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252 Thunderous Attacks!

Upon sensing the impending danger, the Revered Martial Artist quickly swung his body forward. His sword then slashed back, creating a blinding flash of light reflected by the sword.

Everyone who witnessed what had just happened cried out in amazement. To be able to react instinctively in such a manner was amazing especially since he had not expected any sort of attack. This could be considered the true peak of cultivation. Being able to stand firm in a disadvantageous position.

Such a sword move was truly spectacular. His reaction made everyone believe that even if the enemy was a King level master, that single sword move would have been more than sufficient to deflect and block the attack.


What happened next surprised everyone.


An extremely soft sound rang out as two swords met one another. The ninth grade Revered Martial Artist's sword continued forward without losing momentum or any form of speed even for a brief moment.

The other sword continued to move toward him at an extremely fast speed!


All of a sudden, the ninth grade Revered Martial Artist seem to be suspended mid-air for a moment. His eyes were empty and there was a sense of despair which could be seen in them.

Blood began to soak the fabric on his chest. In the origin of the blood smear, a sword point reflected light and shone through his chest. The ninth grade Revered Martial Artist was stuck in a daze and in disbelief as he looked down at his chest only to see that a sword had pierced through his heart. His eyes were filled with shock and despair!


The sword pierced through and suddenly pulled back. The white blade turned into a faint shadow in the snow and wind as it vanished and rushed towards another ninth-grade Revered Martial Artist!

The ninth grade Revered Martial Artist who had been pierced held onto the gaping hole in his chest as he fell to the ground. Every action of his seemed extremely slow in contrast to the mysterious white figure which moved around at the speed of light!

There was such a great disparity in speed! One was fast while the other was extremely slow!

That single sword slash was not only precise but ruthless as well. It had unexpectedly ended the life of a ninth-grade Revered Martial Artist in a single blow!

"Big brother!" The remaining ninth grade Revered Martial Artist screamed out in anger. He looked up and yelled in fury, "Bastard! I will kill you!"

He raised his sword and left Wu Yun Liang as he rushed toward the white figure in a crazed frenzy!

However, at that exact moment, the faint white shadow suddenly backed up with a swoosh.

Although he had been advancing with all his strength, he had immediately been able to back up in a split moment. It turned out that he had actually been moving back the entire time. However, in the eyes of others, he appeared to be moving forwards!

This was an extremely precise move that was capable of fooling the eyes of others!

As if forward, as if backward; as if there, as if gone!

Meng Chao Ran and Wu Yun Liang exclaimed internally!

This was too familiar!

Fleeting Snow Cloud Movement!

However, this level of Fleeting Snow Cloud Movement was beyond the realm of understanding of these two!

That ninth-grade Revered Martial Artist roared in anger. He was desperately chasing after the white figure. However at that very moment, under the snow behind him, a white shadow suddenly shot up!

He swung a sword right through his chest! There was an unexpected second individual who was also dressed in white! Not just one!

The sword of the person in white in front of him continued to move like the wind and suddenly struck the chest of a sixth grade Revered Martial Artist nearby! Sword and person seemed as though they were fused as one as they attacked feverishly!

This sixth grade Revered Martial Artist terrified. He shouted and pulled out his sword in desperation. However, his opponent did not even try to dodge. With a swoosh, the sword had pierced through his stomach, but the person in white also brought out the blood flower from inside the Revered Martial Artist's body… out!

Yes, from inside his body… out!

The entire body of the person in white was soaked with blood.

There was a sharp cut on his stomach which was made by the stab from his opponent earlier. He paused on the snow as his body was covered with pieces of the sixth grade Revered Martial Artist's organs…

Behind him, that sixth grade Revered Martial Artist only had two legs, two arms, a head, and a layer of skin connecting everything. At the stomach, his organs had completely disappeared! All that was left was a large opening!

The hole was so large that even a wild boar would have been able to fit through!

The eyes on this sixth grade Revered Martial Artist unexpectedly widened. He plopped to the ground, and his body divided into five pieces…

Head, two legs, two arms…

Without a body…

Upon seeing this, the remaining ninth grade Revered Martial Artist roared with burning red eyes as he rushed over. He suddenly screamed out as he continued to chase after the white figure filled with hatred. There was a pop and a sharp sword point emerged from his chest. It flashed with an icy white light before it vanished.

He shouted and ferociously palmed backward. The person who attacked from behind quickly backed up and retaliated with his palm. Bam! That person in white flew outward like a loose kite. However, in the chest of the ninth grade Revered Martial Artist, his heart had been replaced with gaping a hole that went right through his body, and fresh blood was spewing out uncontrollably!

He frowned and murmured, "Still one more left! There is still one more left!" While everyone still did not understand his words, he had fallen down and completely stopped moving.

In a blink of an eye, two ninth-grade Revered Martial Artists and one sixth grade Revered Martial Artist had died on the spot!

All of the events took place in a few brief moments and was so quick that everyone felt as though even if their bodies were covered with eyes, they wouldn't have been able to capture everything that had just happened.

All of heaven and earth became quiet; even the sound of panting had ceased completely.

Everyone opened their eyes wide to look; they stood stunned confused and filled with mixed fillings as they tried to comprehend what had just happened.

The whole thing was unbelievable!

A moment ago, the Revered Martial Artists of Golden Horse Riders Department complete had the upper hand. Now, they were dumbfounded!

