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321 King of Hell Chu receives presents!

Chu Yang simply crossed his hands behind his back, and observed from the sidelines while all this was going down.

He understood Young Master Yu’s mentality better than the others. Ordinarily, Young Master Yu probably wouldn’t get so angry. However, today he was really fuming.

But still… even though Young Master Yu seemed to be on the brink of exploding… he hadn’t actually reached that stage yet.

Yin Wu Tian was unlucky in-the-fact that he had chosen this time to mess with Young Master Yu. It was difficult to predict whether Yin Wu Tian would live or die today; however, it was confirmed that his skin would get peeled away from all the slapping.

Even Chu Yang felt that Young Master Yu was sadistic. [Even if Yin Wu Tian had said ‘I am not your Fourth Master’… I’m afraid that Young Master Yu would have still thrashed him with the back of his palm before asking, “Why not?”]

[In short, Yin Wu Tian will end up getting crippled unless Young Master Yu stops toying with him.]

Just then, a voice rang out, “Please hold on a minute… have mercy! Have mercy…” Jing Meng Hun — the first King Level Master of the Golden Horse Riders Department — had finally caught up with them.

King-Level-Master Jing Meng Hun took two steps forward. He came to a stop as his eyes locked with Young Master Yu’s — who icily stared at him from the corner of his eye.

Jing Meng Hun suddenly felt as if the sky was collapsing as an unexpected feeling of dread engulfed him. He stopped in his tracks, and was unable to step forward again!

He was aghast, and couldn’t help but think in his heart: [How did Fourth Brother provoke such a formidable character? Moreover, why does this person’s cultivation seem so low?!]

[This can’t be good!]

“Young Master…,” Jing Meng Hun put up a smile and said, “This… this must be a misunderstanding.”

“Smack!” Young Master Yu slapped Yin Wu Tian’s already tattered face in front of Jing Meng Hun while putting his foot on the man’s chest. Then he lightly asked, “You’re my Fourth Master?”

The corner of Jing Meng Hun’s eyes twitched, but he didn’t dare to move. [This person is really strong. I would also be lying on the ground if I made any moves. …It’s no use!]

“Young Master, may I ask who you are?” Jing Meng Hun asked as he respectfully cupped his hands.

Young Master Yu turned his head and looked at Jing Meng Hun, only to find the man’s smile artificial. Young Master Yu continued to look at him for a while. Then, the corners of his mouth curled to reveal a smiling expression as he asked, “You are Jing Meng Hun, correct?”

“Yes. May I ask who you… ”

“Well, you can call me… ‘Young Master Yu’.” Young Master Yu replied with a faint smile and continued, “Is this your younger brother? He was saying that he is ‘my’ Fourth Master. You are his eldest brother. Does that make you… ‘my’ Eldest Master?”

“Young Master Yu!” King-Level Master Jing was startled, and started sweating nervously. All the nerves in his body... started to quiver! Being a Ninth-grade King Level Master, he used to travel between the Lower Three Heavens and the Middle Three Heavens; though not often. Young Master Yu was publicly known as the ‘number one demonic fiend’ of the Middle Three Heavens. How could he not have known this guy?

Suddenly… he didn’t know what to do. He could only feel himself going weak in the knees…

…especially after hearing Young Master say: ‘Are you my Eldest Master?’

However, King-Level-Master Jing Meng Hun really wanted to pull Yin Wu Tian out of this predicament — while he was still alive.

[My dear younger brother, even if you had proclaimed yourself as Fourth Master in front of Prime Minister Diwu… you would be in a better condition! You have already gone down, and Young Master Yu has now involved me as well. In fact, he is calling me ‘Eldest Master’, but… can I really handle this situation?]

“No! Not at all, Young Master Yu! You are misunderstanding… ” King-Level-Master Jing Meng Hun hastily added, “Yin Wu Tian is very courageous, but he would not dare to be so egotistical… ”

Saying this, he fiercely winked at Yin Wu Tian.

King Level Master Jing didn’t need to make that signal since Yin Wu Tian had already heard ‘Young Master Yu’… these three words had immediately made him realize his foolhardiness. [Oh my mother; how did I end up provoking this demon? This guy is famous for being unreasonable…]

“So you are not my Eldest Master?” Young Master Yu tilted his head pensively.

“No. No... even if I were to have heavenly guts… I wouldn’t dare… ” Jing Meng Hun said over-and-over while keeping his hands cupped across his chest.


Yin Wu Tian received another heavy slap on his face, “So you’re my Fourth Master?”

Yin Wu Tian started crying.

“Young master Yu… I… I… am blind; or I would never dare to offend a great persona like your distinguished self! I should be damned… I won’t dare wrinkle my eyebrows even if Young Master Yu decides to punish me!” Yin Wu Tian seemed to have already learned his lesson. He knew that he would certainly lose his life if he didn’t give a proper reply. As it stood, he seemed to have lost 10% of his life already. And if this ‘slapping session’ continued, then it wouldn’t take too long to lose the remaining 90%...

“Smack!” Young Master Yu slapped him on the face again and said, “I only asked if you’re my Fourth Master! I did not ask you anything else!”

Sobbing between his tears, Yin Wu Tian spoke, “No! I am not! I am absolutely not!”

“Crack!” Young master Yu asked angrily, “You… why aren’t you my Fourth Master?”

Yin Wu Tian was dumbfounded, and stared at him with pitiful eyes; he was about to faint but controlled it.

[Why aren’t you my Fourth Master?]

