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250 Do Not Belittle Eternity!

"Is Beyond the Heavens Sect in trouble?" Gu Du Xing commented, stunned by what he saw.

Chu Yang immediately whipped the pair of horses which were pulling the sledge in an effort to make them go even faster. The horses neighed in response before galloping forward across the road covered in snow.

"If anything were to happen to Beyond the Heavens Sect, the main target of the assault is no doubt my master as well as my junior martial brother! Chu Yang's face was stern and cold. His eyes were fiery and filled with anger, "No one else other than these two individuals will have any impact on me whatsoever!"

"Does this mean that this is a plan orchestrated by Diwu Qing Rou in order to take revenge for everything you've done to him thus far?" Gu Du Xing said as he suddenly had an epiphany.

"That is exactly right!" Chu Yang was filled with worry. There was anxiousness in his eyes. Chu Yang knew that if anything were to happen to Meng Chao Ran or Tan Tan, he would no doubt be affected. After all, the both of them were people who Chu Yang absolutely didn't want to lose at all cost.

"Maintain your composure!" Gu Du Xing advised Chu Yang as he held him by his shoulder. "Even if Diwu Qing Rou wants to take revenge, we are limited to only the both of us. If Diwu Qing Rou has the intention to deal with your master, how will the two of us be able to deal with it?"

"Regardless of whether we are able to deal with it or not, we still have to at least go!" Chu Yang grunted in response. He slowly regained his composure and plunged himself into deep thought.

"We need a foolproof plan!" Gu Du Xing said as started to think of the possible situations they would face and how they would deal with each of them.

In this encounter, Chu Yang will have at least two weak points! Both of which are the people who he treasures dearly, his master and his junior martial brother! Moreover, it is evident that Beyond the Heavens Sect is in trouble and even if Chu Yang tried to stay calm, it was clearly difficult for him to do so.

Therefore, it is of great importance that I have to be calm! I have to come up with a plan if I want to help Chu Yang. We will end up losing the fight if we act on our emotions and impulse!

"Heavy snow… Blizzard… Mountains… Beyond the Heavens Sect…" Gu Du Xing muttered to himself as he sat almost motionless on the sled. It continued to glide forward with great speed across the sheet of snow which blanketed the area around. He pinched his eyebrows together in deep thought. How would we be able to resolve such a dangerous situation?

"There is Purple Bamboo Garden!" Chu Yang added in a soft voice. He seemed to have mentally prepared himself for a fight.

"Regardless of what happens, our first priority is that you face cannot be revealed. We also should not act recklessly in front of the aggressors!" Gu Du Xing warned Chu Yang, "Lastly, we have to rescue your people…"

As he said those words, he looked worriedly at the smoke which filled the sky. The situation for Beyond the Heavens Sect definitely seemed grave.

"You are right." Chu Yang then took out two sets of white garments. "Wear this. In this heavy blizzard, if we were to be dressed in white, it would be harder for them to detect our presence." He then pulled out a bottle. He stretched out his arm and opened up Gu Du Xing's hair bun. He then used his martial energy and sprinkled the powder from the bottle over his hair.

This resulted in Gu Du Xing's entire head of black hair turning into white, matching the color of his clothes.

"Spread it all over your face." As Chu Yang said this, he poured the powder all over his own head. He then stood up and placed it on his white clothes.

In the blink of an eye, the two of them turned white from head to tail. In this snowstorm, they were practically invisible.

Chu Yang then brought out a small bag from out of nowhere and began pulling out shiny objects, hiding them on his body. All of these were strange hidden weapons which appeared like the eyes of glistening demons on an icy cold night.

"You… You brought so many weird weapons…" Gu Du Xing was dizzy from just looking at them. It looked as though all of these things were all hidden weapons capable of taking lives and looked extremely insidious. He could not believe that Chu Yang had prepared so that many of them.

"If you don't know how to use these pieces of equipment then just leave them to me." Chu Yang was busily placing the last of his few sophisticated looking daggers around his waist. The Nine Tribulations Sword edge suddenly clanked from inside Chu Yang's dantian. And, with a raging killing intent, it moved into the sword on Chu Yang's hand.

The sword point was not to be outdone as it went right after and took its own place.

"Clang!" The sword suddenly rang out from inside the sheath. It filled the air with fury as if speaking to its owner: We are ready!

This little ring was enough to startle Gu Du Xing!

He could not help but stare at Chu Yang.

The hands and his body didn't move yet the sword had rung out inside of its sheath! This was the aura of an Emperor level swordsman! Emperor level sword aura!

How could Chu Yang have so much power?

