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190 Flushing Kings Out!

The person clothed in black realized that he had been tricked and roared in anger as he began to give chase.

Chu Yang tried to suppress his laughter as he gave the order, "Kill!"

Swoosh… swoosh… swoosh…

All of a sudden, there was an intense shrilling sound which echoed in the wind and the person in black fell to the ground in a split second as the arrows rained down on him, turning him into a hedgehog.

From all directions, there were at least a few hundred arrows which had found their way into his body, pierced from all sides.

Fireworks exploded in the sky once again!

"Kill!" heated voices roared from all four directions.

The entire sky seemed to shudder violently. Hundreds of people poured in towards the house and behind them, the military marched forwards.

Behind them, there were no longer any obstacles standing. The walls had crumbled beneath them and within moments, the house had become like a solitary island.

All around, martial artists and archers stood on guard perfectly motionless.

Within the house, the sound of fighting as blades crashed into one another rang out. Suddenly, there was a loud sound, followed by the collapse of the four walls.

The dense advancement was unstoppable!

An extremely massive military force had been mobilized for this mission.

While Kong Shang Xin and Yin Wu Fa were hidden in the secret cellar, leaving only a few people standing guard on the outside. Suddenly, they were shocked by an extremely deafening noise followed by the unified marching sound of the advancement of thousands of soldiers.


Why have we been exposed? Everyone stayed inside and we even changed locations three times! Moreover, this was the most secretive of the three locations! How did we get discovered?

The two King level leaders were shocked! In fact, this was the first time they were that shocked!

It was at this moment when most of their group had already dispersed and their strength was at its weakest that the enemies had launched their attack.

Then, there came the sounds of killing. It was their five Martial Great Masters and three Revered Martial Artists fighting against the enemies.

Kong Shang Xin paced back and forth in the secret cellar feeling very anxious.

Next to him, Yin Wu Fa's face had regained some of its color. The two of them paid close attention to the movements of the troops on the outside. Without saying a word, they had an ominous feeling about what was about to happen.

"Sirs, please do not worry. After Official Wang's house was raided, I quietly set this up without drawing any attention. This chamber is not only thirty feet from the ground, its location is extremely well hidden. There is virtually no evidence of there being an entrance. Even with his skill, the King of Hell Chu will not be able to find this place!" The leader of the Iron Horse Riders said respectfully.

This place had been his idea; even Cheng Yun He praised him for his strategy in this mission.

"I can only hope so." Kong Shang Xin listened to the sound of fighting outside and sighed, "I am afraid the eight martial brothers are finished."

"If we were to sacrifice for you two King level leaders, there shall be no regret!" The leader of the Iron Horse Riders said solemnly.

The moment the walls of the house fell, the eight individuals exploded in all different directions as they tried to break away from the advancement of the troops. However, the shower of arrows prevented them from making their escape.

They had originally thought that it was just a standard inspection and had no way of knowing that there would be an army waiting outside as they cordoned the area tightly.

A wave of arrows shot out like rain and three of them were immediately injured. After which, the martial experts of Iron Cloud jumped out from among the soldiers and began their fight.

Chu Yang's black robe fluttered in the wind as he stood next to the trunk of a great tree. He watched the crowd fighting with each other fiercely. However, he was unable to differentiate between his troops and the enemies. All he was able to see was a circle of fighting like waves crashing in over and over.

The fight continued as they fought with a total of eight enemies. Without losing very much time, only five of them remained. After which, there were only three.

Without stopping, bloody soldiers were tossed out from among the crowd, carried away to be treated. If they were not bleeding profusely, they had lost their arms or broken their legs from within the encirclement. There were also many who fell and had been trampled…

Inside, the sounds of screaming engulfed one other.

Although there were only three enemies remaining, these three were far fiercer than anyone could have imagined.

Before they had made their move, Chu Yang said that they had to be captured alive. However, after seeing the violent battle which took place before their eyes, everyone knew that being able to capture them alive was not a possibility!

Even keeping their bodies intact was an extremely difficult task.

The fight itself was very short, lasting less than fifteen minutes. However, Iron Cloud's side paid for it with the lives of some fifty to sixty soldiers and almost a hundred people sustained injuries.

The farthest distance a person went before he got killed was about five hundred feet from the center.

That particular Revered Martial Artist had managed to get five hundred feet away from the compound before being completely surrounded by soldiers and died in regret!

No matter how powerful an individual is, he still cannot go against an army after all!" Standing next to Chu Yang, Ji Mo lamented.

"They are both different from one another. Jiang Hu is Jiang Hu, and the military is the military." Chu Yang said, "If the military were to be made of Jiang Hu people then those martial experts would have been able to break out of the blockade. However, the military is not made of Jiang Hu people. Therefore, even a top level martial master would perish if he were to fall into such an encirclement."

Ji Mo nodded and said, "That is true."

