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134 Dreaming Of Qingwu, Who Needs Fame Or Fortune?

Not long ago while in the rare metals vault, the Nine Tribulations Sword had absorbed all the rare metals at Chu Yang's forceful request. From then onwards, the essences remained imbued in the Nine Tribulations Sword.

Right then, the essences were released all at once.

"These materials are ideal for forging divine weapons. How can they be wasted? Instead of leaving them to rust in the palace, I shall just assimilate them."

The Nine Tribulations Sword showed no hesitation and absorbed everything in sight, leaving behind only the Star Iron and the Red Cloud Steel. Chu Yang only managed to keep these two for himself.

The Star Iron was an indestructible material! Adding just a few ounces of it into any weapon would imbue a power beyond imagination within it. When fighting against enemies using it, the sword would emit an extraordinary radiance whenever it was struck, blinding enemies in the process.

Chu Yang was also especially fortunate in possessing the Red Cloud Steel! In fact, Chu Yang did not expect to find such a valuable treasure in Iron Cloud's royal vault!

It was said that of all the treasures in Iron Cloud, Red Cloud Steel was the most valuable of them. Chu Yang doubted that the combined value of all the other rare treasures could even compete with that of the Red Cloud Steel!

When Chu Yang first saw the red metal, he thought he had mistaken. Even after verifying its identity, he almost reeled in shock.

Red Cloud Steel looked exactly like what its name suggested. The entire block was completely bright red. Its most important property was it being extremely strong while remaining light.

It violated all laws of nature and was the most mysterious metal of all!

A block of Red Cloud Steel as large as a room would only weigh as much as cotton of the same size. Because of this strange phenomenon, many martial artists craved for it desperately!

All weapons had weight. The greater the density, the heavier the weight and the stronger the wielder must be.

Furthermore, heavier weapons would also be draining for the body!

Red Cloud Steel's biggest advantage was that it eluded the strength requirements. Even a three-year-old child was strong enough to wield this weapon and kill enemies! Furthermore, the material was so strong and sharp that there was nothing it could not pass through.

However, the Red Cloud Steel used to exist only in myths. Chu Yang had never seen any weapons forged with Red Cloud Steel before!

Surprisingly, a block of it as large as a table rested right within the Iron Cloud palace! Chu Yang was baffled but elated at the same time!

Chu Yang could only think of one reason for the presence of such a large block of the strange metal in Iron Cloud Palace. They were unable to cut it! No matter how long it was placed in a furnace or how hard it was pounded by a hammer, this metal could never be scratched! All of the Iron Cloud royals must have been fuming knowing how valuable this treasure was but not being able to use it!

This Red Cloud Steel could only be broken by a martial artist who had minimally Emperor level cultivation. They must produce fire with their body's energy to melt and break off a piece of it. In fact, it would just be a very small piece because even the fire of an Emperor level master's body would not be sufficient to melt the entire block of Red Cloud Steel. Only by repeating this process a hundred times would there be enough Red Cloud Steel to forge a single weapon! Hence, a person must be at Saint level in order to melt the entire block of metal completely.

However, Chu Yang was not worried at all. He was the master of Nine Tribulations Sword. Not only could the Nine Tribulations Sword cut through objects, it could also absorb them…

Therefore, for the Nine Tribulations Sword, the strength of the Red Cloud Steel was no different as compared to cotton!

Naturally, a precious metal like this was highly pure. After absorbing more than half of the entire block, the Nine Tribulations Sword left behind only a block the size of a human head. King of Hell Chu was so disappointed he almost wanted to kill himself!

However, a block the size of a human head was more than enough to make a weapon.

Chu Yang had planned to make a personalized saber for Mo Qing Wu.

Mo Qing Wu loved sabers and anything red in colour. Chu Yang was well aware of this. In his previous life, Mo Qing Wu would be dressed completely in red every time they met.

Mo Qing Wu's favourite outfit, favourite colour and all her favourite things were still fresh in Chu Yang's mind as if he had just seen there the previous day.

To forge a weapon that Mo Qing Wu would appreciate was an effortless and extremely easy task for Chu Yang!

In less than an hour, he made a small saber that radiated a soft crimson glow with the help of the Nine Tribulations Sword. It was as light as feather and completely red in colour.

Even the sword spirit was drained out by Chu Yang after forging the saber.

"You need to add a little more on this side… This spot is not straight enough. This spot over here needs to be sharper. That part needs to be longer. This needs to be smoother. Oh… the curve, the curve! I want a beautiful curve…"

Near the end, the sword spirit turned rebellious and disappeared completely. "Old man, just do it yourself! I've already helped you so much and you are still unsatisfied? You even yelled at me! I have never encountered so many problems from making a saber! What on earth! This is more annoying than embroidery!"

Eventually, Chu Yang had to give in to the sword spirit. He made a final effort by sighing and lamenting continuously. The saber was only a fine curve away from perfection!

If the sword spirit had a physical body, it would probably jump out and fight this annoying person right away!

It was merely a saber but Chu Yang managed to transform it into a piece of art! It was incredible! Even Chu Yang himself could not identify any flaws in the saber he made. It was truly a work of perfection and sheer beauty!

Chu Yang also added a small amount of Star Iron to the saber. Instead of weighing seventeen to eighteen pounds which weapons of this size usually weighed, it was barely more than half a pound!

