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230 You Are Unworthy!

"Green bamboo, master of the universe, exquisite monarch, cherished bamboos that are self-sustainable; with one move of the bamboo, dragons will soar to the clouds and tigers will move like the wind; when the bamboo is agitated, the world will be turned into chaos!"

Hearing this, Chu Yang was astonished. He took in a deep breath of cold air and said, "So… you are the people of Jun Xi Zhu!"

Hei Mo (Black Devil), An Zhu (Dark Bamboo), and Gu Du Ke (Lone Traveler)! Dark Bamboo! Jun Xi Zhu (Cherished Bamboo Monarch)! This mysterious woman was actually the leader that was in charge of all the dark forces in Middle Three Heavens! These were the people of Jun Xi Zhu! Even though Chu Yang knew that the House of Exceptional Beauties must have originated from a high status, he never would have imagined that they were the people of the Dark Bamboo!

Just how big was Middle Three Heavens? Chu Yang did not have a clue to this question. Nonetheless, he was well aware that even if it was smaller than Lower Three Heavens, it could not be much smaller for sure. In fact, given how things were, Middle Three Heavens should be bigger than Lower Three Heavens!

In Middle Three Heavens, each great clan functioned as an individual group. While there were many such clans, there were also countless dark factions! Their noises came from all directions and were all over the place. It could be said that Middle Three Heavens was a truly chaotic place, one that fit the description of a Jiang Hu!

However, as expected, there were still rules for those living there!

The clans were divided into separate territories and did not intrude one another. Moreover, they had their own allies. Even though the dark factions were defiant, they too had their own territories. As a whole, the dark factions in Middle Three Heavens had a common leader. It was the Bamboo Monarch League (Jun Zhe League)!

The Bamboo Monarch League, the revised name of 'Sovereign League', was none other than Dark Bamboo!

No dark faction would ever dare to disobey any order that was passed down from the Bamboo Monarch! This clearly translated their freakish authority!

In terms of martial experts, the skill levels were mixed! However, in terms of manpower, they had essentially an ocean of people!

Chu Yang could remember from his previous life that two great clans of Middle Three Heavens had provoked Jun Xi Zhu for some unknown reason. Resultantly, the Bamboo Monarch sent out an order. In an instant, all the dark factions in the radius of a few thousand miles rushed in like a strong tidal wave. The two great clans could only withhold them for seven days before they vanished into thin air!

This was a clear example of their terrifying power!

Chu Yang finally understood why the House of Exceptional Beauties needed to have so much gold and silver… Although these things were not important to the great clans, they were extremely essential to the dark factions!

"Oh? Brother Chu Yang, you know of my elder sister's name as well?" Jun Lu Lu was slightly surprised. She was under the impression that her elder sister had never appeared in Lower Three Heavens, hence there was no way that Chu Yang should have known her. She never knew that he would utter her name out immediately!

Furthermore, the verses of Bamboo Monarch League had only come out last year, yet Chu Yang could read it so fluently! At that moment, she could not help but be extremely surprised! She was beginning to question Chu Yang's background.

"With such great strength and splendor… how could I not know?" Chu Yang let out a deep sigh. From Jun Lu Lu's words, Chu Yang knew that Jun Xi Zhu had already seized power in Bamboo Monarch League.

Chu Yang never knew that his capture of power would come this early.

Initially, he had thought that the person's age would be around the same since she had become famous around the same time as Gu Du Xing and the others. However, it appeared that this boss of Bamboo Monarch League was a little older than he had originally imagined.

Looking back on the past, he thought to himself, "People of Middle Three Heavens would typically achieve longevity by just reaching the Revered level. People from a century before achieving fame at the same time as people from a century after… This isn't particularly strange…"

Just as he was deep in thought, a maid ran into the room and exclaimed with an alarmed look on her face, "Miss, miss! Something bad has happened. There has been a fight… between the friends of this Young Master Chu and the friends of Young Master Lian…"


"Because… because Young Master Lian's people were provoking them continually." The maid stuttered.

"Oh?" Jun Lu Lu's face displayed a strange look.

With the ferocious fame of King of Hell Chu in Iron Cloud Citadel, the officials would burn incense to pay respect to him for not bothering with them. Yet, these people actually had the audacity to mess with King of Hell Chu first?

This is too strange. Could it be that Lian Fan Lei's brain is actually made of feces?

"Ah Lu, it seems that we won't be able to have dinner together." Chu Yang smiled softly.

"You still wish to eat?" Jun Lu Lu rolled her eyes and said, "What you've eaten earlier is enough to keep you filled for at least three days!" Chu Yang laughed as he turned to walk out of the room.

As it turned out, ever since Chu Yang had entered the room, Lian Fan Lei and company had spouted countless annoying words out of jealousy. Under Gu Du Xing's assertion of control, Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di pretended not to hear a single word.

Punks like Lian Fan Lei were not worth their attention at all. Even a hundred families that were just like Lian Fan Lei were simply not worthy of their anger!

In the words of Ji Mo, "Kill you myself?! Wouldn't that be giving you too much face?!"

Lian Fan Lei's people were getting delighted as they were hurling profanities. However, they lost interest after a while as their opponents did not respond at all, causing them to quit attacking them with words.

Besides, they were in the House of Exceptional Beauties; who would dare to do anything rash?

Eventually, they began to drink tea and chit chat among themselves. Unfortunately, their conversation had unknowingly drifted towards the topic of King of Hell Chu.

Lian Fan Lei boasted shamelessly as he dissed King of Hell Chu, "Who is King of Hell Chu? Haha, I think that he is nothing. What superior intellect is there? Who would not be able to do those little things that he's done?"

