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348 Luo Ke Di and Tan Tan Meet for the First Time

"Honestly! Calm down! Taking advantage of Xie Dan Qiong won’t be easy," Luo Ke Wu grunted as he examined the battle’s situation. He didn’t miss any spot of fighting and was carefully looking for hidden traces that might lead to a sudden change battle’s situation, "Haven’t you seen? These spirit beasts are formidable, but Xie Dan Qiong is managing his troops well. His battle formation is tight. The Xie Clan’s won’t suffer many loses. But it won’t be very difficult for us to profit at their expense when the time comes. You just don’t get so full of yourself, okay. We don’t want Xie Dan Qiong to draw-in those spirit beasts towards us. It will be Xie Dan Qiong who would profit at our expense if that happens..."

"That’s won’t be an issue!" Luo Ke Di smiled mischievously and said, "I am an expert now..."

"Bah!" Luo Ke Wu spat disdainfully. He then and stepped a distance away from his side.

Xie Dan Qiong was depressed and felt like vomiting blood. His younger sister was missing. He had been killing spirit beasts while searching for her. He had ended up separating from other aristocratic clans, and had deviated from the scheduled track.

However, here he had actually run into the Three Stars Divine Clan’s people. He wouldn’t have been scared if he had to deal with these people only. However, they had brought a large number of Iron-Clad Lion beasts along. There were hundreds of these beasts, and each one of them was a fifth level low-grade spirit beast.

These Iron-Clad Lion beasts were a pride of ‘big’ lions. However, these big lions were different from the ordinary ones. Their skin was made of toughened iron. An ordinary sword would break if used to cut their skin. Moreover, these Iron-Clad Lion beasts were extremely agile. They could move as swiftly as the wind. They’d use their four iron hooves to attack, and the biting-strength of their jaws was phenomenal. It was extremely difficult to guard against such inanely capable beasts.

There was an iron pouch in the throat of these Iron-Clad Lion beasts. It was their inner core. A lion beast would spout its inner core to inflict injuries to its enemy whenever it was faced with a life and death situation. Moreover, a fifth level Iron-Clad Lion beast was powerful enough to severely injure a top-tier king level expert.

And Xie Dan Qiong had run into hundreds of them at once. How was this not bad luck?

What was even worse was the fact that… he might not be able to wipe them out if his team had to deal with them alone. However, he could at least gain an upper-hand in time. He might even derive some profits by the end of it. However, the two Luo brothers had shamelessly emerged from behind, and had outflanked him. They were obviously waiting for the Xie Clan to exhaust their military strength in this protracted battle. They would then profit at the others’ expense and collect the spoils of war.

This was driving Xie Dan Qiong crazy.

He adopted some tricks to lead those spirit beasts towards the Luo Clan’s troops a few times. However, the Luo brothers were very slick. They would always steer clear in advance, and would keep away from the ongoing battle. They would then stand and watch from a distance. There was no relief for him in this entire scenario.

Xie Dan Qiong felt that he would die of excessive anger…

[Does this mean that I won’t be able to stop the Luo Clan from taking advantage of me?] Xie Dan Qiong thought to himself.

[This isn’t the kind of issue that I can simply compromise with; this concerns my clan’s reputation]

Xie Dan Qiong didn’t wish to make any compromises. He had failed even when he was competing for the Sunlight Saber and Moonlight Sword. It didn’t matter whether they were real of fake — what mattered was that he had failed to snatch them.

Xie Dan Qiong wouldn’t allow himself to be defeated this time. Therefore, his calmed his mind down at the fastest possible speed after an initial fit of anxiety. He was no longer thinking about the Luo brothers now. He was fully focused on the battle before his eyes.

Then, he mind suddenly rose above the battle-situation. He seemed to have occupied a commanding position; he was above all others. His callous gaze looked down from above as he commanded this war.

"Xie Dan Qiong has suddenly entered the Icy Heart Realm!" Luo Ke Wu said; an icy look flashed in his eyes.

