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363 Brazenly towards the First Mountain Pass!

Diwu Qing Rou had been waiting for Jing Meng Hun to break-through his escapist mindset; to attain this breakthrough with his self-determination was an entirely different matter than doing it under someone else’s influence. After all, this concerned Jing Meng Hun’s future success.

However, Jing Meng Hun could never make this breakthrough. Diwu Qing Rou felt that Chu Yang was always ready to put his life on the line. He struggled to trick death, and survived to create miracles. This point was evident in Diwu Qing Rou’s words.

However, Jing Meng Hun was hesitant to make a move even after he had realized the problem. Therefore, Diwu Qing Rou was disappointed with him.

[Jing Meng Hun will be nothing more than a walking corpse if I take him to the Upper Three Heavens by force.]

Diwu Qing Rou’s judgment about Chu Yang was accurate as well. He was superior to Chu Yang when it came to making plans and resourceful stratagems. And, Chu Yang was nowhere close to his level when it came to playing political games and making elaborate conspiracies.

However, there was one point on which Diwu Qing Rou was inferior to Chu Yang.

Chu Yang didn’t have an escape route. Therefore, he had no other choice but to move forward and succeed. Even a single failure on his part could make his situation beyond redemption. So, Chu Yang had to be extremely persistent. His perseverance to move towards success was ten-thousand times stronger than Diwu Qing Rou’s.

Moreover, Chu Yang had gambled away his life. He was walking a tightrope; even a small misstep could consign him to eternal damnation.

Chu Yang could get through these difficult situations since he possessed two deadly tools — the experience from his previous life, and the Nine Tribulations Sword. Diwu Qing Rou was a genius, but he was nowhere near Chu Yang’s level in this regard.

Diwu Qing Rou’s situation was entirely different.

He had always had more than one escape route.

Therefore, the disparity between Diwu Qing Rou and Chu Yang was in their mentalities. Just like Jing Meng Hun couldn’t break through his cowardly mindset — Diwu Qing Rou couldn’t attain the same mindset as Chu Yang.

Diwu Qing Rou had chased after Chu Yang. But, did he strive hard for the same? He had left the matters in the hands of Jing Meng Hun and Golden Horse Riders Department. The reasons behind this move… there was a plethora of things which needed to be taken care of. And these things were inseparable from him. Therefore, he had gone back to the Prime Ministerial Palace to preside over the overall situation as he prepared for the war.

The situation would’ve been entirely different if Chu Yang was dealing with it. Chu Yang would’ve chased down Diwu Qing Rou for five-thousand kilometers — if he had to — in order to kill him.

This was because Chu Yang knew that the entire world would someday fall into Diwu Qing Rou’s hands if he didn’t die. However, Diwu Qing Rou didn’t have any such knowledge regarding Chu Yang.

Moreover, Diwu Qing Rou was confident that the situation was under his control and the entire world would soon be in his grip.

He would’ve desperately chased down Chu Yang if he were to find-out-in-advance that his lifetime-worth of painstaking efforts would eventually be destroyed by Chu Yang and lead to naught. But, the problem was… he didn’t know.

*** ***

Jing Meng Hun quickly got over his chaotic state of mind. Then, he began to issue orders one after another.

However, he still hadn’t realized that he had made an enormous mistake. He had found out that someone had pretended to be him and had fled from the North Gate. But, he had gotten so angry that he had slapped the guard to death and chased-out after the imposter.

Therefore, he never got to know about the involvement of his personal jade token in this incident.

This matter had become impossible to unravel. In fact, Jing Meng Hun was confused as to whom he had given his jade token to.

Diwu Qing Rou suspected that it could be the Master of Nine Tribulations Sword. However, it was only a possibility; nothing more.

Therefore, it was obvious that he wouldn’t connect King of Hell Chu to the jade token... He couldn’t be judged harshly for overlooking this fact owing to his negligence.