The enemies were severely injured and were cornered. Therefore they chose to kill their enemies in a slow and careful manner to prevent any unnecessary loss of lives… Moreover, this place was mountainous and even if their enemies were able to get reinforcements to come to their air, they would be able to tell. At that moment that they knew reinforcements were about to arrive, they would still have sufficient time to finish off their enemies.

After all, everyone had been fighting and running about for a long time. Both sides had lost almost all of their strength. Even the ninth grade Revered Martial Artists were exhausted. They were trying to conserve as much energy as they could. If they chose to act hastily, they would have risked dying together with the enemies… In this kind of situation, who would want to die for naught?

In any case, with each second that passed by, the enemies were weakened even further. Their enemies could barely even hold on to their swords. Everything was in the palm of their hands; all they needed to do was deal the final blow, and their task would be completed. Great rewards were waiting for them upon their return…

They would have been able to deal the greatest possible blow to King of Hell Chu!

It could be said that if King of Hell Chu fell, Great Zhao would have won the battle of nations. Today's battle was the foundation of everything. Its importance and the effect of its success was immense!

However, no one ever expected that such an advantageous situation would turn in favor of their enemies in just a blink of an eye! They had been full of joy, and, now, they had fallen into an abyss of despair.

Two of their ninth grade Revered Martial Artists died as fast as lightning and died needlessly!

As for that sixth grade Revered Martial Artist, he was even more pitiful. In a blink of an eye, his opponent had beaten him to pieces with him barely even able to do anything…

From a distance, a voice was heard. Everyone hastily turned; they could see the person in white who had sneaked an attack on the second ninth grade Revered Martial Artist stand up. Fresh blood continued to flow out of the edge of his mouth, but he remained as upright as a spear. He then walked over step by step.

As he continued to approach them, everyone could clearly sense a sword radiating with cold light slowly approaching them; it had a sharp edge as if it was able to slash through everything!

A swordsman!

This is a swordsman!

A Revered level swordsman! No wonder he had been able to sneak attack the ninth grade Revered Martial Artist so easily!

This person in white had white hair; even his face and his brows were as white as snow just like the rest of his body. Even if they were standing right in front of his face, they would not have been able to see what he looked like.

At that point, the person in white that had appeared first also slowly turned around. He now looked as though he was in red which made it even harder to see what he looked like.

However, his piercing eyes and his sharp temperament was enough to let everyone know that he was also a swordsman!

Swordsmen! At that moment, everyone from Golden Horse Riders Department felt like they want to cry.

How many swordsmen were there in the Lower Three Heavens? Under normal circumstances, even meeting one swordsman was rare. However, now that they were exhausted and burnt out, two swordsmen unexpectedly appeared!

This sort of coincidence left them speechless!

While the two were both injured, their auras did not diminish.

If they counted Tan Tan, the situation was now reversed. Meng Chao Ran's side now had five people while Golden Horse Riders Department's side suddenly became a party of four. In term of numbers, they had fallen into a disadvantageous position.

Tan Tan relaxed. He could only feel all the wounds on his body. There was not one place that did not hurt or burn. His whole body was left without a single bit of energy. He plopped on the ground and lost consciousness. He had been out of strength long before this, but he was simply struggling to fight and keep himself from falling down. Now that he was relaxed, how could he maintain that state any further?

Wu Yun Liang suspiciously eyed they two people in white in front him. He had no idea who these two individuals were. Where did these two people come from? Why are they helping me? But, no matter what, we are now temporarily out of danger.

Meng Chao Ran calmly watched his enemies as before. He said casually, "Do you people want to continue?"

His words strongly hinted: This is an ambush I have prepared ahead of time! You people have fallen into my trap!

The four Revered Martial Artists of Golden Horse Riders Department looked at each other; they were in a dilemma.

Meng Chao Ran said frankly, "We have no personal vendetta against each other. Let us just end today's battle here. If you don't want to leave your lives here, I will not see you off."

"This is your trap? You planned this ahead of time?" That female Revered Martial Artist said in disbelief.

"Perhaps yes, perhaps no…" Meng Chao Ran said ambiguously, "I just never thought… that it would be in such a timely manner…" Meng Chao Ran said so because he recognized one of the two people.

While he did not see what the person look like, that gaze was enough for Meng Chao Ran to immediately recognize that: This person in Chu Yang! My disciple! No matter what Chu Yang changes into, how could he fool the eyes of the person who raised him?

This had led Meng Chao Ran to make this impromptu decision.

He and his eldest martial brother had lost all fighting strength. It was purely mental vigor that kept them going. Now that their aid had arrived, they naturally let out a sigh of relief. However, the very moment they did this, the two of them had trouble even standing up straight let alone fight!

If it was indeed Chu Yang, he seemed to have improved a lot. But how much could he have advanced so much in such a short time? Moreover, they even though they were successful with their sneak attacks, he had sustained a serious injury to his stomach! Such a wound was enough to cost him his life. If they continued to fight, the injuries would become more severe, and the consequences would be unimaginable…

Moreover, while the other individual was able to kill a ninth grade Revered Martial Artist, his injuries were also not superficial. The blood on the edge of his mouth was bright red. If he continued to fight, he would probably have difficulty staying alive.

Therefore, Meng Chao Ran made the decision.