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229 We Are Bamboo People

At this moment, Miss Xiao Lu felt a feeling of earnest rising from the bottom of her heart! It felt as if the man that was in front of her was really her martial brother; he would never cease to love and indulge in her no matter what she did…

Such a feeling was not to be mistaken as the love between a man and a woman; it was more like that of the relationship between blood relatives.

Her gaze had become significantly warmer for a short period of time.

"Brother Chu Yang, what about the third issue?" As she mouthed these words, even Miss Xiao Lu herself could tell that her voice had a trace of coyness.

'Ah, the third issue… There must be good tea… good wine… and… Hahaha…" Speaking of the third issue, Chu Yang's attitude changed in an instant as he swung his legs, "This issue is really difficult to solve…"

Chu Yang behaved in a way that he had made himself at home and he was beginning to sound really demanding.

If Minister Chu had behaved in this way from the beginning, Miss Xiao Lu would most definitely have thrown him out. However, at this juncture, Chu Yang's way of joking around had made Miss Xiao Lu roll her eyes and give him a glare. She laughed and said jokingly, "Get out."

"Haha… I've heard that there are good wine and food here… There is also good tea… and… Hahaha…" Chu Yang's eyes narrowed as he continued cynically, "I must say, little miss. You have such a strong desire to use your clever mouth to pry out all of the cards in my hands. You're simply too skilled."

"Okay, okay." Miss Xiao Lu replied begrudgingly and with a helpless tone. She smiled, "Uncle Chu, I will wait on your hands and feet…"

"Stop! Please don't!" Chu Yang waved his arms in terror, "I… I… I don't wish to have a wife yet…"

"Annoying! All you can think of is enjoying yourself!" Miss Xiao Lu stomped her feet angrily and walked out with a sulky face. After taking two steps, she turned around and said, "Wait here, I'm going to brew some fine tea for you. While I'm at it, I'll get the young master some food as well, alright?"

"That's more like it!" Chu Yang stuck his nose in the air, appearing slightly arrogant.

Both parties smiled at each other happily!

Miss Xiao Lu laughed a little. She had not been so happy for a very long time. As she faked a pout, she sighed and said, "You are younger than me, yet you're acting like you're my big brother… You are really too shameless."

Thereafter, she walked out of the room.

Shortly after, tea and snacks entered the room one after another. The food was placed on eight delicate plates, alongside a small jug of fine wine. Chu Yang stared at the food, eager to get his hands on them. He ate and drank so quickly that he failed to show any sense of courtesy.

Even before Miss Xiao Lu had the chance to grab a pair of chopsticks, the table had already turned into a big mess. She looked up and saw Minister Chu holding a pair of chopsticks in one hand, with a wine of jug in the other. Immediately, he tossed his chopsticks aside and poured a plate of meat directly into his gaping mouth. In an instant, the entire jug of wine was emptied into his mouth, leaving behind not even a drop of wine. Subsequently, he lifted up the teapot and chugged it directly from its opening. He was eating like a madman!

As he finished eating the food, he let out a 'wow' and wiped his mouth clean. He sighed with great satisfaction, "That was truly enjoyable… I had skipped my breakfast to prepare my stomach for this meal. It was totally worth it…"

Miss Xiao Lu stared at the eight empty dishes that were right in front of her. The dishes could not have been any cleaner than they already were. She was completely stunned and at a loss for words!

Besides, she did not even have the chance to move her chopsticks at all!

Essentially, before she even had a chance to consume anything, the wine and food were gone; as for the tea, only the tea leaves were left behind…

Such great speed…

"May I ask, Minister Chu, does His Majesty feed you at all?" Miss Xiao Lu cried out in astonishment.

"How could an official's meal be comparable to little sister's food?" Chu Yang let out a sigh, "It seems that I must come here more often from today onwards. I guess that I'm an honored guest now."

"Don't… Please don't. If you visit here often, our House of Exceptional Beauties will be forced to close down because of your excessive eating…" Miss Xiao Lu raised her hands, portraying an image of her surrendering.

The two burst out laughing in unison; it was as if they had known each other for decades.

"You're bullying a weak person. Oh well, since I've eaten and drunk your food, simply taking my leave now would be unacceptable." Chu Yang sighed and continued, "The third issue…"


"The third issue… Ah Lu, why don't you play me a melody of a happy reunion?" Chu Yang asked casually, with a gentle smile on his face.

"Nothing that can't be done." Miss Xiao Lu jumped to her feet in excitement. She walked towards the zither with a smile on her face.

"Listen well." For some unknown reason, her tone made it sound as if she was trying to show off her skills to her big brother.


Shortly after, music rang out of the zither; it was indeed a 'happy reunion'!

The music from the zither sounded smooth and was absolutely filled with delightful emotions. It was as if two close friends had not seen each other for many years and had countless things to share with one another; they were so overjoyed that they could barely contain themselves.

As she played the zither, Miss Xiao Lu began to close her eyes. With a sweet smile on her face, she had completely immersed herself in the music and let her mind drift off. Her hands danced nimbly as her body swayed to the music gently…

Finally, the melody came to an end.

"What a beautiful piece of happy reunion melody!" Chu Yang clapped as he praised her.

"Well?" Miss Xiao Lu asked in an arrogant manner.

"Um, that was exceptionally good! That was the best melody that I've ever heard!" Chu Yang smiled as he thought, before continuing, "There is the zither's music, technique, feelings, and soul within this melody! This melody is absolutely complete!"