Chu Yang couldn’t help but laugh on hearing this. He thought to himself, [I have a really amazing foresight…]

Jing Meng Hun suddenly noticed him as he laughed. He couldn’t dare to ignore Chu Yang, and hastily walked up to him. He then cupped his fist in greeting, and asked, “May I ask who this Young Master is… ”

“This isn’t my matter; you do not need to involve me in this.” Chu Yang had already changed his appearance. Therefore, he wasn’t worried of being seen through as he casually spoke, “But just moments ago, Young Master Yu and I were fighting… and he suffered a little loss. Luckily for him, he ran into Fourth Master Yin… and in a fit of rage he, ‘cough’… it will be all right once his anger dies down. There’s nothing to be worried about.”

On hearing this Jing Meng Hun suddenly thought to himself, [this guy and Young Master Yu were fighting, and Young Master Yu actually suffered… a little loss? My goodness! Is he even fiercer than Young Master Yu?]

Young Master Yu couldn’t help but roll his eyes: [I was convinced that I have the thickest skin in this world. I had never thought you would beat me to it… I was only using one-tenth of my strength, but you… actually had the nerve to say…]

To stop this chain of thoughts — as well as the resulting feeling of suffocation — Young Master Yu couldn’t help but slap Yin Wu Tian on the face again. Then he cursed-out angrily, “This person has brought bad luck. Everything’s going wrong ever-since I have met him… hey you… you haven’t answered yet… tell me — why aren’t you my Fourth Master?”

King-Level-Master Jing Meng Hun shuddered. He hastily took out a red-clothed package from within his robes upon realizing that he was incapable of aiding Yin Wu Tian. He then cordially walked over to King of Hell Chu, “This… this is a small gift Young Master… And I will pay you even more to urge you to listen to my request… my younger brother needs help… I would be extremely grateful if you can get us out of this predicament. I would never forget this act of kindness my whole life… ”

Jing Meng Hun knew that begging that demon was pointless. However, he was desperate, and this was his last resort to save Yin Wu Tian.

Young master Yu’s voice suddenly buzzed like a mosquito in Chu Yang’s ear, “Don’t tell me you’re counting on me to eliminate a future opponent for you? If so, then let me clarify, for this matter needs to be settled — I cannot kill the king level masters from the Golden Horse Riders Department… you should take advantage of the situation to gain some benefits.”

[Cannot kill?] Chu Yang was startled.

[Why are you repeatedly slapping him like that if you can’t kill him? F*k, I should really start saving some energy for later…]

Young Master Yu rolled his eyeballs as he spoke in an awkward manner, “This… ”

King-Level-Master Jing Meng Hun hastily bowed respectfully as he offered his gift once again, “Please, please… please, you must accept it. My intention is to pay a meager tribute… in reverence of your distinction.”

“Hey... ” Chu Yang helplessly sighed, [he is offering it with so much sincerity… if I don’t accept it… then won’t I feel regret later?] Therefore, he took the parcel and opened it.

Suddenly a purple light emitted out of it. In fact, it was so radiant that even Young Master Yu turned his head to have a look.

Surprisingly, it turned out to be a purple jade core! Moreover, it was the size of a baby’s fist. The Nine Tribulations Sword somersaulted in Chu Yang’s Dantian upon sensing its intense vitality…

Although purple jade core couldn’t compare to purple jade essence, but it was still an extremely rare treasure! Moreover, such a huge piece was ample for his cultivation; needless to say that it was a priceless treasure…

“Well… ” Chu Yang weighed the purple jade core. He then smacked his lips, took a deep breath, and said, “This is difficult. I guess you already know how hard it is to talk to that bastard… ”

Jing Meng Hun thought, [he is still not satisfied even though I generously gave him a purple jade core?] He then hurriedly fished in his chest pocket, and took out a token as he eagerly said, “Young Master… this is a status command token; although you probably won’t need it… but in case you run into trouble in Great Zhao… it will be somewhat useful to have this token in your possession; please accept it.”

“Status command token?” Chu Yang’s eyes lit up.

This was a jackpot!

[If I have this token… it will have a higher practical significance than the purple jade core since I am in Great Zhao right now…]

“Well, since you’re offering it to me so earnestly… I have no option but to accept it.” Chu Yang said feigning reluctance, and sighed deeply as he put the token and the purple jade core inside his pocket.

“Thanks a lot.” Jing Meng Hun’s face lit up with delight.

Chu Yang smiled and nodded gracefully as he said, “Oh it’s nothing! I do not like taking advantage of others… you will soon see that you have not paid in vain.”

“Of course! Of course!” Jing Meng Hun nodded and said repeatedly. He then thought, [he does not like to take advantage of other people? Does he not know that the task I’ve asked him to do will be more than enough for the price I’ve paid? What more will he give me as payback?]

He almost laughed thinking of this. [It seems that this misfortune has really turned into a blessing…]

Jing Meng Hun had absolutely no idea that this incident would end up being ‘etched in his memory’. So much so, that he wouldn’t dare to forget it for a lifetime…

By sheer accident, the Head of the Golden Horse Riders Department met so dramatically with his arch enemy — King of Hell Chu — the boss of Bu Tian Pavilion. Not only that, this king level master had shamelessly given a purple jade core and a status command token to King of Hell Chu. On top of that, King of Hell Chu had initially made it seem as if he was unwilling to receive such precious gifts. He did accept them in the end, but only under the guise of giving a huge face to the opposite party.

“Old Yu… I think that’s enough. You have hit him numerous times… and also cursed him…” Chu Yang appeared complacent about his own age and wisdom, “Now you should let him go, ok? After all… he was just careless, and did it unintentionally.”

Young Master Yu gaped as he thought, [I have walked the land for so many years, and have come across many shameless youngsters. However, not one can match the thick-skin this guy’s got!]