Transcending the Nine Heavens
436 Arrives in the Middle Heaven
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Transcending the Nine Heavens
Author :Fenglin Tianxia
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436 Arrives in the Middle Heaven

The war between Iron Cloud and Great Zhao had ended. The Great Zhao Army had been annihilated. The top-ten dragon and tiger generals were dead. Diwu Qing Rou was missing. The world domination at the hands of Iron Cloud was simply unstoppable!

A secret order had been received from Diwu Qing Rou in Great Zhao’s Continent Center. And, the two brothers — Yin Wu Fa and Yin Wu Tian – had immediately started the purge. The Imperial Clan was the first one to get slaughtered. The imperial ministers got slaughtered thereafter. The long suspected enemy – Cheng Yun He – was also murdered by the two brothers.

None of the upper echelon of Great Zhao was spared by these two men.

Afterwards, these two brothers banded the leftover manpower of the Golden Horse Riders Department in Continent Center, and fled to live in the seclusion of the mountain forest. It is said that these two King Level experts have never been seen since!

Tie Long Cheng and Wu Kuang Yun consolidated a million troops, and marched south to sweep the world.

Iron Cloud’s Emperor – Tie Bu Tian – returned to the Iron Cloud Citadel, and sent a marriage proposal to seek the permission of Beyond the Heavens Sect’s leader – Wu Yun Liang. The approval arrived soon-after. Then, Tie Bu Tian arranged the nation’s mother ceremony to coronate the Empress. And then, he got married with Wu Qian Qian, and made her the Empress of Iron Cloud!

It happened so fast that everyone was left greatly surprised. But, the Iron Cloud’s ministers finally understood everything at the wedding, [this bride is a peerless beauty, but her abdomen seems quite bloated…]

[No wonder His Majesty was in such a hurry to get married. So, Young Miss Wu is already pregnant because an illicit pre-marriage relationship with His Majesty…]

The ministers rejoiced and congratulated each other once they realized this. They beamed with joy at the thought, [Iron Cloud is about to dominate the world, and our nation already has an heir! This doubles the happiness ah.]

The only surprising thing was that King of Hell Chu didn’t show-up in-person to congratulate. He merely sent a congratulatory gift.

Tie Bu Tian took the infamous ‘demon girl’ Wu Qian Qian of Bu Tian Pavilion along with him after the big-fat wedding, and she was made to reside as the Empress in the Imperial Palace. Everyone presumed that this matter had probably left Minister Chu in a very bad mood. Perhaps, that’s why Minister Chu’s plans got more and more arduous, and his methods got more and more vigorous and resolute thereafter…

Therefore, Tie Bu Tian issued an imperial decree — Bu Tian Pavilion is being incorporated into the national structure, and will be an independent supervision department. It will be responsible for overseeing the government officials throughout the world. And, Minister Chu will have absolute authority to deal with any matter that involves any violation of the law.

Therefore, Bu Tian Pavilion was brought into the light from the dark, and gained immense authority. And, the ominous name of Minister Chu instantly spread throughout the world!

Tie Long Cheng’s expedition army continued to get victories everywhere it went. It was akin to having effortless accomplishments with no setbacks whatsoever. They didn’t encounter any serious resistance. So, they continued to advance triumphantly… singing songs of victory on their route...

The Iron Cloud’s million soldiers reached Great Zhao Continent Center in just half-a-years’ time, and captured it!

After that, Wu Kuang Yun continued to lead the army south in order to attack the Limitless Nation. Meanwhile, Tie Long Cheng led his army north to sweep the Wolf Tribe of the Northern Grassland.

Tie Bu Tian soon informed the whole world that Empress Wu Qian Qian had given birth to a son. Tie Bu Tian was overjoyed, and personally named him ‘Tie Yang’! He’s rumored to have said these words at time of his son’s naming — I hope that this child grows up to become a tall pillar of strength, and is able to support the heaven and earth with his indomitable spirit!

Tie Bu Tian named Tie Yang as the crown prince when he was merely one month old, and made the baby-boy the heir to the throne. Tie Yang then became the candidate for the role of the next Emperor! And, the entire nation broke into a great celebration…

These things will perhaps be taken-up later in the story...

… …

Chu Yang arrived at the spot where he had fought with the Golden Horse Riders Department on that same day. He wandered around for a long time. Then, he finally heaved a deep sigh. He used his sword to engrave a few words on a mountain wall, and then floated away.

"Tian Tian! Little Tian Tian..."

Chu Yang sighed in a melancholic manner, [just these five words can express a hundred remembrances.]

