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184 A Single Promise!

The two of them walked side by side towards the lake. Mo Tian Ji took out a small jug of wine and said, "This Tian Ji Wine is brewed specially by me. While it might not be comparable to the good wine that you might usually drink, it represents my sincerity!"

"Thank you!" Chu Yang thought to himself: Back in the previous life, your Tian Ji Wine was always stored in large jars. However, today you only took a small bit out and act as though it was a great sacrifice on your part.

"Xiao Wu is my biological sister!" Mo Tian Ji said as he sat down slowly. He looked into the distance, "when Xiao Wu was first born, our mother's condition wasn't very good. She was bedridden. At that period of time, the Mo clan was in a period of great growth. Not only was it internally in chaos but we also had many enemies. Father was continually overwhelmed and even our eldest brother helped with some of the issues which our clan was facing…"

"As a result of this, I became my sister's guardian. I had to appease her, tell her stories and play with her almost every single day. Brother Chu, did you know that my little sister's first words were 'Second brother!' Mo Tian Ji smiled warmly and with great pride. "Each time I hear Xiao Wu's sweet voice calling my 'Second brother', my heart is filled with pride and warmth…

"My mother was sick for three years and thus, during those three years, she barely left my side."

"Xiao Wu… is my treasure!"

"When Xiao Wu turned three, she showed great potential in martial arts. Because of this, the clan discovered that Xiao Wu had the rare Three Yin Meridian and was a heaven sent talent!" Mo Tian Ji reminisced and chuckled, "That year, I was thirteen and drank wine for the first time. I was so happy for Xiao Wu that I got very drunk… when my father realized this, he got angry and gave me a severe beating."

"The discovery that Xiao Wu had the heaven-sent Three Yin Meridian altered her life completely and ensured that it would never be ordinary. Even with regards to her future marriage, the clan would respect her personal wishes. In essence, she could have anything her heart desired!"

Mo Tian Ji smiled and continued, "You know, for the big clans like ours, a woman's happiness depends on the arrangements made by her family. Xiao Wu would not have to suffer in love like that. For a woman, this is the greatest joy in life!"

"I truly hope that my sister will be able to live a joyous life in which she will be able to have everything she dreams of and eventually become the happiest bride in all of the Nine Heavens! In fact, I plan to send out invitations to all of the Nine Heavens for her on her wedding day!"

"I want everyone under the Nine Heavens to come for my little sister's wedding and for them to give her their well wishes! This way, all the happiness in the world would become hers for the taking! All for Xiao Wu!"

Mo Tian Ji's voice was low, but it seemed as though he was screaming from the depth of his soul. It was if all of his life's dreams centered around his little sister. However, at the same time, it also revealed his helplessness.

Chu Yang was moved!

He had expected that Mo Tian Ji held deep affection for Mo Qing Wu. However, never did he expect it was to such a degree! This deep relationship between brother and sister seemed to surpass anyone's imagination.

It is no wonder that despite the close bond between Mo Tian Ji and myself in the previous life, he still plotted to kill me! It was simply because nothing in the heart of this Master of Calculation and Manipulation was comparable to the love he had for his little sister!

I can't blame Mo Tian Ji for sending three King level masters to deal with me. That was all Mo Tian Ji was able to mobilize at that time…

As for the ones that came before them… Mo Tian Ji probably released my information to everyone so they could come for my funeral? Was that his last kind gesture from him because of our brotherhood? If he wanted to deal with me, one King level master would have enough. Why did so many people have to die?

The edge of Chu Yang's mouth twitched revealing a bitter smile. The past was gone, and now he could only guess as to what had happened…

"Brother Chu, do you understand my feelings?" Mo Tian Ji said slowly, "Three Yin Meridian! Three Yin Meridian! Damn the Hei Mo people! They destroyed my little sister's Three Yin Meridian! I can't believe they are so vicious!"

"Once the Three Yin Meridian is destroyed, my little sister's future has essentially been destroyed with it!" Mo Tian Ji's head drooped, "The Mo clan values strength above all else. Outsiders are simply unable to imagine how cruel she would be treated if they knew she no longer had it! It would be difficult for Xiao Wu to keep her current status. Moreover, I am currently still a low ranking member of the clan..."

"What's more, my eldest brother will surely try to worsen the situation!" Mo Tian Ji was seething as he spoke these words.

"Brother Chu, I am so powerless!" Mo Tian Ji slowly looked up. With his eyes looking at the distant sky, he muttered, "Do you know? I am currently praying that if the heavens could heal my little sister's Three Yin Meridian, I would die without any hesitation! I would die without a second thought!"

"I really want… really want to leave Xiao Wu here with you. I can see that you love her. But this is really not an option." Mo Tian Ji said painfully, "It is unfortunate, but you are currently too weak!"

Mo Tian Ji spoke… Chu Yang listened. He did not say a word, but his eyes burned in the night.

"Tomorrow morning, I will bring Xiao Wu back to the clan!" Mo Tian Ji took a deep breath, and let out a long sigh, "Brother Chu, thank you! In saving Xiao Wu, you have saved me, Mo Tian Ji!"