"Icy Heart Realm!" Luo Ke Di’s heart jumped as he heard this. [Is this similar to the Empty Mirror Realm which Big Brother Chu Yang taught? This Xie Dan Qiong has actually entered such a realm?]

Their shock only lasted for a while. Then, they regained their original schadenfreude mindset.

Xie Dan Qiong was also shocked big-time.

That was because… he saw a figure dash-over as swiftly as the wind from the immediate surroundings. This person was holding a whip in their hands. That figure bellowed, "You trivial Iron-Clad Lion beasts! How dare you run wild in front of this great aunt!"

Xie Dan Qiong was stupefied. His vest soaked in his cold sweat, and he sat down on the ground. His Icy Heart Realm had been shattered in a heart-beat. In fact, he was so overwhelmed that he felt a slight pain within himself.

[My great aunt...] Xie Dan Qiong wanted to cry but had no tears to shed. [I was looking for you, but couldn’t find you. But you appeared faster than anyone else when I least expected you to! You’re not my younger sister... you really are my great aunt...]

He then saw a scene which was even more shocking. He saw a strange looking guy next to his sister’s slim figure. This guy looked as ugly as those people from Three Stars Divine Clan. He was roaring in a strange manner as he took big strides, and entered the battle formation. He then charged towards the Iron-Clad Lion beasts. He then howled; one would never be able to forget his howl, "Ouu... these broken iron lions actually dare to besiege this great uncle’s elder-brother-in-law! Come. Come. Come. Come. I’m coming to teach you all a lesson..."

Xie Dan Qiong was stunned. He couldn’t bear this final blow, and spat out blood. He pointed his trembling finger at his younger sister and that freak. He then spoke in a trembling voice, "You, you... you, you... you... you two... wa..."

Xie Dan Qiong collapsed...

[She’s barely been gone for a few days… and she’s actually brought back my brother-in-law? Moreover… such a weird... brother-in-law?]

"Young Lord!" The guarding experts rushed over. Xie Dan Qiong had stood up by now. He dramatically wiped the blood off the corners of his mouth. Then, he callously commanded with a cold look in his eyes, "Protect the Young Miss!”


Xie Dan Qiong didn’t say it clearly, but it was obvious to everyone. [He only ordered to ‘protect the Young Miss!'. But he didn’t order us to protect her companion. Basically… we don’t need to act even if that person is in danger...]

Xie Dan Qiong’s body floated upwards and landed on the horseback. He was holding the Xie Clan’s flag in his hand. It was continuously waving in the wind; the Xie Clan’s battle formation quickly rotated.

Xie Dan Feng and Tan Tan charged into that pride of Iron-Clad Lion beasts like a tornado. They had been fighting together for a long time. Hence, they were already familiar with each other’s fighting style, and were very much in sync. [Your whip and my sword — one for long range attack and the other for close. Flawless coordination!]

“I have said earlier… but why would a big girl like you run away from her home? This isn’t good, you know?” Tan Tan kept running his mouth as he engaged an Iron-Clad Lion beast.

Tan Tan’s body was jolted into the air like a ball after several banging sounds.

The Xie Clan's people suddenly surrounded Xie Dan Feng. They basically crowded around her in order to protect her.

"He’s inside their pride, whereas I am outside. Why are you protecting me… and not him?" Xie Dan Feng got furious, "Are you all fools?"

The Xie Clan's experts didn’t utter a single word, and just kept looking at her.

"Let me go!" Xie Dan Feng got extremely mad. [Tan Tan appears to be in a critical situation. I didn’t give any prior notice, and just rushed into battle. And Tan Tan charged-in to accompany me. How will I forgive myself if he were to get hurt because of me…?]

"Xie Dan Qiong! I, your ‘old mother’, will never forgive you if Tan Tan gets injured!" Xie Dan Feng clamored in desperation when the people surrounding her didn’t move.

Xie Dan Qiong’s complexion darkened.

His younger sister had referred to herself as his ‘old mother’? Having such a valiant younger sister really made him feel helpless at times...

Luo Ke Di had been standing idly at a distant place. He had been grinning from ear to ear, and was taking pleasure in others’ misfortunes. Then, he was suddenly met with a shock, and his jaw dropped. [I... I didn’t mishear it, did I? Isn’t Tan Tan Big Brother Chu’s fellow-junior disciple?]