"While Jiang Hu people are renegades, they know to stay out of trouble and protect their lives." Chu Yang said, "While soldiers themselves do not have individuality, they have their orders! The moment an order is given, all they can do is to advance! There is simply no turning back. If they do, they would be executed by military law!"

"This is what they call 'military order is like a mountain'!" Ji Mo sighed, "However, isn't this a little too cruel for ordinary soldiers?"

"It is cruel, but brutal wars are the missions of soldiers!" Chu Yang sighed lengthily.

"Aizz…" Ji Mo sighed again.

"Ji Mo, I have yet to deal with you. You almost ruined my entire plan." Chu Yang glared at him in anger and said, "You are fortunate that you didn't get killed by an arrow. If you were to continue to act without restraint as you did, you shall have to deal with the consequences yourself."

Ji Mo scratched his head and smiled. He knew what he did was inexcusable and did not say anything.

"What did you say to that guy? I could not understand what I heard." Chu Yang asked.

Chu Yang asked himself why he was unable to make out what Ji Mo had said even though he had been through so much in his previous life. Hence this filled Chu Yang with curiosity.

From beginning to end, Chu Yang only heard "Enemies' weapons, please vomit meat." As for everything else, he felt ashamed for his ignorance.

"What's the meaning…" Ji Mo smiled reluctantly, "I was quick-witted in the face of danger. I don't even know what I said; I can't believe I managed to confuse the guy…"

"Ack…" Chu Yang choked and smiled in irritation, "If anyone were to run into such an odd language, I am afraid everyone would have the same initial reaction… You… you are not too bad."

Chu Yang had nothing else to say about this.

"Minister, all eight enemies have paid for their sins!" An officer in charge of the siege ran over. He stood still and bowed ceremoniously. His head was covered in blood and was still bleeding, but his countenance remained firm and cold.

"Good. Check on the casualties. There is no need to report these casualties to the military. Just report them directly to Bu Tian Pavilion!" Chu Yang said solemnly.

"Understood. I would like to thank you in all the martial brothers' stead." There was a happy look in the officer's eyes. Notifying the military would mean waiting for a long time before any pension would be paid. In addition to that, they would be small amounts for these ordinary soldiers. Notifying Bu Tian Pavilion meant that the families of these dead soldiers would be paid several times more than they would have been paid.

If Minister Chu had said so, then surely he had a plan.

Cheng Zi Ang wiped his sweat; he walked up with a pale countenance, "Minister, three Revered Martial Artists and five Martial Great Masters, no one escaped." Hall leader Cheng Zi Ang was more than lightly injured. He was bleeding a lot was wobbly.

"You investigated already? There are only those people? The strongest was Revered Martial Artist?" Chu Yang frowned.

"Yes, and only fifth grade Revered Martial Artist." Cheng Zi Ang began to sweat profusely as he said these words. He was on the verge of a breakthrough at that time. It was under King of Hell Chu's pressure, but he had only gotten to a third grade Revered Saber Artist. When he said that the enemy was "only fifth grade Revered Martial Artist," he realized that that enemy was two grades higher than him.

"There was no one else?" Chu Yang frowned and raised his voice.

"The battleground has been completely cleaned and searched thoroughly." Cheng Zi Ang said, "There are no traces of others."

"What about secret chambers?" Chu Yang asked.

"There are no secret chambers." Cheng Zi Ang said, "I have searched for various escape routes around the house, and I carefully screened over everything, but there do not seem to be any signs of a secret chamber. In addition to that, this is an official's home; other than a few cellars, there are no secret chambers."

That can't be right. Chu Yang thought to himself. You Yun reported that he heard two people in black saying, "…King level leader is here… No, here…"

These words were not made up. Moreover, there were many Revered Martial Artists and Martial Great Masters from Golden Horse Riders Department at this location. This was enough proof and hence he deduced for it to be impossible that they were not there.

Moreover, the soldiers had the area so securely surrounded that even a mouse could not get out. Hence he was sure that there were still people in the manor, and they were King level masters.

There must have been a problem with the search.

"Do not tell the troops to withdraw yet." Chu Yang pondered; his gaze became cold as he said, "Maintain a tight perimeter and send people to bring water here. Flood the entire place; even if they have turned into mice and burrowed underground, I will flush them out."

"Yes." Cheng Zi Ang was unhappy because he already verified that there was no secret chamber. Flooding the place with water was of no use and would only be a waste of effort.

However, the Minister had given the order so he did not dare to object.

He turned away and gave a series of orders and everyone galvanized into immediate action.

"General Li, I hope that you can delegate a group of soldiers to help carry water to complete this task." Chu Yang looked at a young general and said.

"No problem!" General Li said ceremoniously, and turned to give orders, "Everyone, go get water."

With an "ooh rah", more than a thousand soldiers immediately moved.