"I shall not speak about this any longer. However, as of now, I, Mo Tian Ji will promise you that if you ever run into trouble just say the word and I will mobilize the largest force I can in order to come to your aid!" Mo Tian Ji said with deep sincerity. "This is a vow to you, to my heart and to my conscience. In my entire life, I have never ever made a promise to another about anything. Not even to my wife!"

"My promise to you is the first in my life!"

Chu Yang remained solemn for a long time and then said suddenly, "Brother Mo, do you trust me?"

"As long as you say it, I will believe it." Mo Tian Ji chuckled.

"Brother Mo, you have given me a promise. I, Chu Yang, will also give you a promise right here!" Chu Yang took a deep breath and said, "Xiao Wu's injury, I definitely can… cure her! I am not sure how long it would take. It could be a few months or one or two years…"

Mo Tian Ji looked at him intently. A long time after, he smiled, "I believe you!"

"As such, I need you to protect Xiao Wu while I still am unable to cure her!" Chu Yang said solemnly, "This is my only request!"

Mo Tian Ji frowned and stood up. He slowly walked back and forth. After a few rounds, he sighed and said, "Brother Chu, I am not going to lie to you… If you want me to maintain Xiao Wu's position in the clan as it was before… I am unable to do it!"

"Even my father would not be able to!"

"No one can doubt my love for Xiao Wu, but that is an enormous privilege bestowed by the clan. I currently… don't have that power yet." Mo Tian Ji's face was filled with pain, "I can only promise to protect her after she loses her original position! However, I cannot help her keep that position!"

"Don't force me to declare war against your Mo clan!" Chu Yang said lightly, "If I find out that Xiao Wu suffered any grievances, I will make your Mo clan pay!"

"Brother Chu… What position do you have to speak these words?" Mo Tian Ji shook his head and smiled bitterly, "While I know that you love Xiao Wu, you are overstepping your limits with these words!"

Chu Yang smiled faintly and thought to himself: Mo Tian Ji, you might be willing to take risks for Qing Wu, but your love is not equal to mine. With such thought in his mind, Chu Yang felt a little proud.

From what Mo Tian Ji said, he could sense that confrontation with the Mo clan was inevitable. Currently, Chu Yang could only hope that the Mo clan would not go too far!

He stood up and took Mo Tian Ji's jug of Tian Ji Wine. Then he uncorked it and gulped it all down. Finally, he tossed it into the lake making ripples on the lake's surface. Chu Yang's heart felt open and free!

The words of Mo Tian Ji had removed the knots in Chu Yang's heart!

In his past life, he died from Mo Tian Ji's scheme against him. Chu Yang had always thought that his best friend betrayed him, and that had stifled his heart.

Chu Yang valued friendship greatly! He did not have many friends and Mo Tian Ji used to be his only one!

Therefore, he was unable to easily forgive Mo Tian Ji's betrayal!

But now, Chu Yang no longer blamed him!

He is willing to give up his own life because of Mo Qing Wu. In addition to that, he is also her older brother. Should he not take revenge on the person who caused his sister's death?

He should! He absolutely should!

In fact, Chu Yang was certain that if he knew the truth in the previous life and Mo Tian Ji asked him to kill himself to repent… he would not hesitate to commit suicide!

The two followed the edge of the lake and walked back. Mo Tian Ji's composure had been completely restored. He never had such a blunder in front of so many people like this.

Mo Cheng Yu's face was full of guilt and his head dropped.

"Second elder brother, quickly come and see this! Whoa… This saber is a gift to me from Brother Chu Yang." Mo Qing Wu joyfully held out Dreaming of a Gentle Dance Saber. Her little short legs continued to move toward them. Having something good, she naturally wanted to show it off to her loved ones…

"A saber Chu Yang gave you?" Mo Tian Ji looked at Chu Yang with some doubt. He received the saber and frowned after feeling it, "So light?"

Suddenly, his eyes flashed, and he looked up at Chu Yang, "Red Cloud Steel?"

"How did you know?" Gu Du Xing was not satisfied. When the rest of them saw the saber, none were able to recognize this right away. Mo Tian Ji did not even pull out the saber and was able to figure it out from looking at the tattered scabbard. Was he really that intelligent?

"Is it really so difficult? The saber is light and it is clearly not made of wood. Brother Chu loves Xiao Wu so much; he would naturally not give her anything ordinary." Mo Tian Ji said casually, "Xiao Wu has already seen many valuable items at the Mo clan; what has she not seen? To make her like it that much, it must be a very rare item."

"Xiao Wu loves the color red."

"The most important thing was the moment Xiao Wu brought out the saber; there was clearly a look of envy in Brother Dong's eyes."

Mo Tian Ji continued, "A saber that could make the second young master of the Dark Saber clan envious…"

"A saber that could gain Xiao Wu's love…"

"A saber that Chu Yang would give to Xiao Wu…"

"A saber as light as this…"

Mo Tian Ji smiled and looked at Gu Du Xing, "Well, Brother Gu?"

Gu Du Xing took a step back and raised his hands in surrender. He replied with a pained smile, "You are amazing… Don't talk to me anymore!"