In addition, the Star Iron was aligned right at the centre of the saber blade to form the shape of the Big Dipper constellation. A light swing of the blade would make it seem as though the Big Dipper had descended from the sky.

After the completion of the saber, Chu Yang had planned to use the remaining materials to forge weapons for himself since he still had time. However, the sword spirit simply responded in anger, "With the Nine Tribulations Sword in your hand, what other weapons will you need? Are you truly that insensitive?"

Chu Yang was helpless as he realized the trouble he brought upon himself. Despite having the Nine Tribulations Sword, Chu Yang still expected the sword spirit to make more weapons for him. Why would the Nine Tribulations Sword be making a rival for itself?

This was no different from a man requesting from his wife, "I want a mistress. Can you help me find one?"

Chu Yang had made an incredibly silly request! How could he say such things to the Nine Tribulations Sword? Where did his acumen go?

Carefully keeping the excess metal in a chest, Chu Yang thought to himself, "I will keep this for the Heavenly Armament Pavilion!"

Holding the saber in his hand, Chu Yang felt extremely accomplished. He pictured the moment of him giving the saber to Mo Qing Wu. Perhaps, she would give him a hug or even a kiss!

If Mo Qing Wu were to return to the Mo clan, even with her Three Yin Meridian gone, others would not dare look down on her as long as the saber was in her hands.

Chu Yang had made comprehensive plans for Mo Qing Wu's future.

While thinking about this, Chu Yang suddenly remembered something. He instantly started to pester the sword spirit but it simply ignored him. Eventually, the sword's master had to plead softly and politely for a long while before the sword spirit emerged.


"Hey, there is something else I need help with for the saber."

"What the hell? Are you mad? It's about your saber again?" The sword spirit vented all its frustration, "This rascal! You are more annoying than a woman!"

"Just one more please..."

"Not a bit at all!" The sword spirit was adamant as it blatantly refused him.

"What? Say that again!" Chu Yang began to turn purple in anger. He could not stand this nonsense any longer. He yelled back, "You are the rascal! I wanted to boost your image but yet you refuse the offer? Do you think I don't dare to end my life right now? That way you can be alone for another thousand years!"

King of Hell Chu burst into an uncontrollable anger, "If you say another word, I assure you blood shall fly. I have been cooperative for the past eighteen years! If you are unhappy, you can wait for another thousand years and face ten thousand years of chaos in the universe yourself!"

"You are persistent!" The sword spirit shot back.

It did not dare to take the gamble. If this crazy person truly took his own life, the fate of the sword spirit would be utterly distorted. It seemed this scoundrel really had an extremely bad temper.

"What do you need help with?" The sword spirit asked reluctantly. It was clearly annoyed.

"Why do you sound so unwilling? Fine then! I shall kill myself now so that I will never have to deal with you again!"

"Hey! Stop! Please don't do it! Please, no! Master Chu, life is precious, how could you just abandon yours so easily?"

"Haha, call me 'Master Chu' again!"

"What the hell? I've had enough of you! If you want to die, just go ahead! Another ten thousand years of wait is nothing!" The sword spirit was triggered again.

"Relax, Mr Sword Spirit. Look, I just need you to engrave a few words here! Haha, this is not difficult at all." King of Hell Chu suddenly softened his tone. "Are you kidding? I went through so much to regain a new life and to see Qing Wu. Why will I take my own life over a trivial matter like this? Even if this annoying sword spirit dies, I will continue to live a comfortable life! Suicide? It's just a gimmick to intimidate him!"

While Chu Yang cursed and grumbled in his heart, he forced a friendly smile towards the sword spirit as he pointed to a segment of the saber.

"Huh? What do you wish to engrave?"

"Over here. Engrave the words 'With Qing Wu in dreams, who needs fame or fortune!" Chu Yang instructed, "Help me make an old looking scabbard too. Mmmm...just use an ordinary material for it."

The sword spirit did its job reluctantly and disappeared swiftly without saying goodbye.

As per Chu Yang's request, the sword spirit indeed made a scabbard that looked ancient. It was rusted with cracks and openings all over.

No one would ever expect that within this filthy ancient scabbard hid a seemingly surreal saber that could hardly exist in the world!

"Mission accomplished!" Chu Yang hollered. There was a strong rationale for making this old scabbard! Chu Yang could not afford to let anyone know that he had the ability to forge such heavenly and powerful weapons, even if it was Mo Qing Wu's father.

If someone were to discover this unique ability, Minister Chu would probably be invited to a prison of some clan and be forced to be a blacksmith for life.

"I found this saber on a lovely day when some mountains collapsed nearby..."

"Oh! Didn't a mountain at Beyond the Heavens Sect collapse recently? Haha!" Chu Yang suddenly thought of a convincing story behind the saber.

Of course, the engravings "With Qing Wu in dreams, who needs fame or fortune" were deliberately made. However, Chu Yang would explain it as a coincidence. Perhaps, this implied that the saber was a gift from the heavens for Mo Qing Wu!

Having Mo Qing Wu's name engraved on the saber had complex implications. It was most likely specially designed for a female user. Furthermore, with the words "Qing Wu" engraved on it, who in the Mo clan would be shameful or daring enough to take it from Mo Qing Wu without fearing public censure?

"Well! To protect the saber, you must protect Mo Qing Wu first! If you can't protect her, the Mo clan people will lose this saber as well!" This was what Chu Yang hoped the Mo clan would understand upon seeing the saber.

Chu Yang smiled craftily.