… …

The mountain pass was filled with clouds and mist. Chu Yang’s black robe fluttered as he burst into the dense fog.

The entrance to the Middle Three Heavens was located at this place!

Chu Yang rushed into this channel without any hesitation. He had passed through it once before. His body was engulfed in dazzling seven-colored rays of light. It was genuinely fantastical. He arrived at a platform after he had crossed this very long channel.

Chu Yang’s expression was gentle as he set foot on the stone platform. The sky over the stone platform was misty. Suddenly, a gorgeous white light came from this dark and misty sky, and enveloped Chu Yang’s body in its entirety.

The light flashed once. And, Chu Yang’s body rose upward within the white light.

He was about to leave the Lower Three Heavens, but he suddenly remembered several things in this moment.

Wu Qian Qian was frantically running towards him… choking with emotions, yet calling out his name, "Chu Yang..."

Chu Yang closed his eyes shut, and sighed sadly.

Then, he strangely remembered that scene when Wu Qian Qian had hugged him, and Tie Bu Tian was watching with envy in his eyes.

"Why am I remembering this now…" Chu Yang smiled bitterly. But then, he seemingly heard Tie Bu Tian’s parting words in his ears, "... this more than a year’s time was perhaps the happiest time in my life…"

Chu Yang’s had kept his eyes closed until now…

He then opened his eyes, and he discovered that he was in midair. But, he was slowly going downwards. There was a vast green-field on flat land below. There were undulating mountains in the distance. There was rich spirit energy in the air as well! It was obviously far thicker in comparison to the Lower Three Heavens.

Chu Yang hovered down, and gently landed on the ground.

The circular door – that was hanging in midair – closed quietly.

This was the Chaotic Souls Plain!

Chu Yang’s eyes revealed a thoughtful look as electricity rushed throughout his body. The place he wanted to visit the most was Mo Clan’s residence!

He would have to go west from the Chaotic Souls Plain. He would then have to circle around, and take a long detour to reach the Mo Clan!

The journey would be a lot shorter if he would go north from here. However, he would have to pass through the Cang Lan Battlefront! It would be very dangerous. But, he couldn’t possibly be afraid of any danger when he knew that there was a war going-on at the Cang Lan Battlefront, and Du Xing and the others might be there.

An earnest feeling arose in his heart when he thought of his brothers… whom he hadn’t met in a long time, [Brothers, how are you all doing now?]

[Qing Wu, I'm coming!]

… …

A strange mutation happened in the world this morning. And, that affected the entire Upper Three Heavens… as well as the Middle Three Heavens.

Several people of the respected super clans of the Upper Three Heavens went into seclusion to read the arrangement of stars in the sky. However, they found out that the sky’s appearance was in a complete mess. The arrangement of stars was completely different than it had earlier been. In fact, it was completely inverted!

This situation had promptly aroused vigilance.

It was especially an atmosphere of deep concern for the nine super clans.

The change in the sky’s appearance indicated one thing – it was linked to the Nine Tribulations Sword’s Master.

Such a phenomenon only represented one thing… as per the records mentioned in the ancient legends — the Nine Tribulations Sword’s Master has completed the first phase of his growth!

Two years! The Nine Tribulations Sword’s Master had completed the first stage in just two years. This was ten-times faster than the growth speed of the previous Masters of the Nine Tribulations Sword!

This realization had brought the nine super clans to high-alert!

… …

The Upper Three Heavens… Chu Clan’s residence… There was a grave and sorrowful atmosphere in the Chu Clan.

That mysterious man in black clothing – who had formerly showed-up in the Lower Three Heavens – was standing here. His entire body was covered in wounds. He stood in the main hall, and appeared to be in a pathetic state. Several other people were standing at his side, and were in a somewhat similarly distressed state.

It was the Chu Clan’s turn to face the Three Stars Divine Clan. They had experienced heavy losses in the recent battle.

"Big Brother, how’s father?" the man in black clothing asked in a somewhat stammering manner.

Another man stood at his side. He was dressed in black clothing, and appeared approximately 40 years old. This man glanced at him sideways, and replied with a sigh, "We must wait for the results of the divine doctor’s diagnosis."

"I… I’m really useless… it’s my fault since I’m so weak and incompetent." The black-clothed man regretfully slapped his own head, "Lord Father wouldn’t have been hit by the palm of that monster… if he didn’t have to save me…"

"Fei Yan, it is pointless to say all this at this time." Chu Fei Ling patted his Fourth Younger Brother's shoulder, and spoke-up in order to comfort him, "Let’s be patient, and hope that the heavens save our Lord Father. Fourth Brother, you have been wandering in the Lower Three Heavens these many years for my child’s sake. So, it’s not surprising that your strength and level advancement isn’t quick. Your sister-in-law and I have harmed you quite a lot."