Moreover, just a moment ago, Gu Du Xing could clearly sense a sword that was capable of piercing the high heavens!

As someone who trained with swords, Gu Du Xing well understood that such a sword aura was invincible! It was the sharpest sword intent in the whole world!

Before he could say anything, Chu Yang slowly closed his eyes.

A sword aura stirred and continued to emanate from Chu Yang's body. It was then gradually absorbed by the sword which was still in its sheath. Unexpectedly, it formed a halo of arrogance and ferocious sword intent in the air which was capable of slicing the icy wind!

A bloody aura raged on, growing fiercer and fiercer…

Gu Du Xing was affected by this fierce sword aura and suddenly felt his sword aura within his body becoming more and more excited. The Black Dragon Sword rang out and he felt as though he had just awoken. It was as if there was a small clear stream which ran right through his mind. At the same time, he felt something like lightning striking right past his ear.


Gu Du Xing suddenly felt an explosion in his head. A dense sword aura surged out from his body.


From that moment forth, Gu Du Xing had officially entered the ranks of swordsmen!

It was yet another convenient windfall. Gu Du Xing was truly speechless… Such a great fortune filled his body and soul with a fighting spirit.

The horses continued galloping as though they were flying. They seemed like a wisp of smoke on top of the snow and covered a great distance in just a blink of an eye!

Atop the sled, the two people were like two swords ready to fight as they aimed directly at Beyond the Heavens Sect! Anyone who witnessed such a scene this would feel a chill from their heads to their toes!

Only another hour and they would arrive at Beyond the Heavens Sect!

Please hold on master! You must try to hold on!

Chu Yang's heart cried out! At that moment, he regretted that he did not have a pair of wings!

On the road, vast expanses fell back behind them.

Meng Chao Ran was breathing heavily as he felt as though his throat was broken. While his gaze was calm and indifferent as before, his face was as red as blood.

He had used the knowledge and his knowledge of the terrain to his advantage, leading the enemies on a while goose chase for over four hours! However, the place where he wanted to get to the most, the cliff, seemed unreachable.

If they managed to get there, they would have a chance of survival because of the Heavenly Blizzard!

The reason it was called Heavenly Blizzard was

because of its special location and its use in weather such as this. Under the cliff was a cave that went right straight through the mountain. In this blizzard, no one would be able to see it. Even more so when the crevice of the mountain is covered with more than two hundred feet of snow. All he needed to do was to reach it and drop his body down. Moreover, because of the thick snow, it would not be dangerous at all.

As long as he was still breathing, he would be able to find the entrance to the cave hidden under the snow and take refuge there. After which, he could either escape or hide there; both of these options were safe.

After all, this cave was created by Wu Yun Liang, Meng Chao Ran, and Kong Jing Feng. Even in Beyond the Heavens Sect, not many people knew about it.

However, the enemies, now, seemed to be aware of his plan as they surrounded him. Some of them did not even hesitate to toss out their own swords to prevent him from jumping off the cliff!

Even though they had no idea what was there, they knew that Meng Chao Ran wanted to go there and therefore was reason enough not to let him do so.

Meng Chao Ran's body was covered with dozens of wounds after many deadly battles!

Wu Yun Liang continued to move like the wind. He had constantly joined up with Meng Chao Ran and split up time and time again. However, regardless of whatever the circumstances were, if Meng Chao Ran was in mortal danger, Wu Yun Liang would rush over without any hesitation.

However, there was a limit to human strength. At this point, the two had almost run out of energy!

Tan Tan was lying unconscious in Meng Chao Ran's arm; his whole body was without a single injury.

Meng Chao Ran continued to hold on to his disciple, refusing to let him get injured.

An ordinary person would get goosebumps if they looked at Tan Tan, but Meng Chao Ran still loved him a lot!

Even if the rest of the world belittles you and casts you aside! You are precious to me! As long as I am here and you are with me, you will never suffer!

Meng Chao Ran acted as so and used his very own life to prove it!

With a whoosh, a figure appeared behind Meng Chao Ran like a flash. Meng Chao Ran's gaze remained calm, but his body suddenly moved. Fleeting Snow Cloud Movement. His figure became contorted as it flashed a few times. Each time it flashed, it moved beyond their expectations. The sword in his hand was like a snake as it moved powerfully in the snow.

Clang… clang… clang…

The sound of swords clashing rang out softly. Meng Chao Ran, with one hand holding the sword, had gone through more than ten exchanges against his enemy as his body slowly moved back.

His opponent was a sixth grade Revered Martial Artist who didn't have it any easier. After chasing him for such a long time, he had lost a lot of energy and was also breathing heavily. His face was so out of breath that it was purple.