It was during this period that it seemed that King of Hell Chu was out of favor with the emperor that allowed Lian Fan Lei to let these words leave his mouth so blatantly.

In response, one of the young men among them said in caution, "You can't just say that. The fact that King of Hell Chu used his own intellect to seize so many spies is already worth admiring."

"Intellect? Blah!" Lian Fan Lei laughed, "What about the guy with the surname Li? Haha, he had been taking bribes for so long and treated people like dirt. Who would have failed to notice this? What was there to investigate? He should just have been simply dealt with!"

"Besides, there was the vice minister with the surname Wang. He had been exchanging communications with Great Zhao for so many years. Who didn't know about this? Yet… King of Hell Chu actually claimed credit for it… In my opinion, King of Hell Chu is absolutely brainless!"

"There were also others who spied for Great Zhao and there was no need for these people to be investigated by anyone, yet people would claim that King of Hell Chu's intellect reaches the heavens? In my opinion, King of Hell Chu is nothing but an idiot!"

"Hahaha…" As he continued his discussion, Lian Fan Lei's spit was flying all over the place. All of a sudden, a loud burst of laughter that seemed to have been suppressed for a long time could be heard. As he turned his head around, he noticed that Ji Mo was clutching his stomach tightly and laughing uncontrollably, with tears rolling out of his eyes as he snorted.

"Hahaha… I never expected…" Ji Mo laughed uncontrollably and said, "Everyone has told me that Lower Three Heavens was filled with idiots. I still can't believe that there are indeed people with such massive brain damage… I am truly…"

"Be more civilized!" Gu Du Xing nearly lost control as well, but he chided Ji Mo with a stern face.

"I can't myself… I can't be civil…" Ji Mo grabbed his stomach. His face was extremely filled with pain, "Second brother, I have met many people with brain damage in my life, but this is the first time that I've seen someone with brain damage who dares to be this arrogant."

"Insolent!" Lian Fan Lei's white face had finally turned red. In a fit of anger, he shouted, "Punk… Are you talking about me…?"

"I… He's just become smart in the blink of an eye! He can't understand what I've just said!" Ji Mo feigned a stunned face, "Such intelligence; I am truly impressed!"

Lian Fan Lei's face turned dark, "Sir, if you wish to insult someone, you must at least have a reason… Otherwise, don't blame me for being impolite."

"Reason… Haha…" Ji Mo chuckled, "Young Master Lian, do you know how ridiculous it is that you are just sitting down here comfortably and judging King of Hell Chu? What you've just said were all written on imperial announcements… Yet, you dare claim that you've known all of it way ahead of time?"

"You are an idiot and yet you still dare to bad-mouth other people! What gives you the right to do that? You simply used evidence that other people have found to place on notices everywhere, and you wish to bad-mouth them with that? Who is the idiot here? Do you think this question needs to be asked?"

"Those who have been caught have already lost their heads. All evidence of their crimes has already been announced to the public. Aren't you just so smart?" Ji Mo ridiculed him without mercy, "This is flawed; that is flawed. You are truly the wisest! Why don't you try using your tiny rotten brain to try and find all that evidence on your own? All you can do is to use other people's work and brag here! What about Tie Bu Tian? Since you're so talented, could it be said that Tie Bu Tian is not as smart as you? Is Tie Bu Tian that stupid?"

Lian Fan Lei's face was completely flushed. Even though he was extremely angry, he maintained his composure. How could he dare to claim that he was indeed smarter than Tie Bu Tian in front of everyone? This was the reigning emperor that they were talking about!

"Who are you?" Lian Fan Lei questioned Ji Mo.

"Who am I? You are not worthy enough to know who I am!" Ji Mo let out a cold, loud laugh, "The sons of b*tches who take credit for other people's work and dismissively attack them are especially not worthy to know my name!"

Upon hearing this, anyone who could maintain his composure would surely be a saint, let alone Lian Fan Lei! Instantly, he ceased to care that he was in the House of Exceptional Beauties, yelling, "Fight! Beat him up! I will take responsibility if he dies!"

"Fight?" Ji Mo folded his arms in front of his chest and smiled with a smirk face, "How dare you beat people up as you please? Aren't you at all afraid of Iron Cloud Nation's laws?"

"Laws? I am the law in this place!" Lian Fan Lei bellowed. He pointed at Ji Mo and yelled once again, "Fight! Beat him up! Beat him up!"

Immediately, the bodyguards behind him stepped up. Similarly, the guards of the other young masters stepped up as well! The entire group rolled up their sleeves and rushed forward!

"Stop!" A stern, cold voice rang, "Anyone who dares to make a move at House of Exceptional Beauties will die!"

The thundering voice caused the furnace in the middle of the great hall to shake heavily! Ashes and soot began to fly in all four directions.

"I will deal with you properly once we are outside!" Lian Fan Lei shouted fiercely, "Punk… this young master will teach you the meaning of regret! You shall witness what will happen to a person who offends me!"

"Yeah, yeah… I am so scared!" Ji Mo hugged his chest, imitating a young lady who had just encountered a wolf. He even gave a flirtatious wink as he said, "You make me feel so scared. I'm so scared… I'm too scared…"

Lian Fan Lei could not help but boil with anger!

At this very moment, Chu Yang arrived at the scene. He said casually, "You guys are all adults; why would you bother dealing with trash? Let's go!"

After saying these words, he simply walked out of the door, not even glancing at Lian Fan Lei for a second.

"Let's go!" Lian Fan Lei waved his arm, signaling for everyone to give chase. Immediately, his bodyguards, along with the other dandy looking young masters and their own bodyguards, ran after them like a swarm of bees. However, once they were out of the House of Exceptional Beauties, all they could do was to look around and be absolutely astonished.

The five young men who had just left had disappeared into thin air… without a trace!