A large network of Golden Horse Riders Department was emerging from the Continent Center Citadel and heading north. It was spreading everywhere along the way.

Jing Meng Hun had planned to cover the region within the radius of seven hundred kilometers north of the Continent Center; this region was covered with dense mountain-forests. Moreover, this was the only route that could be taken to reach Iron Cloud. This route couldn’t be avoided; no matter where one came from. Therefore, 400,000 soldiers of Great Zhao Army were stationed here at all times.

King of Hell Chu would have nowhere to hide even though there was a continuous stretch of mountain-forest across this territory. The invisible falcons had already been sent to pass on the message to the 400,000 soldiers to get into action. Therefore, these soldiers had blockaded the entire section of the mountain-forest.

In fact, this stretch of mountain-forest had become the most difficult moat for Chu Yang to pass. Chu Yang wasn’t positive about this escape even though he had chosen this escape route himself. However, he was continued to advance towards this life-and-death situation.

It was a miserable situation since no one in Iron Cloud knew that King of Hell Chu was going through such a crisis. Therefore, Chu Yang was isolated and cut-off from any help. His only option was to struggle on his own and use his power to deal with a million enemies.

Moreover, he was fatally injured...

Chu Yang started to move towards the closest mountain pass; as fast as possible.

Less-than-an-hour remained of the time he could retain his disguise.

This was the first mountain pass in the northern region of the Continent Center. Chu Yang was required to cross this pass in order to rush into the continuous stretch of mountain-forest.

Moreover, Chu Yang needed to enter the mountain-forest since he was seriously injured and needed to supplement the medicinal ingredients. He couldn’t continue for a long time by relying on the ‘reserve’ medicinal efficacies maintained by the Sword Spirit. He would need to consume the medicines sooner or later.

Chu Yang could collapse any time due to his severe injuries. But he didn’t wish to wait and heal himself since the Golden Horse Riders Department would set-about in full force by then.

Therefore, he needed to cross the mountain pass in less than an hour since he could assume Jing Meng Hun’s identity over this time frame.

It was necessary to take this risk irrespective of whether Jing Meng Hun was aware of this or not.

Chu Yang’s horse rushed-out of the mountain forest like an angry dragon. Chu Yang rode like a whirlwind of dust until he arrived at the mountain pass. His black robe fluttered in the wind. There was a strict and ruthless look on his face. He had arrived like a raging tide and carried the grandeur of the First King Level Expert of the Golden Horse Riders Department.

"Open the gate!" these words contained the supreme authority which couldn’t be questioned by anyone.

A guarding officer stood atop the wall of the mountain pass. He was about to say something when someone next to him suddenly exclaimed, "King Level Expert Jing?"

"Humph!" Chu Yang snorted coldly. Then, he raised the horsewhip and lashed it. This action produced a sonic boom that sent shock waves for several miles. Chu Yang didn’t say anything. However, he glared at the expert of the Golden Horse Riders Department with cold eyes.

"Hurry up and open the gate!" the Revered Martial Artist hastily ordered the guarding officer. The guarding officer was perplexed. But, he couldn’t offend the person standing next to him. So, he quickly opened the gate; the suspension bridge was slowly lowered down.

Chu Yang coldly waved his hand; as if beckoning that expert to get down.

Then, he kicked his black horse and rushed into the mountain pass. His black robe fluttered in the wind. It seemed as if a mass of black cloud was floating towards the pass.

He dismounted from his horse after going-in. Then, he pulled out the whip and angrily looked at the face of a young officer who stood at the gate, "What are you looking at? Hurry up! Lead this horse and feed it, got it?"

The young officer seemed to be in utter shock. There was a trace of fear, shock and anger in his eyes, [Isn’t this person way too overbearing? Who do you think you are f**ker? You think you are the King Level Expert of the Golden Horse Riders Department or something, huh?]