Suddenly, a mysterious warm feeling filled his heart. He howled like a wolf. He then unsheathed a long sword with a ‘clang’, and raised it in the air. It transformed into a shocking lightning sword. He crossed a distance of a thousand feet without thinking or notifying his elder brother, and then jumped over the Xie Clan’s formation.

"Ahwooh Ahwooh… I’m coming!" Luo Ke Di’s shadow flickered in the air.

"Second Brother!" Luo Ke Wu didn’t get a chance to stop Luo Ke Di. He was greatly exasperated and couldn’t help but curse out loud, "Luo Ke Di! You lowly bastard! Just you see how I beat you to a pulp later..."

However, he didn’t forget to command his troops. He angrily stomped his foot and bellowed, "What are you lot looking at? Didn’t you see your second young master charging out? And you’re standing here like a flock of dumb birds?! Hurry up… charge after him!"

The Luo Clan’s people rushed forth.

Luo Ke Di arrived in the middle of Iron-Clad Lion beasts. He landed on Tan Tan’s right side. He brandished his sword, and chopped an Iron-Clad Lion beast into two. His long sword’s sharpness could leave anyone in a daze.

Luo Ke Di continued to fight as he tilted his head to one side and asked while blinking his eyes, "Are you Tan Tan?"

"Oh, uh?" Tan Tan replied in a strange tone. Then, he pointed to his nose and asked, "Have you heard of my dashing name?"

This voice sounded like the mixture of a dragon’s cry, a tiger’s roar, and a wolf’s howl. Luo Ke Di felt his soul tremble, and a chill ran down his spine. He staggered a bit after hearing those words.

[No doubt about it!]

[He has such a 'unique' voice. He also has a very narcissistic attitude… even in such a fierce battle. He has got to be that annoying junior disciple of Big Brother Chu’s. It is really hard to find someone else like him in the entire Nine Heavens... ]

"Ahwooh... why don’t the two of us fight together?" Luo Ke Di offered as he laughed mischievously.

"That is fine, but you look very ugly. Standing in the same place as you will put great pressure on me," Tan Tan frowned as he took a jab at him. In fact, he seemed somewhat reluctant.

Luo Ke Di felt like vomiting blood, "Ahwooh... what nonsense is this? I’m more handsome than you are!"

"Only the people who feel inferior about their appearance talk like that." Tan Tan squinted his eyes. He appeared somewhat annoyed, "Why do you keep saying ‘Ahwooh’? You think you’re a wolf or something?”

Luo Ke Di was left speechless; he couldn’t speak a single word in response.

This was their first meeting, and Luo Ke Di had been thoroughly defeated.

He finally understood why Chu Yang had once said: [when you’ll meet my fellow-junior disciple Tan Tan — he will certainly subdue in the very first moments!]

Tears began to stream down his cheeks as he remembered these words. [Big Brother, I wasn’t just subdued. It felt like I was standing under a barrage of thunderbolts that were falling down from the sky... such an annoying character doesn’t even appear once in 100,000 years! And he happens to be your fellow-junior disciple...]

[He is a spitting image of what you had described. In fact, I must say that you were too modest in giving the description back then...]

"Xie Dan Qiong!" Luo Ke Di raised his sword in the air and roared, "For the sake of this younger brother of mine — I propose that our clans cooperate to eliminate these lion beasts? You can rest assured that each clan can keep its own profits after everything is over. We won’t lay our hands on your winnings! Today is your lucky day!"

Xie Dan Qiong was surprised by this sudden turn of events; it was as if the heavens had suddenly decided to take his side. How could he not agree to this proposition? He hurriedly replied, "Luo Ke Di, do you really mean that?"

"Of course!" Luo Ke Di arrogantly raised his head.

Xie Dan Qiong couldn’t help but gawk. [Who exactly is this ugly guy? And how can he have such a big reputation? Even the Second Young Master of the Luo Clan is willing to make a compromise for his sake?]