In any case, he had not lived for decades in this sort of Beyond the Heavens Sect weather like Meng Chao Ran had. Compared to this place, Great Zhao's weather was much more temperate. More so in this kind of snowy weather. At first, one might not feel anything, but after a large amount of energy is used, one would feel a growing tightness in the chest!

A mocking voice which sounded both excited and tired at the same time, rang out, "Meng Chao Ran, let's see where you are going to run to now!"

Two people in white suddenly appeared behind Meng Chao Ran, one on the left and the other on his right as they rushed toward him!

The three Revered Martial Artists, two sixth grade, and one ninth grade formed a triangle surrounding Meng Chao Ran. There was no way to escape!

Utter despair!

Meng Chao Ran suddenly became even more alert!

He chose not to evade or run away anymore. Both his legs were firmly planted in the snow like a great mountain.

His clothes were already tattered, and his body was covered with injuries. However, as he stood there, he unexpectedly looked awe-inspiring! There was an aura of confidence and strength surrounding him. Surprisingly, this made the three Revered Martial Artists hesitant to advance. On the contrary, they seemed anxious as they cautiously took a step back.

In their hearts, these three knew well that, in such a situation, Meng Chao Ran would finally show his final desperate move!

Their opponents were calm. Regardless of whether the calmness was only on the surface or they were actually calm, they had seen enough. However, facing an opponent like Meng Chao Ran, the bone-chilling calmness that he seemed to have from the start of the fight to now was something they had never witnessed before. At this point of despair where they had cornered, him this remained unchanged. It was still a kind of indifference that looked down on and did not care for anything.

It was a kind of calmness and indifference ingrained in his bones; it was a kind of arrogance and loneliness from the soul!

The three of them had never met such an individual in their entire lives! At that very moment, although their opponent was forced into this position, he continued to remain calm with a sort of elegance to him. Witnessing such a situation made all of them feel a chill run down their spines.

Meng Chao Ran calmly smiled and slowly looked up. He felt the cold snowflakes on his burning face. The relaxing feel of the cold seeped into his soul, and he let out a sigh… It was if a burden was lifted off him.

He then gently let go and Tan Tan's body slowly fell to the ground.

He calmly looked down at his sword. His gaze was persistent and loving. His figure was tall and firm as he stood quietly in the snow storm. Lonely and arrogant.

While his body was covered with injuries and his clothes were tattered, this sort of majestic appearance was appeared to originate from his very core! It was a kind of nobility that would still exist even if he was shattered to pieces!

The three people surrounding him suddenly all had the same strange feeling.

A feeling of shame.

Although the three of them could definitely kill him, they still had an odd notion: We are not worthy of killing him!

The sword light flashed, and his blade shone brilliantly. It appeared like a living entity as its soul fused together with its user as they pushed each other on. It was like two teammates putting their lives on the line for each other and exchanging their souls as they prepared for a great battle.

Meng Chao Ran smiled as he gently flicked the sword with his finger. The sword trembled and rang out. The sound heard were like dragons and tigers roaring as it shocked the snow in the air and freely showed its fierce killing intent!

Meng Chao Ran suddenly straightened like a sword pulled out of its sheath. He looked up and the loneliness and iciness of before disappeared. All that was left was a sharp sword aura as he became one with the sword in his hand.

His entire body was in shock as the sword aura shot out in all directions. Even though he remained motionless, it felt like there was a shock wave emitting from him. The snow under him suddenly pushed up and shot out in all four directions as the sword aura exploded out!

Meng Chao Ran's dark hair flew up fiercely in the falling snow. Raising his sword, he recited, "It's difficult for the rain and wind to erase the marks in your heart; parting can never destroy love…"

While he continued reciting calmly, Meng Chao Ran's eyes glimmered with tears. All of a sudden, he stomped and spun up into the air higher than seventy feet. He was like a soaring eagle as he lamented softly, "…We do not take what is eternal lightly…"

His body and the sword became a dragon flying in the air; they turned into a bright light as a radiance burst from the sword and he shot through the air!

"… Only in parting does everything become desolate…"

These four verses were Meng Chao Ran's way of telling himself, his life, and his love a final painful farewell…

Even though he was unwilling!

However, this sword move was one of no return!

His face remained cool and calm as before, but from the depth of his eyes, a wistful nostalgic feeling quietly appeared. It brought with it a feeling of eternal loneliness and pain which mixed with the sword's radiance as it fiercely plunged into the sky!

This was a life and death move! Which brought with it a heart-breaking pain!

In desperation, Meng Chao Ran used this deadly sword move!