Suddenly, a person landed in front of him like a meteor. He called out, "King Level Expert… King Level Expert Jing… what brings you here?"

[This person is the King Level Expert of the Golden Horse Riders Department?] The young officer was baffled. He then obediently led the horse to feed it. The young-male-horse looked aged since it had shed every strand of its power as it had galloped non-stop for five hundred kilometers.

"If I don’t come… will you be able to block King of Hell Chu on your own?" Chu Yang snorted. He walked forward with huge strides as he said in a brief manner, "I want Golden Horse Riders Department experts assembled here within the time frame of ten breaths. Those who fail to arrive in-time shall be executed!"

"Yes!" The Revered Martial Artist’s entire body was covered in cold sweat. The experts of Golden Horse Riders Department who had assembled behind him were scared out of their wits. They began to issue strange shouts as they scattered to notify their comrades.

Chu Yang continued to take large steps. He then coldly said, "You’ve received the news, right?"

"We have… but..."

"I don’t want to hear your ‘buts’!" Chu Yang shouted, "Catch King of Hell Chu at any cost. Those who fail to catch him won’t be able to escape from the punishment — including myself. Then your ‘but’ won’t save you! Understood?"

"Yes! I will pay heed to your instructions, King Level Expert." The Revered Martial Artist bowed his head respectfully as he tried his best to match his pace with King of Hell Chu’s big steps. Then, he said in stammering manner, "But... King Level Expert, you ..."

‘Smack!’ Chu Yang turned sideways and mercilessly slapped on his face. He then grabbed the expert’s collar and coldly looked into his eyes as he asked in a callous tone, "But what? You will keep your mouth shut from now on. All you will do is listen to my commands!"

"Yes!" The Revered Sword Artist’s face was burning. But, he didn’t dare to touch it. He kept his stature upright. His cold sweat had seeped into his vest.

[The kind of temperament King Level Expert has today… is rarely seen.]

"You may blame me for being grumpy and short tempered… but this is a matter of great concern!" Chu Yang’s voice turned gentle as he continued to walk. He then said, "Prime Minister is furious about this matter. The entire Golden Horse Riders Department under my command is undergoing heavy punishment. You people aren’t involved in the implication since you’re stationed outside... You’re not aware of your good fortune. I won’t mind helping you out this time to save your skin!"

"Yes!" The Revered Martial Artist trembled with fear. [So, that’s the matter...]

They could see the senior guard of the gate as they talked. The chubby guard had just arrived to greet the visitor. He had almost pissed in his pants in terror. He was about to arrive in front of the gate when he heard an extremely loud and grim voice, "Stop right there! Get lost!"

The chubby guard looked-up to see the cold and callous expressions of the honorable black-robed man who was walking with huge strides. The black-robed man’s sharp eyes were fixed on his body as a goshawk eyes a fat rabbit.

"I have no interest in exchanging formal greetings with you. Don’t say a word and get lost!" Chu Yang’s eyebrows were raised. He looked extremely impatient as he shouted in an irritated manner.

His confidence and domineering demeanor reeked of tyranny. Only a person who could control the fate of another could issue such a roar.

"Yes... Yes." The chubby senior guard almost pissed his pants. His entire body trembled with fear. He didn’t stay there for a single second. He hurriedly turned around to run. However, the center of gravity of his fat body didn’t allow him to turn around as he had intended. His body twisted and his posture became extremely weird. It was like the exquisite rotation of a dancer; but a failed one. He fell down as his two fat legs twisted together in the shape of a ‘fried dough twist’. (1)

A slim person wouldn’t have looked unusual if they had twisted their waist like this. However, this was a fat person whose weight was more than 125 kilograms… and was probably approaching 150 kilograms. So, when a fat man like him twisted his waist like that… it made him appear like a ‘fried dough twist’...

It was really amazing.

Just wow……

Fried Dough Twist: It’s a type of doughnut which is also called Mahua. You can search it on the internet to see its shape.