"What are you saying, Big Brother?" The black-clothed man – Chu Fei Yan – sternly replied, "He’s my nephew. How can I not look for him? It’s such a pity… I couldn’t find him."

Chu Fei Ling sighed and said, "I must thank you for the hard work you’ve done over the years."

An old man walked out from the inner hall during the course of their conversation. He had a serious look on his face.

"Dr. Yu, how’s my father?" the two brothers stepped forward at once, and asked in unison.

Dr. Yu sighed and replied, "The Old Clan Head has been poisoned by the poisonous cold blood of Three Stars Divine Clan. This type of poison is specific to their martial arts, and is extremely potent. The victim’s body keeps turning cold once poisoned. And, the victim eventually freezes to death. I don’t know how to deal with this type of poison… I’m powerless!"

Their complexions turned deathly pale, "But... isn’t there a way to cure it?"

Dr. Yu sighed, and replied, "Have you heard of the Nine Great Herbal Medicines?"

Chu Fei Ling and Chu Fei Yan stared in shock, and replied in a stammering voice, "You wish to use Nine Great Herbal Medicine? Isn’t that something that’s mentioned only in the legends? Where do we find it?"

"There’s one that truly exists. It’s called the Mysterious Yang Jade Essence. It’s the best medicine to cure the cold poison within the Old Clan Head’s body." Dr. Yu exclaimed, "The Mysterious Yang Jade Paste usually grows in the places where there’s no influence of the Yin whatsoever. It’s the world’s most potent medicine with ‘yang’ property! However, it’s extremely rare, and hasn’t been found by anyone on the Nine Heavens Continent in tens of thousands of years..."

Chu Fei Ling and the others were suddenly baffled.

"At least find the Mysterious Yang Jade… if you are unable to find the Mysterious Yang Jade Essence," Dr. Yu said as he took a step back.

"We will head out to find it!" Chu Fei Ling’s face revealed a color of strong determination.

"Time is running out!" Dr. Yu warned, "I have a millennium old ‘raging fire ginseng’ with me at the moment. Its ‘raging fire’ is potent-enough to keep the cold poison that has penetrates deep into the body in check… but only temporarily. It may guarantee the Old Clan Head’s safety for a year! But, the same can’t be said after a year’s time passes…"

Dr. Yu paused, and then further warned, "This kind of elixir may not necessarily be found in the Upper Three Heavens. There’s a possibility of finding it in the Middle Three Heavens, and the Lower Three Heavens as well. But, this possibility is quite low in the Lower Three Heavens since it’s inferior to the Middle Three Heavens. Moreover, the elixirs of the Upper Three Heavens have mostly been discovered by now. So, the possibility of finding it in the Middle Three Heavens is larger."

"Good!" Chu Fei Ling resolutely took a prompt decision and said, "That being the case, Second Brother, Third Brother and Fourth Brother – you all must stay in the Upper Three Heavens. You must ensure the clan’s safety. Moreover, we can’t write-off the missions that are assigned to us by the nine super clans. Secondly, you must also look for the Mysterious Yang Jade Essence and Mysterious Yang Jade here."

"Yes! Big Brother!" the brothers complied in unison after having received the order.

"I will go and search in the Middle Three Heavens. Ruo Lan… do you wish to go to the Lower Three Heavens?" Chu Fei Ling looked at the beautiful middle-aged woman who stood beside him.

"Yes." The middle-aged woman named Yang Ruo Lan was the wife of Chu Fei Ling. She had lost her two children in the Lower Three Heavens. And, Chu Fei Ling was arranging for her to go to the Lower Three Heavens. He was evidently doing it with the intention to comfort his wife…

"Elder Brother Chu should pay extra attention to the Cang Lan Battlefront if he’s going to the Middle Three Heavens." Dr. Yu said, "The spirit beasts run amuck in the Cang Lan Battlefront. The interior region is particularly dangerous, and mostly inaccessible. But, it’s the best spot for the growth of the rare elixirs because of this very reason. One simply can’t ignore this point. Moreover, you must keep the news about your departure confidential in this critical juncture since there’s a war going-on against the Three Stars Divine Clan! Don’t let the nine super clans find out! Finish this search… the sooner — the better. And then, come back… the faster — the better!"

"Right! We’ll leave right now." Chu Fei Ling and Yang Ruo Lan replied in unison.

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