naturally not looking to chat with you. I need your help in reality." The black-clothed man put on a genial smile, "Aren’t you curious about my identity?"

"What’s the point of being curious? You aren’t likely to tell me your true identity since you’ve appeared so casually before me." Chu Yang coldly snorted.

"Eh? Ha ha ha… your insight is quite good!" the black-clothed man laughed out loud. His interest in this youngster was growing more and more.

He didn’t know why… but he had an intimate and familiar feeling in his heart since the moment he had seen Chu Yang in the restaurant… even though he had seen this youth for the first time. That’s why he had appeared here.

And, the more he got to know about this youth… the more he admired him. At first, he admired the youth’s memory… then his mental prowess, concentration, courage, and style of speech. This youth was faced with a great expert who was far beyond his own level… yet he was neither servile nor overbearing. All of this had left him to admire Chu Yang.

[I wasn’t as good as him when I was his age, right?]

The black-clothed man suddenly took a good look at this youngster, and noticed that the upper half of his face looked just like own young self. [Ah, his facial features vaguely look like mine when I was younger...]

This made him remember something, and he couldn’t help but have a mild heartache…

"You didn’t get scared, or panic; nor did you escape when you saw me. I wish to know why?" The black-clothed man smiled as he sat down cross-legged like Chu Yang.

"Does this also require a reason?" Chu Yang relaxed in his heart as he smiled and replied, "Take the great difference between our cultivations into account. I can’t escape from you if you’ve come to kill me. Therefore, I will only be increasing the thrill of your hunt by getting scared, panicking, or trying to escape. Moreover, you’d be my enemy if you had come to kill me. So, why would I wish to increase your thrill?"

Chu Yang smiled, "The feeling of killing a person who is struggling unceasingly for his life is completely different from killing a hero who has already accepted his imminent death, and waits to embrace it without batting an eye. The hatred in the heart of you — the killer — gets even bigger after you have killed such a hero. The killer gets more restless after he has killed such a hero. This is human psychology... I'll not give you the chance to be delighted by killing me… especially since I can’t run away. That will be my revenge! Why would I escape to give you the thrill of the chase?"

The black-clothed man laughed heartily and said, "Indeed! But, what if I am not here to kill you?"

"Why do I need to be scared, or panic, or escape if you haven’t come to kill me… or aren’t hostile towards me?" Chu Yang curled his lips and replied.

The black-clothed man was suddenly taken aback by this reply!

[This youngster’s has a unique style of conducting himself before others!]

"How old are you?" He asked as he gasped in admiration. Meanwhile, he also thought in his heart, [my son would presumably be this big if he were still around. But, he would never have such achievements...]

"Almost 20 years old." Chu Yang raised his eyebrows. He had made this remark after much consideration. He was actually 18 years old at present. However, it was rarely seen for an 18-year-old to become a Sword King in the entire Nine Heavens! And, he didn’t wish to be treated as a monster.

Almost 20 years old gives the illusion to the listener that he’s more than 19 years old, and is soon going to turn 20. And, becoming a Sword King at the age of 20 is indeed somewhat startling, and he would be regarded as a top genius for sure. However, the impact would be a lot smaller compared to the one caused by the age of 18...

Some geniuses in the clans of the Upper Three Heavens were capable of having such an accomplishment...

His lie may get exposed in the future, but he could always cast about a reason in explanation — [I said I am almost 20 years old. I didn’t say that I am 19-and-a-half years old, ok? Isn’t 18 years old as good as ‘almost 20 years old’?]

"Less than 20 years old... So young!" The black-clothed man had anticipated this. He gasped in admiration. A sense of loss flashed in his eyes, [my son should be about 18 years old if he were still alive, right?]

He looked at Chu Yang as he thought of this. And, the look in his eyes turned even gentler than earlier.

This black-clothed man was none other than Chu Fei Ling from the Upper Three Heavens. He had come here in search of the medicine! And, he had directly come to this place since it was located near an exit of the Cang Lan Battlefront in order to make it easier to find the medicine. However, he had felt that something was off after he had come here. He felt as if… someone was looking to cause trouble for him.

This very sense of danger made him temporarily change his priorities even in this crucial time, and he came looking for Chu Yang. This wasn’t because he was scared of the enemy. He scared of the fact that it might distract him, and delay his drug-seeking expedition.
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