He laughed and asked, "Little miss, do you now know what the soul of music is?"

Facing this question, Miss Xiao Lu was caught completely off-guard. She closed her eyes as she tried to recall everything that she had just done. Eventually, she opened her eyes and said with a hint of enlightenment, "So, that's it…"

"You are a master musician and can put your soul into the music. For an ordinary musician, this would be achievable only at their peak! However, achieving this is still not enough for a zither master like yourself!" Chu Yang paused for a moment and said slowly, "Ah Lu, first, you must be able to control and move your own emotion…"

"I understand!" Miss Xiao Lu jumped up in delight. Her eyes glowed with excitement as she expressed her gratitude, "Brother Chu Yang, thank you!"

"Ah, I will accept this gratitude of yours." Chu Yang chuckled, "You must remember to put yourself into whatever state necessary, even if it is different from the state that you are originally in. You have to immerse yourself deeply with your heart and soul; otherwise, it could not be done!"

"Total immersion; you are the zither!"

"Yes, total immersion; I am the zither!" Miss Xiao Lu's eyes lit up.

"The step after total immersion…" Chu Yang said slowly as he emphasized every word, "After you make it past this stage, we'll talk about it again… It is an entirely different state…"

"Past…" Miss Xiao Lu was astounded.

"Be it zither arts or martial arts, there is no end to any field of study!" Chu Yang said slowly, "In this life, there is never a true peak!"

"There is never a true peak…" Carefully, Miss Xiao Lu took note of these words; she was completely immersed in the words that Chu Yang had just said.

After pondering for a long period of time, Miss Xiao Lu finally recovered from her deep thought and sat down gently. After gaining back her composure, she asked softly, "Brother Chu Yang, why did you come to House of Exceptional Beauties today?"

Chu Yang nodded his head and said casually, "That's right. There is something that I require a little help with."

"You've just done a great favor for me!" Miss Xiao Lu continued calmly, "All you have to do is to just say the word."

"No!" Chu Yang shook his head, "I did not help you at all! With your intelligence, you would have realized it all sooner or later." Chu Yang raised his hand to prevent Miss Xiao Lu from speaking. He continued in a serious tone, "Besides, even if I did help you, I would never use it to exchange for a favor."

"If I had helped you for that purpose, such an exchange would simply be an insult to music! It would also be an insult to myself!" Chu Yang's countenance displayed a look of dismay as he continued slowly, "Moreover, this was the point of view of the person who was closest to me and not my own. However, she is no longer in this world… Hence, I would like to use it to shake the world and put it above all!"

"In this aspect, it is you who is helping me!" Chu Yang exclaimed, albeit with a heavy voice.

Miss Xiao Lu was evidently moved. From his emotions, he could tell that he was helpless and sad. Furthermore, this made her feel sympathetic towards him as well!

She wholeheartedly believed that these things that he had shared were absolutely not lies! No one could lie in such a way!

"This friend of yours…"

"... The most important person in my life…" Chu Yang smiled with a bitter face, "I hope that this bit of reasoning can aid you by leading you to the top reigning throne in music! In a way, it is also… fulfilling my own wish!"

"As for her name…" Chu Yang murmured, "It has to remain in my heart."

Miss Xiao Lu looked at Chu Yang deeply before she smiled and said, "I will definitely accomplish it!" Her tone was one of extreme determination and decisiveness. It seemed as if she had just made a pact with him.

"Thank you!" Chu Yang thanked her with deep gratitude.

"Haha… why don't you tell me?" Miss Xiao Lu smiled softly, "What is it that you require my help with? Let me see if I can help you in any way."

"Hmmm, you're going to the center of the continent in June of next year, am I right?"


"I might need your help during that time. However, you need to begin preparing now." Chu Yang continued slowly, "During then, we shall meet in the middle of the continent. I will need you to help me to create a few identities for us to use."

"That's not a problem!" Miss Xiao Lu replied with certainty, "While we cannot join you in the fight for Lower Three Heavens, it would be easy for us to give you a cover! Even if Diwu Qing Rou learns of this, he would not dare lay a finger on us."

Chu Yang had only just opened his mouth to share his plan briefly, yet she already knew of his detailed plans.

"Thank you!" Chu Yang replied seriously. When it came to matters of the state, things could not be done carelessly at all. The support of the House of Exceptional Beauties was the key determinant of the success of this mission.

"There's no need to thank me!" Miss Xiao Lu said calmly. Subsequently, she smiled and added, "I'm not doing any form of exchange as well."

"Haha." Chu Yang laughed calmly. Instinctively, he pointed at her nose, "This little girl."

Immediately, Miss Xiao Lu revealed a smile that was full of warmth. She felt as if she indeed had a big brother who was watching over her. She was experiencing extreme bliss.

"Umm, I still don't know your full name." Chu Yang scratched his head in distress, "This big brother is really useless. He doesn't even know his little sister's name. What an embarrassment…"

"Haha, you are being mischievous again…" Miss Xiao Lu said with a cheerful smile on her face, "My name is Jun Lu Lu! You have to remember it by heart!"

"Jun Lu Lu…. Ah, that's a very good name."

"We are Bamboo people… Brother Chu Yang, do you know of the Bamboo people?" Miss Xiao Lu tilted her head and smiled.

"Huh?" Chu Yang was in great shock!